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Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works

Authorised by agreement between the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Construction Confederation
Seventh Edition Revised 1998
Co-ordinated project information
Summary of
To find the relevant work section for any given topic refer to the detailed
contents list overleaf or to the alphabetical index.
Detailed contents Page 1
General rules
A Preliminaries/General conditions
C Existing site/buildings/services
o Groundwork
E In situ concrete/large precast concrete
F Masonry
G Structural/Carcassing metal/timber
H Cladding/Covering
J Waterproofing
K Unings/Sheathing/Dry partitioning
L Windows/Doors/Stairs
M Surface finishes
N Furniture/Equipment
P Building fabric sundries
Q Paving/Planting/Fencing/Site furniture
R Disposal systems
S Piped supply systems
T Mechanical heating/Cooling/Refrigeration systems
U Ventilation/Air conditioning systems
V Electrical supply/power/lighting systems
W Communications/Security/Control systems
X Transport systems
Y Mechanical and electrical services measurement
Additional rules - work to existing buildings
Alphabetical index Page 1 83
Detailed contents
Preface to First Edition 1922 8 A Preliminaries/General conditions
Preface to Seventh Edition 1988 9
Preface to Seventh Edition Revised 1998 10 A40 Contractor's general cost items: A40 20
General Rutes 11 Management and staff
A41 Contractor's general cost items: A41 20
Site accommodation
A Preliminaries/ General conditions A42 Contractors general cost items: A42 20
Services and facilities
AID Project particulars Al0 17 M3 Contractor's general cost items: A43 21
All Tender and contract documents All 17 Mechanical plant
A12 The site/Existing buifdings A12 17 A44 Contractor's general cost items: A44 21
AI! Description of the Works A13 11 Temporary works
A20 The Contract/Sub-contract A20 18 A50 WorkS/Products by/on behalf of the Employer A50 21
A30 Employer's requirements: A30 18 A51 Nominated sub-contractors A51 22
T endering/Su b-Ietting/S upply A52 Nominated suppliers A52 22
A31 Employer's requirements: A31 18 A53 Work by statutory authorities/undertakers A53 22
Provision, content and use of documents A54 Provisional work A54 22
A32 Employer's requirements: A32 18 A55 Oayworks A55 22
Management of the Works A60 PreliminarieS/General conditions for demolition contract A60
A33 Employer's requirements: A33 18 A61 Preliminaries/General conditions for investigation/survey contract A61

Quality standards/control A62 Preliminaries/General conditions for piling/embedded retaining A62

A34 Employer's requirements: A34 18 walls contract
Securm,/Safert/Protection A63 Preliminaries/General conditions for landscape contract A63

A35 Employer's requirements: A35 19 A64 Preliminaries/General conditions for building services contract A64

Specific limitations on method/sequence/timing/use of site
A10 General specification requirements for work package AlO

A36 Employer's requirements: A36 19
Fa c ilities{T emporary works/Se rvi c es
A31 Employer's requirements: A31 19
Operation/Maintenance of the finished building
8 Complete buildings/structures/units E In situ concrete/large precast concrete
810 Prefabricated buildings/structures 810

E05 In-situ concrete construction generally E05 43
811 Prefabricated building units 811

El0 Mixing/Casting/Curing in situ concrete El0 43
Ell Sprayed in situ concrete Ell 45
E10 Formwork for in situ concrete E10 46
E30 Reinforcement for in situ concrete E30 49
C Existing site/buildings/services E31 Post tensioned reinforcement for in situ concrete E31 50
Cl0 Site survey C10

E40 Designed joints in in situ concrete E40 50
Cll Ground investigation Cll E41 Worked finishes/Cutting to in situ concrete E41 51
Cl1 Underground services survey Cl1 E41 Accessories cast into in situ concrete E41 52
C13 Building fabric survey C13 E50 Precast concrete frame structures E50 53
C14 Building services survey C14

E60 PrecasVComposite concrete decking E60 54
C10 Demolition C20 23
C11 Toxic/Hazardous material removal C11 13
C30 Shoring/Facade retention C30 13 F Masonry
C40 Cleaning masonry/concrete C40 15
C41 Repairing/Renovating/Conserving masonry C41 25 Fl0 Brick/Block walling F10 55
C41 Repa iring/Re novati ng/Conserving conc rete C41 15 Fll Glass block walling Fll 55
C45 Damp proof course renewaVinsertion C45 17 F10 Natural stone rubble walling F10 58
C50 Repairing/Renovating/Conserving metal C50 17 F11 Natural stone ashlar walling/dressings F21 58
C51 Rep a i ring/Re novati ng/Conserving timber C51 17 F11 Cast stone ashlar walling/dressings F11 58
C51 Fungus/Beetle eradication C51 17 F30 Accessories/Sundry items for brick/block/stone walling F30 61
COO Alterations - spot items C90 18 F31 Precast concrete sills/lintels/copings/features F31 53
G Structural/Carcassing metal/timber
0 Groundwork GlO Structural steel framing Gl0 65
011 Soil Stabilization 011

Gll Structural aluminium framing Gll 65
011 Site dewatering 011

Gl1 Isolated structural metal members Gl1 65
010 Excavating and filling 010 19 G10 Carpentry{Timber framing/First fixing G10 67
011 Ground gas venting 011

G30 Metal profiled sheet decking G30 69
030 Piling 030 33 G31 Prefabricated timber unit decking G31 70
D40 Embedded retaining walls 040 38 G32 Edge supported/Reinforced woodwool/rock fibre decking G31 70
041 Crib walls/Gabions/Reinforced earth 041 40
050 Underpinning D50 41
* No specific rules included - see General rules clause 11.
H Cladding/Covering J Waterproofing
Jl0 Specialist waterproof rendering Jl0 103
Hl0 Patent glazing Hl0 71 J20 Mastic asphalt tanking/damp proofing J20 B3
Hll Curtain walling Hll 72 J21 Mastic asphalt roofing/insulation/finishes J21 B3
H12 Plastics glazed vaulting/walling H12 71 J22 Proprietary roof decking with asphalt finish J22 B3
H13 Structural glass assemblies H13 71 J30 liquid applied tanking/damp proofing J30 83
H14 Concrete footlightS/pavement lights H14 73 J31 liquid applied waterproof roof coatings J31 B3
H2O Rigid sheet cladding H2O 73 J32 Sprayed vapour control layers J32

H21 limber weatherboarding H21 73 J33 In situ glassfibre reinforced plastics J33

H30 Fibre cement profiled sheet cladding/covering/siding H30 75 J40 Flexible sheet tanking/damp proofing J40 85
H31 Metal profiled sheet cladding/covering/siding H31 75 J41 Built up felt roof coverings J41 85
H32 Plastics profiled sheet cladding/covering/siding H32 75 J42 Single layer polymeric roof coverings J42 85
H33 Bitumen and fibre profiled sheet cladding/covering H33 75 J43 Proprietary roof decking with felt finish J43 85
H40 Glassfibre reinforced cement panel cladding!features H40 53 J44 Sheet linings for pools/lakes/waterways J44 85
H41 Glassfibre reinforced plastics panel cladding/features H41 75
H42 Precast concrete panel cladding/features H42 53
H43 Metal panel cladding/features H43 75 K Linings/Sheathing/Dry partitioning
H50 Precast concrete slab cladding/features H50 53
H51 Natural stone slab cladding/features H51 77 KID Plasterboard dry linings/partitions/ceilings KID 87
H52 Cast stone slab cladding/features H52 77 Kll Rig id she et flooring/sheathing/decking/sa rking/lin ingS/c a sings Kll 73
H60 Plain roof ti ling H60 79 K12 Under purlinJlnside rail panel linings K12 73
H61 Fibre cement slating H61 79 K13 Rigid sheet fine linings/panelling K13 73
H62 Natural slating H62 79 K14 Glassfibre reinforced gypsum linings/panelling/casings/mouldings K14 73
H63 Reconstructed stone slating/tiling H63 79 K15 Vitreous enamel liningS/panelling
K15 73
H64 Timber shingling H64 79 K20 Timber boa rd flooring/dec king/sarking/linings/casing s K20 73
H65 Single lap roof tiling H65 79 K21 Timber strio/board fine flooring/linings K21 73
H66 Bituminous felt shingling H66 79 K30 Panel partitions K30 90
H70 Malleable metal sheet prebonded coverings/cladding H70 80 K32 Panel cubicles K32 91
H71 lead sheet coveringS/flashings H71 80 K33 Concrete!Terrazzo partitions K33 53
H72 Aluminium strip/sheet coverings/flashings H72 80 K40 Demountable suspended ceilings K40 92
H73 Copper strip/sheet coverings/flashings H73 80 K41 Raised access floors K41 94
H74 Zinc strip/sheet coverings/flashings H74 80
H75 Stainless steel strip/sheet coveringS/flashings H75 80
H76 Fibre bitumen thermoplastic sheet coverings/flashings H76 80
H90 Tensile fabric coverings H90

H91 Thatch roofing H91

H92 Rainscreen cladding H92 73
L Windows/Doors/Stairs N Furniture/Equipment
Nl0 Genera I fixtures/fumishings!equ ipment Nl0 119
llD Windows!RooflightS/Screens/louvres llD 95 Nll Domestic kitchen fittings Nll 119
L20 Doors/Shutters/Hatches L20 96 N12 Catering equipment N12 119
13O Stairs/Walkways!Balustrades 13O 97 N13 Sanitary appliances/fittings N13 119
L40 General glazing L40 98 N15 Signs/Notices N15 119
L41 lead light glazing L41 101 N16 BirdNermin control N16
L42 lofill panels/sheets L42 102 N20
}SPeci.l purpose

N21 N21

N22 N22

M Surface finishes N23 N23

MID Cement: sand/Concrete screeds/toppings MID 103
Mll Mastic asphalt flooring/floor underlays Mll 83 P Building fabric sundries
M12 Trowelled bitumen/resin/rubber-Iatex flooring M12 103
M13 Calcium sulfate based screeds M13 103 PlO Sundry insulation/proofing work/fire stops PlO 121
M20 Plastered/Rend ered/Rou gh c a si coati ngs M20 103 Pll foamed/Fibre/Bead cavity wall insulation P11 122
M21 Insulation with rendered finish M21 106 P20 Unframed isolated trims/skirtings/sundry items P20 123
M22 Sprayed monolithic coatings M22 107 P21 Door/VVindow ironmongery P21 124
M23 Resin bound mineral coatings M23 103 P22 Sealant joints P22 125
M30 Metal mesh lathing/Anchored reinforcement for plastered M30 108 P30 Trenches/Pipeways/Pits for buried engineering services P30 126
coatings P31 Holes/Chases/Covers/Supparts for services P31 126
M31 Fibrous plaster M31 109
M40 Stone/Concrete/Ouarry/Ceramic tiling/Mosaic M40 111
M41 Terrauo tiling/In situ terrauo M41 113 0 Paving/Planting/Fencing/Site furniture
M42 Wood block/Composition block/Parquet flooring M42 111
M50 Rubber/Plastics/Cork/Lino/Carpet tiling/sheeting M50 113 010 Kerbs/Edging S/Channel s/Paving accessories 010 131
M51 Edge fixed carpeting M51 113 020 Granular sub-bases to roads/pavings 020 29
M52 Decorative papers/fabrics M52 115 021 In situ concrete raads/pavings 021 132
M60 Painting/Clear finishing M60 116 022 Coated macadam/Asphalt roadsJpavings 022 133
M61 Intumescent coatings for fire protection of steelwerk M61 116 023 GraveVHogginN/oodchip roadsJpavings 023 134
024 Interlocking brick/block roads/pavings 024 135
025 S la bIB ric k/B loc IrJSett/Co b ble pavings 025 135
026 Special surfacingsJpavings for sport/general amenity 026 136
030 Seedingrrurfing 030 137
031 External planting 031 137
032 Internal planting 032 137
035 landscape maintenance 035

040 Fencing 040 139
041 Barriers/Guardrails
Q41 97
050 Site/Street furniture/equipment 050 119
*No specific rules included - see General rules clause 11
R Disposal systems T Mechanical heating/Cooling/
RIO Rainwater pipework)gutters R10 141
Refrigeration systems
Rll Foul drainage above ground Rll 141
Tl0 Gas/Oil fired boilers Tl0
R12 Drainage below ground R12 145
T11 Coal fired boilers T11
R13 Land drainage R13 145
T12 Electrode/Direct electric boilers T12
R14 Laboratory/Industrial waste drainage R14 Y
T13 Packaged steam generators T13
R20 Sewage pumping R20
T14 Heat pumps T14
R21 Sewage treatment/sterilisation R21
T15 Solar collectors T15
R30 Centralised vacuum cleaning R30
T16 Alternative fuel boilers T16
R31 Refuse chutes R31
T20 Primary heat distribution T20
R32 Compactors/Macerators R32
T30 Medium temperature hot water heating T30
R33 Incineration plant R33
T31 low temperature hot water heating T31
T32 Low temperature hot water heating (self-contained specification)
T33 Steam heating T33
S Piped supply systems
T40 Warm air heating T40
T41 Warm air heating (self-contained specification) T41
S10 Cold water S10
T42 local heating units T42
Sl1 Hot water Sl1
T50 Heat recovery T50
S12 Hot and cold water(self-contained specification) S12 Y
T60 Central refrigeration plant T60
S13 Pressurised water S13
T61 Chilled water T61
S14 Irrigation
T70 local cooling units no
S15 FountainslWater features S15
T71 Cold rooms T71
S20 Treated/Deionised/Distilled water
S20 Y
T72 Ice pads T72
S21 Swimming pool water treatment S21
S30 Compressed air S30
S31 Instrument air S31
S32 Natural gas S32
S33 Liquefied petroleum gas S33
S34 Medical/Laboratory gas S34
Petrol/Diesel storage/distribution S40 Y
S41 Fuel oil storage/distribution S41
S50 Vacuum S50
S51 Steam
S60 Fire hose reels S60
S61 Dry risers
S62 Wet risers
S63 Sprinklers S63
S64 Deluge
S65 Fire hydrants
S65 y
S70 Gas fire fighting
S71 Foam fire fighting
Y See Y Mechanical and electrical services measurement
U Ventilation/Air conditioning systems W Communications/Security/Control systems
WIO Telecommunications WIO Y
UIO General ventilation UIO
Wll Paging/Emergency call Wll Y
UII Toilet ventilation Ull
WI2 Public addresS/Conference audio facilities WI2 Y
UI2 Kitchen ventilation UI2
W20 Radiorrv/CCTV W20
UI3 Car parking ventitation UI3
W21 Projection W21 Y
UI. Smoke extract/Smoke control UI.
W22 Information/Advertising display W22 Y
UI5 Safety cabinetJFume cupboard extract UI5
W23 Clocks W23
UI6 Fume extract UI6
W30 Data transmission W30
U17 Anaesthetic gas extract U17
Access control WOO
U20 Oust collection U20
Security detection and alarm W.I
U30 low velocity air conditioning U30 Y WSO Fire detection and alarm WSO Y
U31 VAV air conditioning U31 Y W51 Earthing and bonding W51 Y
U32 Dualduct air conditioning U32
W52 lightning protection W52 Y
U33 Multi-zone air conditioning U33
W53 Electromagnetic screening W53
UOO Induction air conditioning U'O
W54 liQuid detection alarm W54
U.I Fan-coil air conditioning U.I Y
W6() Central controV8uilding management W6() Y
Terminal re-heat air conditioning U42
U43 Terminal heat pump air conditioning U'3
USO Hybrid system air conditioning USO Y
X Transport Systems
U6() Air conditioning units
U6() Y
XIO Ufts XIO 149
U70 Air curtains U70
y Xli Escalators Xli 149
XI2 MOl/ing pavements XI2
XI3 Powered stai rl ifts XI3
V Electrical supply/power/lighting systems
XI. Fire escape chutes/slings XI4
X20 Hoists X20 1.9
VIQ Electricity generation plant VlO Y
X21 Cranes X21 149
Vll HV supply/distribution/public utility supply Vll
X22 Travelling cradles/gantries/ladders X22 149
VI2 LV supply/public utility supply VI2
y X23 Goods distribution/Mechanised warehousing X23 1.9
V20 LV distribution V20
y X30 Mechanical document conveying X30 149
V21 General lighting V21
y X31 Pneumatic document conveying X31
V22 GenerallV power V22 Y X32 Automatic document filing and retrieval X32
V30 Extra low voltage supply V30 Y
V31 DC supply V31
V32 Uninterruptable power supply
VOO Emergency lighting VOO Y
V.I Street/Area/Flood lighting V.I Y
V.2 Studio/Auditorium/Arena lighting V'2
VSO Electric underfloor/ceiling heating V50
V51 local electric heating units V51
V90 Electrical installation (self-contained specification)
Y See Y Mechanical and electrical services measurement
Mechanical and electrical services
Additional rules - work to existing buildings
Yl0 Pipelines Yl0 151
Y11 Pipeline ancillaries Y11 151 Work Groups H, J, K, l and M 171
Y20 Pumps Y20 154 Rl0-R13 Drainage 173
Y21 Water tanks/cisterns Y21 154 Mechanical Services 173
Y22 Heat exchangers Y22 154 Electrical Services 175
Y23 Storage cylinders/Calorifiers Y23 154
Y24 Trace heating Y24 154
Y25 Cleaning and chemical treatment Y25 154
Y30 Air ductlines/ancillaries Y30 156 Appendices
Y40 Air handling units Y40 154
Y41 Fans Y41 154 A FiJrtures, furnishings, equipment, fittings and appliances 177
Y42 Air filtration Y42 154 B Classification of mechanical and electrical services 181
Y43 Heating/Cooling coils Y43 154
Y44 Air treatment Y44 154
Y45 Silencers/Acoustic treatment Y45 154
Y46 Grilles/Diffuse rs/Louvres Y46 154 Alphabetical index 183
Y50 Thermal insulation Y50 158
Y51 Testing and commissioning of mechanical services Y51 159
Y52 Vibration isolation mountings Y52 154
Y53 Control components mechanical Y53 154
Y54 Identification - mechanical Y54 159
Y59 Sundry common mechanical items Y59 159
Y60 Conduit and cable trunking Y60 161
Y61 HV/LV cables and wiring Y61 163
Y62 Busbar trunking Y62 163
Y63 Support components - cables Y63 161
Y70 HV switchgear Y70 166
Y71 LV switchgear and distribution boards Y71 166
Y72 Contactors and starters Y72 166
Y73 Luminaires and lamps Y73 167
Y74 Accessories for electrical services Y74 167
Y80 Earthing and bonding components YBO 163
Y81 Testing and commissioning of electrical services YBl 169
Y82 Identification - electrical Y82 169
YB9 Sundry common electrical items Y89 169
Y90 Fixing to building fabric Y90

Y91 Off-site painting/Anti-corrosion treatments of common mechanical
Y91 116
and/or electrical items
Y92 Motor drives - electric Y92 166
No specific rules included - see General rules clause 11
Alpha betical Index
Carpet tiling/sheeting MSO 113
Carpeting. edge fixed M5I 113
Casings. , igid sheet Kll 73
Abbreviations GR12 14 Balustrades 13O 97
Casings, timber board K20 73
Access contlol systems W" 181 Bamers 041 97
Cast in place concrete piling 030 33
Access floors, raised K41 94 Bases to roads/pavings. granular 021l 19
Cast stone slab cladding/features H51 77
Accessories cast into in situ concrete E41 51 Bead cavity waJl insulation Pll 111
Cast stone walling, accessories/sundry
Accessories for electrical services Y74 167 Beetle eradication C51 17
items fJO 61
AccessorieS/Sundry items for brick/block! Bird/Vermln control N16
Cast stone ashlar walling/dressings F11 58
stone walling F30 61 Bitumen and fibre profiled sheet cladding/covering H33
Catalogue references GAS 13
Accommodation, contractor's general Bitumen, fibre reinforced, thermoplastic
Catering equipment NI1 119
cost items 041 10 sheet coverings/llashings H76 80
Cavities, forming fJO 62
Acoustic treatment Y45 154 Bitumen, trowelled, flooring MI1 103
Cavity wall insulation Pll 112
Adapting existing buildings - spot items COO 18 Bituminous felt shingling H66 79
Ceilings, demountable K'O 91
Advertising display systems W11 181 Blinds L14 95
Cement sand screeds/toppings MlO 103
Air conditioning systems U30-6D 181 Block roadS/pavings, interlocking Q14 135
Central control systems W61 181
Air curtains U70 181 Block walling FlO 55
Central refrigeration plant T60 181
Air ductlines/ancillanes Y30 156 Block walling, accessories/sundry items F30 61
Ceramic tiling/mosaic M40 111
Air ductline equipment Y40-46 154 Block, glass, walling Fll 55
Channels, stone/concrete/brick 010 131
Air filtration Y41 154 Boilers 110-16 181
Chases for services P31 116
Air handling units Y40 154 Bonding, and earthing W5I 181
Chemical treatment Y15
Air movement systems U10-20 181 Bonding components VSO 163
Chilled water T61 181
Air, compressed, sUPll1y systems S30 181 Brick kerbs/edgings/channels QlO 131
Chutes fire escape X14 149
Air, instrument, supply systems S31 181 Brick pavings Q15 135
Chutes, refuse {disposal systems) R31 181
Alarm systems, fire WSO 181 Brick roadslpavings, interlocking Q14 135
Cisterns Y21
Alarm systems, liquid control W54 181 Brick walling FlO 55
Cladding/Covering H
Alarm systems, security W4I 181 Brick walling accessories/sundry items F30 61
Cladding rails,linings inside KI1 73
Alterations - spot items COO 28 Building fabric sundries P
Cladding, malleable sheet H70-76 80
Alternative fuel boilers Tl6 181 Building management systems W60 182
Cladding, profiled sheet H30-33 75
Aluminium stripfslleet coverings/llaslllngs H12 80 Buildings, cKisting 011 17
Cladding, rainscreen H91 73
Aluminium, structural framing Gll 65 Buih up felt roof coverings J41 85
Cladding, rigid sheet H2O 73
Anaesthetic gases elCtract systems U17 182 Busbar trunking Y61 163
Cladding, slate/tile H6Q-04 79
Area lighting systems V4I 182
Cleaning and chemical treatment Y25 154
Arena lighting systems V41 181
Cleaning concrete C"
Ashlar, natural stone, walling/dressings F21 58
Cleaning masonry C"
Ashlar walling/dressings, cast stone F11 58
Cleaning systems, vacuum (centralised) R30 181
Asphalt flooringlfloor underlays Mll 83
Clear finishing M60 116
Asphalt roads/pavings
Q12 133 CCTV communication systems W10 181
Clock systems W1:3 181
Asphalt roofing/insulation/finishes J1I 83 Cable tfunking
Y60 161
Coal fired boilers TII 181
Asphalt tanking/damp proofing J10 83 Cables and wiring Y60-63 161
Coated macadam/asphalt roads/pavings Q11 133
Audio communicatIOns systems WIO-12 181 Calorifiers Y13 15.
Coatings monolithic sprayed M12 107
Auditorium lighting systems V41 181 Calcium sulfate based screeds M13 103
Cobble pavings Q15 135
Automatic document filing and retrieval Canopies
L14 95
Cold rooms T7I
lI31 149 Car parking ventilation U13
Cold water and hot water supply systems
G10 67
Carpentry, first liKing
(sell-contained specification) SI1
Cold water SUDDlv systems SIO 181 Contractor's general cost items A ...... 20 Direct electric boilers T12 181
Commissioning electrical services Y81 169 Control components - mechanical Y53 154 Direct fired self-contained heating units T41 181
Commissioning mechanical services Y51
Control systems WOO 182 Disposal systems R
Communications systems - audio-visual W20-23 182
Cooling coils Y43 154 Distilled water supply systems S20 181
Communications systems - data W30 182 Cooling units, locally controlled 170 181 Distribution boards Y71 166
Communications systems - speech/audio Wl(}--13 182
Cooling, primaryfsecondary T61 181 Distribution petroVd,esel S40 181
Compactors, refuse (disposal systems! RJ2 181 Copings, precast concrete
53 Document conveying systems, mechanical XJO 14'
Complete buildings B
Copper strip/sheet coveringslflashings
00 Document conveying systems, pneumatic )(31 149
Components, standard
GR' 13
Cork tilingfsheeting M50 113 Document filing and retrieval systems )(32 149
Composite concrete decking
54 Cost items, conlracto(s general A ...... 20 Documents, provision, content end use ." 18
Composite items
GR' 13
Cost, management of works .,2 18 Documents, list of All 17
Composition block flooring M42 111
Covers for services P31 126 Domestic kitchen fittings Nil
Compressed air Ifor instruments) supply Cranes X21 149 Door Ironmongery PlI 12.
systems S31 181 Crib walls 041 40 Doors 12O 96
Compressed air supply systems S30 181 Cubicles, penel K32 91 Drainage below ground R12 145
Concrete cleaning C40 25
Culinary equipment N12 119 Drawings generally GR5 13
Concrete decking, precast/composite
Curtain walling
72 Drawings, list of All 17
Concrete, in situ, mixing/casting/curing E10 43
Cutting to in situ concrete E41 51 Dressings, ashlar cast stone
Concreta, in situ, accessories cast into E42 52
Cylinders/c alorifiers Y23 154 Dressings, natural stone ashlar
Concrete, in situ, cutting to
Dry li ning, plasterboard KIO 87
Concrete, in situ, construction generally E05 43 Dry riser distribution system S61 181
Concrete, in situ, designed joints E40 50 Dual-duct air conditioning systems UJ2 182
Concrete, in situ, formwork E20 46
Dampproofing, flexible sheet J40 85 Ductlines end ancillaries, eir Y30
Concrete, in situ, reinforcement EJO 49
Dampproofing, liquid applied J30 83 Dust collection systems U20 182
Concrete, in situ, roads/pavings 021 132 Dampproofing, mastic asphalt J20 83
Concrete, in situ,sprayed
Dampproof courses, renewaVinsertion C45 27
Concrete, in situ, worked finishes E41 51
Data transmission systems W30 182
Concrete kerbsledgingslchannels OlD 131
Dayworks A55 22 Earthing end bonding W51 182
Concrete piling, cast in place 030 33
Decking, metal profiled sheet G30 69 Earthing and bonding components YOO 163
Concrete piling, preformed 030 35
Decking, precasf/composite concrete
54 Edge fixed carpeting M51 113
Concrete, precastlrame structures
Decking, prefabricated timber unit G31 70 Edge supported woodwooVfock IIbre deckmg 631 70
Concrete, precast panel cladding/leatures
Decking, flgld sheet
13 Edgings for pavings 010 131
Concrete, precast slab cladding/features
Decking, roof, with asphafl linish J22 83 Electric heating systems
Concrete, precest, sllIS/hntelS/copingslfeatures
'31 53
Decking, roof, with felt finish J43 85 Electric heeting units, local VSl 182
Concrete repairing/renovating/conserving C42 25 Oecklng, Ilmbef board
<10 13 Electric motor drives Y92 166
COncrete roollightS/pavement lights
73 Cleck lng, woodwool/roCk fibre edge Electric underfloor heating systems V50 182
Concrete screeds/toppings MID 103 su ppofled/re mlOfC ed
631 70
Electrical cables and wiring Y61 163
Concrete tilinglmosaic
M40 111 Decorative paperslfabrics M52 115 Electrical equipment, general Y7(}--74 166,19
Con c rete/terrazzo pa rtitions
K33 53 Definitions GRI4 15 Electric al installation (sell- C Onllln B d s pe c ifi c a tlo n)V90 182
Conditions, general
A Deionised water supply systems S20 181 Electrical items, other common Y80-89 16319
Conduit and cable trunking
Y60 161 Deluge distribution systems S64 181 Electrical supply/power/lighting systems V
Conference audio facilities W12 182 Demolition C20 23 Electricity generation plant Vlo 182
Conserving concrete
C42 25 Demountable suspended ceilings K40 92 Electricity generation/supplylhv
Conserving masonry C41 25 Description of the Works A13 17 distribution systems Vl(}--V12 182
Conserving metal
C50 27 Descriptions generally GR. 12 Electrode boilers T12 181
Conserving timber
C51 27 Designed joints in in situ concrete
'40 50 Electromagnetic screening W53 182
Contactors and starters Y72
Detection and alarm systems, fire W50 182 Embedded retaining walls 040 38
Containers, plant QJ1-J2 138 Detection and alarm systems, security W41 182 Emergency call WI1 182
Content of documents
." 18 Diffusers Y46 154 Emergency lighting systems V40 182
Contract A10 18 Direct current supply systems V31 182 Employer's requirements A3Q-37 18
Equipment, catering NI1 11. Fixtures, !leneral Nl0
Gas, liquid petroleum, supplV systems SJJ 181
Equipment, general Nl0
Fixtures, special purpose N20-23
Gas, medical, supply systems S34 181
Equipment, kitchen, domestic N11 11. Flashings. aluminium strip/sheet HJ2 80 Gas, natura), supply systems S32 181
Equipment, site/street Q50
Flashings. copper strip/sheet H73 80 Gases extract systems, anaesthetic U17 182
Equipment, special purpose N20-23 11. Flashings. fibre bitumen thermoplastic sheet H76 80 Gases piped supply systems $30-34 181
Escalators Xli
Reshings. lead sheet H71 80 General conditions A
Excavating and filling 011) 29 Flashings. stainless steel strip/sheet H75 80 G enare! fixtureS/furnishingS/eq uipme ot Nl0
Existing buildingS/The site AI1 17 Flashings. line strip/sheet H74 80 General lighting systems V11 181
Existing site/buildingS/services C Flexible sheet waterproofing J40-44 85 General ventilation UlO 181
External planting Q31 137 Flood lighting systems V41 182 Generators, packaged steam T13 181
Extra-Iow voltage supply systems V3Q 182 Floor underlays, mastic asphalt Mll 83 Glass block walling F11 55
Extract systems, smoke U14 182 Flooring, mastic asphalt M11 83 Glassllbre reinforced cement panel cladding!
Flooring, rigid sheet K11 73
features H40 53
Flooring, ston e/c on c retcfqu arryfc era m ic Glassllbro reinforced gypsum linings/panelling/
tile/mosaic M40 111 caSings/mouldings X14 7J
Flooring, timber board X20 7J
Glasslibre reinlorced plastics panel cladding/
Fabric sundries P Flooring, timber strip/board/line flooring/ features H41 75
Fabrics, decorative M52 115 li nings K11 7J Glass, structural assemblies H13 11
Facade retention CJO 23 Flooring, trowelled bitumen/resin/rUbber- Gfazing l40 98
Facilities, contractor's general cost Items A42 20 latex M12 103 Ghtling, lead light l41 101
Fac ilitieS/temporary works/services AJ6 19 Flooring, wood blOCk/composition block/ Glazing, patent HlO 71
False ceilings X40 92 parquet M42 111 Goods distribution systems/mechanised
False floors X41 94 Floors, rai sed access K41 94 warehousing X2J 14'
Fan-coil air conditioning systems U41 182 Foam fire fighting distribution systems S11 181 Granular sub-bases to roads/pavings Q20 29
Fans Y41 154 Foamed resin cavity wall insulation P11 122 GraveVHoggin!Woodchip roadS/pavlngs Q23 134
Feh finish, roof decking with J4J 85 Formwork for in situ concrete E20 46 Gnlles Y46 154
Felt roof coverings, built up J41 85 Foul water drainage systems (above Grinding concrete E41 51
Fencing Q40 13. ground) All 141 Groundwork 0
Fibre bitumen thermoplastic sheet Fountains S15 181 Guardrails
041 91
coverings/flashings H76 8Q Frame structures_ precast concrete E50 53 Guners
AlO 141
Fibre cavity wall insulation Pll 122 Framing, struct ural aluminium G11 65
Fibre cement profiled sheet claddmg/ Framing, structural steel GlO 65
covering/siding HJO 75 Framing, timber G20 67
H Fibre cement slating H61 79 Free standing air conditioning units U60 182
Fibrous plaster M31 10. Fuel oil storagefdistflbullOn 541
Field drainage systems A13 145 Fume cupboard extract systems U15 182 flV supplv/distribution/public utility
Filing and retrieval systems, automatic XJ2 14. Fume extract systems U16 182 supply systems Vll 182
Fill ing 020 29 Fungus eradication C52 27 HV sWllchgear Y70 166
Filtration, air Y42 154 Furnishings, general Nl0
HV/lV cables and wiring Y61 163
Fine linings, rigid sheet X13 7J Furnishings, special purpose N2[}-23
Hacking concrete E41 51
Finished building, operation/maintenance AJ7 19 Furniture, site/street Q50
Hatches l22 96
Finishes, mastic asphalt J2I 83 Furn iture/equ ipment N Hazardous material removal C2I 23
Fire detection and alarm systems W50 182 Heat distribution/utilisation, air T40-42 181
Fire escape chuteS/slings X14 14.
Heat distribution/utilisation, water 130-33 181
Fire fighting, gaS/foam supply systems $7[}-71 181 Heat e_char,gers \22 154
Fire fighting, water supply systems S60-65 181 Heat pumps n4 181
Fire hose reel distribution system S60 181 Gabions 041 40 Heat recovery T50 181
Fire hydrant distribution systems S65 181 Gas fire fi ghting distribution systems S70 181 Heal sources TlO- 16 181
Fire stops PlO 121 Gas fired boilers no 181 Heating systems T
First fixi ng G20 67 Gas, laboratory, supply systems SJ4 181 Healing systems, electric V50-51 182
Heating units, direct fired, self-contained T42 181 Insulation, thermal Y50 158 liquid petroleum gas supply systems S33 181
Heating units, local electric V51 182 Interlocking brick/block roadS/pavings 024 135 local air conditioning systems U60 181
Heating, distribution, primary T20 181 Internal planting 031 137 local cooling units no 181
Heating/cooling coils Y43 154 Intumescent coatings M6I 116 local electric heating units V51 182
Hoggin roadS/pavings 02J
Ironmongery, door/window P21
local heating units T42 181
Hoists X20 149 Irrigation water supply systems SI4 181 louvres Y46 154
HoleS/chases/covers/supports for Isolated structural metal members GI2 65 louvres, external
l1' '5
services P31 126 Isolated trims/skirtings/sundry items P20 123 louvred ventilators 113 95
Hose reel distribution system, fire SW 181 Isolation mountings, vibration Y52 15' low temperature hat water heating
Hat and cold water supply systems systems T31 181
lself-contained speciticatlonl
SI2 181
low temperature hat water heating
Hat water heating systems, low temperature systems (se It-contained specification) T32 181
!self-contained specification) T32 181
Joint Fire Code general attendance M2 20
low velocity air conditioning systems U30 181
Hot water heating systems, low
Joints in in situ concrete E40 50
luminaires and lamps Y73 167
temperilture T31 181
Joints, sealani P22 125
Hot water heating systems, medium
M temperature T30 181
Hat water supply systems Sl1 181
Humidifiers Y44 154
Macerators R32 181
Hybrid air conditioning systems U50 182
Kerbs, stone/concrete/brick 131
Maintenance of finished building A37 19
Kitchen equipment NI2 119
Malleable metal sheet prebonded
Kitchen ventilation UI2 182
coverings/cl adding HJO
Kitchen fittings, domestic Nll 119
Malleable sheet coverings/cladding H7o--76
Management and staff, contractor's
Icepads m 181
general cast items MO 20
Identification - electrical Y82
Management of the works A32 18
Identification - mechanical
Y5' 15' lV cables and wiring Y6I 163 Masonry F
Infill panels/sheets l42 102 lV distribution systems V20 182 Masonry cleaning C40 25
In situ concrete, accessories cast into E42 52 lV supply/public utility supply systems VI2 182 Mason ry conservi ng/repa iring/renovating C41 25
In situ concrete, cutting to
51 lV switchgear and distribution boards Y71 166 Mastic asphillt flooring/floor underlays Mll 83
In situ concrete, designed joints
50 lV voltage power supply systems Mastic asphalt roofing/insulation/finishes J21 83
In situ concrete, formwork
46 !general) V22 182 Mastic asphalt tanking J20 83
In situ concrete!targe precest concrete
laboratory gas supply systems S34 181 Mechanical and electrical services
In situ concrete, mixing/casting/curing ElO 43 laboratory waste drainage systems RI4 181 measurement Y
In situ concrete roadS/pavings 021 132 lakes, sheet linings J44 85 Mechanical document conveying systems X30 14'
In situ concrete, reinforcement
49 lamps Y73 167 Mechanical heating systems T
In situ concrete, sprayed
45 land drainage systems RI3 145 Mechanical items, sundry common Y59
In situ concrete, worked finishes
'41 51
lathing, metal mesh M30 108 Mechanical plant, contractor's general
In situ terrazzo M41 113 lead light glazing l41 101 cast items A43 21
Incineration plant R33 181 lead sheet coverings/flashings H71 80 Mechanised warehousing X2J
Induction air conditioning systems U40 182 lifts XIO
Medical gas supply systems S34 181
Industrial extract systems U20 182 lighting systems, general V21 182 Medium temperature hot water heating
Industrial waste drainage systems RI4 181 Lighting systems, special V40-42 182 systems T30 181
Infill panels/sheets l42 102 Lightning protection W52 182 Metal mesh lathing/anchored
Information display W22 182 Limitations on method/sequence/timing/ reinforcement for plastered coatings M30 108
Instrument air supply systems S31 181 use of site A35 19 Metal panel cladding/features H43 J5
Insulation with rendered finish M2I 106 Linings/sheathing/dry partitioning K Metal profiled sheet decking G30 69
Insulation, cavity walls Pll 122
Lino tiling/sheeting M50 113 Metal profiled/flat sheet cladding/
Insulation, mastic asphalt J2I 83
Lintels, precast concrete F31 53 covering/siding H31 J5
Insulation, sundry PlO 121
Liquid detection alarm systems N54 182 Metal re pairing/renovating/conservin g C50 27
Metal sheet prebonded coverings,! Partitions, panel K30 90 Pracast concrete sillS/lintelS/copings!
cladding H70 80 Partitions, plasterboard KlO 86 features
Metal structural members, isolated G12 65 Patent glazing HlO 71 Pracast concrete slab cladding/leallJres H50 53
Method, limitations A35 19 Pavement lights, concrete H14 73 Prefabricated timber unit decking G31 70
Mineral coatings, resin bound M23 103 PavinglPla nti ng/Fencing/Site furnitu re 0 Preformed concrete piling 030 35
Monolithic coatings. sprayed M12 107 Pavings, in-situ concrete 021 132 Preliminaries A
Mosaic M'O 111 Petrol/diesel storage/distribution SW 181 Pressurised water supply systems S13 181
Motor drives - electric Y92 166 Piling 030 33 Primary heat distribution T20 181
Moving pavements X12
Piling, cast in place 030 33 Procedure where information not
Multi-zone air conditioning systems U33 182 Piling preformed concrete 030 35 available GRlO 14
Piling, steel 030 36
Products by/an behalf of employer A50 21
Piped supply systems S
Profiled sheet cladding/covering/siding H311-33 75
Piped water supply systems 8111-15 181
Profiled sheet decking, metal G30 69
Pipeline ancillaries Y11 151
Project particulars A10 17
Natural gas supply systems S32 181 Pipeline equipment Y211-25
Projection audio-visual systems W21 182
Natural slating H62 79 Pipelines YlO 151 Proofing work, sundry PlO 121
Natural stone ashlar walling/dressings F21 58 Pipeways for buried services PJO 126
Protection of the site A34 18
Natural stone rubble walling F20 58 Pipework, rainwater R10 141
Protection systems W50-53 182
Natural stone slab cladding/features H51 77 Pits for buried services P30 126
Provision, content and use of documents A31 18
Natural stone walling, accessories! Plain roof tiling H60 79 Provisional work A54 22
sundry items "0
62 Plant containers Q31 -32 138 Public address systems W12 182
Nitrous-oxide supply systems S34 181 Plant, contractor's general cost items A43 21
Public utility supply system, HV V11 182
Nominated sub-contractors A51 22 Planting. external 031 137
Public utility supply system, LV V12 182
Nominated suppliers A52 22 Planting. internal 031
Pumps Y20
Notices N15
Plaster, fibrous M31
Purlins, linings under K12 73
Plasterboard dry lining/partitioning/ceilings KlO 87
Plastered coatings M20 103
Plastics, glassfibre reinforced, panel cladding!
0 features H41 75
Off-site painting Y91 116 Plastics glazed vaulting/wailing H12 71
Oil-lubrication supply systems S'O 181 Plastics profiled sheet cladding/covering/
Quantities GR3 12
Oil fired boilers no 181 siding
H31 75
Quality standards/control A33 18
Operation/maintenance of finished
Plastics tiling/sheeting M50 113
Quarry tiling/mosaic M40 111
building A37 19 Pneumatic document conveying systems X31
Oxygen supply systems S34 181 Polymeric single layer roof coverings J42 85
Pools, sheet linings J44 85
Pools, swimming, water treatment S21 181
Portal frames, timber G20 67
Post tensioned reinforcement for in situ
RadiofTV/CCTV communications
Packaged steam generators T13 181 concrete E31 50
systems W20 182
Paging/Emergency call W11 182 Power floating, concrete E41 51
Rafters, trussed G20 67
Paging systems W11 181 Power supply systems, LV tgeneral) V22 182
Rainscreen cladding H92 73
Painting/Clear finishing M60 116 Power supply systems, uninterrupted V32 182 Rainwater pipework/gutters RlD 141
Panel cubicles <31 91 Powered stair lifts X13
Raised access floors
Panel linings, under purlin/inside rail '12
73 Prebonded malleable metal sheet
Reconstructed stone slating/tiling H63 79
Panel partitions K30
'0 c overin [Is/cia dding H70 80
Refrigeration plant, central T60 181
Panelling, rigid sheet K13 73 Precast concrete decking ESO 54
Refrigeration, cold rooms m 181
Panels, infill l42 102 Precast concrete frame structures E50 53
Refrigeration, ice pads m 181
Parquet flooring M42 111 Precast concrete panel cladding/ Refuse chute disposal systems R31 181
Partitions, concrete/terrazzo
53 features H42 53 Refuse disposal systems R30-3J 181
Reinforced earth 041 40
Slating, fibre cement H61 79
Reinforced woodwooVrock fibre decking G31 70 Slating, natural H62 79
Reinforcement lor in situ concrete
49 Stating, reconstructed stone H63 79
Reinforcement, anchored, for plastered Safeguarding the site A34 18 Stings, fire escape X14 149
coatings M30 108 Safety eldract systems U15 182 Smoke elClract/controt systems U14 182
Removing complete structures C20 13 Sand blasting concrete
51 Solar collectors T15 181
Rendered coatings M20 103 Sanital)' applianceS/finings N13
Special purpose fixturesllurnishings/
Rendered finish, insulation with M21 106 Sark,ng, fig id sheel
JJ equipment N20-23
Rendering, specialist waterproof J10 103 Sarklng, limber board <20 JJ Sports sutfacings/pavlngs/general amenity 026 136
Renovating concrete C42 25 Schedules GR5 13 Spot items C90 28
Renovating masonl)' C41 25 Screeds, sand cement/concrete/toppings Ml0 103 Sprayed in situ concrele Ell 45
Renovating metal CSO 17 Screening, electromagnetic W53 182 Sprayed monolithic coatings M22 107
Renovating timber C51 17 Screens l12 95 Sprinkler distflbutlon systems SllJ 181
Repairing concrete C40 25 Screens, temporary 020 13 StaH, contractors general cost Items MO 20
Repairing masonl)' C41 25 Sealant jOints P22 125 Stainless steel strip/sheet coveringsl
Repairing metal CSO 17 Secuflty systems W40-41 182 flashings H75 80
Repairing timber C51 17 S ecu rity/safety/protectlon A34 18 Stair hfts, powered X13
Requirements, employer's A30-37 18 Seedinglturfmg Q30 137 Stairs l30 97
Resin bound flooring, trowelled M12 103 Sequence, limitations A35 19 Starters Y72 166
Resin bound mineral coatings M13 103 Services and facilities, contractor's Statutory authorities, work by A53 22
Rigid sheet cladding H2O 73 general cost items A42 20 Steam generators, packaged T13 181
Riser distribution systems, dry 561 181 Services, reference specification V Steam heating systems T33 181
Riser distribution systems, wet 562 181 Services, temporal)', employer's Stoam supply systems 551 181
Roads, pavings/sub-bases, granular Q20 29 requirements A36 19 Steel piling 030 36
Roads, coated macadam/asphalt Q22 133 Sett pavmgs 025 135 Steel, stainless, strip/sheet coveringS/
Roads, graveUhoggin/woodchip Q13
13' Sewage pumping systems R20 181 flashings H75 BO
Roads, in situ concrete Q21 132 Sewage treatment/sterili sation R21 181 Steel, stlucl ural,lraming Gl0 65
Roads, interlocking bricklblock 02. 135 Sewerage systems R20-21 181 Sterilisation, sewage R21 181
Roof coatings, liquid applied waterproof J31 B3 Sheathing, rigid sheet K11 73 Stone selt pavings 025 135
Roof coverings, buih up felt J41 85 Sheet cladding/coverlng/sldlOg H31 75 Stone tiling/mosaic M40 111
Rool coverings, single layer polymeric J42 85 Sheet linlOgs, poolS/lakeS/waterways J44 85 Stone, cast, slab cladding/features H52 17
Roof decking with asphalt finish J22 B3
Sheets, IOflll l42 102 Slone, cast, walling, accessories/sundry items F30 62
Roof decking with leh finish J43 85 Shingling, timber H64 79 Stone, cast, ashlar walling/dressings F22 58
Roof tiling, plain H60 79 Shingling, bituminous lelt H66 79 Stone, natural, ashlar walling/dressings f21 58
Roof tiling, single lap H65 79 ShOfing/Facade retention C30 2J Stone, natural, rubbl e walling F20 58
Rool windows ll1 95 Single lap roof tlllOg H65 79 Stone, natural, slab cladding/features H51 17
Rooling, mastic asphalt J21 83 Shutters l21 96 Stone, natural, walling, accessories!
Rooflights, concrete H14 73 Shullers, external
95 sundl)' items F30 62
Rooflights ll1 95
Siding, prollled sheel H30-33 75 Stone/concrete/brick kerbsledgingsl
Roofs, temporal)' C20 23
SignS/notices N15
channels Q10 131
Roughcast coatings M20 103
SilencerS/acoustic trealment V45 154 Storage cylinders/calorifier s V23 154
Rubber tiling/sheoting M50 113
Sills, precast concrete F31 53 Storage/distribution, petroUdiesel 541 181
Rubber-latex flooring, trowelled M12 103
Single layer polymeric roof coverings J42 85 Street furniture/equipment Q50
Rubble walling, natural stone f20 58
Site accommodation, cont ractor's Street lighting systems V41 182
Rules, Supplementary GR2 11
general cost items A41 20 Strip sheathingllinings K21 73
Rules, use of tabulated GR2 11
Site details A12 17 Structural aluminium, framing Gll 65
Site furniture/equipment 050
Stru ctu ral/Carc assing/Meta Imm ber G
Site planting 030-32 137 Structural glass assemblies H13 71
Skirtings P20 123 Structural metal 610-12 65
Slab/brick/sett/cobbJe pavings 025 135 Structural metal members, isolated G12 65

Structural steel framing GIO 65 Thermal insulation Y50 158 Uninterruptable power supply systems V32 182
Struclurallimber G20 67 Tile cladding/covering H6Q-1;6 79 Unit decking, timber G31 70
Studio lighting systems V42 182 Tiling, carpet M50 113 Use of documents ." 18
Sub-contract A20 18 Tiling. ceramic MOO 111 Use of site, limitations
Sub-contractors, nominated A5I 21 Tiling, concrete MOO 111
Subletting A30 18 Tiling, cork M50 113
V Sundries, building fabric P Tiling, lino M50 113
Sund'Y common electrical items Y89 169 Tiling. plastics M50 113
Sundry common mechanical Items Y59 159 Tiling, quarry MOO 111 VAV air conditioning systems U31 182
Suppliers, nominated A52 21 Tiling, reconstructed stone H63 79 Vacuum cleaning systems !centralised) RJO 181
Supply systems, piped 5 Tiling, rools, plain H60 79 Vacuum supply systems 550 181
Supply. employer's requirements AJO 18 Tiling, rubber M50 113 Vaulting, plastics glazed H12 71
Support components - cables Y63 161 Tiling, terrazzo M41 113 VentilatlonJlume extract systems U I O ~ l 1 182
Support. temporary or semi-permanent CJO 23 Timber board flooring/decking/sarkingl Vibration 150lation mountings Y52 154
Supports for services P31 116 linings/casings K20 73 Vitreous enamel linings/panellings K15 73
Surface finishes M Timber strip/board line flooring/linings K21 73
Surfacings for sport 016 136 Timber repa inng/renovating/conserving C51 27
Suspended demountable ceilings K40 92 Timber shingling H64 79
W Swimming pool water treatment 521 181 Timber umt decking, prefabricated G31 10
Switchgear, HV Y70 166 Timber weatherboarding H21 73
Switchgear, LV Y71 166 Timber, framing G20 61 Walkways lJO 97
Symbols GRI2 14 Time, management of works AJ2 18 Wall insulation, cavity walls Pll 122
Timing, limitations AJ5 19 Walling, block FlO 55
Toilet ventilation Ull 182 Walling, block, accessories/sundry
Toxic malerial removal C21 23 items F3D 62
Trace heating Y24 154 Walling, brick FlO 55
TV communications systems W20 182 Treatment, brickwork/blockwork FlO 55 Walling, brick, accessories/sundry
Tables, claSSification GR2 11 Transport systems X items FJO 62
Taking down structures C20 2J Travelling cradle systems/gantries/ Walling, ashlar cast stone F22 58
Tampmg concrete E41 51 ladders X21 149 Wallmg, curtam Hll 72
Tanking, flexible sheet J40 85 Treated water supply systems S20-21 181 Wallmg, diaphragm 040 J8
Tanking, liqUid applied J3D 8J Treatedldelonised/dlstllled water supply Walling, glass block Fll 55
Tanking, mastic asphalt J20 8J systems 520 181 WaIling, natural stone ashlar F21 58
Telecommunications systems WlO 182 Trenches/plpeways/plts for buried Walling, plastics glazed H12 71
Television communicatIOn systems W20 182 services P3D 116 Walling, rubble, natural stone F20 58
Temporary or semi-permanent support C30 23 Trims, un/ramed Isolated PlO 123 Walling, stone, accessories/sundry items FJO 62
Temporary works, contractor's general Trowelling concrete E41 51 Walls, embedded retaining 040 J8
cost Items A44 21 Trunkmg, busbar Y62 163 Warm alf heating 740 181
Temporary works, employer'S Trunking, cable Y60 161 Warm air heating (self-contained specification) 741 181
requirements A36 19 Turfing QJO 137 Water features 515 181
T e ndering/su b-Ientngfsu pply A3D 18 Water filtration equipment 515 181
Terminal heat fur conditioning
Water supply systems SI0-15 181
systems U43 182 Water supply systems for fire fighting 56Q-1;5 181
Terminal re-heat air conditioning systems U42 182 Water supply systems, treated S20-21 181
Terrazlo M41 113 Under purlinJinside rail panellinmgs K12 73 Water tanks/cisterns Y21 154
Terrano partitions KJJ 53 Underfloor heating systems, electric V50 182 Waterproof rendering, specialist JlO 103
Testing and commissioning, electrical Underpinning 050 41 Waterproof roof coalings, liquid applied J31 BJ
services Y81 169 Undertakers, work by A53 2 Waterproofing J
Testing and commissioning, mechanical Unframed isolated trims/skirtings/sundry Waterways, sheetlinings J44 85
services Y51 159 items PlO 123 Weatherboarding, timber H21 73
Wet riser distribution systems 561 181
Window ironmongery
'11 124
Windows UO 95
Wiring, HV/lV
V61 163
Woodblockllooring M42 III
Woodchip roads/pavings 023 134
WoodwooVrock fibre decking
G32 10
WoodwooVrock fibre decking,
edge supported/reinforced G32 \0
Work by/on behalf of employer A50 21
Work by statutory authorities/undertakers A53 21
Worked finishes 10 in situ concrele "I
Work not covered by rules GR11 14
Work, provisional A54
Works', description of AI3 17
Work. special types
r,R7 13
Work, temporary
A35 19
Work to existing buildings GR13 15
No entries
No entries
Zinc strip/Sheet coverings/llashings H74 80