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Document Control Department Set Up ISD-DCG-0001

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April, 2006

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Scope Purpose References Definitions Document Control Department Requirements Procedure Attachments

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Scope: Purpose: References:

Project Document & Data Control Procedure. Visual Byblos Cyberspace Manual.


DCG : Document Control Group EDMS : Electronic Document Management System VBC : Visual Byblos Cyberspace IT : Information Technology MOM: Minutes of meeting FRI: Request for information MAR: Material Approval Request RFF: Request for fabrication DDM: Document Distribution Matrix Please note that some of the definitions might differ from one project to another.


Document Control Department Requirements:

5.1 Human Resources: The Project or organization should provide the following for this department: One experienced senior document controller preferable with IT background. At least two data entry operators for logging documents to our EDMS (VBC) software. At least two clerks for copying, scanning and distributing documents.

The above estimate is expected to increase depending on the size of the project and the expected amount of documentation to be issued through out the project. 5.2 VBC Hardware and Software Requirements: To Be Added???? 5.3 Equipments and supplementary tools: Three Workstations for the document controller and the two operators. A0 size Printer, copier and scanner. (Specifications to be provided by IT department). Attachment 1. A3 & A4 size copier and printer. (Specifications to be provided by IT department). Attachment 1. A3 & A4 size heavy-duty scanner. (Specifications to be provided by IT department). Attachment 1. Digital sender. (Specifications to be provided by IT department). Attachment 1. Shelves, cabinets and drawers for hanging files. Attachment 1. A0 size Drawings Hangers. Attachment 1. A3 & A4 size Box files. Attachment 1. Stationary. Stamps (Sample Photos Attached). Attachment 2.

5.4 Assigned Area for DCG: While preparing the site offices layout the area for DCG should be centrally located and should consist of a closed unit for filing connected to the DCG office. The DCG office should have like a window for handing and receiving documents because the project staff should not enter the DCG area.



6.1 Document Control Department Set Up:

6.1.1 Document controller should prepare himself before starting any activity by doing the following: Read and understand the scope of work and all parts of the contract related to document control and document management. Specify and understand the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) of the project. Also get familiar with the systems, disciplines and locations related to the project. Define all type of documents that will be generated through out the project.

6.1.2 Document controller should arrange for a meeting with the management to achieve the following: Build a good working relationship with the Project Controls manager by always being in touch with him and consult him for all department issues and requirements. Finalize and issue the Document & Data Control Procedure for the project. Define the documents workflow between the project, the client and other related parties such as engineering subcontractor or other subcontractors. Clarify and start Numbering Systems for Correspondence, Transmittals, and all document types issued by the project. Clarify the approval cycle between the project and the client and finalize the contractual number of days required for the approval agreed upon with the client to be able to track reply delays. This issue is very important because sometimes a delayed reply for an RFI (Request for information) for example will delay the construction and would have a cost impact.

Arrange for a meeting with the Client DCG to be introduced to them and organize the communication and exchanging documents mechanism.

6.1.3 Two important documents that should be ready and prepared at the beginning of the project: Organization Chart: which must be ready before mobilization, this document should be checked and updated periodically. Document Distribution Matrix (DDM): should be prepared by the document controller and Project Controls Manager, after preparing the draft of this document, which should be given a document number and revision, it should be distributed to all departments for review and comments, then after receiving the comments an update of this document should be prepared and issued. Every time you update this document you should give it a new revision and Issue date. Then start distributing documents according to this distribution Matrix. (The distribution Matrix consists of document types by rows and titles (like control manager, Project eng. Civil, Project eng. Mech., .etc) by columns).

6.1.4 Start collecting documents received and issued prior to the start of DCG on site: Correspondence incoming to the project and outgoing from the project should be gathered and maintained at DCG quarters. Logs should be checked for any missing correspondence and ask for a copy if not found. Incoming and outgoing transmittals should be gathered and checked against the attachments to make sure that all documents are filed in DCG. Technical queries if there is any such as RFIs (Request for information) should be filed and make sure that if there are any replies to be distributed to the concerned staff.

The above points apply to all document types related to the project. Logs should be prepared for all types, each type separate with its related information. Example: Drawings (ID, Title, Revision, Issue date, Issued For and any other information that would be related to the document such as Area, Unit, Document Type) this information would make it easier later on to log these documents to VBC. 6.1.5 Tracking and handling documents: Correspondence: Document controller should always maintain a log of correspondence (one for the incoming and one for the outgoing) that shows all the information needed like (Issue date, originator, if reply required, reply date, reply reference, etc) these logs should be updated daily.

Document controller should take a good look and read the correspondence so not to miss any reference that is needed for tracking and handling the correspondence. Correspondence numbering should follow the Client requirements and CCC procedures, the numbering should show the direction of the correspondence, logs should be maintained with sequential numbers, for example Client Log should be with no gaps in the sequential numbering. Documents/Drawings Issued for Approval By the Client: The above documents should be issued to the client under Outgoing Transmittal; each transmittal should be Issued For one purpose only (Information, Approval, Construction etc). Outgoing transmittal should show at least the ID, Title and revision of the attached documents and contains only one document type. Tracking of the approval cycle like comments received, comment status (Approved, Approved with comments, Revise & Resubmit etc) and comment date, should be on the document level as tracking fields on the database (Properties in VBC). Weekly report should be issued for our Document Register for tracking approvals statuses and pending approvals. (Attached Sample). Attachment 3. All other document types that requires approval or clarification by the client should have a similar tracking tools to be customized and setup in our EDMS system VBC. For example Document types like MAR (Material Approval Request) RFI (Request for Information) etc. Attachment 4. We have to bear in mind to base our overdue and pending Approval / clarification calculations on the contractual period for approval / clarification agreed up on with the client. 6.1.6 Deliverable registers and coordination between Engineering, Procurement, Planning, Subcontractors And Client: Produce the Deliverable Register of the Documents should be prepared by the project: Clarify the contractual Client requirements of the documents that should be submitted for Approval and Information. Define document types should be produced and the related department. Documents such as QMP (Quality Management Procedures, QCP (Quality control procedures), HSE Procedures, MS (Method statements etc.

All related departments through a meeting for all departments heads should produce the above register; each department should produce the list of documents they should issue for this project. These documents lists should be gathered under the project deliverable register. Engineering document register should be produced by the Engineering subcontractor including planned and forecast dates to be able to track issuing the documents on time and calculate the progress of engineering from the actual issue dates. (Attached tracking & Progress reports). Attachment 5. Coordination between Engineering, Procurement, Planning, Subcontractors and Client should be arranged to identify the documents flow between all parties to speed up the flow and the approval cycle. All exchange of documentation between the parties mentioned above should be under transmittals Incoming & Outgoing. This flow should be controlled and logged by DCG to our EDMS System VBC. DCG should maintain the history of the documents, hard copies and electronically by linking each revision to the related transmittal. 6.1.7 Hardcopies Filing: Correspondence Filing: Incoming correspondence should be filed in separate Box files than Outgoing correspondence. For each incoming and outgoing correspondence for each party that the project communicate with should have a separate Box file with dividers between correspondence type and the other. Engineering Documents Filing: Follow the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the project, for example: Area, Sub area, and discipline. Drawings, Procedures, and Specifications each type separate. Transmittal Covers: Same as correspondence filing above. Others: MOM, Reports, Technical queries such as (RFI, MAR, RFF etc) should be filed Separately each type in a box file.

Note that all Cabinets, Drawers, and files should have on the outside the document Type and Originator as a header and the range of Numbers of the documents they contain.

Attachment 1

Box File Cabinet

Hanging File Drawers


A0 Filing Cabinet

A0 Drawings Hanger

A0 Copier, Printer & Scanner


A0 Color Plotter

A4 & A3 Heavy Duty Scanner

Digital Sender

A3 & A4 Copier

Attachment 2



Attachment 3

Approval & Reply Statuses (Report Generated From VBC)


Approval & Reply Statuses Details Report Generated From VBC


Attachment 4

RFI Status Summary (Report Generated From VBC)


RFI Tracking Details (Report Generated From VBC)


Attachment 5

Sample Engineering Progress Measuring Report, Page 1 Report Generated From VBC

Sample Engineering Progress Measuring Report, Page 2 Report Generated From VBC