CERTIFICATE I hereby declare that the Summer Training Project entitled “Market Research on Mobile Handset Buying Behavior”

submitted by me to Spice Mobiles Ltd., for Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management 2009-2011 is absolutely general and consist of original work.

Project Guides: COMPANY Mrs.Kamini Sharma Spice Mobiles Ltd. Noida FACULTY Miss.Sheena Manchanda Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS) Delhi

for having given me the platform to do my summer internship with them. who taught me “Business Research Methods” which helped me a lot in analysis done during my project. I am very thankful to Mrs. The work bears the imprint of many persons under whom I did my training. I am thankful to Spice Mobiles Ltd. I tried to make best use of this opportunity.Finally I am indebted to Jagan Institute of Management Studies.Sheena Manchanda (Lecturer JIMS). Aditi PGDM(Marketing) PREFACE . academic & authors whose work has been quoted & used extensively in this project. constant guidance and encouragement of the people closely associated with the assignment but a distinct necessity for the authenticity and credibility of the project”. my family. The management theories learnt in a year are brought to practice. for providing necessary facilities to carry out the dissertation in prescribed period.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT “The pleasure that follows the successful completion of an assignment would remain incomplete without a word of gratitude for the people. without whose cooperation the achievement would have remained a distant dream.Yukti. Secondly I am thankful to Miss. It is not a mere formality to place on record the tireless efforts.Kamini Sharma(Assistant Sales Manager) who guide and encouraged me throughout our summer internship program in the project “ Market Research on Mobile Handset Buying Behavior”. First of all I present my sincere thanks to Mrs. ceaseless cooperation. friends & all those people.

The success of a company’s marketing strategy will depend on how buyers react to it. marketers are better able to predict how consumers will respond to marketing strategies. . behavior and environmental events by which human beings conduct the exchange aspects of their lives.” Companies are interested in consumer behavior because they can develop marketing strategies to influence consumers to purchase their products based on consumer analysis. Ultimately. I gained valuable experience & knowledge during the survey. To accomplish these goals. first and foremost need is to understand what customers want and this can be done through Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior regarding that product. The emphasis in the project is providing the study and an insight into Indian MOBILE market. The Project consists of my findings from the survey & then conclusions were drawn and finally recommendations were put forward for adopting new Marketing Strategies to target various kinds of consumers. this information helps companies compete more effectively in the marketplace and leads to more satisfied customers.In today’s competitive world. “Consumer behavior is the dynamic interaction of affect and cognition. marketers must examine the main influences on what. By understanding these factors better. where. when and how customers buy goods and services. The Summer Project is designed to provide participation of PGDM program as on the job experience. To find out what customers want. This helps in developing decisionmaking abilities and emphasizes on active participation by the student. every company is striving hard to increase their market share and for that they should make customers their loyal customers and attract new customers. This has given a chance to try and apply the academic knowledge and gain insight into consumer behavior while purchasing Mobile Handsets.

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