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1: Personal Childhood reading history Record your own personal childhood reading history. Points you might consider completing this: 1. What are your earliest memories of reading? (Mother tongue & English) 2. Do you recall being read to by others at home and/or at school? 3. Do you have favourite books from different stages of childhood? What are they? Age 3-4: Age 5-7: Age Age 8-9: Age 10-12: Age 13-15: Age 16-20: 4. Do your memories include particular times and places where you read? 5. Did you read comics and other materials? 6. What kinds of books do you usually choose? 7. What was the source of your books (e.g. library, gifts, buying ,borrowing?) 8. Who do you read with??

9. What was the attitude of the adults around you to your reading? Did they encourage you? Did they approve of your reading? Were there particular genres of books, authors or series that you like? 10. How did you find out about which books to read? 11. How do you feel before you read, while reading and after reading? 12. Were there differences between reading at home and at school? 13. Were there some books that you reread? What were they? 14. Which of the books you read would you consider to be good literature and which popular fiction? 15. What is your pattern of reading now as an adult? 16. What is the title of the previous book that you read? 17. When you have completed your history, share it with others and consider what factors have contributed to the current attitude to your reading? What social and cultural influences and attitudes do you bring to texts?