Rouchstien Monarchy ruled by heretical King Mostly Mountains and Forests Dark Age attitudes, suspicious & traditional peasants The land is divided into 4 Duchies (4 Dukes) (Westhaven, Northhold, Eastborough, Southshire) Each duchy subdivides into 9 baronies, and chooses a Duke from the Barons. (8 Barons + 1 Duke) Vieanna Oligarchy City/State West of Rouchstien Ruled by the Circle of 9 Major Trade port on the River & access to Sea Renaissance City – Open minded and educated citizenry


Tyberous – King of Rouchstine Raambus – Crown Prince of Rouchstine Malchior – Younger Brother of Tyberous, Grand Duke of Rouchstine Cyrus Polet – Nobleman of Vieanna, Head of the Circle of 9 (Rulers of Vieanna) Hamm Urth – Duke of Westhelm, Baron of Urth, Noble of Rouchstine Odette Polet-Urth – Wife of Hamm Urth, Grew up in Vieanna, Daughter of Cyrus Polet Hammon Urth – Hamm’s oldest son - Warrior Alusyious Urth – Hamm’s youngest son – Mage Floxam Parth – Master Wizard and Professor at the College of Magic in Vieanna Brother Meril – Cleric and Instructor at the College of Magic in Vieanna ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ Malchior becomes infatuated with a baron’s wife (succubus) Urth’s prepare to visit Vieanna Hamm returns to Urth after 3 months at Rouchstine Castle Tyberous & Raambus killed Messengers arrive with summons to Rouchstien castle (Odette & Hammon have left) Nobles are all killed as are their families News spreads / Letter arrives for Odette / Odette & Hammon are on the run Long journey to Vieanna. Alusyious is born Assassin attempt #1 Hammon learns to fight Assassin attempt #2, Cyrus is wounded Floxam & Odette marry – family moves to College of Magic Rouchstien troops attack along Vieanna border Cyrus dies of injury, Vieanna delcares war on Rouchstien. Hammon joins army / Alusyious shows aptitude for magic, Floxam trains the boy Vieanna ~ Rouchstien war / Malchior flees / Vieanna claims Rouchstien Barony of Urth reinstated to Hammon (devastated in the war – title only) Alusyious enters College of Magic at 6 years old Hammon and others begin to clean-up Rouchstien (overrun with undead & monsters from Malchior’s poor rule) Alusyious is fully trained mage by 11 – (will not be graduated for 6 more years) Hammon fights orcs & ogres and gets Flametalon Brother Meril rides for Rouchstien, Alusyious accompanies him.

There Alusyious quickly displayed a great talent for magic. Hammon roamed the country fighting bandits and brigands. Alusyious. Vieannaian tradition held that Odette could not be Cyrus’s heir. but did not realize that Floxam had always loved Odette from afar. The wizard guild had long plotted to get one of their own into the Circle of 9. Floxam could be legal steward for the Alusyious until he reached the age of 35 (when he could claim his seat at the circle of 9). and was a professor at the College Magica. For a dozen years and more. The journey was long.) Odette agreed. They took what valuables they could. but the new king had prepared for them. Cyrus named Alusyious his hier (born in Vieanna and a blood relative). Malchior. he claimed it for himself. joined the Vieanna Army as an officer. Rouchstien. Hammon’s father. Floxam had become a master in the Wizards Guild. but Hammon and his mother finally arrived in Vieanna just one month before she gave birth to her second son. . suspected foul play and confronted Malchior. (magical glasses that have. overthrew the tyrant who ruled the lands of his birth. as grandson of Cyrus Polet. Detect Magic. (They pushed Floxam into arrainging a marriage with Odette. quickly assumed the throne. Hammon learned the ways of a warrior. In Vieanna. Hammon had been born a noble in the house of Urth. He entered formal studies at the age of 8 (usually a child was 11) and quickly mastered the intricacies of spellcraft. could not inherit Cyrus’s place. Hammon. due to the courage of their house guard. and his feelings for Odette would keep him from going as far as the Wizard Guild wanted. They moved in which Odette’s father. As the nobles rode to Rouchstien castle. along with the other nobles. and Alusyious and his mother moved to Floxam’s home at the college of magic. It was then that her childhood friend Floxam Parth entered the picture. and discovered the command word etched into the scrollwork (Pyros). Identify. Cyrus Polet. monsters and undead for his foster-kindom Vieanna. Cyrus Polet was old when his daughter returned. since she had married Urth. Using a pair of Detecting lenses. Odette could not represent her son in Vieanna law. Only Hammon and his mother survived. until the good king Tyberous and his son were killed in an ambush while touring the countryside. the army rode across the county killing all the noble families. with the help of his friends and his brother. & Read Magic permanently on them) he confirmed that the sword was magical. Hammon and his pregnant mother were forced to leave their home and flee for their lives. Hammon recovered a sword with a wavy blade. where Hammon’s mother had grown up. there was a noble warrior who. and fled to the city of Vienna.Once upon a time. Malchior had purchased the army with promised of nobility for the officers once Tyberous and his nobles were dead. Months later. and the pride of the Guild. his young brother was examining the sword and found a wizard sigil on it. when back with his family in Vieanna. and when he was seventeen. the king’s younger brother. as he was born in Rouchstien. as his foster father. He spent his first thirteen years living on the family estate. even though Cyrus’s grandson. He was a magical prodigy. Marvelously made and incredibly strong. Later research would reveal that the sword was in fact Flametalon. Even then. While fighting a nasty batch of orcs & ogres. That night. and wanted to name his heir. If Odette married Floxam.

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