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"Le lilizwe ngelo Khokho bethu" - This is the LAND of our Ancestors

History is best qualified to reward all research Malcom X If Black people knew their glorious past they would be more entitled to love themselves Marcus Garvey If we know what went down yesterday, then we are not likely to let the same thing go down today. And today is based on yesterday and tomorrow is built on today Dr Khalid Muhammad

In all the confusion in this country in areas of politricks, religion, culture, entertainment, education, society and law - we must never forget that the primary object of dispute between the white settle colonists (Jan van Riebeeck and the gang) and our Ancestors was the LAND. In recognizing this, we must also realize that he struggle in Azania was not merely against the apartheid shitstem introduced by the National Party in 1948. The first heroes and heroins of the Black Struggle in Azania were the fearless Kings and Queens who fought the white man head on in many battles and shed their blood in defence of the LAND. Remember Sekukuni, Sekwati, Mosimane wa Tlala, Sarhili, Mobobo, Hintsa, Tshaka, Moshweshwe, Mandume and many others who fell at the hands of cruel and vicious white man. These Ancestors of Black people were mercilessly butchered for their LAND and they all died in defense of the LAND, not parliament, not DEMONcracy, not integration, not positions, not bloody riches they died for the LAND. Women and children were raped and killed, treated lesser than diseased dogs, called by all manner of vile names and cursed as the plunder and robbery proceeded in true Christian style; all in the name of Jesus they killed, raped, robbed, plundered, destroyed, distorted and dispossessed. And so, let the modern and post-modern politicians never confuse us... Sons and Daughters, the struggle was not for mere civil rights, one man - one vote schemes or to sit in the white man's parliament and be the administrators of the white power structure, the Black faces of white supremacy. The struggle was to restore the stolen and robbed heritage - the LAND, to restore the DIGNITY and SOVEREIGNTY of the Black family, to restore the LAND to the indigenous people. Remember, it is the LAND is our SACRED heritage and inheritance. It is LAND that welcomes us when we are born, it is LAND that sustains us throughout our lives, and it is the very same LAND that welcomes us when we join the realm of the Ancients (Ancestors). A LANDLESS people are nothing but slaves and servants of those that own and control property in the whole scheme of things. Without ownership of PROPERTY, you are nothing but someone elses property. LAND is the primary basis of any liberation. Without LAND we remain SQUARTERS, MIGRANT LABOURERS, CHEAP LABOUR, DOMESTIC WORKERS, CLEANERS, SECURITY GUARDS, CASHIERS, PETROL ATTENDANTS, POLICE, SOLDIERS, OFFICERS, MANAGERS, CEOs, MINISTERS and DIRECTORS of institutions or organizations or structures OWNED and CONTROLED by other people for their interests.

The managers of the white power structure in this country, so-called leaders under the guise of a National DEMONcratic Revolution (NDR) and a so called National DEVILopment Plan (NDP) are all comfortable in their slavish luxurious lifestyles, satisfied with a few million rands (as long as they endorse the status quo) in their bank accounts to insure the security of their posterity. In the 21st century, they have SOLD-OUT the true and legitimate aspirations of Black people in this country for POLITRICKal correctness, business deals, luxuries and so-called social stability. Be not deceived by their Freedom CHEATER, Azania is the LAND of our Ancestors, our inheritance, our birthright. Afrika for the Afrikans is our battle cry!