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National laws 2 autorities that can make - congress - people legislative power- power to MAKE laws two kinds

of legislation: original- people delegated- congress 2 kinds of laws: -ordinary- congress -constituent laws-one that changes the constitution administrative agency- issues rules and regulations, have a force of law -do not legislate, merely implement laws - do this by formulating rules and regualtions so that they will not invade the power of congress -limited power. - only if there is a law authorizing them to issue on a particular subject. -for delegation to be valid: 1. there must be a delegating law 2. law must set standards. Congress: bicameral 1. senate - no more than 24 members, unless the constitution is amended - elected at large, elected by the entire country qualifications: -natural born citizen of Philippines - atleast 35 years of age on the day of election - able to read and write - must be a qualified voter *voting no longer requires reading and writing in the present constitution - term is 6 years and shall commence at noon on the 30th day of June 2. house of representatives - at most 250 members, unless otherwise provided by law - today, there are more than 300 members ratio: when new representative districts were created * to become a representative district: - more or less of the same size. - elected by the districts - members are not all district representatives, 20% are party-list representatives

party-list: determined by the number of district representatives. Qualifiactions of District representatives: - natural born citizen - atleast 25 years of age - able to read and write - registered voted in the district where she will be voted How are party-list representatives chosen: - different political parties - each political party submits to comelec a list of persons who they are sponsoring as party-list representative - when election time comes, voters cast 2 votes for the house of representative - votes cast for party-list representatives is nationwide. - dont vote for names, vote for political parties Privilege from arrest, not from prosecution: 1. crime punishable by not more than 6 years 2. Only when congress is session 2 kidns of session: 1. regular - fixed number of days - may be called by the president 2. special *disorderly behaviorwhatever congress defines as disorderly behavior - only congress can say what this is. Journal- evidence of what actually happens in congress - when there are conflicts in journal and the media, journal prevails electoral tribunal- sole judge of elective contests congress- has the power to declare war - controls the national purse president may be given legislation power.