LITERATURE OF CAGAYAN VALLEY (REGION 2) Cagayan Valley (Lambak ng Cagayan in Filipino; Tana' nak Cagayan in the Ibanag Language;

Tanap ti Cagayan in the Ilocano Language) Agta/ Atta- were the first inhabitants in the region. food gatherers who roam the forest without fixed residence. • • Ibanag dialect was a strong factor in Cagayano’s evangelization of the pagan and hostile inhabitants. Evangelization and pacification of the valley were difficult because: - the communities found by the colonizers were far apart- separated by wild forest and crocodile infested rivers to cross along which the missionaries and soldiers had to travel. - there were great calamities which caused great difficulties and sufferings to the the people and they blamed these occurrences on the coming of the white people. IRRAYAS and GADDANGS two of the earliest chronicles of Cgayan Valley they were fierce and warlike they resisted the abuses committed by the officials and their encomienderos, to the extent of rising a revolt. • • It was always the missionaries who consoled the natives in time of the calamities and who pacified them when they revolted. Missionaries accomplished their difficult and hazardous tasks and pacification: because they and only they among the Spaniards, learned the Ibanag their eagerness to spread Catholic faith unmindful of the difficulties and dangers, they penetrated even the farthest native communities and taught the Ibanag to the non- Ibanag speaking natives.

DIALECTS • • • • • • • Masi (Pamplona) to Lallo to Gattaran- Irraya Piat, Tuao, Malaueg, and Santa Cruz- Itawes South District including Nassiping to Gamu( Isabela)- Irraya, Gaddang, Iyogad, Catalagan, Dadayad, Aripa, and Aeta Tuguegaro to Ilagan- Irraya Reina Mercedes to Bayombong- Gaddang Diffun, Towns near Cagayan river- Iyogad Dupax, Bambang and Aritao- Isinay and Ilongete

Captain Juan Pablo Carrion (1581) - smiled to Lallo and founded there the mission of Nueva Segovia which because the springboard of the missionaries in their evangelization A. Started their evangelization work in the territory from Masi to Gattaran B. Learned the spoken dialect which they had to preach C. Wrote cartillas, catechisms and prayer books in this dialect Fr. LUIS FLORES and Fr. FRANCISCO MANEGO were sent in Pilitan near Isabela were ordered to take their parishioners learn Ibanag Fr. HERRERA- ordered all religious missionaries to study Ibanag and see to it that the boys and girls recite all the prayers in Ibanag and to those come down from the mountains and who will be converted to our Catholic faith. Girls and boys should know the mysteries to be able to receive the waters of baptism, in the same language so that in the course of time everybody will speak the Ibanag dialect. VERADAD- bilingual ( Spanish- Ibanag) weekly newspaper in Tuguegarao published by Honorario Lasam Servando LIban maintained a lively, satirical column under his pen name Allibut LA SINSERIDAD- bilingual (English- Ibanag) - published by Antonio Carag and edited by Jose Carag.

IBANAG FOLK POETRY is purely sung which explains how it was handed down to the present; by way of oral transmission. Songs are for ceremonial and recreational and they are narrative, speculative, romantic, ridiculing or titilliating.

nor die.) This is an expression of the determination of cock-sureness of the Ibanag in love. courtship.two of the most popular versos that usually giving the vocal accompaniment of dances by those names. This explains why he has survived all adversities under different regimes in the hands of colonial powers and during the Martial Law days. supported through the night with wine. despite his size. birth and life of the Baby Christ. it is intended to entertain and to moralize. -Often composed on the spot by the versita during social occasions like weddings. expression of feelings and emotions caused by their work. laughter. and when the province became a critical area. honesty. For when i fly to attack I never miss my mark. and bards of England and European countries who is lavishly by the host with gift or cash. May you not wither. corn or any food stuff. Ibanag Proverbs Ibanag "unoni" or proverbs are either in prose or poetry. joy. Pare nakuan tu ari ka matay. lessons to teach and guidance to give. gukak. The growth of Ibanag songs and singers reached its peak when the harana or serenade in rustic communities was both a form of nocturnal recreation among the "babbagitolay" and a way of starting courtship for a "magingnganay." There was a stalemate of folksong production and serenading during Martial Law days and during the twenty-year rule of the Old Regime when the freedoms were curtailed. Here is another one: .cinco” ( a five stringed instrument) is sung during the Christmas season before improvised home altars. (Worry not my being a small cock. Few examples: Arri ka mavurung ta Kabaddi ku lalung. ridicule or wisdom VERZITA. labors. VERZO. humility. and even insult and oppress the poor and the lowly. (O lovely flo'er My eyes behold forever.It may evoke sadness.the Salomon and Pasion. loyalty. chocolate and native cakes. a four line rhymed Spanish songs which appeared during the Golden Age of Spain’s Literature. industry and devotion.the Ibanag counterpart of the Spanish coplas. “Osse. kuak Ku mamayappak. is narrative on the conception. coffee. Love folksongs were common during weddings and other socials. That long you be gem of my eye.osse” and the “Kilingkingan” . pledges.* Ibanags have the singular honor of having two epic the accompaniment of the “cinco. poverty and misery. fight or contest. kannak Ku utun. Awan tu umune ta uton ng ari umuluk ta davvun. Tape manayuk ka gugammay. Here are some: O lappaw a makayaya Nga inimmi-immian na mata. filled with episodes that teach Cagayan children Ibanag virtues of truthfulness. (Nobody goes up who does not come down) The above is an advice to those who on reaching the peak of their success look down.Cagayans version of the scop. .) Some Ibanag folksongs were inspired by the reaction of people toward their environment. SALOMON. Folk Songs Other folksongs are love songs most often with promises. assurances. government leaders and relationship among fellowmen. baptism. hey are preachy and pedagogic as well as theological. palay. ministrel.

When elected and sits in his position. Ingratitude has caused feuds. it is tall. when it stands it is small.) The answer is a dog. alawa nikaw. (Borrowed clothes are either loose or tight. they must use that power rightly for the people. Mammula ka ta mapia. he appears small. entertainment and at pacifying anger and feuds. it is both a folk amusement or a mental excursion. either as a mere game or a more serious challenge. Tall in whatever good things he does for the people. (He who sows goodness. Authority and Leadership. . I buruasi nga inikkao. When a leader stands to campaign." A borrowed privilege which cannot please everybody among the governed. charity. love for fellowmen. (Wealth is useless if character is worthless.) This proverbs is a sequel and an antithesis to the second example above. nu marake i pinangngapangngua. Kick a dog. Nu magitubang atannang. Awat tu serbi na ru nga kukua. hopes. humble. (When it sits. mystifying or puzzling question to be solved or guessed. alinno. aspirations for his people. it runs away.) Character to Cagayanos is synonymous with integrity. The riddle itself means leadership.) Among the many interpretations of the above proverbs. considerateness. It is aimed at relaxation. that since it emanates from the people. While they are in power. lowly. the most fitting today is one addressed to Cagayano leaders: "Power. nu manaddak. gataban nu noka.) It reflects the Ibanag's abhorence and loathe against those who are ungrateful.Mamatugu ka ta gayan nga manututtu ta matam. he begins to be tall. reaps gratitude. rich or poor. For Ibanags. a willing servant of the people. Tall in visions. violence and vendetta. nu ari atazzi. (You rear a crow that pecks your eyes. Ibanag Riddles A "palavvun" (riddle) is any misleading. Then it comes wagging its tail to its master again. A dog is a symbol of loyalty.

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