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  The  Board  of  Supervisors  finds   and  declares  that  it  is  in  the   public  interest  to  officially   recognize  walking  as  an   important  component  of  our   transportation  system,  and  as     a  key  component  to  creating   livable  and  suitable   communities.       Therefore  the  Board  of   Supervisors  established  the   Pedestrian  Safety  Advisory   Committee.    This  Advisory   Committee,  composed  of   concerned  and  informed   residents,  will  provide  a     source  of  expertise  on  issues   concerning  pedestrian  safety,   convenience,  ambiance,     and  planning.     Committee  Members  

Zack  Marks  –  Chairman   John  Alex  Lowell     Howard  Strassner   Kevin  Clark   Thomas  Rogers   Robin  Brasso   R.  Gary  McCoy   Chris  Coghlan   James  Rhoads   Howard  Bloomberg   Kristina  Tang   Becky  Hogue   Devin  Silvernail   Sonja  Kos   Pi  Ra         San  Francisco  City  Hall   1  Dr.  Carlton  B.  Goodlett     (Polk  Street)    

July  9,  2013     President  David  Chiu   City  Hall   1  Dr.  Carlton  B.  Goodlett  Place     San  Francisco,  CA  94102-­‐4689     Dear  President  Chiu,     PSAC   is   unable   to   properly   analyze   or   evaluate   the   Mayor’s   Pedestrian   Strategy   due   to   a   lack   of   communication   and   cooperation   demonstrated   by   the   Mayor’s   Office.   PSAC   has   contacted  the  Mayor’s  Office  on  numerous  occasions,  and  we  have   yet  to  receive  any  reply.       San   Francisco   is   the   most   dangerous   city   in   California   for   pedestrians   and   the   fourth   deadliest   nationwide.   This   public   health   emergency   demands   our   active   engagement   and   participation.   Following   numerous   unanswered   emails,   PSAC   voted   to   send   a   formal   letter   to   the  Mayor  dated  April  26,  2013,  which  has  also  gone  unanswered.     Unfortunately,   we   have   received   no   communication   or   cooperation   from   the   Mayor’s   Office.   We   would   appreciate   your   advice   or   assistance   on   how   our   Committee   should   proceed   regarding   this   important  issue.  Thank  you.       Sincerely,       Zack  Marks   Chair  of  PSAC  
cc:  San  Francisco  Board  of  Supervisors              Chief  Suhr,  Captain  Flaherty,  Sgt.  Mahoney,  Sgt.  Tobin,  SFPD                Edward  Reiskin,  Director  of  Transportation,  SFMTA              Mari  Hunter,  Luis  Montoya,  Darcie  Lim,  SFMTA              Cheryl  Brinkman,  SFMTA  Board              Elizabeth  Stampe,  Natalie  Burdick,  Walk  SF              Gillian  Gillett,  Mayor’s  Office  


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