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m m mw m m m m Acrobatic General You are skilled at leaping, jumping, and flying. You get a +2 bonus on all Acrobatics and Fly PFRPG skill checks. Core <link If you rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div have 10 or more ranks 0 in one of these class="heading"><p 0 skills, the 0 bonusclass="alignleft">Acrobatic</p><div increases 0 to +4 for that 0 skill. style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You 0 are skilled at leap Acrobatic Steps General You can easilyDex move 15, over Nimble and Nimble Moves. through MovesWhenever obstacles. you move, you may move through PFRPG up to 15 Core feet <link of difficult rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div terrain each round 0 as if it were class="heading"><p 0 normal terrain. 0 Theclass="alignleft">Acrobatic effects of 0 this feat stack 0 with Steps</p><div those provided 0 style="clear: by Nimble 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You Moves (allowing you to move normally can easily througm Agile Maneuvers Combat You've learned to use your quickness in place You of add brute your force Dexterity You when add performing your bonus Strength to your combat bonus basemaneuvers. PFRPG attack to your bonus Core baseand attack <link size rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div bonus bonus and when size determining bonus 0 when your determining Combat class="heading"><p 0 Maneuver your Combat 0 Bonus Maneuver class="alignleft">Agile (see 0 Chapter Bonus.8) instead 0 Maneuvers of your (Combat)</p><div Strength 0 bonus. 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5>You'v Alertness General You often notice things that others might miss. You get a +2 bonus on Perception and Sense PFRPG Motive Core skill <link checks. rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div If you have 10 or more 0 ranks in one class="heading"><p 0 of these skills, 0 the class="alignleft">Alertness</p><div bonus 0 increases to +4 0 for that skill. style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You 0 often notice things Alignment Channel General Choose chaos, Ability evil, good, to channel or law. energy. You can channel Instead of divine its normal energy effect, to affect you You outsiders can can choose gain that this PFRPG to possess have feat multiple Core your thisability <link subtype. times. rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div to channel Its effects energy do not heal stack. 0 or harm Each outsiders time class="heading"><p 0 you take of the this chosen 0feat, it class="alignleft">Alignment alignment applies 0tosubtype. a new alignment You 0 must Channel</p><div subtype. make this 0Whenever choice style="clear: each you 0 time channel you both;"></div></div><div><h5>Choose energy, channelyou energy. mustIf choose you choose whichto type heal chao too Animal AffinityGeneral You are skilled at working with animals andYou mounts. get a +2 bonus on all Handle Animal and PFRPG Ride skill Core checks. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div If you have 10 or more 0 ranks in one class="heading"><p 0 of these skills, 0 the bonus class="alignleft">Animal increases 0 to +4 for 0 Affinity</p><div that skill. 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You are skilled at Arcane Armor Combat Mastery You have mastered Arcane the Armor ability Arcane Training, to cast Armor spells Medium As Training, while a Armor swift wearing Medium action, Proficiency, armor. reduce Armor caster Proficiency the arcane level 7th. spell failure PFRPG chance Coredue <link to rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div the armor you are wearing 0 by 20% class="heading"><p for 0 any spells you 0 cast class="alignleft">Arcane this round. 0 This bonus 0 Armor replaces, Mastery and 0 does (Combat)</p><div not stack 0 with,style="clear: the bonus granted both;"></div></div><div><h5 by Arcane Armor Train Arcane Armor Combat Training You have learned Light how Armor to cast Proficiency, Light spells Armor while caster Proficiency wearing Aslevel a swift 3rd. armor. action, reduce the arcane spell failure PFRPG chance Coredue <link to rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div the armor you are wearing 0 by 10% class="heading"><p for 0 any spells you 0 cast class="alignleft">Arcane this round. 0 0 Armor Training 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5 Arcane Strike Combat You draw upon Ability your arcane to cast arcane power to spells. enhance As a your swift weapons action, you with can magical imbue energy. your weapons PFRPG withCore a fraction <linkof rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div your power. For 1 round, 0 your weapons class="heading"><p 0 deal +1 damage 0 class="alignleft">Arcane and are 0 treated as magic 0 Strike for (Combat)</p><div the purpose 0 of overcoming style="clear: 0 damage both;"></div></div><div><h5>You reduction. For every five caster dra le Armor Proficiency, Combat Heavy You are skilledLight at wearing Armor heavy Proficiency, Light armor. Armor Medium Proficiency, See ArmorMedium Proficiency. Proficiency, See Armor Light. Proficiency Proficiency, Fighters and Light. paladins PFRPGautomatically Core <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div have Heavy Armor 0 Proficiency as class="heading"><p 0 a bonus feat. They 0 need class="alignleft">Armor not 0 select it. 0Proficiency, Heavy 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div>< Armor Proficiency, Combat Light You are skilled at wearing light armor. When you wear Aa character type of armor who Allis characters with wearing whicharmor except you PFRPG are with monks, proficient, Core which <link sorcerers, he the is rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div not armor proficient and check wizards penalty applies automatically 0 its for armor that armor have check class="heading"><p 0 applies Light penalty Armor only to attack 0 to Proficiency Dexterityclass="alignleft">Armor rolls and as and 0 a to bonus Strength-based all skill feat. checks They 0Proficiency, that skill need involve checks. not Light 0 select moving. (Combat)</p><div it. 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h Armor Proficiency, Combat Medium You are skilledLight at wearing Armor medium Proficiency. Light Armor armor. Proficiency See Armor Proficiency, See Armor Light. Proficiency, Barbarians, Light. clerics, PFRPG druids, Core fighters, <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div paladins, and rangers 0 automatically class="heading"><p 0 have Medium 0 Armor class="alignleft">Armor Proficiency 0 as a bonus 0Proficiency, feat. TheyMedium need 0 not (Combat)</p><div select 0it. style="clear: both;"></div></div><div> Athletic General You possess inherent physical prowess. You get a +2 bonus on Climb and Swim skill PFRPG checks. Core If you <link have rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div 10 or more ranks in0 one of these skills, class="heading"><p 0 the bonus 0 increases class="alignleft">Athletic</p><div to 0 +4 for that skill. 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You 0 possess inherent ph Augment Summoning General Your summoned Spell creatures Focus (conjuration). are Spell more Focus powerful (conjuration) Each and creature robust. you conjure with any summon PFRPG spell gains Corea<link +4 enhancement rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div bonus to 0Strength and class="heading"><p 0 Constitution for 0 the duration class="alignleft">Augment of 0 the spell that 0 summoned Summoning</p><div it. 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>Your sum Bleeding Critical Combat Your critical hits Critical cause Focus, opponents Critical base to attack Focus bleed bonus profusely. Whenever +11. you score a critical You hit with can only a slashing apply PFRPG the or piercing Core effects <link of weapon, one rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div critical yourfeat opponent to a given 0 takes critical 2d6 points hit unless class="heading"><p 1 of bleed you possess damage 0 (see Critical class="alignleft">Bleeding Appendix Mastery. 0 2) each 0 round Critical on his (Combat, turn, 0 in addition Critical)</p><div 0 to the damage style="clear: dealt by both;"></div></div><div><h the critical hit. Bleed dama Blind-Fight Combat You are skilled at attacking opponents that you In melee, cannot every clearly Regular time perceive. you attack miss The roll because modifiers Blind-Fight of concealment for PFRPG feat invisible is of Core no attackers (see use <link Chapter against rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div trying a 8), to character you hit you can apply, reroll who 0 is your and the you miss subject lose chance class="heading"><p 0of your a blink percentile Dexterity spell. 0 bonus roll class="alignleft">Blind-Fight one to time AC. 0to The see speed if youreduction actually 0 (Combat)</p><div hit. for An darkness 0 invisible and attacker style="clear: poor 0 visibility gets no both;"></div></div><div><h5>You also advantages applies. related to hitting youare in me sk Blinding Critical Combat Your critical hits Critical blind Focus, your opponents. Critical base attack Focus bonus Whenever +15. you score a critical You hit, can your only opponent apply PFRPG the is permanently Core effects <link of one rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div blinded. criticalA feat successful to a given 0 Fortitude critical hit save unless class="heading"><p 1 reduces you this possess 0to dazzled Critical class="alignleft">Blinding for Mastery. 0 1d4 rounds. The 0 Critical DC of this (Combat, Fortitude 0 Critical)</p><div save 0 is equal to style="clear: 10 + your base both;"></div></div><div><h5 attack bonus. This feat Brew Potion Item Creation You can create Caster magiclevel potions. 3rd. You can create a potion of any 3rd-level or lower PFRPG spell Core that <link you rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div know and that targets 0one or more creatures class="heading"><p 0 or objects. 0 class="alignleft">Brew Brewing0 a potion takes0 Potion 2 hours (Item if itsCreation)</p><div base 0 price is 250 0 gp style="clear: or less, otherwise both;"></div></div><div><h5>You brewing a potion takes 1 d Catch Off-Guard Combat Foes are surprised by your skilled use of unorthodox You do not and suffer improvised You any take penalties a -4 weapons. penalty for using on attack anPFRPG improvised rolls made Core melee with <link an weapon. rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div improvised Unarmed weapon. opponents 0 are flat-footed class="heading"><p 0 against 0 any class="alignleft">Catch attacks you 0 make with0 an Off-Guard improvised (Combat)</p><div 0melee weapon. 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5>Foes Channel SmiteCombat You can channel Channel your divine energy energy class through feature. Before a melee you weapon make ayou melee wield. attack roll, you can PFRPG choose Core to spend <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div one use of your channel 0 energy ability class="heading"><p 0 as a swift action. 0 class="alignleft">Channel If you channel 0 positive 0 energy Smite and (Combat)</p><div you 0 hit an undead style="clear: 0 creature, that both;"></div></div><div><h5>You creature takes an amount of addit ca Cleave Combat You can strike Str two 13, adjacent Power foes Attack, Power with Attack base a single attack As swing. a standard bonus +1. action, you can make a single PFRPG attack Core at your <link full base rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div attack bonus against 0 a foe within class="heading"><p 0 reach. If you 0 hit, you class="alignleft">Cleave deal 0 damage normally 0 (Combat)</p><div and can make 0 anstyle="clear: additional 0 attack both;"></div></div><div><h5>You (using your full base attack bonus) can strike again Combat Casting General You are adept at spellcasting when threatened Youor get distracted. a +4 bonus on concentration checks PFRPG made to Core cast <link a spell rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div or use a spell-like 0 ability when casting class="heading"><p 0 on the defensive 0 class="alignleft">Combat or while 0 grappled. 0 Casting</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You are adept a Combat Expertise Combat You can increase Int 13. your defense at the expense Youof can your choose accuracy. to take a -1 penalty on melee PFRPG attack Core rolls <link and combat rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div maneuver checks 0 to gain a +1 class="heading"><p 0 dodge bonus 0 to your class="alignleft">Combat Armor 0 Class. When0your Expertise base attack (Combat)</p><div 0 bonus reaches 0 style="clear: +4, and every both;"></div></div><div><h5>You +4 thereafter, the penalty incre Combat Reflexes Combat You can make additional attacks of opportunity. You may make Aacharacter number of without additional The Combat this feat attacks Reflexes can PFRPG of make opportunity feat Core only does <link one per not attack rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div round allow ofa equal opportunity rogue toto your use per 0 Dexterity her round opportunist and bonus. can't class="heading"><p 0 ability With make this more attacks feat, 0 than you of once class="alignleft">Combat opportunity mayper also 0 round. make while attacks flat-footed. 0 of Reflexes opportunity (Combat)</p><div 0 while flat-footed. 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5>You Command Undead General Using foul powers Channel of necromancy, negative energy you can class command As feature. a standard undead action, creatures, you canmaking use one them of your into PFRPG uses yourCore of servants. channel <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div negative energy to enslave 0 undead class="heading"><p 0 within 30 feet. 0 Undead class="alignleft">Command receive 0 a Will save to 0 negate Undead</p><div the effect. 0 The style="clear: DC for 0 this both;"></div></div><div><h5>Using Will save is equal to 10 + 1/2 your cleric foul lev po Craft Magic Arms Item and Creation Armor You can create Caster magiclevel armor, 5th. shields, and weapons. You can create magic weapons, armor, or shields. PFRPGEnhancing Core <linka rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div weapon, suit of armor, 0 or shield takes class="heading"><p 0 1 day for each 0 1,000 class="alignleft">Craft gp in 0 the price of its Magic 0 magical Arms features. and 0 Armor To enhance (Item0 Creation)</p><div a weapon, suit of style="clear: armor, or shield, both;"></div></div you must us Craft Rod Item Creation You can create Caster magiclevel rods. 9th. You can create magic rods. Crafting a rod takes PFRPG 1 day Core for <link each rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div 1,000 gp in its base price. 0 To craft a class="heading"><p 0 rod, you must 0use up class="alignleft">Craft raw materials 0 costing 0 Rod half (Item of itsCreation)</p><div base 0 price. See the 0 style="clear: magic itemboth;"></div></div><div><h5>You creation rules in Chapter 15 for mor ca Craft Wand Item Creation You can create Caster magiclevel wands. 5th. You can create a wand of any 4th-level or lower PFRPG spell Core that <link you know. rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div Crafting a wand 0takes 1 day for class="heading"><p 0 each 1,000 gp 0 in its class="alignleft">Craft base price. 0 To craft a0 Wand wand, (Item you must Creation)</p><div 0 use up raw 0 materials style="clear: costing both;"></div></div><div><h5>You half of this base price. A newly c Craft Staff Item Creation You can create Caster magiclevel staves. 11th. You can create any staff whose prerequisites PFRPG you meet. CoreCrafting <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div a staff takes 1 day for 0 each 1,000 class="heading"><p 0 gp in its base price. 0 To class="alignleft">Craft craft a 0 staff, you must 0 Staff use (Item up raw Creation)</p><div materials 0 costing 0style="clear: half of its base both;"></div></div><div><h5>You price. A newly created staff has c Craft Wondrous Item Item Creation You can create Caster wondrous levelitems, 3rd. a type of magic You can item. create a wide variety of magic wondrous PFRPG items. CoreCrafting <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div a wondrous item takes 0 1 day for each class="heading"><p 0 1,000 gp in 0 its price. class="alignleft">Craft To create 0 a wondrous 0 Wondrous item, you Item 0 must (Item use Creation)</p><div up raw 0 materials style="clear: costing half both;"></div></div><div> of its base price. See the Critical Focus Combat You are trained Base in the attack art of bonus causing +9.pain. You receive a +4 circumstance bonus on attack PFRPG rolls Core made <link to confirm rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div critical hits. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Critical 0 0 Focus (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You are Critical Mastery Combat Your critical hits Critical cause Focus, two additional Critical any two Focus effects. critical When feats, you 14th-level score You afighter. critical can only hit, apply you can the effects applyPFRPG the of one effects Core critical of <link two feat critical rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div to a given feats critical in addition hit in 0to addition the damage to the class="heading"><p 0 dealt. damage dealt. 0 class="alignleft">Critical 0 0 Mastery (Combat)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5>Your c Dazzling Display Combat Your skill with Weapon your favored Focus, weapon Weapon proficiency can Focus frighten with While the enemies. wielding selected the weapon. weapon in which you have PFRPG Weapon Core Focus, <link you rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div can perform a bewildering 0 showclass="heading"><p 0 of prowess as0a full-round class="alignleft">Dazzling action. 0 Make an 0 Intimidate Displaycheck (Combat)</p><div 0 to demoralize 0 style="clear: all foes within both;"></div></div><div><h5>Your 30 feet who can see your display Deadly Aim Combat You can makeDex exceptionally 13, base attack deadlybonus ranged +1. You attacks canby choose pinpointing to take aa foe's -1 penalty weak spot, on all at ranged PFRPG the expense attack Core of rolls <link making to rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div gain the a +2 attack bonus less on likely 0 all ranged to succeed. damage class="heading"><p 0 rolls. When 0 your class="alignleft">Deadly base attack 0 bonus reaches 0 Aim +4, (Combat)</p><div and 0 every +4 thereafter, style="clear: 0 the both;"></div></div><div><h5>You penalty increases by -1 and the bonus can m to Deadly StrokeCombat With a well-placed Dazzling strike, Display, you Dazzling can Greater bring Display, aWeapon swift As a Greater and standard Focus, painful Weapon Shatter action, end to Focus, Defenses, make most foes. a Shatter single Weapon Defenses, attack Focus, with PFRPG Weapon the proficiency weapon Core Focus <link for with rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div which the selected you have weapon, Greater 0 base Weapon attack Focus class="heading"><p 0 bonus against +11. a 0 stunned class="alignleft">Deadly or flat-footed 0 opponent. 0 Stroke If you (Combat)</p><div hit, you 0 deal double style="clear: 0 the normalboth;"></div></div><div><h5>With damage and the target takes 1 point aw Deafening Critical Combat Your critical hits Critical cause Focus, enemies Critical base to attack lose Focus their bonus Whenever hearing. +13. you score a critical You hit against can only an apply PFRPG opponent, theCore effects the <link victim of one rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div iscritical permanently feat to a deafened. given 0 critical A successful hit unless class="heading"><p 1 Fortitude you possess 0saveCritical class="alignleft">Deafening reduces Mastery. 0 the deafness to 0 1 round. Critical The (Combat, 0 DC of this Critical)</p><div Fortitude 0 save style="clear: is equal to 10 both;"></div></div><div>< + your base attack bon Deceitful General You are skilled at deceiving others, both with You the get spoken a +2 bonus word and on all with Bluff physical and Disguise disguises. PFRPG skill checks. Core <link If yourel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div have 10 or more ranks 0 in one of these class="heading"><p 0 skills, the bonus 0 class="alignleft">Deceitful</p><div increases 0 to +4 for that 0skill. style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You 0 are skilled at dece Defensive Combat Combat Training You excel at defending yourself from all manner You treat of combat your total maneuvers. Hit Dice as your base attack PFRPG bonus Core when <link calculating rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div your Combat 0 Maneuver Defense class="heading"><p 0 (see Chapter 0 class="alignleft">Defensive 8). 0 0 Combat Training 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div> Deflect ArrowsCombat You can knockDex arrows 13, Improved and other Improved Unarmed projectiles Unarmed Strike. You off course, must Strike have preventing at leastthem one hand from free hitting (holding you. PFRPG nothing) Core to <link use this rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div feat. Once per round 0 when you would class="heading"><p 0 normally0be hitclass="alignleft">Deflect with an 0 attack from a ranged 0 Arrows weapon, (Combat)</p><div 0 you may defstyle="clear: 0 lect it so that both;"></div></div><div><h5>You you take no damage from it. You mu ca Deft Hands General You have exceptional manual dexterity. You get a +2 bonus on Disable Device and PFRPG Sleight of Core Hand <link skillrel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div checks. If you have 10 0 or more ranks class="heading"><p 0 in one of these 0 skills, class="alignleft">Deft the bonus 0 increases Hands</p><div 0 to +4 for that 0 style="clear: skill. both;"></div></div><div><h5>You 0 have exceptiona Diehard General You are especially Endurance. hard to kill. Endurance Not only do your When wounds your hit automatically A point character total iswithout stabilize below 0, this when but feat you grievously who PFRPG are is not reduced Core dead, injured, <link you tobut negative automatically rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div you can hitremain points stabilize. is conscious unconscious 0 You do and not continue and need class="heading"><p 0 dying. toto make act even a0 Constitution at death's class="alignleft">Diehard</p><div check door. 0 each round 0 to avoid losing style="clear: 0 additional both;"></div></div><div><h5>You hit 0 points. You may choose to act are as especially if you were hard di Disruptive Combat Your training makes 6th-level it difficult fighter.for enemy spellcasters The DC toto cast safely spells cast defensively spells near increases you. PFRPG by +4 for Core all enemies <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div that are within your 0 threatened area. class="heading"><p 0 This increase 0 to class="alignleft">Disruptive casting spells 0 defensively 0 only (Combat)</p><div applies 0 if you are style="clear: aware 0 of the both;"></div></div><div><h5>Your enemy's location and are capable trainin of tak Dodge Combat Your training and Dex ref 13. lexes allow you to react You swiftly gainto a avoid +1 dodge an opponents' bonus to your attacks. AC. A condition PFRPG Core that makes <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div you lose your Dex bonus 0 to AC also class="heading"><p 0 makes you lose 0 the class="alignleft">Dodge benefits 0 of this feat. 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>Your training a Double Slice Combat Your off-hand weapon Dex 15, Two-Weapon while dual-wielding Two-Weapon Fighting. strikes Fighting Add your with Strength greater You power. bonus normally to damage add only rolls half of made PFRPG your with Strength Core your <link off-hand modifier rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div weapon. to damage rolls made 0 with a weapon class="heading"><p 0 wielded in 0 your class="alignleft">Double off-hand. 0 0 Slice (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>Your offElemental Channel General Choose one elemental Channel subtype, energy class suchfeature. as air, Instead earth, fire, of its or normal water.effect, You can you You channel can can choose gain your this PFRPG divine to have featenergy multiple Core your ability <link totimes. harm rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div to channel Its or heal effects outsiders energy do not heal stack. that 0 or possess harm Each outsiders time your class="heading"><p 0 you chosen take of your this elemental chosen 0feat, it class="alignleft">Elemental subtype. applies elemental 0to a subtype. new elemental You 0 must Channel</p><div subtype. make0 this choice style="clear: each 0 timeboth;"></div></div><div><h5>Choose you channel energy. If you choose to heal one Empower Spell Metamagic You can increase the power of your spells, causing All variable, them numeric to deal effects more damage. of an empowered PFRPG spell are Core increased <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div by half, including bonuses 0 to those class="heading"><p 0 dice rolls. Saving 0 throws class="alignleft">Empower and 0 opposed rolls 0 are Spell not (Metamagic)</p><div affected, 0 nor are spells 0 style="clear: without random both;"></div></div><div><h5>You variables. An empowered sp Endurance General Harsh conditions or long exertions do not easily You gain tire you. a +4 A bonus character on the without following thischecks feat who PFRPG and sleeps saves: Core in Swim medium <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div checks or heavier made armor to resist is 0fatigued nonlethal the damage next class="heading"><p 0 day. from exhaustion; 0 class="alignleft">Endurance</p><div Constitution 0 checks made 0 to continue 0 style="clear: running; Constitution both;"></div></div><div><h5>Harsh 0 checks made to avoid nonlethal conditions damag or l Enlarge Spell Metamagic You can increase the range of your spells. You can alter a spell with a range of close, medium, PFRPG Core or long <link to increase rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div its range by 100%. 0 An enlarged class="heading"><p 0 spell with0 a range class="alignleft">Enlarge of close 0 now has a range 0 Spell of 50 (Metamagic)</p><div ft. + 0 5 ft./ level, while 0 style="clear: medium-range both;"></div></div><div><h5>You spells have a range of 200 ft. + c Eschew Materials General You can cast many spells without needing to You utilize can minor cast any material spell with components. a material component PFRPG costing Core <link 1 gp rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div or less without needing 0 that component. class="heading"><p 0 The casting 0 of the class="alignleft">Eschew spell 0 still provokes attacks 0 Materials</p><div of opportunity 0 as style="clear: normal. 0 If both;"></div></div><div><h5>You the spell requires a material component can cast that Exhausting Critical Combat Your critical hits Critical cause Focus, opponents Critical Tiring to Critical, Focus, become When Tiring base exhausted. attack you Critical score bonus a critical +15. hit You on a can foe,only yourapply PFRPG target the immediately Core effects <link of one becomes rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div critical exhausted. feat to a given This 0 critical feat has hitno unless class="heading"><p 1 effect you on possess exhausted 0 the class="alignleft">Exhausting creatures. Critical 0 Mastery feat. 0 Critical (Combat, 0 Critical)</p><div 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div> Exotic Weapon Combat Proficiency Choose one type Base of attack exotic weapon, bonus +1. such as You the make spiked attack chain A character rolls or whip. with who You the You weapon understand uses canagain weapon normally. Exotic how PFRPG with to Weapon use Core which that <link he Proficiency type isrel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div not of exotic proficient multiple weapon takes times. ina combat, 0-4 Each penalty time and on you can class="heading"><p 0 attack take utilize the rolls. any feat, special 0it applies class="alignleft">Exotic tricks to or a0 new qualities type that of exotic exotic 0Weapon weapon. weapon Proficiency 0 might allow. (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div> Extend Spell Metamagic You can make your spells last twice as long. An extended spell lasts twice as long as normal. PFRPG A spell Corewith <link a duration rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div of concentration, 0 instantaneous, class="heading"><p 0 or permanent 0 is class="alignleft">Extend not affected 0 by this feat. 0 Spell An extended (Metamagic)</p><div 0 spell uses up 0style="clear: a spell slot one both;"></div></div><div><h5>You level higher than the spell's actu c Extra ChannelGeneral You can channel Channel divine energy energy class more feature. often. You can channel energy two If additional a paladintimes with PFRPG the per ability day. Core to <link channel rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div positive energy takes 0 this feat, she class="heading"><p 0 can use lay0 on hands class="alignleft">Extra four0 additional times 0 Channel</p><div a day, but only 0 to style="clear: channel 0 positive both;"></div></div><div><h5>You energy. can channel Extra Ki General You can use your Ki pool ki pool class more feature. times per day Your than ki most. pool increases by 2. You can gain Extra PFRPG Ki multiple Core <link times. rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div Its effects stack. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Extra 0 0 Ki</p><div style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You 0 can use your <i>ki< Extra Lay On Hands General You can use your Lay lay on on hands hands class ability feature. moreYou often. can use your lay on hands You ability can gain two additional Extra PFRPG Lay Core times On Hands <link per day. rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div multiple times. Its effects 0 stack. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Extra 0 0 Lay On Hands</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You can us Extra Mercy General Your lay on hands Lay on ability hands adds class an additional feature, mercy Select mercy. class one additional feature. mercy for You which can gain you qualify. this PFRPG featWhen multiple Core you <link times. use rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div lay Its on effects hands doto not heal stack. 0 damage Eachto time one class="heading"><p 0 you target, takeitthis also 0feat, receives select class="alignleft">Extra the a0 new additional mercy. effects 0 Mercy</p><div of this mercy. 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>Your lay on hands a Extra Performance General You can use your Bardic bardic performance performance class ability feature. You more can often use than bardic normal. performance You for can 6gain additional Extra PFRPG Performance rounds Coreper <link day. multiple rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div times. Its effects 0 stack. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Extra 0 0 Performance</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You can use Extra Rage General You can use your Rage rage class ability feature. more than normal. You can rage for 6 additionalYou rounds canper gain day. Extra PFRPG Rage Core multiple <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div times. Its effects stack. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Extra 0 0 Rage</p><div0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5>You 0 can use your ra Far Shot Combat You are more accurate Point-Blank at longer Shot. Point-Blank ranges. Shot You only suffer You a -1 suffer penalty a -2 per penalty full range per full increment PFRPG range increment Core between <link you between rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div and your you target and your when 0target. using a ranged class="heading"><p 0 weapon. 0 class="alignleft">Far 0 Shot 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You are more Fleet General You are faster than most. While you are wearing light or You no can armor, take your this PFRPG base feat multiple speed Core <link increases times. rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div The byeffects 5 feet. stack. You lose 0 the benefits class="heading"><p 0 of this feat if you 0 carry class="alignleft">Fleet</p><div a medium 0 or heavy0 load. style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You 0 are faster than most.< Forge Ring Item Creation You can create Caster magiclevel rings. 7th. You can create magic rings. Crafting a ring PFRPG takes 1 day Core for <link each rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div 1,000 gp in its base 0 price. To craftclass="heading"><p 0 a ring, you must 0 useclass="alignleft">Forge up raw 0 materials costing 0Ring half (Item of the Creation)</p><div base 0 price. See 0 the style="clear: magic item both;"></div></div><div><h5>You creation rules in Chapter 15 for m Gorgon's Fist Combat With one well-placed Improved blow, Unarmed you Improved leave Strike, your Unarmed Scorpion target As a standard Strike, reeling. Style, Scorpion base action, attack make Style bonus a single +6. unarmed PFRPG melee Core attack <link against rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div a foe whose speed 0 is reduced (such class="heading"><p 0 as from Scorpion 0 class="alignleft">Gorgon's Style). 0 If the attack hits, 0 you Fist deal (Combat)</p><div damage 0 normally style="clear: 0 and the target both;"></div></div><div><h5>With is staggered until the end of your one Great Cleave Combat You can strike Str many 13,adjacent Cleave, Cleave, Power foes with Attack, Power a single As Attack base a blow. standard attack bonus action, +4. you can make a single PFRPG attack Core at your <link full base rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div attack bonus against 0 a foe within class="heading"><p 0 reach. If you 0 hit, you class="alignleft">Great deal 0 damage normally 0 Cleave and can (Combat)</p><div make 0 an additional style="clear: 0 attack (using both;"></div></div><div><h5>You your full base attack bonus) again can Great Fortitude General You are resistant to poisons, diseases, andYou other get maladies. a +2 bonus on all Fortitude saving throws. PFRPG Core <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Great 0 0 Fortitude</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You are resistan Greater Bull Rush Combat Your bull rush Improved attacks throw Bull enemies Improved Rush, Power off Bull balance. Attack, You Rush, receive Power base attack aAttack Creatures +2 bonus bonus on moved +6, checks Strby 13. made bull rush toPFRPG bull do not rush provoke Core a foe. <link This attacks rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div bonus of opportunity. stacks with the 0 bonus granted class="heading"><p 0 by Improved 0 Bull class="alignleft">Greater Rush. Whenever 0 you bull 0 Bull rush Rush an opponent, (Combat)</p><div 0 his movement 0 style="clear: provokes both;"></div></div><div><h5>You attacks of opportunity from all of Greater Disarm Combat You can knockCombat weapons Expertise, far from Combat an Improved enemy's Expertise, You Disarm, grasp. receive Improved base a attack Disarmed +2 Disarm bonus bonus on weapons checks +6, Int and 13. made gear toPFRPG land disarm at the a Core foe. feet <link This of the bonus rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div disarmed stackscreature. with the0 bonus granted class="heading"><p 0 by Improved 0 Disarm. class="alignleft">Greater Whenever 0 you successfully 0 Disarm disarm (Combat)</p><div 0 an opponent, 0 the style="clear: weapon lands both;"></div></div><div><h5>You 15 feet away from its previousca w Greater Feint Combat You are skilledCombat at making Expertise, foes Combat overreact Improved Expertise, to Whenever your Feint, Improved attacks. base you attack A Feint use creature bonus feint to you +6, cause Int feint 13. an loses opponent its PFRPG Dexterity to lose Core bonus his Dexterity <link against rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div bonus, your next he attack. loses that 0 bonus untilclass="heading"><p 0the beginning0 of your class="alignleft">Greater next turn, 0 in addition 0 to Feint losing(Combat)</p><div his Dexterity 0 bonus style="clear: 0 against your both;"></div></div><div><h5>You next attack. are Greater Grapple Combat Maintaining a grapple Improved is Grapple, second Improved nature Improved Grapple, to you. You Unarmed receive Improved Strike, a Maintaining +2 Unarmed base bonus attack on Strike achecks grapple bonus made +6, is a Dex standard toPFRPG grapple 13. action. Core a foe.<link This rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div bonus stacks with the 0 bonus granted class="heading"><p 0 by Improved0 Grapple. class="alignleft">Greater Once 0 you have grappled 0 Grapple a creature, (Combat)</p><div 0 maintaining 0the style="clear: grapple is both;"></div></div><div><h5>Maint a move action. This feat allows yo Greater Overrun Combat Enemies must Improved dive to avoid Overrun, your Improved dangerous Power Overrun, Attack, You move. receive Power base attack Attack a Creatures +2 bonus bonus +6, on knocked checks Str 13. prone made by toPFRPG your overrun overrun Core a foe. do <link This notrel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div bonus provoke stacks an attack with the of 0 opportunity. bonus granted class="heading"><p 0 by Improved0Overrun. class="alignleft">Greater Whenever 0 you overrun 0 Overrun opponents, (Combat)</p><div 0 they provoke 0 style="clear: attacks of opportunity both;"></div></div><div><h5>Enem if they are knocked prone Greater Penetrating Combat Strike Your attacks penetrate Penetrating the Strike, defenses Penetrating Weapon of most Strike, Focus, Your foes. Weapon attacks 16th-level made Focus fighter. with weapons selected with PFRPG Weapon CoreFocus <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div ignore up to 10 points 0 of damage reduction. class="heading"><p 0 This amount 0 class="alignleft">Greater is reduced 0 to 5 points0for Penetrating damage reduction 0 Strike (Combat)</p><div without 0 a type (such style="clear: as DR 10/-). both;"></div></div><div>< Greater ShieldCombat Focus You are skilledShield at def Focus, lecting Shield blows with Proficiency, Focus, your Shield Increase shield. 8th-level Proficiency the AC fighter. bonus granted by any shield PFRPG you are Core using <link by 1. rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div This bonus stacks 0 with the bonusclass="heading"><p 0 granted by Shield 0 Focus. class="alignleft">Greater 0 0 Shield Focus 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5> Greater Spell Focus General Choose a school Spell of magic Focus.to Spell which Focus you have Add already +1 to applied the Difficulty the Spell Class Focus You for all can feat. saving gain Any this throws PFRPG spells featagainst you multiple Core cast <link spells of times. this rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div from school Its effects the are school do very not of hard magic stack. 0 to resist. you Each select. time class="heading"><p 0 you This take bonus thestacks 0 feat, it class="alignleft">Greater with applies the0 to bonus a new from school Spell 0 to Spell Focus. which Focus</p><div you 0 already style="clear: have0 applied both;"></div></div><div><h5>Choose the Spell Focus feat. as Greater Spell Penetration General Your spells break Spell through Penetration. spell Spell resistance Penetration much You get more a +2 easily bonus than onmost. caster level checks (1d20 PFRPG + caster Core <link level) rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div made to overcome a 0 creature's spell class="heading"><p 0 resistance. This 0 bonus class="alignleft">Greater stacks 0 with the one 0 from SpellSpell Penetration</p><div Penetration. 0 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5>Your s Greater Sunder Combat Your devastating Improved strikes Sunder, cleave Improved through Power Sunder, Attack, weapons You Power base receive and attack armor Attack a +2 bonus and bonus into +6, on their Str checks 13. wielders, madedamaging toPFRPG sunder both an Core item. item <link This and rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div bonus wielder stacks alike in with a single the 0 bonus terrific granted strike. class="heading"><p 0 by Improved 0 Sunder. class="alignleft">Greater Whenever 0 you sunder 0 Sunder to destroy (Combat)</p><div 0a weapon, shield, 0 style="clear: or suit ofboth;"></div></div><div><h5>Your armor, any excess damage is applie d Greater Trip Combat You can makeCombat free attacks Expertise, on Combat foes Improved that Expertise, youYou Trip, knock receive Improved base down. attack a Creatures +2 Trip bonus on +6, do checks not Int 13. provoke madeattacks toPFRPG trip a of foe. opportunity Core This <link bonus from rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div stacks being with tripped. the bonus 0 granted byclass="heading"><p 0 Improved Trip. 0 Whenever class="alignleft">Greater you 0 successfully0 trip Trip an (Combat)</p><div opponent, 0 that opponent style="clear: 0 provokes both;"></div></div><div><h5>You attacks of opportunity. can m Greater Two-Weapon CombatFighting You are incredibly Dex skilled 19, Improved at fighting Improved Two-Weapon with Two-Weapon two You weapons Fighting, get aFighting, third atTwo-Weapon the attack same Two-Weapon with time. your Fighting, off-hand Fighting base weapon, attack PFRPG bonus albeit Core +11. at<link a -10 rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div penalty. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Greater 0 0 Two-Weapon 0 Fighting (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><d Greater Vital Strike Combat You can makeImproved a single attack VitalImproved Strike, that deals Vital Vital incredible Strike, When Strike, base you damage. Vital use attack Strike the bonus attack +16. action, you can make PFRPG one Core attack<link at your rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div highest base attack 0 bonus that deals class="heading"><p 0 additional0 damage. class="alignleft">Greater Roll 0 the weapon's damage 0 Vital Strike dice for (Combat)</p><div 0 the attack four 0 times style="clear: and add both;"></div></div><div><h5>Yo the results together before addin Greater Weapon Combat Focus Choose one type Proficiency of weapon with (including Weapon selected Focus unarmed weapon, You gain strike Weapon a or +1grapple) bonus Focus on with for attack selected which You rolls you can weapon, you have gain make already Greater PFRPG 8th-level using selected Weapon Core the fighter. selected <link Weapon Focus rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div weapon. multiple Focus. This times. You bonus are Its0 a effects stacks master do with at not your other class="heading"><p 0 stack. chosen bonuses Each weapon. time on 0 attack you class="alignleft">Greater take rolls, the 0 including feat, it applies those 0 from to Weapon a new Weapon type Focus 0 of Focus. weapon. (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5 Greater Weapon Combat Specialization Choose one type Proficiency of weapon with (including Greater selected Weapon unarmed weapon, You Focus, gain strike Greater a Weapon or +2Weapon grapple) bonus Focus, on for Focus all which Weapon damage You with you can selected Specialization rolls possess gain you Greater PFRPG weapon, make the Weapon Weapon using Core Weapon the <link Specialization Specialization selected Focus rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div with weapon. selected feat. multiple Your This weapon, times. attacks 0 bonus Its to Weapon with effects damage the class="heading"><p 0chosen do Specialization stacks not stack. weapon with 0 Each other with are class="alignleft">Greater time selected damage more you devastating 0take roll weapon, bonuses, the feat, 12th-level than 0 it including normal. applies Weapon fighter. to any Specialization a new you 0 gain type from of weapon. (Combat)</p><div Weapon 0 Specialization. style="clear: both;"></div></div>< Heighten SpellMetamagic You can cast spells as if they were a higherA level. heightened spell has a higher spell level than PFRPG normal Core (up <link to arel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div maximum of 9th level). 0 Unlike other class="heading"><p 0metamagic feats, 0 Heighten class="alignleft">Heighten Spell 0 actually increases 0 Spell the (Metamagic)</p><div effective 0 level of 0 the style="clear: spell that itboth;"></div></div><div><h5>You modifies. All effects dependent on Improved Bull Combat Rush You are skilledStr at 13, pushing Power your Attack, Power foesAttack base around. attack You do bonus not provoke +1. You provoke an attack anof attack opportunity of opportunity PFRPG when performing Core when <link performing arel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div bull rush a bull combat rush combat maneuver. 0 maneuver. In addition, class="heading"><p 0 you receive 0 a +2 class="alignleft">Improved bonus0 on checks made 0 to Bull bullRush rush 0 (Combat)</p><div a foe. You also 0 receive style="clear: a +2 bonus both;"></div></div><div><h5>Yo to your Combat Maneuver D Improved Channel General Your channeled Channel energy energy is harder class to resist. feature. Add 2 to the DC of saving throws made to resist PFRPG theCore effects <link of your rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div channel energy ability. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Improved 0 0 Channel</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>Your channel Improved Counterspell General You are skilled at countering the spells of others Whenusing counterspelling, similar Without spells. this you feat, may you use may a spell counter PFRPG of thea same spell Core school only <link with rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div that the is same one or spell more orspell with 0 levels a spellhigher specifically class="heading"><p 0 than the designated target 0 spell. as class="alignleft">Improved countering 0 the target 0spell. Counterspell</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>You are s Improved Critical Combat Attacks made with Proficient your chosen with weapon, weapon base are When attack quite using deadly. bonus the +8. weapon you You selected, can gain your Improved PFRPG threat range Core Critical is <link doubled. multiple rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div times. The effects 0 do not stack. class="heading"><p 0 Each time you 0 take class="alignleft">Improved the feat, 0 it applies to a 0 new Critical type of (Combat)</p><div weapon. 0 This effect 0 style="clear: doesn't stack both;"></div></div><div><h5>Attac with any other effect that expan Improved Disarm Combat You are skilledInt at 13, knocking Combat weapons Combat Expertise. from Expertise aYou foe's do grasp. not provoke You provoke an attack anof attack opportunity of opportunity PFRPG when performing Core when <link performing arel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div disarm a combat disarm combat maneuver. 0 maneuver. In addition, class="heading"><p 0 you receive 0 a +2 class="alignleft">Improved bonus on 0 checks made 0 to disarm Disarma(Combat)</p><div foe. 0 You also receive 0 style="clear: a +2 bonus both;"></div></div><div><h5>You to your Combat Maneuver Defe Improved Familiar General This feat allows Ability you to toacquire acquirea apowerful new familiar, familiar, When compatible choosing but onlyalignment, when a familiar, you sufficiently could the creatures normally high listed acquire level PFRPG below (see a new Core below). arefamiliar. also <link available rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div to you (see the 0 Pathfinder RPG class="heading"><p 0 Bestiary for 0 statistics class="alignleft">Improved on 0 these creatures). 0 You Familiar</p><div may choose 0 astyle="clear: familiar 0 with both;"></div></div><div><h5>This an alignment up to one step away on feat each allow Improved Feint Combat You are skilledInt at 13, fooling Combat your Combat Expertise. opponents Expertise inYou combat. can makeFeinting a Bluff check in combat to feint is a instandard combat PFRPG as action. a move Core action. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Improved 0 0 Feint (Combat)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5>You ar Improved Grapple Combat You are skilledDex at grappling 13, Improved opponents. Improved Unarmed Unarmed Strike. You do Strike not provoke You provoke an attack anof attack opportunity of opportunity PFRPG when performing Core when <link performing arel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div grapple a grapple combat combat maneuver. 0 maneuver. In addition, class="heading"><p 0 you receive 0 a +2class="alignleft">Improved bonus on 0 checks made 0 to Grapple grapple a (Combat)</p><div 0 foe. You also receive 0 style="clear: a +2 bonus both;"></div></div><div><h5>You to your Combat Maneuver Def Improved Great General Fortitude You can draw Great upon an Fortitude. inner Great reserve Fortitude to resist Once diseases, per day, poisons, you may and reroll other a Fortitude grievous harm. save. PFRPG You Core must decide <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div to use this ability before 0 the results class="heading"><p 0 are revealed.0You must class="alignleft">Improved take 0 the second roll, 0 even Great if it Fortitude</p><div is worse. 0 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5>You ca Improved Initiative Combat Your quick ref lexes allow you to react rapidly You toget danger. a +4 bonus on initiative checks. PFRPG Core <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Improved 0 0 Initiative (Combat)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5>You Improved Iron General Will Your clarity of Iron thought Will. allowsIron you Will to resist mental Once per attacks. day, you may reroll a Will save. You PFRPG must Core decide <link to use rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div this ability before the 0 results are class="heading"><p 0 revealed. You 0 must take class="alignleft">Improved the second 0 roll, even 0 if Iron it is Will</p><div worse. 0 style="clear: 0 both;"></div></div><div><h5>Your clarity o Improved Lightning General Reflexes You have a knack Lightning for avoiding Reflexes. Lightning danger all Reflexes around Once you. per day, you may reroll a Ref lex save. PFRPG You must Core decide <link to rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div use this ability before 0 the results are class="heading"><p 0 revealed. You 0 must class="alignleft">Improved take the 0 second roll, 0even Lightning if it is worse. Reflexes</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5>Yo Improved Overrun Combat You are skilledStr at 13, running Power down Attack, Power your Attack base foes.attack You do bonus not provoke +1. You provoke an attack anof attack opportunity of opportunity PFRPG when performing Core when <link performing an rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div overrun an overrun combat combat maneuver. 0 maneuver. In addition, class="heading"><p 0 you receive 0 a +2 class="alignleft">Improved bonus0on checks made 0 to Overrun overrrun (Combat)</p><div 0 a foe. You also 0 receive style="clear: a +2 bonus both;"></div></div><div><h5>You to your Combat Maneuver D Improved Precise Combat Shot Your ranged attacks Dex 19, ignore Point-Blank anything Point-Blank Shot, but total Precise Shot, Your concealment Precise ranged Shot, base Shot attacks See and attack the cover. ignore normal bonus the rules +11. AC bonus on thegranted effects PFRPG of to Core cover targets <link and by rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div concealment anything lessin than Chapter total 0 cover, 8. and the class="heading"><p 0 miss chance 0 granted class="alignleft">Improved to targets 0 by anything 0 less Precise thanShot total 0 (Combat)</p><div concealment. 0 Total style="clear: cover and total both;"></div></div><div><h5 concealment provide the Improved Shield Combat Bash You can protect Shield yourself Proficiency. withShield your shield, Proficiency even When if you youuse perform Without it to attack. a shield this feat, bash, a character you may still PFRPG that apply performs Core the shield's <link a shield rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div shield bash bonus loses the to your shield's 0 AC. shield bonus class="heading"><p 0 to AC until0his next class="alignleft">Improved turn (see 0 Chapter 6). 0 Shield Bash 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div><div><h5> Improved Sunder Combat You are skilledStr at 13, damaging Power your Attack, Power foes' Attack base weapons attack You do bonus and not armor. provoke +1. You provoke an attack anof attack opportunity of opportunity PFRPG when performing Core when <link performing arel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div sunder a sunder combat combat maneuver. 0 maneuver. In addition, class="heading"><p 0 you receive 0 a +2 class="alignleft">Improved bonus on 0 checks made 0 to sunder Sunderan (Combat)</p><div 0 item. You also0receive style="clear: a +2 bonus both;"></div></div><div><h5>You to your Combat Maneuver De Improved Trip Combat You are skilledInt at 13, sending Combat your Combat Expertise. opponents Expertise to You the do ground. not provoke You provoke an attack anof attack opportunity of opportunity PFRPG when performing Core when <link performing arel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div trip combat a trip combat maneuver. maneuver. 0 In addition, class="heading"><p you 0 receive a +2 0 bonus class="alignleft">Improved on checks 0 made to 0 trip a Trip foe. (Combat)</p><div You0 also receive a style="clear: 0 +2 bonus to both;"></div></div><div><h5>You your Combat Maneuver Defense wh are Improved Two-Weapon Combat Fighting You are skilledDex at fighting 17, Two-Weapon with Two-Weapon two weapons. Fighting, Fighting In addition base attack to the Without bonus standard +6. this single feat, you extra can attack only PFRPG get youaget single Core withextra <link an off-hand rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div attack with weapon, an off-hand you get 0 weapon. a second attack class="heading"><p 0 with it, albeit 0 at class="alignleft">Improved a -5 penalty. 0 0 Two-Weapon 0 Fighting (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both;"></div></div> Improved Unarm C m w m W m w R m GC m w w m w w m m m wm U m C m m m C m m W m m m R GC m R w m m C m m m WC m M C O G C O w G w w m m R GC w m m m w m Wm M m C m m m m m w m Cwm m m m m R GC C m m m w C m W G m m W w R GC W m G Cw m R GC m w N Cw w w w N C w w R G m R w R GC R C m w D Dm D m W W m w m w w R GC % m C m C m w m m R GC C mC m m M G m m RU G CM D m M M C m mD w RW R m w w R GC w w w M m C m m D m M W C m C m w m w W w wm w ww w R G m C m w w m w M W M WC m m m m M C m G Cw C m mCO m w R GC C M m m C W m C M R C m M m M m m m m m m R GC m m w M wm m M m m m M W C m m U m U GW m G m w mR G C m m w m M W C m m m M C m D m D D m m C R GC w m w M Cm m D m C m M C m R m MM CCmm w m w w R GC w m m m M C m m M C mC m R m O m w m mR G C m m R mm M C m R C m N G W w w m m m m mR G C w w N m m m m Nm M G m D w W m m m R GC w m w Nm M m C m W W m mw w w w w RWG C m m w C m DR G w m Dw m m R GC m w C m D w m m m m R GC m m m C C m m C m w m m R wG C w C m w C m m m m R GC m m m m w C m m % m w C m m w w R GC m w C m Q D w C m ww m w Ww m wR w GC m m w w H Q m D w m C m m W w wm w ww Q M m m C m w R GC m m m Qm M m w w m m m R R C m C W w W w m ww R R R Gm C m w m m w ww m wR R w C m w R w C R C m m D W m w Rw G C m R C m w R m R C m W m R MM CC m mmW m m R GC m m w m R C m m m W m R G w W m m m mRwG C w wm m m m m m m m m mR m m w w m m w m C m m U m m U m m m m m m m R GC m m m C m m mC Cm R wG C w mC m

selected rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Damage dic Multiattack Monster. this turn."></div></div><div><h5>Whether base style race can has take normal this feat vision. the <link strike times. weapons 0 take a -5 penalty.css"><div checks. Agains Crossbow Mastery Combat You can load crossbows Dex 15. tougher Con than 13.css"><div your threatened area 0 by 5 feet for class="heading"><p 0 every 5 points 0 of your class="alignleft">Combat base0 attack bonus. ex Covering Defense Combat You are skilledShield at protecting Focus. fire Rapid them for Rapid Shot. Def catch lect Strike it Arrows in mid-flight. for elf.css"><div weapon instead of0just def lecting class="heading"><p 0 it. attack 0for your per primary round class="heading"><p 0 with hand that lessens weapon. an action by targeting to make their a melee limbs attack PFRPG or weapons against Core as any <link they foe rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 style="clear: This cover both. an adjacent foe attempts to take PFRPG a 5-foot Core step away <link from rel="stylesheet"href="PF. an Deflect arrowDeflect or Arrows."></div></div><div><h5>You ca Simple Weapon Combat Proficiency You are trained in the use of basic weapons. PFRPG hand Fighting wounds. 0duration to 1d4 0 rounds. Improved As Bull a standard Rush. all Heal checks and PFRPG SurvivalCore checks."></div></div><div><h5>Yo of your ally (your modifiers s Eagle Eyes General Your vision is especially Wis 13. Player's <link heavy. <link are armor not rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div or +1 skill point whenever 0 you take class="heading"><p a 0 level in that class. class="heading"><p 0 A silent spell 0 uses class="alignleft">Silent up a 0spell slot one0 level Spell higher (Metamagic)</p><div than 0 the spell's style="clear: actual 0 level.css"><div is critical halvedfeat for 1 tominute. 0 attacks of class="heading"><p 0 opportunity from 0 you. Power yourAttack. a of +2knowledge bonus on all and Knowledge training. its Weapon Focus Combat Choose one type Proficiency of weapon. your shield Fighting. class="alignleft">Spirited 0 0 Charge (Combat)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both.css"><div positive energy to cause 0 all undead class="heading"><p 0within 30 feet0of you class="alignleft">Turn to flee. opponent. before You base Shot action. foes. Choose a 0-level spell from the sorcerer/wizard Advanced spell list. it applies 0Focus to a different (Monster)</p><div 0special attack. the path of the charge 0 as a free class="heading"><p 0action. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You gain portents. tread is of unea Cockatrice Strike Combat With a single strike. An ectoplasmic 0 spell uses class="heading"><p 0 up a spell0slot one class="alignleft">Ectoplasmic level 0 higher than the 0 spell's Spell actual (Metamagic)</p><div 0 level."></div></div><div><h5>You attack. Each andtime can you prepare Without take these this this feat. feat you may PFRPG choose Core to catch <linkthe rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Choos Weapon Specialization Combat You are skilledProficiency at dealing damage with Weapon selected with Focus one weapon."></div></div><div><h5>Your Tripping CMD. Tower Shield Proficiency Combat You are trained Shield in how Proficiency. level 0 surface by the 0Step</p><div end of your0 style="clear: turn or you will both.to pinpoint more than your 5 feet location. can modify a spell to daze a creature damaged Advanced by Player's the <link spell.css"><div fighters."></div></div><div><h one category. When Combat.css"><div bull ofyour the rush following opponent an opponent."></div></div><div><h5>You draw greater a Deepsight General Your senses are Darkvision especially 60 keen feet. Attack. 0 style="clear: both. 0 They need 0 Weapon not select Proficiency this 0 feat. the target areis skilled knoc Vital Strike Combat You make a single Baseattack attackthat bonus deals +6.css"><div the archery to a free combat action. you 100+ have years You a lifetime get old."></div></div><div><h5>Calling negate the effect."></div></div><div> Skill Focus General Choose a skill. Seewith Two-Weapon 0 your regular style="clear: Fighting attackboth."></div></div><div><h5>You is unsuccessful. Bestiary normally subject requires to <link the a restrictions rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you are grappled. both."></div></div><div>< (or less. bonus the +1. (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. you score a critical You hit."></div></div><div><h5>You damage. and Profession Advanced skill Player's <link checks. 0 Human the benefits of this feat are have retroactive. ranged Arrows. you keen gain mag inf Dreadful Carnage Combat Slaying an enemy Str 15. both. Point-Blank withPoint-Blank blinding Shot.css"><div for 1 round against 0 ranged attacks. take thea creature move action Bestiary takesand a standard another <linkaction standard rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Instead attacker (even though it isn't your t Spell Focus General Choose a school of magic. you can air walk (as the spell) Advanced up toPlayer's half <link your Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. disarm Combat your Combat Expertise. a bouncing spell targeting a single Advanced creaturePlayer's has <link no effect Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You bonus is equal to your shield's s Crippling Critical Combat You are able to Critical maim Focus.css"><div weapons. Mobility. <link times. bonus to defend or +6. have mastere Spell Penetration General Your spells break through spell resistance more You get easily a +2 than bonus most."></div></div><div><h5>Slay the enemy you reduced to 0 or fe Duck and Cover General Your allies assist you in avoiding certain attacks. monk oflevel ki from 11. +13. opponents Critical base to attack Focus become bonus Whenever fatigued. 0 You may not 0 use (Combat)</p><div the aid 0 another action style="clear: 0to improve both. Player's you <link can Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 style="clear: If the overrun both. Player's increasing <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. PFRPG are whip. yourself base Shield attack Focus and bonus your When allies +6. darkvision Darkvision has a range normally of 120extends feet. If the spell allows a saving c Deep Drinker General You draw greater Con amounts 13. can be Shield Shield used Any Proficiency. you use Mobility. can your only opponent apply PFRPG the becomes Core effects <link fatigued. Power inflict bloody Attack base attack wounds You can bonus that choose +6. class="alignleft">Vital Roll 0 the weapon's Strike damage 0 (Combat)</p><div dice for 0 the attack style="clear: twice 0 and add both. 0 nondetection).css"><div as Its weapon. move can move before upand to your PFRPG after speed anCore attack. your know spells."></div></div><div> base attack bonus.css"><div on its intended target 0 (whetherclass="heading"><p 0 due to spell resistance 0 class="alignleft">Bouncing or a successful 0 saving 0 throw) Spell (Metamagic)</p><div you 0 may. 0 style="clear: 0 both. If your 0 Repositioning confirmation Strike (Combat)</p><div 0 Strike. interfering Targets with affected theirby spellcasting. you in melee. This spell-like feat can abilities.css"><div ki rather than just 01. with an Shield Two-Weapon opportunistic you score Master. creature can start a grapple when it hits Bestiary with a claw or <link bite rel="stylesheet"href="PF. made for a creature 0 of your size class="heading"><p 0 category. the full-attack Spring SpringAttack action. if the ability is n Snatch Monster This creature can Size grab Huge other or larger. demoralizes Power Attack. adjacent Aid another ally is attacked. base and Core your attack <link off-hand bonus rel="stylesheet"href="PF. +4. Large the or creature larger. 0 even if class="heading"><p the 0 foe is outside 0 of your class="alignleft">Strike reach. Combat This creature can Str 25. 20 Fly skill check and expendin creatur Allied Spellcaster General With the aid ofCaster an ally. Mobility. Point-Blank you make Point-Blank it Shot.Teamwork)</p><div +4 if the creature 0 attempting the style="clear: maneuverboth.css"><div and you wizards take a are -4 0 penalty automatically on attack class="heading"><p 0proficient rolls. you Player's are <link telling Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. prerequisites Bestiary you meet. it isThe taken. Mobility. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Focus</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both. Power When Attack. you Strike. adjacent and to subjected an ally who to also other Advanced has maneuvers. 0 you Each select. Craft like Magic golems. Core are druids. may You disarm may your choose oppo to Disrupting Shot Combat With a well-placed Dex shot."></div></div><div><h5> defense action. for picking up different vocations.css"><div critical This feat feat has to ano given 0 additional critical effect hit unless class="heading"><p 1 on ayou fatigued possess 0 or exhausted Critical class="alignleft">Tiring Mastery. Power charging Power Attack. divinations Player's <link to Guide overcome rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div weapon. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. this Player's feat. is in your b Aspect of the Beast General Whether by magic wild or shape a curse class of feature."></div></div> is larger than both Coordinated Maneuvers Combat You are skilled at working with your allies to Whenever perform dangerous you are adjacent combatto maneuvers. Advanced you gainPlayer's 2 temporary <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. +11. style 0 regardless may select of the class="heading"><p 0Crossbow type of crossbow Mastery 0 class="alignleft">Crossbow as used. PFRPG you deal Core double <link damage rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 a failed even attack if he class="heading"><p does 0 roll ruins not meet the attempt). are skilled at piercing Whenever the protections you are adjacent of other to creatures an ally who with also Advanced your has spells. a target Critical base and hinder attack Focus bonus its Whenever movement. class="heading"><p 0 staggered. into a defense.css"><div make a shield bash 0 attack against class="heading"><p 0 the same target 0 using class="alignleft">Bashing the same 0 bonus as a 0free Finish action. send opponents Shield opponents Two-Weapon hit Proficiency. you score a critical You hit against can only an apply Advanced opponent. Focus base youattack reduce bonus an enemy +11."></div></div><div><h Trample Combat While mounted. Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who also Advanced has this Player's feat. this throws PFRPG featagainst multiple Core <link spells times. These Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div a dazed. Display. A successful ca Dazing Spell Metamagic You can daze creatures with the power of your Youspells. you may also 0 make a 5-foot class="heading"><p 0 step as an immediate 0 class="alignleft">Step action 0 so long as you Up 0 (Combat)</p><div end up adjacent 0 tostyle="clear: the foe 0 that triggered both. swift Bouncing Spell Metamagic You can direct a failed spell against a different Whenever target. When Ride-By Ride-By amount mounted Attack. they you arise. as Attack if 0the creature's (Monster)</p><div 0size had style="clear: increased byboth. a burst. weapons? natural weapons.css"><div 30 feet and successfully 0 hit that opponent class="heading"><p 0 with a 0ranged class="alignleft">Disrupting attack.css"><div spell resistance 0 or effectsclass="heading"><p 0that impede divination 0 class="alignleft">Diviner's (for example."></div></div><div><h5>Your spell that requires concentration. upand to your PFRPG after speed anCore attack and <link with make rel="stylesheet"href="PF. makes Spell Focus reading signs. You must both 0 possess the class="heading"><p 0 relevant Craft 0 skillclass="alignleft">Cooperative or item 0 creation feat."></div></div><div><h 10 + your base attack bon Stunning Fist Combat You know just Dex where 13. orboth. checks They (Combat)</p><div that 0need involve not select moving. Dodge. <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div> usable only once or t Flyby Attack Monster This creature can Fly speed."></div></div><div><h5> Toughness General You have enhanced physical stamina. Improved opponent Improved Bull while Rush Bull mounted Rush. ability 0 Spell-Like three times 0 Ability per day (Monster)</p><div (or 0 less. You gain two character traits of your choiceAdvanced (see Chapter Player's <link 8). ranged attack 0 at any point class="heading"><p 0 during your movement. far any more item You efficient. PFRPG withthe clerics. 0 you can class="heading"><p 0 make a combat 0 maneuver class="alignleft">Stand 0 check as your0 attack Still (Combat)</p><div of opportunity. do not suffer You any take penalties a -4 penalty for using on attack anPFRPG improvised rolls made Core ranged with <link an rel="stylesheet"href="PF. it moves the Without while creature flying. Two-Weapon bash from hit base with your a Fighting attack shield. opponents Any Dazzling shaken. andhalf-elf. you can 0 prepare Mastery</p><div these 0 spells style="clear: without referring 0 both. class="heading"><p 0 If it grapples 0 a creature class="alignleft">Snatch three 0 or more sizes 0 (Monster)</p><div smaller. panicked proficiency themselves opponent with if you PFRPG weapon."></div></div><div><h5>Choose 0 a skill. class="alignleft">Improved by one step 0 on the following 0 Natural list. speed Rapid Shot. paladins. You Arms can and create Armor. If on you You attack wield canrolls make a second forone fighting weapon extra with attack PFRPG in two your each weapons Core off round hand. 0 in Each that time skill. Player's targets. both. Str 13. if the ability style="clear: is normally both. and <link make rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You the results together before adding make bo Weapon Finesse Combat You are trained in using your agility in melee With combat. are slow to take to heal."></div></div><div><h5>Your erra Additional Traits General You have more traits than normal. monks. with can bull only arush melee apply Advanced combat attack. 0Eyes</p><div0style="clear: both."></div></div><div><h5>One of th Awesome Blow Monster. base you attack Critical score bonus a critical +17. Player's you <link can Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Strike. As a full-round Strike. you score a critical You hit. When 0 you Defense are fighting 0 (Combat)</p><div defensively 0 or style="clear: using the total both."></div></d Cosmopolitan General Living in large. Eldritch tricks base You are attack no natural match bonus weapons for +6. Gnome. dealt Disarming 0 by the attack. its0 natural class="alignleft">Improved armor 0 bonus increases 0 by Natural another Armor point. you You may may push choose your opp to Charge Through Combat You can overrun Strenemies 13."></div></div><div><h5>Choose 0 a school of Spell Mastery General You have mastered 1st-level a small wizard. onethat of Advanced the has following contracted Player's <link ways. foes. handful of spells. 0 theclass="alignleft">Stealthy</p><div bonus increases 0 to +40 for that skill. Any spells you cast Addof +1 that to the school Difficulty are more Class difficult You for all can to saving gain resist. an opponentAdvanced casting a spell Player's <link within Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. each round. 0 Critical (Combat. class="alignleft">Spellbreaker 0 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. Focus (Combat)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both. your cannot attack you foes move bonus can can move before react. cannot PFRPG be enhanced Core Spells <link without by rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Combat This creature is Three particularly or more skilled natural at attacks. another character in craftingAdvanced mundane Player's and<link magical Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. A flying a creature creature with can this turn feat upcan Bestiary to 90 turn degrees up to 180 <link by making degrees rel="stylesheet"href="PF. <link The rel="stylesheet"href="PF. This attack deals 2d6 points can of convert damage an Arcane Shield General You can convert Arcane any spell spellcaster."></div></div><div><h Improved Natural Monster Attack Attacks made by Natural one of weapon. The DC for this Will upon save highe is e Two-Weapon Defense Combat You are skilledDex at defending 15.Critical)</p><div 0 DC of this save 0 is equal style="clear: to 10 + your both."></div></div><div><h5>You enemy cannot move for the rest can of his sto Stealthy General You are good at avoiding unwanted attention You and get slipping a +2 bonus out ofon bonds. monk Spider level Step 12th. When Dodge. Targets that av Diviner's Delving General Your keen magical Spellintuition Focus (divination). most. canBestiary gain Add this +2 feat to the multiple <link DCrel="stylesheet"href="PF. +11. you deal 0 an additional class="heading"><p 0 1d10 points 0 of damage class="alignleft">Two-Weapon plus 0 1-1/2 times your 0 Strength Rendmodifier."></div></div><div><h5>You and after the attack. time class="heading"><p 0 you take the0 feat. This natural featattack can be Bestiary forms taken (not multiple an <link unarmed times. strike hit by Core them you this <link when round rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You c Dazing Assault Combat You can daze Str foes 13. up Dodge. lecting Shield blows base with Proficiency attack your Increase shield."></div></div><div><h5>You dealt by the attack. the can secondary get The one penalty extra weapon. An ectoplasmic sending ghostly spell has emanations full effect into against the ether. 0 Carnage Enemies (Combat)</p><div 0 that cannot see 0 style="clear: both you and both. AC bonus granted by any shield PFRPG you are Core using <link by 1. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. isGnome 10 + your Charisma modifier.css"><div Its have effects 10 ordo more not ranks stack. to Two-Weapon both deliver your Two-Weapon devastating primary Fighting. them with Fighting. cowering grace helpless Advanced or stunned targets. 0 to a new skill. size Large 0(Monster)</p><div or larger with 0 this style="clear: feat hovers 0 both. substituting 0 your attack class="heading"><p 0 roll for the combat 0 class="alignleft">Shield maneuver 0 check (see0Chapter Slam (Combat)</p><div 8). a Fly <link allowing skill rel="stylesheet"href="PF. they 0 become class="alignleft">Dazing dazed 0 for a number 0 Spell of rounds (Metamagic)</p><div equal 0 to the original 0style="clear: level of the both. 1st level. a -5 penalty on all melee Advanced attack Player's rolls <link and Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. you can sacrifice a prepared Advanced spell Player's <link or unused Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. (Combat)</p><div including 0 Ride.css"><div items.css"><div check it to to hover hover without and the 0 needing creature todoes make class="heading"><p 0 not a Fly create skilla 0 check. 0 paralyzed. Improved yourShield shield Improved Bash. class="heading"><p 0 modifier. Ride you1can rank. opponent's or both. 0 (Monster)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. staggered 0 for 1d4 0 rounds.css"><div spell slot of 1st level 0 or higher and class="heading"><p 0 transform it0 into aclass="alignleft">Arcane ray."></div></div><div><h5>You a character trait."></div></div><div>< Silent Spell Metamagic You can cast your spells without making any A sound. opponents. 0 class="alignleft">Shot 0 on 0 the Run (Combat)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both. (Combat)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both. a +3 bonus on all checks You can involving gain this PFRPG the feat chosen multiple Core skill. 0 If class="alignleft">Eclectic</p><div you choose 0 a class in 0which you style="clear: already 1 haveboth.css"><div spell slot of 1st level 0 or higher class="heading"><p 0 and gain a def0lection class="alignleft">Arcane bonus 0 to AC equal to0the Shield</p><div level of the 0 spell style="clear: or spell0 slot both. When a foe provokes an attack of opportunity PFRPG due to Core moving <link through rel="stylesheet"href="PF. allowing 0 you to see accurately class="heading"><p 0 at much 0 greater class="alignleft">Eagle distances 0 than most. you useA a character tower shield.css"><div somatic components 0 are notclass="heading"><p 0 affected. can your only opponent apply PFRPG the becomes Core effects <link stunned of one rel="stylesheet"href="PF. +11."></div></div><div><h (typically slam damag Craft Construct Item Creation You can create Caster construct level creatures 5th.css"><div you.css"><div receive a +2 competence 1 bonus on class="heading"><p 0 all combat maneuver 0 class="alignleft">Coordinated checks. 0 Additional Critical class="alignleft">Sickening Mastery. a given 0 A critical successful hit unless class="heading"><p 1 Fortitude you possess save 0 reduces Critical class="alignleft">Staggering the Mastery. your weapon Shield Shield Whenever Master. You weapon.css"><div with a melee weapon 0 (or triple class="heading"><p 0 damage with 0 a lance). Fist. Advanced 60 or 90 feet. two additional cultures. which shield's Core you druids. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Wind 0 0 Stance (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. You both. andresemblance ignore the check to a Cloud Step General Your tread is of Spider unearthly Step.css"><div a as DC a15 free Fly action skill 0 check without and making expending class="heading"><p 0 a Fly skill 5 feet check. your or gnome. of of reprisal. to take a -5 penalty on all melee Advanced attack Player's rolls <link and Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. and 0 cannot class="alignleft">Additional be chosen 0 from lists from 0 which Traits</p><div you 0have style="clear: already 0 selected both. Opponen the righ Shot on the Run Combat You can move. keen keen.css"><div their is defenses flat-footed are to already your 0 attacks compromised. a given 0 A critical successful hit unless class="heading"><p 1 Fortitude you possess save 0 reduces Critical class="alignleft">Crippling this Mastery. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. but 0 either Crafting</p><div one of 0 you can style="clear: fulfill 0 any other both. 0 Critical The DC (Combat. Mobility. 0 Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. a immediate action. This 0 bull rushstyle="clear: does 0 not provoke both.css"><div with a -2 natural penalty.css"><div cast this spell three 0 times per day class="heading"><p 0 as a spell-like 0 ability. can Strike Back Combat You can strike Base at foes attack that attack bonus you +11. Dodge."></div></div><div><h5>With by +4. As a move action. class="heading"><p 0 You must reach 0 a class="alignleft">Cloud solid. channel to affectenergy when you class channel When feature. 0-level can spells convert maya Arcane Talent General Magic is in your Cha blood. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Deep 0 0 Drinker</p><div 0 style="clear: 0both.css"><div to attempt the 0 aid another class="heading"><p 0 action to improve 0 your class="alignleft">Bodyguard ally's AC. charging.css"><div thisverbal feat. you gain PFRPG 20% Core concealment <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. <link regular rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you 0 must style="clear: use up raw both. without youhaving gain by low t Bashing FinishCombat You follow a powerful Improved blow Shield from Improved Bash. penalty youonly take and 0applies rangers the shield's to all Strengthautomatically armor class="heading"><p 0 check and Dexterity-based have penalty 0 Shield on class="alignleft">Shield attack Proficiency skills. make an attack before and When afterflying. considered Core or spiked <linklight chain rel="stylesheet"href="PF. hover in place with ease and A creature can kick with up Without this clouds feat this of can dust feat.css"><div combat maneuver."></div></div><div><h5>Magic Half-elf. into an attack."></div></div><div><h5>Yo you could attack if you were us Dastardly Finish Combat You can take advantage Sneak attack of an +5d6. this shield b Two-Weapon Fighting Combat You can fight with Dexa 15. attacks Mounted Mounted deal a Combat. <link you Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Attack. making The attacks creature's with its Without secondary natural this weapons.css"><div provoke defensively attacks provoke of opportunity. weapons rapier. foe."></div></div><div><h5>You a Tiring Critical Combat Your critical hits Critical cause Focus. with one next ofThe the to no use creature's effort."></div></div><div><h5>You it to target another eligible creatu Breadth of Experience General Although still young Dwarf. you Power can Attack. 0 Spell A widened (Metamagic)</p><div spell 0 uses up a 0 style="clear: spell slot three both. the with creature's natural Bestiary weapons secondary take attacks <link only rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 to in aaddition given critical class="heading"><p 0 to the hit: normal Bull 0 Rush damage class="alignleft">Bull Strike. 0 If the creature's class="heading"><p 0 maneuver succeeds 0 class="alignleft">Awesome against 0 a corporeal0opponent Blow (Monster. become Critical. may set up a combat Advanced patrol. If you take thiscan step.css"><div slow fall distance. flat-footed. 0 class="alignleft">Breadth 0 0 of Experience</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Elf. exotic cities has put you in touch You can withspeak many and diverse read civilizations."></div></div><div><h5>You must make a separate attack roll a Widen Spell Metamagic You can cast your spells so that they occupy You a larger can alter space."></div></div><div><h5>Yo cast) for 1 round.css"><div disarm of the your an following opponent."></div></div><div><h5>Although Dwarf Bull Rush Strike Combat Your critical hits Str can 13."></div></div><div><h5>In an attack of opportunity. Player's <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Choose an additional favored class and gain Advanced either +1Player's hit point <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. <link are with you rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You Shield Slam Combat In the right position. A stilled 0 spell class="alignleft">Still uses 0 up a spell slot Spell 0 one (Metamagic)</p><div level higher 0 than the spell's style="clear: 0 actual both. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="heading"><p 0 Your mount may 0 make class="alignleft">Trample one0 hoof attack against 0 (Combat)</p><div any target 0 you knock style="clear: down.css"><div traits must be chosen 0 from different class="heading"><p 0 lists. to Bash. in a you 30-foot can choose burst are PFRPG a number affected Core of when targets <link you rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div already at all all. Bash. their PFRPG defensively checks Core to cast do <link not spells rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div attacks and instead 0 make one melee class="heading"><p 0 attack at your 0 highest class="alignleft">Whirlwind base 0 attack bonus 0 against Attack each (Combat)</p><div 0 opponent within 0 style="clear: reach. style="clear: both."></div></div><div><h5>You can Spirited Charge Combat Your mounted Ride charge 1 rank.css"><div If you have 10 or more 0 ranks in one class="heading"><p 0 of these skills."></div></div><div><h5>With unless it succeeds on a Fortitu Combat PatrolCombat You range across Combat the battlefield. base unable attack Display frightened. The creature 0 class="alignleft">Flyby cannot 0 take a second 0 Attack move(Monster)</p><div action 0 during a round style="clear: 0when it makes both. to properly Shield use Proficiency a tower When shield. as a swift 0 action. Player's strike <link against Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="heading"><p 0 you this take bonus the increases 0 feat. all saving Its effects throws do 0 against not stack. weapon wielded in each Your of your penalties hands. opponent while PFRPG mounted."></div></div><div><h5>This the a DC creature. make turns with ease while Once flying. temporary ki from drunken ki."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 are good at avoidin Step Up Combat You can close Base the distance attack bonus when +1. to 0 or fewer Advanced hit points. choose you without must a number referencing use PFRPG aof spellbook spells Core yourthat spellbooks <link to you prepare rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you 0 may class="alignleft">Weapon use your 0 Dexterity modifier 0 Finesse instead (Combat)</p><div of 0 your Strength 0 modifier style="clear: on attack both. Construct 0 To create (Item a 0 Creation)</p><div construct.both magic and silver for G purpose of overcoming damage C w C m W m C m m w C W w m mm U UW mm m m w w G m O m m m m m C m m m mm m m m m m G m m C m mG D C m w m w m m M m m m C m mmG m mm m w m m M m m m C m m m m w m w G w w m w m C m m C m m W m w m w G m m m C m m m G C w m Gw w m m m w w m w m m m G w mm m w w m m m G m m wm D G m D w m m m D m G m D m H G H w m m H m G m H R G w R ww w w m mR w m G m w R w R G R w m m m R mG m R R G R w m m m R G m m R D G w C w D m w G D w H G C m D D Wm m G C m m H m m D G m C m m mG m CMD m Cw w D m m O G C w O m m G C m mm O w w Dw H O O C m m m m w w w G w m m m m m m w C m m C mm M m W m W m m G w M w m DC m W w w C m D U U w W m wU w m w mw m m mGm U m w m m C m m m C m m w w wW w w w m w G w w mw w w C m m m G U C m C m C mm m w G G U C m G m G C m m m m m G w m G m G m G U G m D m m D m G G Uw m m m m G C m m m m m mG G m w w m G m m C m%m % m m G D C m W C m C m m mD D m m m G w w m D W CMD G R D m C m m m W G D C m m w mD Dw w C m m G w m D W G D m Cm m m G m G C m w m D m C w m mG m m w w G mm w m m C G R C m W C m C m m mR C R m m G w m R W G R C m m m m W G C m m w w G C G mw m w G w m W wG C m m C m G C m C m C m m m m m C m m m m m mG m w m m m G C m m m m G G C w wm m m m w m w G mm w w m m G m G mw m w H D G Dw D w O mm G m H D m H R G wD D O m m w G w m H R w m C m m m m G m m w m m m C m w m D C m C m C m w w m G m m mm m mm D m C m C m M m D C m w w w w m G m m mm m mm D C m C m M D w m C m w m m w R m w W R w w m mm w G M m m m w C m w m R C m w C m C m m m w w m G m m mm m m m R C m C m M . a halfling.Teamwork)</p><div attempting 0 to break free from style="clear: a grapple. both. the maneuver effects you Player's <link can of one push Guide to rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 it. <link you Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. size action. smaller 0 than Combat)</p><div itself. Reflexes. Two-Weapon bash base are Fighting attack also PFRPG hit bonus with Core a+6. Improved Whenever Improved Disarm."></div></div><div><h5>W (or known with a slot available Arcane Blast General You can convert Arcane any spell spellcaster.css"><div combat maneuver checks 0 to daze class="heading"><p 0opponents you 0 hit with class="alignleft">Dazing your 0 melee attacks0 for Assault 1 round.css"><div highest base attack 0 bonus that deals class="heading"><p 0 additional0 damage. kind.css"><div combat maneuver checks 0 to inflict class="heading"><p 0 1d4 points of0 bleedclass="alignleft">Bloody damage 0with your weapon 0 Assault melee (Combat)</p><div attacks. 0 in addition 0 style="clear: to the normal both. The 0 both. focuses."></div></div><div><h5>You c Sickening Critical Combat Your critical hits Critical cause Focus. A c Bodyguard Combat Your swift strikes Combat ward Reflexes."></div></div><div><h5>You to a spellbook."></div></div><div><h5>Y Eldritch ClawsCombat Who needs magic Str 15. style="clear: 0 both. can Medusa's base make attack a Wrath single bonus Advanced unarmed +14.push Improved back Improved Bull yourRush."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0 vision is espec Eclectic General You have a talent Human.css"><div the truth."></div></div><div><h base attack bonus. opposed elven to brute curve Natural strength.133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 m m mw m m m m Selective Channeling General You can choose Cha whom 13. for do which not stack. time even required Reload."></div></div><div><h5>Your your ally's attack roll with this attack."></div></div><div><h5>You Shield Focus Combat You are skilledShield at def Proficiency. to a foe. Dodge. movement must Bestiary while make flying. silent spell can be cast with Bard no verbal spells components. class="alignleft">Aspect and then 0 you A ranger cannot who 0 change of selects the Beast</p><div it. 0 If style="clear: successful. Rush 0 If Repositioning your Strike confirmation (Combat)</p><div 0 Strike. to Wis strike 13. but youcan mu Staggering Critical Combat Your critical hits Critical cause Focus. 0 the both.this receives feat PFRPG before Stunning Core youFist make <link as your rel="stylesheet"href="PF. <link and Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. lycanthropy Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. level you 1st. the class="heading"><p 0 move. 0creature. 0 rolls and as a on bonus all 0 Proficiency skill feat. Improved when Improved Overrun. save DC Elf. feat to aThe given 0 effects critical of hit this unless class="heading"><p 1 feat do you not possess stack. 0 Critical)</p><div 0 style="clear: both.css"><div +1. channel All targets energy. creature'sA special creature attacks. Mobility base andA withdraw s attack a full-round bonus before You action. flee as from a standard the might action."></div></div><div><h5>Your m Spring Attack Combat You can deftly Dex move 13. This 0 includes any 0 Defenses additional (Combat)</p><div attacks 0 you make 0 this style="clear: round. The 0 DC ofCritical)</p><div this Fortitude 0 save style="clear: is equal to both. Those 0 skills always 0 count style="clear: as class 0 both. using Fighters the a shield's shield automatically with armor PFRPG which check have Core he penalty is Tower not <link proficient rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div standard action described (at the in 0 this veryfeat.css"><div critical for 1d4+1 feat torounds. improvised Youweapon. 0 You can style="clear: 0 move both before both. your blood. 0 and you Cover may (Teamwork)</p><div take 0 the result of 0 your style="clear: die roll or that both.css"><div make an Intimidate0check to demoralize class="heading"><p 0 all enemies 0 within class="alignleft">Dreadful 30 feet 0 as a free action. class="alignleft">Childlike</p><div You 0 gain a +2 bonus 0 on Disguise style="clear: 1 skill checks both. roll Sundering exceeds 0style="clear: your Strike. foe Combat Combat within Expertise. mounted Mounted Combat. 0 spell-like ability 0 as Spell-Like a quickened Ability 0 spell-like (Monster)</p><div ability 0 threestyle="clear: times per day both."></div></div><div><h5>Y materials costing half of its bas Empower Spell-Like Monster Ability One of this creature's Spell-like spell-like ability at abilities caster is level particularly Choose 6th or higher. until class="heading"><p 0 the end of your 0 next class="alignleft">Shatter turn. 0 class="alignleft">Cockatrice or unconscious 0 foe. roll exceeds Sundering 0 your style="clear: opponent's Strike. you energy. total defense action while Advanced using a light. this Player's feat.css"><div and can make checks 0 with those class="heading"><p 0skills untrained. to a given A 0successful critical hit Fortitude unless class="heading"><p 1 you save possess reduces 0 Critical class="alignleft">Stunning this toMastery. feats 0 in to addition a given tocritical class="heading"><p 0 the normal hit: Bull damage 0 Rush dealt class="alignleft">Disarming Strike. languages Advanced and races.0 From class="alignleft">Spell that point 0 on. try to move Combat past Reflexes you. Two-Weapon yourself Two-Weapon Fighting. you Wrath.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Deepsight</p><div 0 0 style="clear: 0 both. human child tends to You make can others take 10 trust on you. 0 you have Each already time class="heading"><p 0 you selected take the the 0 feat.css"><div you gain an additional 0 +1 hit point. with base Asthreats aMobility attack full-round wherever bonus action. When you useWhen a shield you (except are Barbarians. bestial part of nature you ismanifests more beast Aitself character than in man.css"><div fortimes."></div></div><div><h5 Whirlwind Attack Combat You can strike Dex out at 13. 0 by 2 When class="alignleft">Two-Weapon and the fighting 0one for in this your way off 0 hand you suffer lessens Fighting a0-6 by (Combat)</p><div penalty 6. dealing Reflexes.css"><div critical for 1 minute. 0creature the creature can use class="heading"><p 0 can that apply ability it to 0 asaan different class="alignleft">Empower empowered spell-like 0 spell-like ability.css"><div When a creature takes 0 damage from class="heading"><p 0 this spell. this creature's base attack natural Choose bonus attacks +4. Improved attack When Improved aside. For every Hit Die you PFRPG possess Core beyond <link 3. Weapon it class="alignleft">Weapon applies Focus 0 to a feat.css"><div creatures.css"><div critical for 1d4 feat rounds. spells feat. CriticalThe (Combat. You are particularly adept atYou thatget skill. you score a critical You hit. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Improved Improved If you Two-Weapon hit you an Two-Weapon can opponent use Fighting. cloud class="alignleft">Hover If ofa debris creature 0 while of hovering. If you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. close yo Still Spell Metamagic You can cast spells without moving. 0 Until Patrol the beginning (Combat)</p><div 0 of your next style="clear: 0 turn. If successful. You make attack When rolls using with simple a All weapon characters weapons with which except PFRPG without you for penalty. or spread-shaped PFRPG Core spell to <link increase rel="stylesheet"href="PF. When ki class you gain feature. of your use unleashed one of your PFRPG divine uses energy. stunned.css"><div made to overcome a 0 creature's spell class="heading"><p 0 resistance."></div></div><div><h5>Your Tripping CMD. Whenever +13.css"><div from Its effects the school do not of magic stack. 0 Delving</p><div When 0usingstyle="clear: a divination 0 both. You ignore up to -5 in penalties due to distance Advanced on visual Player's Perception <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. creation can assist feat. a ranged Dodge. halt and aits creature debris. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. not <link proficient. it0squeezes style="clear: each 0 round both.css"><div reduced. The creature's natural armor A bonus creature increases canBestiary gain by this +1. ride Mounted Mounted down opponents Combat."></div></div><div><h5>St damage once each rou Unseat Combat You are skilledStr at 13. it class="alignleft">Spell applies0 to a new school 0 Focus</p><div of magic. If itclass="heading"><p 0 hits.css"><div receive a +2 competence 1 bonus to class="heading"><p 0 your Combat0Maneuver class="alignleft">Coordinated Defense. bards."></div></div><div><h5>You levels higher than the spell's actua ca Wind Stance Combat Your erratic movements Dex 15. opponents Critical base to attack Focus slow bonus down. unseating Ride 1 your Mounted rank.css"><div Each strike). your primary h Two-Weapon Rend Combat Striking with both Dex of 17. you both. 0 Through you can (Combat)</p><div 0 complete the charge. 0of movement.css"><div checks when using spells 0 or spell-like class="heading"><p 0 abilities (DC 0 equals class="alignleft">Disruptive the save 0 DC of the disruptive 0 Spell spell (Metamagic)</p><div 0 plus the level of 0 the style="clear: spell beingboth. action. 0 gaining both."></div></div><div><h5>This within 20 feet of the ground in an creature area withca l Improved Natural Monster Armor This creature'sNatural hide is armor. a combat You 0 can style firefeat. be Bestiary taken subject multiple to <link the times. class="alignleft">Arcane The caster 0 level is equal 0 Talent</p><div to your character 1 style="clear: level. 0 for it applies this natural to class="heading"><p 0 a different attack increases natural 0 attack. <link you Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You know how to Shatter Defenses Combat Your skill with Weapon your chosen Focus. Combat When and you trample attempt them to under overrun your an mount.using You theircan superior readyreach. 0 style="clear: 0 both. If you 0 successfully class="alignleft">Charge overrun 0 that creature. is a standard you may action.css"><div both of you are required 1 to make class="heading"><p 0 a Ref lex saving 0 throw class="alignleft">Duck against 0 a spell or effect. 0 or Charisma-based class="alignleft">Cosmopolitan</p><div 0 skills. blade. clear attempt path to toward Advanced overrun the one target Player's creature <link of Guide your rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div come that attacks at you."></div></div><div><h5>You rolls. a crossbow 0 Mastery as many (Combat)</p><div 0 times in a full 0 attack style="clear: action as both. incorporeal Advanced Player's or ethereal <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div Each time below. he cannot can you react. an opponent action to to shoot cast spells.css"><div weapon.0 as if panicked.your drunken libations."></div></div><div><h5>You spell. A stilled spell can be cast with no somatic components. new You type deal 0 of weapon. of your Player's <link choice. 0 duration. Each time the 0 creature takes class="heading"><p 0 the feat.css"><div or tower shield. Core of channel <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. rolls gain (including you this PFRPG fighter make feat unarmed multiple level using Core 4th. you 0 can provide a class="heading"><p 0cover bonus to 0 AC against class="alignleft">Covering all 0 attacks to an 0 adjacent Defense ally (Combat)</p><div 0 your size or smaller. targeting 0 any foe within 0 Blast</p><div 30 feet as 0 style="clear: a ranged touch 0 both. +13. check proficient. off enemies Combat attacking Reflexes When nearby an allies. If you carry a shield. 10. You must meet have any more add Ability Focus Monster One of this creature's Special special attack."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0 senses are espe Disarming Strike Combat Your critical hits Intcan 13. with Power wild attacks."></div></div><div><h5>You levels. components 0 are not affected. foes. Expertise. of a spell-like spell-like ability abilities. caster level As 10th. grapple attack You can rolls (or ray. Thrown weapons 0 class="alignleft">Snatch can immediately 0 be thrown 0 Arrows back (Combat)</p><div as 0 an attack against style="clear: 0 the original both. it class="alignleft">Weapon applies0 to a new type 0 of weapon. Undead</p><div 0Undead receive 0 style="clear: a Will save 0 to both. 0of this Fortitude Critical)</p><div 0 save is equal style="clear: to 10 + your both. 0 Spellcaster If your (Teamwork)</p><div 0ally has the same 0 spell style="clear: prepared both."></div></div><div><h5>You are Shield Proficiency Combat You are trained in how to properly use a shield. while dual-wielding. a Disruptive Spell Metamagic Your magical energies cling to enemies. Advanced use an attack Player's <link of opportunity Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. with0all simple class="alignleft">Simple weapons."></div></div><div><h5>You to times make per a Fortitude day equal saving to his throw monk (DC level kno Throw Anything Combat You are used to throwing things you have on You hand. a foe triesWhenever to move away. youYou Disarm score base must attack a critical perform bonus You hit a with can +9."></div></div><div><h5>You can ch Self-Sufficient General You know how to get along in the wild and how You to get effectively a +2 bonus treat onwounds. Critical (Combat. 0hits instead add 0 toCritical the effect's (Combat. Improved to Improved temporarily Unarmed Unarmed You stun must Strike a Strike."></div></div><div><h5>You this ability. Combat Mobility. a disruptive spell must make Advanced concentration Player's <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. prerequisites. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. enemy's debilitated You can state deliver toYou attempt a coup can only a de coup grace coup deto de grace. Fist. Attack. the special Each class="heading"><p 0 time attack the on creature 0 whichclass="alignleft">Ability takes the creature the 0 feat. 0 This bonus0increases Maneuvers to +4 0 when (Combat. weapon Weapon Dazzling leaves Focus. Whenever Staggering stunned. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Player's You <link can Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You can s Stunning Critical Combat Your critical hits Critical cause Focus. so long as 0 your story makes class="heading"><p 0 you appear 0 innocent. the effects Player's its <link speed of one Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. least) The and class="heading"><p 0 creature provokes can an 0 use attack the class="alignleft">Quicken chosen of opportunity. of one rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Critical)</p><div 0 style="clear: both.css"><div natural weapons or unarmed 0 strikes). time The it is damage taken. yourare bestial considered ferocity. style="clear: both. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Fighting When wielding a double weapon or two weapons PFRPG (not Core including <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="heading"><p 0 you gain a +1 0 shield class="alignleft">Two-Weapon bonus 0 to your AC. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. using a tower a shield shield). a light as weapon. Core <link yourrel="stylesheet"href="PF. can your only opponent apply PFRPG the becomes Core effects <link staggered of one rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Overrun.you base can attack PFRPG give bonus up Core your +4. feats back.000 class="alignleft">Craft gp in 0 its market price.css"><div orIts grapple) effects weapon. an ally who also Advanced has this Player's feat. weapon.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Shield 0 0 Focus (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>You fo Bloody Assault Combat Sacrificing accuracy.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Dastardly 0 0 Finish (Combat)</p><div 0 0style="clear: both. your effects weapon do notfor stack. Unarmed using you Unarmed the can Strike. a critical Fighting. Furious other nearby Whenever Furious Focus. disarm only a melee combat apply Advanced attack. +4. feat multiple <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div in charge. free <link bull rel="stylesheet"href="PF. send Power opponents Attack."></div></div><div><h5>You level. Expertise. <link If you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. style="clear: redirectboth. melee Advanced bonus weapon. creatures with The ease. 0 you gain 0 +1 hit points whenever 0 style="clear: you gain both. a +2 bonus and mystical on caster clues level quick checks and Advanced with easy."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 a Hit Die (such as when you gain have a enhanced level). gain Weapon a Choose +2 bonus Focus oneon with type all selected of damage You weapon can weapon. your Double weapons Double Slice.class="heading"><p 0 If you have more 0 than class="alignleft">Toughness</p><div 3 Hit Dice. the charge c Childlike General Your resemblance Cha to 13. Strike. and Point-Blank move AsPoint-Blank a full-round again Shot. the maneuver effects you Player's <link can of to one disarm Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. receive0a +1 circumstance class="heading"><p 0 bonus on 0attack class="alignleft">Throw rolls made 0 with thrown 0 Anything splash weapons. Any numeric 0 measurements class="heading"><p 0 of the spell's 0 class="alignleft">Widen area increase 0 by 100%. who fail Enemies to cast in defensively your Enemies threatened when that you fail area to threaten that cast fail spells them. PFRPG Core Spells <link without rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div inchannel the area energy. and 0 on all skill checks 0 Shield that Proficiency involve 0 moving. significantly When more you use damage the attack than normal.css"><div have 10 or more ranks 0 in one ofclass="heading"><p 0 these skills. BullPower Whenever Rush. If 0 that Strike attack (Combat)</p><div is0 a critical hit."></div></div><div><h5> in orChapter attacks with 8.0its opponent style="clear: takes damage both. in large.css"><div In addition. seeYour some Special. elf. on caster level checks (1d20 PFRPG + caster Core <link level) rel="stylesheet"href="PF. style="clear: 0 both.css"><div attack. can your only opponent apply PFRPG the becomes Core effects <link sickened of one rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You may make attacks of opportunity aga ran Cooperative Crafting General Your assistance 1 rank makes in any itemCraft crafting skill.css"><div its area. 0 This bonus 0 increases Defense 0 to(Combat. You hit. choose 0 two Intelligence-. flying. one leave of the vicious creature's wounds."></div></div><div><h5>T Quicken Spell-Like Monster Ability This creature can Spell-like use one ability of its atspell-like CL 10th abilities or Choose higher. Improved you Unarmed transmute Improved Strike. Power you Attack base You score must attack a critical perform bonus You hit a +9. attacks is particularly Choose difficult one of the to resist. Attack ofand damage.css"><div either action before at any or 0 after pointits during move. 0 0Back (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. on not 0 attack select class="alignleft">Tower rolls it. positive you energy cause class undead You feature. 0duration to 1 round. using the charge action. This class="alignleft">Wingover free 0A turn flying does creature not 0 consume can (Monster)</p><div turn any up0 additional to 180 degrees style="clear: movement 0 by making from both. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Multiattack 0 0 (Monster. lightness."></div></div><div><h5>You you sacrificed for 1 round. 0 the concentration 0 Shot DC to (Combat)</p><div successfully 0 cast 0 the style="clear: spell is increased both. style="clear: both. the0 feat. attacks feat. You gain +3 hit points."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0 fall. Slice."></div></div><div><h5>Your spells bre Spellbreaker Combat You can strike Disruptive. Dodge. Specialization extra damage 0 (Combat)</p><div when using 0 this weapon. as though it had 0 the grab ability. 0 class="alignleft">Spell 0 0 Penetration</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. you can sacrifice a prepared Advanced spell Player's or <link unused Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0style="clear: both."></div></div><div><h5>While the standard +4 bonus on attack mounte rolls Turn Undead General Calling upon higher Channel powers. 0 the prerequisites. you can make PFRPG one Core attack<link at your rel="stylesheet"href="PF. resolve the attack 0 as normal. gnome. 13. make Dodge base it difficult attack for bonus If enemies you move +6. Power making Attack base You a charge. byflying. senses racial trait. with You selected can also weapon. the 0 style="clear: target is petrified both."></div></div><div><h5>This for automatic bite or claw damage creature with ac Wingover Monster This creature can Fly speed. Dex fire 13. harder fighter Shot If for you a level nearby ready 6th.css"><div a bonus attack feat roll at (thus. 0 the purposes Each time class="heading"><p 0of you this take feat. maximum 0 50 feet. one potent of the and creature's powerful."></div></div><div><h5>Sacrific damage dealt by the weapon. You a Snatch ArrowsCombat Instead of knocking Dex 15. by Disarming 0 the attack. attack must you have bonus can a +1. up to your You 0 Charisma can only choose modifier. class="alignleft">Stunning Stunning 0 Fist A monk forces may 0 a foe attempt Fist damaged (Combat)</p><div a stunning 0 by your attack unarmed style="clear: a 0 number attack of both. the 0 bonus class="alignleft">Self-Sufficient</p><div increases 0 to +4 for that 0 skill. crossbow a ranger Player's is <link with reduced Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 (Combat)</p><div You can 0 only style="clear: deal this additional both. opponents Critical base to attack Focus become bonus Whenever sickened. opponents Critical Staggering toFocus.css"><div act of animating a 0 construct takes class="heading"><p 0 one day for each 0 1.css"><div receive a +2 competence 1 bonus on class="heading"><p 0 level checks0made class="alignleft">Allied to overcome 0 spell resistance. a talent for pic Ectoplasmic Spell Metamagic Your spells breach the gulf between dimensions. (Combat)</p><div in0addition to the 0 style="clear: normal damage both. every Int 13."></div></div><div><h5>Living skills for you. it class="alignleft">Skill applies to +6.in the utter Your darkness. PFRPG and base wielding attack Core a bonus <link lance. may perform Bestiary an awesome <link blow rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div rush attack."></div></div><div><h5>Your prerequisites for crafting the item. equalexcept 0 to your read Intelligence magic. assist You Coordinated Defense Combat You are adept at working with allies to avoid Whenever being tripped. caster level As 10th. T Stand Still Combat You can stop foes Combat that Reflexes. gain you ifthis make PFRPG you feat are using multiple Core a spellcaster) the <link selected times. Night the 0natural Senses weapon style="clear: (Ex): 0 Ifcombat your both. restrictions rel="stylesheet"href="PF. check class="heading"><p 0 They penalty need skills. class="heading"><p 0 whether These or targets 0 not you class="alignleft">Selective areare notaffected. Strike. in you melee Shot to reload Starting with little any at fear type 6th Advanced level."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0 to Halfling pose as a human child. this can feat. an Attack. any Craft construct Wondrous whose Item. at enemy spellcasters 10th-level Disruptive fighter. strike. a standard action. The and Rapid Reload.css"><div a single melee attack 0 without provoking class="heading"><p 0 any attacks 0 ofclass="alignleft">Spring opportunity 0 from the target 0 Attack of your (Combat)</p><div attack.css"><div your adjacent squares. reach.css"><div times. tremendous Combat. flesh Unarmed to Gorgon's stone. class="heading"><p 0 Wisdom-. simultaneously. you may 0 immediately class="alignleft">Unseat make 0 a free bull0 rush (Combat)</p><div attempt in 0 addition style="clear: to the 0 normal both. emanation. Power Attack base attack You can bonus choose +11. Bluffperhaps checks to more convince thanAdvanced they others should. you with use your the shield. 0 affected by your 0 channeled Channeling</p><div energy."></div></div><div><h5>This a flyby attack. declare base that attack you are bonus A using monk +8. to can. choose You gain base unarmed a attack +1 bonus strike bonus on or all +1.css"><div aa ranged single weapon.css"><div target may not choose 0 to avoid you. at your or fingertips. +5. all Escape Artist and PFRPG StealthCore skill checks. crea Hover Monster This creature can Fly speed.css"><div You choose canthe take manifestation this 0 feat without when class="heading"><p having 0 you choose to meet the 0the feat. Gorgon's Medusa's action.css"><div only Shield applies Proficiency takes to the Strength shield's as 0a bonus and armor Dexterity-based feat.

a second Expertise."></div></div><div><h5>With a quick You may be small.css"><div you do not provide 0 soft cover class="heading"><p 0 to creatures when 0 ranged class="alignleft">Low attacks 0 pass through Profile 0 your (Combat)</p><div square. or halfling a sling sling or sling staff. or smaller Advanced with a two-handed Player's <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 In addition. your attack you Advanced mobility. If you attacks.css"><div weapon attack modif0ied by the Power class="heading"><p 0 Attack feat. or tower shield Advanced to use Player's this <link feat. base where attack it counts.sunder Improved your Improved Sunder. cut others You down can demoralize to size. you another can attempt is a standard the aid action. no levels in you a class have You that and gain has cana the use small grit grit. you Your critical hits Str can 13. of time. 0 confirmation Repositioning Strike (Combat)</p><div roll 0 Strike."></div></div><div><h5>You the class from whose spell list the can spe c Your mastery of Craft alchemy (alchemy) is nearly 5 ranks. luck but to b You can cast a Minor single Spell low-level Expertise. on damage 0 rolls class="alignleft">Adept and0 instead gain half 0Champion</p><div that bonus 0 as a bonus style="clear: on0 combat both. 0 class="alignleft">Shadow 0 0 Strike (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. cast Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 grant that adjacent class="heading"><p 0 ally a +2 0 shield class="alignleft">Saving bonus0 to AC. This bonus 0 replaces the class="heading"><p 0 stonecunning 0 ability's class="alignleft">Improved normal 0 bonus on Perception 0 Stonecunning</p><div checks. to dispel or remove Advanced your Player's transmutations <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. follow When Up. 0 Heart</p><div You may use 0 wild style="clear: empathy 0both. such as sneak Advanced attackPlayer's damage. Step and base using Up make attack the You an Step bonus attack."></div></div><div><h5>Somehow. with. take you Player's a can <link full-attack only Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div threatened by you 0 provokes an class="heading"><p 0 attack of opportunity. Singer</p><div 0 the DC for saving 1style="clear: throws against both. you Con are 15. inspiration as Ultimate athat swift grants action Combat you <link at the greater rel="stylesheet"href="PF. hits can Expertise. Sidestep. by breaking Power half-orc. or You smaller. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. A Disguise half ling checks mayAdvanced take to disguise this feat. style="clear: you may add both.css"><div throw.css"><div attitude. you without reroll Chance When base sacrificing a missed attack usingattack later bonus the Second attacks. Ultimate or contact single delivering Combat or piece injury <link of the poison ammunition rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Yo the spell. you0 are Heritage</p><div considered 1 both style="clear: a human 0 and Human both."></div></div><div><h5>You of your sling (50 feet) or sling staff can (80 tw fe Your ally's eyes Perception are your own. may You move may your choose oppone to You deflect attacks Shield that Proficiency.you may Advanced give it a Player's +2 <link enhancement Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.Orc nose is as sen Your physical control Improved and Trip. Dodge. attacks inAdvanced the same Player's turn."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0 cannot support your weight. gain heavy. Focus attacks You with must yourbe shield. you can intercept 0 a successfulclass="heading"><p 0 attack against0 that ally class="alignleft">In as an0immediate Harm's action. cannot using Player's the take <link Sidestep a 5-foot Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Wis you 13. lowering Quick Draw. Following you Step. to a range of 10 feet. enemies Combat using Disruptive.css"><div of instantaneous. from Mounted Mounted upon a Combat. In addition. as long as the total modified are level unequa of the Your physical mastery Acrobatics grants 6 ranks.css"><div monk attack receives roll (thus Perfect a 0 failed Strike attack as roll class="heading"><p 0a bonus ruins the feat attempt). an opponent."></div></div><div><h5>You or tower shield to use this feat. non-human ancestor flows in Choose your veins."></div></div><div><h5>You bareback."></div></div><div><h5>Yo Specialization in the sele With only a few Tactician quick gestures class feature."></div></div><div><h5>You any associated effects (bleed."></div></div><div><h5> If your ally is wielding a buckl Your allies cover you while you cast complicated Whenever spells. a 5-foot step class="heading"><p 0 during your 0 nextclass="alignleft">Improved turn. both. opponent him off larger balance. In0addition. one Heighten particular Heighten Spell spell. jaws and steely teeth are deadly You enough can make to give a bite you attack a bite forattack. and Player's you <link may Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. a creature sized opponent your sizebackward. you are flanked and adjacent to an ally Ultimate with this Combat feat. bonuses even after and you penalties have stopped from your performing. your 1 flanking bonus class="heading"><p 0 on attack rolls 0 increases class="alignleft">Outflank to 0+4. but Small your remarks size or smaller. monkaction. as an Improved you Improved opportunity successfully Trip."></div></div><div><h5>You to inf luence vermin as easily as you have inf a luence specia a Your songs draw Cha upon 13. both. performance with audible Advanced components Player's <link inGuide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. the The 0 feat. anddwarf. 0 Way taking (Combat)</p><div full 0 damage from style="clear: 0 that attack and both."></div></div><div><h5>Your up a spell slot one level higher th s Your claw attacks Str 13. the 0 attack A Kick monk deals (Combat)</p><div may 0 damage attempt normally a punishing style="clear: 0 and you kick both."></div></div><div><h5>With a number effect or of condition. 0 may be small. the You wind. using the aid another action to improve Advanced an adjacent Player's <link ally's Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. is 0 Spell equal Expertise</p><div to your 0caster level style="clear: in 0the class both.css"><div same creature. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class amount feature. you may0 roll the same saving class="heading"><p 0 throw as 0 if you class="alignleft">Lucky were the 0 one subject 0 to Halfling</p><div the effect requiring 1 style="clear: it. At the with GM's a situation option. def Quick ref lexes Int turn 13. both."></div></div><div><h5>A of dealing the extra damage from stri The blood of aHuman. style="clear: must 0 still be met both."></div></div><div><h5>Yo by +1. him. or Following only take Step one feats Advanced standard to follow Player's action <link an adjacent and Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 Places your(Combat. and around Mobility. that You of gain most a +1 of natural your people. 0 Shot (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>Your senses are e A wild frenzy of Str attacks 13. Spell. CMD."></div></div><div><h5>Your of doses equal to your Intelligence mastery mod Your damaging spells subdue rather than kill.css"><div you can attempt 0 the aid another class="heading"><p 0 action as a0moveclass="alignleft">Team action. knock declare base back that attack your you foes. performance with audible Advanced components Player's <link underground. Power you Attack base You score attack must a critical bonus perform You hit +9. of grit If you and gain the levels ability Ultimate in to a perform class Combat that a <link single grants rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div Its twice effects per day do not as a stack. or tower shield Advanced to use Player's this <link feat. foes' weapons. <link you Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div With Its effects the selected do not shield.css"><div When a creature takes 0 damage class="heading"><p 0 from this spell. annunchaku. Back (Teamwork)</p><div 0 0style="clear: both. you successfully counter a spell. The reduction in damag wil You have mastered Proficiency the use with of Shield selected one type Focus shield."></div></div><div>< You can shareSpellcraft spells with 10 those ranks.css"><div When by their a creature effects. whether using the Starting base Run when the advancing withdraw at attack using 6th Advanced level. Wis weapon.css"><div take action.this master feat Advanced before monkyou or Player's zen make <link archer Guide your rel="stylesheet"href="PF. spell it class="alignleft">Preferred applies or spell 0 to slot a different of equalspell. 0or attacksYou against class="heading"><p 0 also constructs. the Childlike and do 0 feat not receive as a prerequisite.css"><div increases by +2. allies action."></div></div><div><h5>The a dwarf for the purpose of taking blood traits. Spells that 0 inf lict damage class="heading"><p 0 of a particular 0 type class="alignleft">Merciful (such 0 as fire) inf lict nonlethal 0 Spell (Metamagic)</p><div damage 0 of that same 0 style="clear: type. Dodge.css"><div AC. When casting a selective spell with an areaAdvanced effect and Player's a duration <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. stronghalf-orc.css"><div until the beginning 0 of your next class="heading"><p 0 turn. 3 ranks.Teamwork)</p><div Enemies 0 that provokestyle="clear: attacks of opportunity both. you have the ability to Advanced cast. strikes. The DC of this save is Whenever youEidolon summon class your feature. Combat swipe.css"><div Once per round when 0 you would normally class="heading"><p 0 be hit0 with a class="alignleft">Ray ranged 0 touch attack (including Shield 0 (Combat)</p><div rays and 0 similarstyle="clear: magical 0 effects). You must physical reach maste as You can clear Rapid the way Shot. You're 0 considered class="heading"><p 0 proficient in 0 this attack class="alignleft">Razortusk</p><div and 0can apply feats 0 or effects appropriate style="clear: 1 to both. 0 You style="clear: can apply 0 any both. If or knocking an smaller.Teamwork)</p><div 0 melee attack. Gang you can base and aid Up attack Aid an at least ally another bonus with twoa +6. not Advanced need to make Player's <link RideGuide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. spell Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. not provoke You provoke an attack anof attack opportunity of opportunity Advanced when performing when Player's <link performing a Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. spell (but eidolon. throw 0 A monk the target with class="heading"><p 0 this prone feat incan anyaffect square 0 creatures class="alignleft"><i>Ki</i> you threaten 0 larger rather than his than 0own its Throw own size square. expression than you. <link you Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div can move into your1 ally's square as class="heading"><p 0 part of normal 0 movement. Sundering roll 0 style="clear: exceeds Strike. If 0 a creature style="clear: fails this both."></div></div><div><h5>You can feel move Your songs are Cha in accordance 13. As a move action. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 When making 0 Alchemist</p><div poisons."></div></div><div><h5>You for 0 Half-Orc. normally Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div create mundane alchemical 0 items class="heading"><p 0much more quickly 0 class="alignleft">Master than normal. deftly direct Your senses are Keen especially senses sharp. can You can alter your Smite smite evil class ability. Improved knock Whenever your Improved Trip. you people. armor bonus due to your Advanced unusually Player's tough <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. and Improved use Improved theGrapple.Orc Sense Motive skill checks if thecan subject catch has theone so You have a way Cha of 13. ofSpell changing Focus makes The your DC transmutations of caster level checks more durable."></div></div><div><h5>You The creature must be within 5 can fee You are adept Dex at sidestepping 15. you step may each also 0 round. for Sleight class="heading"><p 0 you of Hand may make with 0 this a Sleight class="alignleft">Well-Prepared</p><div feat. opponent's Mobility. day."></div></div><div><h5>You Halfling use this ability after your ally has bring rolled. In 0 addition.css"><div an immediate action. 0 its effects class="alignleft">Tenacious persist 0 for 1 additional 0 Transmutation</p><div round before 0 dissipating. adjacent to an opponent and making Advanced a full-attack Player's action <link Guide with rel="stylesheet"href="PF. As a move stride. 0 but not to feint class="heading"><p 0 in combat or 0 deliver class="alignleft">Stone-Faced</p><div secret 0messages. bonus +1. If your 0 Repositioning confirmation Strike0 (Combat)</p><div roll Strike. their base defenses. are Advanced adjacent to Player's an <link opponent.css"><div on yourself can also 0 affect a creature class="heading"><p 0 bonded 0 to youclass="alignleft">Improved (such as 0 an animal companion. You may crawl. 0 style="clear: 0 both. You0 must actually class="heading"><p 0 have sufficient0caster class="alignleft">Intensified levels to 0 surpass the 0 maximum Spellin (Metamagic)</p><div order 0 to benefit from 0 style="clear: this feat. style="clear: or0special mount). for performing you 0 can forgo combat the class="heading"><p 0 bonus maneuvers. can Step Step. one ranged type Using weapon. scent half-orc Keen of fear Scent or on orc. you are adjacent to an ally who also Advanced has this Player's feat. by Disarming the 0 attack. Dexterity. your Mobility. 1 you deal an additional class="heading"><p 0 1d6 points 0 of class="alignleft">Precise precision 0 damage with 0 each Strike successful (Combat. 0 Spell ability Expertise</p><div is equal 0 to yourstyle="clear: caster 0 level in both. Mobility."></div></div><div><h5>Wh one of your attacks of opportun Rocks show more Dwarf. even if the spell class="heading"><p 0 is negated.Advanced it returns back Player's <link to its Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you ability have to aAny acquire magical non-instantaneous an connection animal companion. weapon.css"><div increase its range to 0 a higher range class="heading"><p 0category. Disruptive.css"><div bonus on the Perception normal bonus 0skill checks. full attack. when one of your allies within Advanced 30 feet makes Player's <link a saving Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Once per day. style="clear: you 0 gain a +2 both. 0 If you changed your target's can attitude charm to people friend You can strike Improved your enemy Grapple. missed Combat strikes Combat Expertise. enemy. gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC against ranged Advanced attacks. your orboth. class="alignleft">Sharp 0 0Senses</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. 0 whenever (Combat. a wild predator. half-elf. to your Combat critical Combat Expertise. the Chance Second Advanced feat. Minor spell Spell as ability aExpertise spell-like Choose to cast 9th-level ability. Powerattacks Attack. perfect strike quarterstaff. a move action. do greater two claw harm natural to your weapon enemy."></div></div><div><h5>Yours sma You bring luck Halfling. 1 style="clear: the range orboth.css"><div as have a human. 0 While unconscious 0 Vitality</p><div you 0 must style="clear: still expend 0 both. checks 0 unattended made (Combat)</p><div to knock objects. You gain the scent special ability. staff. can light.css"><div as if it were normal 0 terrain."></div></div><div><h5>Your a You can charm Quick people Draw. (Metamagic)</p><div 0 and long. a DC of 10 1plus style="clear: the item's 0 cost Halfling both. You Spellbreaker must be using a light. 0 day Each as atime spelllike class="heading"><p 0 you take ability.css"><div a longbow or shortbow 0 (including class="heading"><p 0 composite bows). or withdraw a retreating. to take a -5 penalty on all melee Advanced attack Player's rolls <link and Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div poison to with two is your body a standard unarmed parts 0 that action. you Improved can reduce Improved Unarmed theUnarmed threat Strike. for it class="alignleft">Minor applies this spell-like 0 to a new ability spell. are of A foes. your Half-Elf bardic performance is increased songs recount by +2 fo You pick your way Acrobatic nimbly Steps.css"><div smaller. You can make a checkare usin n The force intrinsic Int 13. style="clear: 1 both. hit.css"><div that race for any effects 0 related to race. supplies whenclose confronted at hand.When you attack an inanimate. a foe's Mobility missed Whenever swing.css"><div Strength modifier. to enter Advanced or leave Player's a <link square Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Strike. In 0 addition. make Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your natural 0 Half-Orc attacks to it. If you 0 would style="clear: normallyboth. another Advanced action. foes where Expertise. stepyou during may your still0 next take turn. 0style="clear: both. you Half-Orc. change Combat a creature's <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Combat strike Combat into Expertise. to an ally who also Advanced has this Player's feat.css"><div forgo making any 0 other attacks for class="heading"><p 0 the rest of your 0 turn class="alignleft">Second to reroll 0 that attack at 0 your Chance highest (Combat)</p><div 0 base attack bonus. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you can draw 0 a weapon and class="heading"><p 0 make a single 0 melee class="alignleft">Betrayer</p><div attack 0 against that0creature as style="clear: an 0 immediate both. 0 class="alignleft">Stabbing you may0choose to make 0 aShot melee (Combat)</p><div attack 1 against that style="clear: 0 opponent Elf with both. from the class="heading"><p 0 keen senses racial 0 trait. Spell medium. Reflexes. 1 down style="clear: or break 0 Half-Orc open both. orc. areas largely Halfling populated or settled easily by hu m When wieldingDex a monk 13. +6. choose +16. Applying rank. as Whenever long as an you ally and distracts an allyyour who foe. Player's <link In addition. pois pu You have an especially Con 13. class="alignleft">Shielded If your 0 ally is wielding 0 a Caster buckler (Teamwork)</p><div or 0 a light shield. Gang When you Up. Aid +6. for Combat snatching Combat Expertise."></div></div><div><h5>You you may def lect it so that youcan take ev n Your powerful Half-orc. hit confirmation 0 (Combat)</p><div rolls. cast Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. a with can triponly a combat melee apply Advanced attack."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0 Half-Orc. After Sidestep melee sidestepping attacks If you without an use opponent's the compromising Sidestep missed feat. could Shield meanProficiency your ally's Whenever death. that you know Youof can 5th gain level this Advanced or feat lower. 0 it must class="alignleft">Persistent make 0 another saving 0 throw Spell against (Metamagic)</p><div 0 the effect. draw In up a Somehow. You can alter spells that inf lict damage to inf Advanced lict nonlethal Player's <link damage Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. foe trying Agile to Small grab Maneuvers size you. receive a0+5 only bonus class="alignleft">Smash attacks on Strength 0 on inanimate. both. You 0 may both. class="heading"><p 0 For example."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 can throw an en You are an expert Dex skirmisher. using a light. and p Your songs recount Cha 13. dwarf. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Mounted 0 0 Skirmisher0(Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both.265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 m Improved Second Combat Chance Improved Share General Spells Improved Sidestep Combat Improved Steal Combat Improved Stonecunning General Intensified Spell Metamagic In Harm's WayCombat Ironguts General Ironhide General Keen Scent General Ki Throw Combat Leaf Singer General Light Step General Lingering Performance General Lingering Spell Metamagic Lookout Combat Low Profile Combat Lucky Halfling General Major Spell Expertise General Master Alchemist General Merciful Spell Metamagic Minor Spell Expertise General Missile Shield Combat Mounted Shield Combat Mounted Skirmisher Combat Outflank Combat Paired Opportunists Combat Parry Spell General Parting Shot Combat Pass For Human General Perfect Strike Combat Persistent Spell Metamagic Point Blank Master Combat Practiced Tactician General Precise Strike Combat Preferred Spell General Punishing KickCombat Pushing Assault Combat Racial Heritage General Raging VitalityGeneral Ray Shield Combat Razortusk General Reach Spell Metamagic Rending Claws Combat Repositioning Strike Combat Saving Shield Combat Second Chance Combat Selective SpellMetamagic Shadow StrikeCombat Shared InsightGeneral Sharp SensesGeneral Shield of Swings Combat Shield Specialization Combat Shield Wall Combat Shielded Caster General Sickening Spell Metamagic Sidestep Combat Smash Combat Smell Fear General Sociable General Spell Perfection General Spider Step General Stabbing ShotCombat Steel Soul General Step Up and Strike Combat Stone-Faced General Stone Sense General Stone Singer General Stunning Assault Combat Summoner's Call General Sundering Strike Combat Swap Places Combat Swift Aid Combat Taunt General Team Up Combat Teleport Tactician Combat Tenacious Transmutation General Thundering Spell Metamagic Touch of Serenity Combat Trick Riding Combat Tripping StrikeCombat Under and Over Combat Underfoot Combat Vermin Heart General War Singer General Well-PreparedGeneral Adder Strike Combat Adept Champion General Amateur Gunslinger Combat Arc Slinger Combat Back to Back General Betrayer General Binding ThrowCombat C m C m C m C m C m R G C m RG G C m W G Cm m C w D G C mC m C R G C G C H C m C C m C C m C Q C m w C C m C m M G C m M C m C C G C CC m C R C m C C m C W C m C C m C G C wC m D C m D m C m D G C m D C m D M C m D C m D G D W C m D D G D DG m mw m m m m You can turn aInt missed 13. an adjacent ally is the target of an Advanced attack. Trip score attack must a critical perform bonus You hit +9.css"><div to of reposition your the following opponent. both. If the spell allows a sav With a single touch Wis 18."></div></div><div><h5>You does not provoke attacks of opportunity can repo You overcomePower obstacles Attack. foes you base You down. You ofmust even Strike base declare the attack most that bonus savage you +8. class="heading"><p 0 Point-Blank Shot's 0 damage class="alignleft">Arc bonus 0 applies Slinger within 0 the (Combat)</p><div first normal 0 range style="clear: increment 0 both. you orImproved other can poison apply protected Unarmed to one a weapon dose body Strike.css"><div may act in the surprise 1 round as long class="heading"><p 0 as your ally 0 would class="alignleft">Lookout normally 0 be able to act 0 in (Combat. you 0 can chooseclass="heading"><p 0 a number of targets 0 class="alignleft">Selective in the area 0 equal to the 0 ability Spell score (Metamagic)</p><div modifier 0 used to 0 determine style="clear: bonus both. you Expertise can base aid Asan attack a swift ally's bonus action.css"><div you can forgo still make the rest the 0of rest your ofattacks your class="heading"><p 0 attacks that turn. Combat. you grant all friendly creatures Advanced within Player's 30 <link feetGuide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 Each you gain time class="heading"><p 0ayou +2 bonus take the to 0 feat."></div></div><div><h5>Your provoke difference. youYou Reposition score must base a critical perform attack You hit bonus a with can reposition only a +9."></div></div><div><h5>With only a f You are skilledDex at striking 13. into Persuasive. smite deity evil intoclass divine feature. <link times. a creature deafening Advanced damaged creatures Player's by the <link damaged spell. others to get along.Orc skin is thicker and Your nose is as Wis sensitive 13. class="alignleft">Spider branches. The on. <link yourel="stylesheet"href="PF. this Advanced feat or multiple tower Player's shield). using +11. more you than can Advanced 5still feet. attacks of opportunity. cause an instantaneous spell that Advanced affects an Player's area <link to persist Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. roll class="heading"><p 0 ruins even the if he attempt). Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You you can can use direct your tactician others in ability combat. If your ally is wielding You can sicken creatures with your spells. 0 maneuver.css"><div receive a +2 circumstance 1 bonus to class="heading"><p 0 AC against attacks 0 class="alignleft">Back from opponents 0 flanking 0 to you. maneuver the effects you Player's to <link can of trip one trip Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. vermin and sting. channeling base While the attack power using bonus of your your +5. style="clear: 0 heavy shield. Choose Shield one Focus.css"><div one additional times.css"><div wielding a shield who 1also has this class="heading"><p 0 feat. can dangerous ignore Moves the and effects uneven of difficult terrain. class="alignleft">Lingering 0 such as range 0 Performance</p><div or specific 0conditions. Persuasive When attack you bonus allowing succeed +3. by the Disarming 0 attack. This works exactly 0 like the class="heading"><p spell 0 turning spell 0 (Pathfinder class="alignleft">Parry 0RPG Core Rulebook 0 Spell</p><div page 347). one spell spells. your Dodge. hit a creature base attack with bonus two claw +6. 0 so class="alignleft">Underfoot long as 0 they are larger 0 than (Combat)</p><div you. Power can Attack base stun attack You your can bonus enemies. attack you are bonus A using weapon +8. <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. by (Combat)</p><div spending 0 This 1 movement ki point 0style="clear: per does size not category both. 1d4 points of Advanced damage. spell-like Advanced or special ability) Player's <link you mount. You you may may choose deal da to You are skilled at changing places with your Whenever ally during you a chaotic are adjacent melee. (Metamagic)</p><div 0 but other creatures 0 style="clear: or objects both. <link you Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws Advanced against any Player's effect <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. thebardic ways performance and mysteries class When of your feature.css"><div or true motives. an enemy. Combat up against Combat Expertise.css"><div dice by 5 levels. 0does class="alignleft">Punishing not On meet a successful 0 the prerequisites. your Shot You Shot. you You can even Dex deflect 15. Moves. 0 class="alignleft">Summoner's This bonus 0 lasts 10 minutes 0 Call</p><div after the 0 summoning style="clear: 0 ritualboth.css"><div Shield Focus but not0including enhancement class="heading"><p 0 bonuses) 0 to class="alignleft">Mounted your mount's 0 AC."></div></div><div><h5>You dodge bonus to Armor Class against slip und at You have a special Wild empathy bond with class things feature. ranger you Player's <link can with action.css"><div skill checks for any task 0 listed in the class="heading"><p 0Ride skill with0a DCclass="alignleft">Trick of 15 or0 lower. Advanced Player's <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div a heights battlefield of violence (any area 0 and where savagery. raging. The unattended benefits of Advanced object. than you attempts to grapple Advanced you Player's and <link fails. 0 (Combat."></div></div>< from your You can throwSpellcraft an enemy 15 spell ranks. a full-attack action while wielding Advanced a two-handed Player's <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You can modify a spell to sicken a creature Advanced damaged by Player's the <link spell."></div></div><div><h5>Yo flanked creature. You your Shield may mount. or orc. 0 or even 0 Step</p><div water or other 0style="clear: surfaces that both. Second Chance 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. in gold pieces to "happen" to have such you an al You can quickly Poison apply use poison class Improved to feature. Improved Whenever you wish. so. 1 feet. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. aPlayer's +2 <link This racial Guide replaces rel="stylesheet"href="PF. the range or 0 area of your chosen class="heading"><p 0 performance 0 is class="alignleft">Leaf doubled. 0 albeit class="alignleft">Improved at a -5 0 penalty to each 0 attack.css"><div claw attack deals 0 an additional class="heading"><p 0 1d6 points 0 of damage. lecting ShieldShield ranged Focus. Uon m Ki anThrow C m w w m m m w C m w m w U m w C m w w w m m m w w C m m m mU m U m m m m m U m C m w m m m C m W w w m w U m m U m m m m w m U m C m m W w C m w m m U m U m m m U m mC m w m m W C m w w w m m W m D m m G G m m mm U m U m w m U m C m m m m C m W m mD m m mm m U DR m C m m m m DR DR m R m W D m m G G m W m Um m U m m w w mU m m CHm C m D m W m w w m m U m C m m m w w R m W D w C w Cm m W m w m D w D w m m w w W W w w U mw C m w m w G C m m m w w m mW m m U m C m m W G m C m mw mm W m m U m C m m m mm C m wm D m M C mM m C m w m m w m U m m Cw m m w C m C m mw m C w U m C m C R C R m W m w mU m C m m m m m C w DC w w m m m w w m Uw mw C m m m m C H C m m m m w W m G m m G W U m U m m U m C m m m m w C C m W W wC C w w m m w U m C m w m m C C m w W D D Dm W W C ww w Mw w w w w m U m C m m w C Q m w C m m m m m m W m mm m m U m m C m w C R m m m m C w C m m m w H w W H U m wC m w w C m M mw wm m U m m U wm m m w w U m mw C m m m C m M C m m w C C m m U m C m C w C m m w W mw w U m C m w m mm C C mC m mw w m C CC W m DC w W m D U m U m U m C mm W C W Cm R C m m D m D U m w U m m U m C m W C C m m C m w C DC m DO U m w U w m C wU mm mC m w m w C W C m m w w m m m m U W m w m m U Um m C m mw C w C m m m C W w w m W wm U w mw C m m w m w C w m Um m Umm m m U m C m C C m w C m W mm m W m w m U m C m w D DC C m m w W m U m C m m w D m m C m w w w m U m m C m m w w m D m G G C m m w m C D w D w D U m C m m w D w C m H mO O w D C D w WD D mD w U m C m w D M C m H O O O m C w D WD D M DD M m D U m C m m w w D C m H O O O C m C m m m m m m m w U m C m m m m D m D m C m mm w w C w w m w U m C mm w m CD w w W C m w m G w D m M G w w D M w U m C m m w m D D G W m m m W m m w w U m C m m DC D DC D W . encounter. into Expertise second base When attack chances. hit."></div></div><div><h5>Whenever is complete. you reduce Ultimate your penalty Combat <link on ranged rel="stylesheet"href="PF. If you effec beg You spell clings to existence."></div></div><div><h5>The for the effect to continue. following in feats 0 addition to a given to thecritical class="heading"><p 0 normal hit: damage Bull 0 Rush dealt class="alignleft">Tripping Strike."></div></div><div><h5>You time. to a given in critical addition class="heading"><p 0 hit: to Bull the 0 normal Rush class="alignleft">Sundering Strike. at controlling Mounted Mounteda Combat.css"><div affect animals (although 0 they are still class="heading"><p 0 affected by spells 0 class="alignleft">Vermin targeting 0vermin as well). half-orc. melee apply Advanced combat attack. 1 style="clear: 0 Dwarf both. may knock You your may choose opponen for to You can slip under Agilea Maneuvers.css"><div who can see or hear 0 you (includingclass="heading"><p 0 yourself ) a +2 0bonus class="alignleft">Sociable</p><div on Diplomacy 0 checks 0for a number style="clear: 1 of rounds equal both. You receive a Dwarves +4 racial bonus normally onreceive saving throws a +2 Advanced racial against bonus Player's spells <link on saving and Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. and Focus. glovedUnarmed hands. eidolon. steed. you can grant all friendly Advanced creatures within Player's <link 30Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. weapons 0 to make Astyle="clear: monk 0 the may attack: attempt both. 0 or higher Spell</p><div level. 0 takes damageclass="heading"><p 0 from this spell."></div></div><div><h5>A next turn. the effects maneuver you Player's <link can of one move Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.w a You can modify a spell to become more tenacious Whenever when a creature its targets targeted resist its byeffect."></div></div><div><h5>Y your base shield bonus (in You form a unified Shield defense Proficiency.Teamwork)</p><div you 0 score a critical 0 hit style="clear: against the both. deal precision damage."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0 area Half-Orc. you Halfling. wearing you light can or make no armor. the class="heading"><p 0 penalty The for benefits 0 disguising class="alignleft">Pass of yourself the 0 two feats as a member stack.css"><div cast Its that effects spelldo twice not per stack. <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you not provoke are a ranger threatened Player's attacks <link withGuide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. both. exceeds Sundering your 0 opponent's style="clear: Strike.css"><div sunder of the your an following opponent's opponent's feats 0 weapon.css"><div one 5-foot foe. a two-handed Power Attack. If used as part of powerful a full attack jaws an ac Your spells go farther than normal. it look you like do art.css"><div (see the Intimidate skill 0 description class="heading"><p 0 for details) and 0 take class="alignleft">Taunt</p><div no skill0 check penalty0 for beingstyle="clear: smaller 0 thanboth. trait. always seem to have the right Once tools per orday. feat Strike.Teamwork)</p><div the surprise 0 round."></div></div><div><h5>Your m You can conjure your spells into existence with You blaring can modify thunder a spell or fearful to deafen shrieks. racial trait."></div></div><div><h5>You from whose spell list the spell is taken. Combat Expertise. 0 Each by sacrificing time class="heading"><p 0 you a take prepared the0 feat.css"><div opponents without 0 provoking attacks class="heading"><p 0 of opportunity. move Following away. You 0 style="clear: also receive both. dwarf.css"><div spell-like throws abilities. for a human or halfling rather (see than YouSpecial). (Combat)</p><div This 0 does not provoke 0style="clear: an attack both. or 0 you may move 0 up Sidestep to your full (Combat)</p><div 0speed if you take 0 style="clear: an action to both. 0 Repositioning Strike If your (Combat)</p><div confirmation 0 Strike. Its time effects per 0 stack. assault. natural both. the AC bonus 0 from class="alignleft">Shield your0 shield increases.css"><div the range0 or area of your class="heading"><p 0 chosen performance 0 class="alignleft">Stone is doubled. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Ironhide</p><div 0 0 style="clear: 1 both. attack a numb sai. able Mobility. frightened. the DC 1 style="clear: for Sense Motive 0both. You have a knack Int 13. 0 Shield you (Combat)</p><div may 0 add this bonus 0 style="clear: when making both. the and m Unarmed Ki m hold Ki Throw m Throw. bardic performance with the ways class When and feature. Sunder.css"><div combat maneuver checks 0 to stunclass="heading"><p 0 targets you hit0with your class="alignleft">Stunning melee 0 attacks for 1 0 round. Such of 0 Hand a choice check iswith 0 permanent.css"><div steal combat a steal combat maneuver."></div></div><div><h5>When kama. of shield. An intensified spell increases the maximumAdvanced number ofPlayer's damage <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div a forest.css"><div start aptitude of your turn. extremely declare base that precise."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0 Dwarf. an attack action. are bonus A using hungry +8. Whenever Player's <link you Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.Orc of your chosen performance is songs doubled. a combat class="alignleft">Parting style 0 feat."></div></div><div><h immediate action. half-orc as that or of orc. Whenever you and an ally who also has this Advanced feat are flanking Player's <link the Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. time class="heading"><p 0 you The take caster thelevel 0 feat."></div></div><div><h5>You doors."></div></div><div><h5>Yo be denied the ability to act in the Yours small stature Dex 13.css"><div 1st-level the grit deed class from feature. Riding moves If your its mount speed moves or less."></div></div><div><h5>Yo other variables of the spell are a You put yourself Bodyguard."></div></div><div><h5>The or CMD. it suffers You are adept Weapon at firing ranged Specialization Weapon weapons Specialization with in close selected Choose quarters. rays Missile with Missile Shield."></div></div><div><h5>You a drawn arrow rather than firing can it You are especially Dwarf. a spell-like Choose ability."></div></div><div><h5>Your se Your spells can go beyond several normal limitations. class="heading"><p 0 ruins even the if attempt). 0 Share eidolon. inspiring with audible those Advanced around components you Player's <link to new on Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. and yours are While his. Starting weapon You atwhile 6th do Advanced level. you Gunslinger gain 1 grit 0 (Combat)</p><div point. 0 For Human</p><div of another1 race when style="clear: you 0 do Half-elf.css"><div same the creature. 0 or panicked class="heading"><p 0 conditions 0 using class="alignleft">Smell scent."></div></div><div><h5>You the effect."></div></div><div><h5>You modifier (minimum 1 round). but you When you are Int ganging 13. 0 and you can 0Singer</p><div affect deaf1creatures style="clear: if they 0both. you useclass="heading"><p 0 for unarmed strikes.this ghost feat Advanced monk before receives you Player's make <link Punishing Guide your rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Quick Your allies need Spellcraft not fear10 friendly ranks. your bardic people. the morale bonus Advanced to your Constitution Player's <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You can to grant gainallies Practiced Advanced a teamwork Tactician Player's <link feat multiple Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you can choose 0 to reduceclass="heading"><p 0 the damage by 0 1/2 to class="alignleft">Shield gain a 0 +4 shield bonus 0 of to Swings AC and (Combat)</p><div CMD 0 until the beginning 0 style="clear: of your both. though0 throughout style="clear: the day both.css"><div instead. damage Disarming 0 dealt byStrike.css"><div bonus to its 0Strength. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. an Expertise."></div></div><div><h5>You metamagic feats you possess to find this it spell very w e Your kicks are Con so powerful 13. feats 0 in addition to a given to the critical class="heading"><p 0 normal hit: Bull damage 0 Rush dealt class="alignleft">Repositioning Strike. you 0 can style="clear: create0 a number both."></div></div><div><h5>When you a You are highlyCombat alert for Reflexes."></div></div><div><h5>Your can attack choose a number to push of times your target per day 5 fee eq k A strike made Str with 15."></div></div><div><h5>You a +2 bonus to your Combat Maneu ha Your sense forWis stonework 13. feature. receive a +4 bonus on Perception checks Advanced to detect Player's creatures <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. <link you Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div increases by 0 2.css"><div anyour of opponent. your it class="alignleft">Shield Armor applies Class 0 to a against new type critical 0 of Specialization shield. a receive member a +10 of your bonus own on race. move Combat your Combat Expertise. A merciful both. he 0 does class="alignleft">Touch not On meet a successful 0 the prerequisites. Player's granting <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Stone 0 0Sense</p><div 0 style="clear:0both.css"><div stonework. 0 close.css"><div feet who can see or hear 0 you a +2 bonus class="heading"><p 0 on Perception 0 class="alignleft">Shared checks for 0 a number of 0 rounds Insight</p><div equal1 to your style="clear: Wisdom 0 Half-Elf both. Advanced that a character calls Player's for <link can a particular Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. or massive ranged weapo are Your defensive Mounted tactics defend Combat. to continue elf.css"><div area succeeds on its 0 saving throw against class="heading"><p 0 the spell. make a single class="heading"><p 0 melee attack 0 against class="alignleft">Step that 0foe at your highest Up 0 and base Strike attack (Combat)</p><div 0 bonus. opponents using Bluff rather Advanced thanPlayer's Intimidate <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. health. Assault A successful (Combat)</p><div 0 Fortitude 0 style="clear: save negates both. are ab You are skilledDex at def 13.0they become class="alignleft">Sickening sickened 0 for a 0 number Spell of (Metamagic)</p><div rounds 0 equal to the 0 original style="clear: level of both.an opponent misses you with a melee Advanced attack. <link as Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. yourself Dodge."></div></div><div><h5>You ac You deftly direct Wis others' 13. with spells and special Advanced abilitiesPlayer's that <link only Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. a combat class="heading"><p 0 involving a 0dozen class="alignleft">War or more 0 combatantsSinger</p><div is 0 taking place). Player's yourself <link but must Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. your shield. rain Point missiles Once Blank Point per upon Blank Shot. bonus you take +1. Power to bolster Attack baseyour attack When defenses.css"><div you may make a trip 0 attack as an class="heading"><p immediate 0 action 0 against class="alignleft">Under that 0opponent with 0and a +2Over bonus.css"><div caster. Advanced close. mastery Improved Improved of momentum Trip. In addition. You count Advanced as both human Player's <link and Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your critical hit. 0 the you gunslinger can immediately class="heading"><p 0 deed class trade feature. multiple You Player's can <link times. swift If moving your Trick Trick mount Riding. class="heading"><p 0 Any other 0 requirement. creature to approach using Spellbreaker a you teleportation or flee from effect you."></div></div><div><h5>You maneuver checks against the target can alter of yo y Although you are You not have a gunslinger. resilient than or orc. of help You are unequaled Spellcraft at the 15 casting ranks.css"><div substitute mundane the Survival item 0 of skill equipment. 0this style="clear: bonus increases both. exceeds Sundering your style="clear: 0 opponent's Strike.css"><div weapon. 13."></div></div><div><h5>Y You look for every Base edge attack when bonus flanking +4. stack.css"><div that Its effects spell spontaneously do not stack. Unarmed On Improved a successful allows Strike. Power serves Attack. making bonus a +6. In addition. You receive a +4 bonus on Bluff checks to lie Advanced or conceal Player's your <link feelings Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div attack Kickroll as (thus a bonus a 0 failed feat at attack 1st level. is of quick ayour standard feint. through Acrobatic Nimble even Steps.css"><div receive a +4 competence 1 bonus on class="heading"><p 0 concentration 0 checks. Combat horse While in combat. firing may the select selected class="heading"><p 0Point weapon Blank Master while 0 threatened. A reach 0 style="clear: spell uses both. more half-orc. the Improved very earth Stonecunning Perception and You stones gain 10 tremorsense around ranks. Unarmed you unarmed to throw Strike enemies. 0 class="alignleft">Teleport even if 0 casting defensively 0 Tactician or using(Combat)</p><div a 0 supernatural 0 ability. 0 if class="alignleft">Racial you choose 0 dwarf. 0 it becomes class="alignleft">Thundering deafened 0 for a number 0 Spell of rounds (Metamagic)</p><div 0 equal to the 0original style="clear: level of the both. class="alignleft">Point as a combat 0 style feat. the opponent. 0spell-like Each ability. in danger's path Bodyguard to save your While allies."></div></div><div><h5>You're In Half-orc."></div></div><div><h5>Yo second saving throw. level 6th. target skitter. Player's <link you can Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. both.Advanced Player's <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. heavy. bonus the action. stonecunning You racial receive trait.css"><div with the shaken."></div></div><div><h5>You are a You're easily mistaken Half-elf.0 Blank but he Master must have (Combat)</p><div 0 Weapon Focus 0 style="clear: instead of Weapon both. slowly fading from You may the world."></div></div><div><h5>You attacks."></div></div><div><h5>Your Tripping opponent's Strike."></div></div><div><h5>You you apply in this way. teleportation Any Spellbreaker.0 feat."></div></div><div><h5>You spells of the same type (Charis You accurately Base strike attack even bonus those you +1. Small larger Mobility size foes. Improved back Improved at its Counterspell caster.css"><div cast that spell you may 0 apply any one class="heading"><p 0 metamagic 0feat you class="alignleft">Spell have0to that spell without 0 Perfection</p><div affecting 0its level style="clear: or casting 0 both. 0 Dwarf.css"><div feat.css"><div Once per round when 0 you would normally class="heading"><p 0 be hit0 with an class="alignleft">Missile attack0 from a ranged0weapon Shield (Combat)</p><div (not including 0 spell style="clear: 0 effects. at 0 1st level. Noboth. the 0 ofattack Serenity A monk deals (Combat)</p><div may 0 no damage attempt a and 0 touch style="clear: bestows of serenity no other both. Half-Orc. 0 Wall depending (Combat. Dodge.css"><div move 5 feet as an 0 immediate action class="heading"><p 0 so long as 0 you remain class="alignleft">Sidestep within 0 that opponent's 0 (Combat)</p><div threatened 0 area. and commands.full rage of vigor class and feature. bonus 0 from class="alignleft">Steel the dwarf 0 's hardy racial 0 Soul</p><div trait. or medium Player's <link to Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div against targets with 0 concealment (but class="heading"><p 0 not total concealment). Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. toMobility."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 Elf pick your way nim The effects of your Bardic bardic performance performance class carry feature. is uncanny. stomach. helps Small you size avoid or ranged smaller. also has this Advanced feat are flanking Player's <link the Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. using 0 the class="alignleft">Reach following 0 order: touch. Second chance When Second Chance. not any familiar. 13. class="alignleft">Swap 0 At the same time. gain You this Advanced feat maymultiple cast Player's that <link times. the maneuver effects you Player's <link can ofto one sunder Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. times per day but the equal ta You are not only Ride skilled 9 ranks. a persistent Advanced spell or within Player's <link itsGuide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. helping half-elf. blow After Trip. Both you With a quick but Intharmless 13. 0 class="alignleft">Adder You must 0 still protect yourself 0Strike (Combat)</p><div against 0 exposure to style="clear: contact 0 poisons both. In both. with Shield those Proficiency around Whenever you. Whenever you are raging. Unarmed to Improved grab useStrike.Orc receive a +2 bonushave on Survival an especially skill ch Your skin is thicker Con 13.css"><div attack rolls due 0 to range by 2. if you miss on your Advanced first attack. bardic Advanced performance Player's <link continue Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 style="clear: both."></div></div><div><h stacks with other sources You find it very Spellcraft easy to cast 5 ranks."></div></div><div><h5>Y you Strike. fire. 0 this class="alignleft">Amateur At feat the for start 0 the of Extra the Grit day."></div></div><div><h5>Rocks Dwarf checks to get a hunch about you show is 25 more rathe You can feel movement Improved in Stonecunning. against 0 spells This replaces and spell-like class="heading"><p 0 the normal abilities. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Practiced 0 0 Tactician</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 Dwarf are especially re When a foe tries Dex to 13. heavy. overcome You can catch Keen the sour Scent. class="heading"><p 0 you receive a 0+2 bonus class="alignleft">Improved on checks 0 made to 0 steal Steal an (Combat)</p><div item0from a foe. <link the Guide second rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You 4th. You do0 Riding not take (Combat)</p><div a -5 penalty 0 for riding style="clear: 0 a mount both. If your Strike."></div></div><div><h5>A you can gain grit points up to You can twirl your Point-Blank sling in a Shot. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Light 0 0 Step</p><div style="clear: 1 both.css"><div for 2 rounds after0you cease performing. Craft As(alchemy) a protected swift Strike action. a with can sunder only a melee combat apply Advanced attack. attentions where you Aswish. You can alter a spell with a range of touch. Rapidusing Shot your When bow. spell which feats."></div></div><div><h5>Your spell does not use up a higherYou are able to Ability cast a to1st-level cast 4th-level spell as spells."></div></div><div><h5>Y spell. Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who also Advanced has this Player's feat."></div></div><div><h5>You Your mastery of Spell the Focus magic (transmutation). Power weapon Attack base attack can When push bonus you a similar hit +1. You must 0 Shield be wielding (Combat)</p><div 0a light shield. Shield.css"><div (maximum 50 feet) 0across a wallclass="heading"><p 0 or ceiling or across 0 ropes. Tripping you Strike. class="heading"><p 0 or Constitution. Dodge. Spells</p><div 0 familiar.css"><div receive a +4 circumstance 1 bonus class="heading"><p 0 on attacks of opportunity 0 class="alignleft">Paired against 0 creatures 0 that Opportunists you both threaten. receive a +4 dodge bonus on Acrobatics Advanced checks to Player's move <linkpast Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you ways use half-orc bardic of your performance or people. trip Aattack monk against may gain Advanced a target Ki Throw your Player's as <link size a bonus Guide or rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Choose one spell which you have You can the gain ability this Advanced to feat cast. You receive a +2 bonus on Craft (alchemy) Advanced checks. Power Whenever Attack. bardic the savage performance chants and class When brutal feature. Improved Improved your attacks Unarmed Unarmed You can must Strike be Strike."></div></div><div><h5>You of opportunity. use elf bardic or half-elf. you are adjacent to an ally who also Advanced has this Player's feat."></div></div><div><h5>Yo move during your next turn."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 to Half-Elf your Charisma modifier (minimum have a way 1 round). Improved Improved use them Unarmed Unarmed toYou push must Strike orStrike. you at to a Diplomacy ambush them check more to Ultimate effectively.css"><div your ally either a +1 0 bonus on his class="heading"><p 0 next attack roll 0 or aclass="alignleft">Swift +1 bonus 0 to his AC. the You most Nimble elf."></div></div><div><h5>Your a Ride check to negate a hit ag d You are adept Ride at attacking rank 14. this feat you do Player's ignore not <link apply the Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. a +4 bonus on Perception checks Advanced to notice Player's unusual <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="alignleft">Rending This 0 damage is precision 0 Claws damage (Combat)</p><div 0 and is not multiplied 0 style="clear: on a both. Attack them. Those already 0 class="alignleft">Lingering in the area 0 suffer no additional 0 Spell harm. another humanoid race. If the spell allows a sa You can reposition Dex 13.css"><div the archery a single combat ranged style 0 attack may atselect any point class="heading"><p 0Parting during Shot your as 0 movement. resistant hardy racial to magic. feat at you 10th may level. of feats an While raging. one 1st-level spell that You you can know.css"><div hide. terrainAdvanced in natural Player's environments.Teamwork)</p><div ally moves 0 into your0 previous style="clear: space as an both. multiple You Player's <link may times. You attacks. even for You your receive kind. or Tripping CMD. Whenever Counterspell. 0 Aid (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. it is more Whenever powerful you for summon a brief period your eidolon."></div></div><div><h5>You your target. c You slip underDodge. after Dodge."></div></div><div><h5>You action. 0 You can substitute 0 Fear</p><div your Perception 1 style="clear: skillboth. enemies cannot on Shot when theon attack Run. supernatural. a The +4 racial keenbonus senses on trait Perception normally Advanced skill grants checks. Player's plus <link your Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you are wielding a shield and are Advanced adjacent to Player's an <link allyGuide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div causing the nauseated 0 or sickened class="heading"><p 0 conditions and 0against class="alignleft">Ironguts</p><div all ingested 0 poisons0 (but not other style="clear: 1 poisons). the attack. cannot You clearly can see. Spellbreaker. class="alignleft">Perfect Youeven must 0 ifuse he does one of not 0 the Strike meet following the (Combat)</p><div prerequisites. way Point-Blank proficient that maximizes Shot with When sling its using effectiveness. style="clear: This movement 0 both.of atone least particular three Pick metamagic one spell. you Player's can. Mounted both Shield you Combat. 0 style="clear: both."></div></div><div><h5>You entering the area are subject to i Your allies help you avoid being surprised. itemsExpertise from You your do opponents.css"><div of Serenity attack roll as(thus a bonus a 0 failed feat attack at 1st roll level. Player's you <link may Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 0Up (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. This 0 attack style="clear: counts as both. add Focus your base shield bonus (including Advanced the bonus Player's <link from Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. of parts. 0 you can class="alignleft">Pushing choose 0 to push the0target Assault 5 feet (Combat)</p><div directly 0 away from 0style="clear: you instead both."></div></div><div><h5>While rounds of rage per day each round. using monk this of the feat Advanced lotus before receives you Player's make <link Touch Guide your rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You addition. you an Climb impossible 6 ranks. that creep. that turn. Chance you Player's must <link feat. Improved Reposition.css"><div the provokes ofarchery opportunity attacks combat when of style 0 opportunity.Teamwork)</p><div 0 on the shield wielded 0 style="clear: by your ally. it provokes an You know how to make an enemy pay for lax Whenever defenses. type of fighter shield level (buckler. of ranged a ranged weapon."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0 Elf. style="clear: both. caster it class="alignleft">Major applies level 0 to for athis new spell-like spell.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Keen 0 0 Scent</p><div 1style="clear: both.css"><div first to sunder 5 points attempts of its hardness. to those with whom you travel. 0 This bonus style="clear: damage both. Your 0 rage does not class="heading"><p 0 end if you become 0 class="alignleft">Raging unconscious. lands you use ofdwarf. can Up usually +6. you can move up to half your Advanced slow fall Player's distance <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your Dwarf possess tremorsense and are in your songs new are rang in You powerful but Str imprecise 13. You can use this feat on c Your critical hits Intcan 13. Cha 13. you.

single You Finish.css"><div for moving through 1 squares adjacent class="heading"><p 0 to you or within 0 your class="alignleft">Escape space. you display Dazzling Weapon your Display. using Spirit. If you class="heading"><p 0succeed against 0 at class="alignleft">Disengaging least one 0 opponent. class="heading"><p 1 that opponent 0 must class="alignleft">Improved succeed 0 at a grapple 0 combat Impaling maneuver Critical 0 (Combat."></div></div><div><h5 rolls. maneuvering decelerate. on Focus one the Weapon natural of with your selected weapons natural Focusnatural weapons. To do so. opponents 0 that flank you class="heading"><p 0 gain only a0 +1 bonus class="alignleft">Janni on attack 1 rolls against 0 Style you. which 1 is alsoclass="alignleft">Extra your maximum 0 grit. you more apply thanclass="heading"><p 0 itone to aopponent. y Instant Judgment General Your hastiest condemnations Second judgment can class have feature. Improved 0 Unarmed 0 Combat Strike as Training a prerequisite. youCombat can choose <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. caster hands Combat level to <link rip 7th. both. magic its ability powers."></div></div><div><h5>You Djinni Spin Combat You can surround Conyourself 15. manipulations Improved When Improved you Trip. of Fist**. bonus class="alignleft">Dimensional +9. it. Combat Fighting Fighting. a swift make Improved retreat. Attack to make base to a single the attack ground. Combat <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>By hit points. style="clear: 0 Creatures caught both.css"><div feat. dwarf andor Earth momentum gnome. unarmed 0 Strike strike (Combat)</p><div against 0 an opponent. Cleaving in Cleaving aFinish. Unarmed Ultimate Unarmed flames you Strike can into Combat Strike. bonus feat Ultimate on allows 5 ranks.css"><div a ranged ranged weapon. 0 style="clear: both. (Combat)</p><div Further. constrict Ability Combat special Focus <link attack. Back to you Back. using this style. Elemental gain you one Fist. +1.css"><div magical you candefenses cast it as from a swift 0 your action enemy. choose You strike. an opponent. Wis spirits 15. <linkstep rel="stylesheet"href="PF. (Combat. different0 qualifying If you class="alignleft">Domain make domain a 0 successful power. break of leverage. an your opponent Trip opponent successfully down with trips you. can Elemental You Elemental manipulate gainFist. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 and you canclass="heading"><p 0 use this spell-like 0 ability class="alignleft">Haunted twice 0 per day. strength Improved of Improved a Unarmed dragon. While telling Dragon Strike. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. YouEarth can training trip Child a You creature racial Topple. Power any Attack base number attack of Ultimate times bonus per +6. Combat to or ignore. can Fist**. While blow base raging. Dimensional Assault General You have been Ability trained to to use use the Dimensional magical abundant movement step Agility As a class full-round as feature part of action."></div></div><div><h5>You this turn. you 5 ranks. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. teeth make Stunning Heal and a6successful bone. allowing you You or to gain creature constrict the constrict that You opponents has canand the grab of constrict grab and your special constrict size special or attacks. 0 Focus to make class="heading"><p 0 a single attack 0 at your class="alignleft">Gory highest 0 base attack Finish 0 bonus."></div></div><div><h5>Your hastiest c Intimidating Bane General Your bane weapon Banestrikes class feature. Partner an allow ally base you who to attack also takehas even bonus this greater +6. thorough Selfu Haunted Gnome Combat You use your gnome Cha 13. opponent. you gain 0 a Style)</p><div bonus on 0 fire style="clear: damage rollsboth. Combat <link of your rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you 0 can move Flourish up 0 to (Combat)</p><div your speed. local. affect rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div canItems repair require that item raw 0 with materials no rawto material class="heading"><p 0 repair. all and o Gory Finish Combat By drawing upon Dazzling wells of Display.keeps Int 13. Critical)</p><div each 0 time he style="clear: starts his turn.css"><div weapon. Dimensional using the Dimensional toDimensional tell Assault. +6."></div></div><div><h5>Your opponents up to your size."></div></div><div><h5>Fighting cannot deal sneak attack damage to y Fortified Armor Combat Training You have learned Proficient to let your with armor bear or shield. can Ultimate create Combat this and feat <link restore grants rel="stylesheet"href="PF. attack Ability Combat isFocus <link also rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Style. you Fist. whip that Whip base you Mastery attack never Ultimate bonus drop Combat it+8. bonus you threaten +5. Knowledge Knowledge Strike check(arcana) toUltimate identify 12a Combat ranks. (whip). check against 0 Critical)</p><div you to pull your style="clear: weapon both. gnome glamer Haunted magic as racial Gnome you strike trait. dwarf fearor Earth your gnome. 0 and restore You do0 your not need initial. cannot mobility. ranks. class="heading"><p 0rush. are Focus with so ease. Improved defensive Unarmed training Ultimate Strike. you gain 0 a bonus on attack class="heading"><p 0 rolls to confirm 0 class="alignleft">Improved a critical 0hit equal to the 0 bonus Devastating on damage 0 Strike rolls (Combat)</p><div you 0gain from Devastating style="clear: Strike.weapon or armor If you to serviceability are trained Improvised in even a Craft without tools skill impose appropriate the benefits a -2Ultimate to penalty of a artisan broken on Combat tools. Fighting You can Fighting.css"><div gnome magic spell-like 0 abilities. one can domaingranted take this Ultimate feat multiple Combat power <link times."></div></div><div><h5>You feat. <linkyou rel="stylesheet"href="PF. as aImproved hurricane a standard Improved Unarmed to action unleash Unarmed Ultimate you Strike a violent can Strike. Dimensional step Ultimate or cast Combat dimension Agility. attempt monk level per day. opponents Strike bare Ultimate Improved of hands. you gain 1 grit point at the start have of more eachg False OpeningCombat When you make Dex a ranged 13.css"><div bull to the rush normal an opponent. you charge gainand a +2 or fierceness bonus run through Ultimate onfrom saving difficult the Combat throws blessing terrain. the or Ultimate vehicle turn action with Combat as greater <link a move rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You gain a +4 dodge y Feint Partner Combat A little diversion Bluff is all 1 rank. 0 Treat Fist</p><div this as 0 a targeted style="clear: dispel 0 both. Combat Combat tricks Reflexes. Iffrom you are your weapon. defenses. your or cast combat you dimension use tactics. you Expertise."></div></div><div><h5>You an attack of opportunity fro Disengaging Flourish Combat Distracting your Int opponents 13. Earth 0 Trip. horror Final Double or ofEmbrace. you are Expertise.css"><div even when (dungeoneering. the itemcan regains repair 1 your hit p Final EmbraceCombat Your coils are Str particularly 13. power. a hit allows you to roll the you u Janni Style Combat Your whirling fighting Improved technique Unarmed Improved makes Strike.css"><div level 158) 5th. speed Dervish</p><div (up0 to the maximum style="clear: 0 distance both. Final Embrace.of Kirin your Strike. your Wisdom 0 bonus class="alignleft">Earth on combat 0 maneuver 0 Child checks Topple made (Combat)</p><div 1 to trip a creature 0 Dwarf. Mastery attack a whip. Expertise. You exact Haunted gain Haunted location another Gnome Gnome. 0 fail While to make using class="heading"><p 0 contact. focusing on yo Disposable Weapon General You ignore theBase limitations attackof bonus your equipment. physical Arcane base andattack arcane Strike bonus forms If you +11. 0 allies within class="heading"><p 0 30 feet of you 0 dealclass="alignleft">Discordant an extra 0 1d6 points of 0 sonic Voice</p><div damage0with successful style="clear: 0 weapon both. that rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Yo subtype. takes 0 a -2 penalty class="heading"><p 0 on saving throws 0 class="alignleft">Dispel against your 0 spells until 0 Synergy</p><div the end of your 0 next style="clear: turn. Combat druid your <link level effective rel="stylesheet"href="PF. If you have le Improved Rending Combat Fury Honing the deadliness Rending of Fury. no attacks Ultimate ofCombat opportunity <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. an active judgment."></div></div><div><h5>You dice.css"><div active. you 0choose style="clear: whether 0both. its Focus. Feint."></div></div><div><h5>Your choose to make a trip attempt agains erra Dispel Synergy General By tearing away Spellcraft an opponent's 5 ranks. rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Y Improved Stalwart General You can roll with Diehard."></div></div><div><h5>You a pool of damage dice you can acce emp Greater Rending Combat Fury When your claws Improved latch on Rending to Improved an opponent. bring base Shot your Whenever attack foes to bonus you their You score knees +9."></div></div><div> as if from the bull rush c Impaling Critical Combat Your critical hits Critical can skewer Focus. aMaster. using blows Dragon Dragon Style. become Ability serpentfolk. This damage 0 is not class="heading"><p multiplied 0 on a0 critical class="alignleft">Improved hit. you Fist Acrobatics have Fist attempt theUltimate Elemental 8per ranks. <link youbase rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div>< Escape RouteGeneral You have trained to watch your allies' backs. theDriver selected you You exhibit vehicle can incredible make type.you rend deal special Ultimate 1d6 bleed attack. Shot (Combat)</p><div 0That opponent 0 is style="clear: denied his Dexterity both.unarmed choose Youone can strike. Fist attempt 0style="clear: If youagainst do notboth. unpredictable Wis 15. Devastating through Vital Strike. attack to successfully Ultimate disruptCombat an arcane <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="heading"><p 0 you gain a 0 +4 bonus class="alignleft">Janni on checks 0 made to 0 Tempest bull rush (Combat)</p><div or trip 0 that opponent."></div></div><div><h5>When to determine how many feet the vehicle driving moves a cho Extra Bane General You can use your Bane bane class ability feature. you need to slip through Whenever your foe's andefenses. (whip). class="heading"><p 0 at the start 0 of each class="alignleft">Double of your 0 turns as a free 0 Bane</p><div action. attempt per day. The dice 0 Channel from your Smite</p><div channel 0 energy style="clear: 0feature form both. one Fist**.css"><div attack electrical Elemental bonus energy. magical defenses. 0 strike against Strike 0 an(Combat)</p><div opponent. can trait. Diehard. you cause class feature. Snap additional a Weapon Shot. dividing telepo Dimensional Maneuvers General Your rapid teleportation Ability to use makes the Dimensional your abundant combat step Agility. auras Elemental Elemental of lightning. fear Dazzling into Dazzling your Display. This ability functions as ifcan youdisrup had e Distance Thrower Combat You are accurate Str with 13."></div></div><div><h5>You It costs to create 300 gp firearms and 1 and day ammunition of work to know upgrade or the to restor secre it to Hammer the Gap Combat You repeatedly Base strike attack the same bonus location. You creature racial down Improved can trait.css"><div +11 158) with or monk peals attempt of level per thunder. beings. If you successfully use Acrobatics to tumble Ultimate through Combat an opponent's <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Combat prone. creature your theFinal number that Final Embrace. style="clear: both. If you successfully you leave your dispel enemy an ongoing vulnerable.css"><div when you score a critical 0 hit against class="heading"><p 1 an opponent. When slay Weapon your you use foe Focus in the creative attack action. Improved Feint. that takes has damage the constrict from your special constrict Ultimate attack. proficient Whenever striking with weapon. with your you can deity's use Ultimate favored your Combat Wisdom weapon. <link modifier rel="stylesheet"href="PF. the area Ultimate of your Combat natural <link reach rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you. 9th. bonus class="heading"><p 0 before +6.css"><div his dimension ki pool Assault. 0 in addition style="clear: to 0 dealing both. Combat Expertise. -1 penalty Ultimate to AC Combat for<link charging. Weapon Weapon you Focus use Focus.css"><div that opponent 1 also loses his class="heading"><p 0 Dexterity bonus 0 to class="alignleft">Feint AC against 0 the next attack 0 Partner you (Combat.your Critical Weapon foes. apply your bane to a second weapon Ultimate you are Combat wielding. you Combat make <link an rel="stylesheet"href="PF. While allowing Improved Improved using you Two-Weapon Two-Weapon Two-Weapon to slip your Fighting off-hand Fighting. a square class="heading"><p 0 and stunning that contains 0effects. you you usually 0 charge."></div></div><div><h your square. size size. charge paralysis 0 through effects. discordant Whenever Perform vibrations you(oratory are using to run or bardic sing) through 10 performance ranks.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Improved 0 0 Snap Shot 0(Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both.css"><div you have nearby Weapon foes. class="alignleft">Greater 0 0 Rending Fury 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. thrown weapons at longer With a ranges thrown than weapon.css"><div attack Elemental and unleash bonus Fist +13 them (Advanced 0 or in monk a gout Player's level of class="heading"><p elemental 0 11th.css"><div the start of your next 0 turn. the Wis secrets 17. Elemental spinning Djinni Elemental Style.397 398 399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 448 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 m m mw m m m m Devastating Strike Combat Pitting all of your Vital strength Strike. style="clear: 0 in addition both. attack you Fury bonus are Whenever a living +9.a Combat Combat foe off Expertise. and (Combat. you 0 gain class="alignleft">Djinni electricity 0 resistance 0 Spirit equal(Combat)</p><div to your 0 base attack style="clear: bonus 0 or monk both. While calling den Djinni Style Combat Your hands sheathed Con 13. day."></div></div><div><h5>You allowed by the spell or ability) have and to b Dimensional Dervish General You teleport with Ability a mere to use thought. electricity 0 Style)</p><div damage and 0 style="clear: you gain a bonus both. weapon. it. aImproved standard youImproved to collect action. spirit Improved of dragonkind. Unarmed Stunning breaking WhenStrike. coils wielding of Whip your basewhip. <link checks. Djinni Djinni Style. mouth."></div></div><div><h5>You so. 0 Style (Combat. Double base Stalwart attack the striking DR bonus you back gain +11. Combat spend blast base <link two of rel="stylesheet"href="PF. out can of Dimensional use reality.css"><div level 158) 5th. and horrifyingly you can use gruesome Ultimate a weapon Combat manners. feat."></div></div><div><h5>By attacks. additional 0 and benefit. <link at your rel="stylesheet"href="PF. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you gain a 0 +2 circumstance class="heading"><p 0 bonus on attack 0 class="alignleft">Disorienting rolls against 0 that opponent 0 until Maneuver</p><div the start 0 of your next style="clear: 0 turn. demoralized. Child defensive Style."></div></div><div><h5> an unarmed strike. trait. Further. class="heading"><p 0When you wish 0 to cast class="alignleft">Haunted a gnome 0 magic spell-like 0 Gnome ability Assault for 1 which (Combat)</p><div you have 0 Gnome no daily style="clear: uses remaining. or time. the punches Endurance."></div></div><div>< Improved Cleaving Combat Finish You can cut down Str 13. Acrobatics are Janni using Style the 5 ranks. Further. magic gnome to magic take on racial an eerie trait. with Whip Focus the While Mastery. attacks bonus exposing Combat of +9. or Disengaging Mobility.css"><div spell-like abilities. onto that weapon. 0 class="alignleft">Drag 0 0 Down (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. 0 Further. Point-Blank attacks. accelerate. <link and rel="stylesheet"href="PF. A inmonk and activating door. Disengaging Dodge. You illusory add Knowledge haunted appearance.css"><div to bardic make performance. to Combat a devastating Expertise. own use arcane a melee power. This0is an additionclass="heading"><p 0 to the effects of 0 the rend. enemies. for him rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Strike.css"><div which 6 ranks. Feint. You flames Improved gain Improved allows one Unarmed additional you Unarmed to Strike unleash Elemental Strike. start when jumping."></div></div><div><h5> Final EmbraceCombat Master Few creatures Str can 17."></div></div><div><h5>You Expert Driver General When driving a Skilled chosen Driver type with of Skilled vehicle. using and Stance."></div></div><div><h5>You back at your attacker or toward can any red o Enfilading FireCombat Your ranged attacks Point-Blank take advantage Shot. Perform you take (dance) only 3a ranks. to a Ultimate maximum Combat of DR <link 10/-. blazing Efreeti Elemental Elemental Style. Improved upon your Improved Unarmed enemy When Unarmed as Strike you part gain of Strike. class="heading"><p 0 Furthermore. in grit grit you increases points can take at0the by this 2. Unarmed are Janni While like Style. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. style="clear: 0 both. Binder up and (Combat)</p><div 1 provokes an 0 attack Dwarf. you can spend 1 a swift action class="heading"><p 0to gain a +2 bonus 0 class="alignleft">Improved to AC against 0 all flankers 0 until Back the to start Back 0 of(Teamwork)</p><div your next 0 turn. Power Finish Attack. flanking You one Precise receive other maneuvers Shot ateamwork +2 bonus of allies. attack Dodge."></div></div><div><h5>Your against that opponent. (Advanced yourself Ultimate baseand Player's attack Combat immolate <link bonus Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Fighting. Whenever attack base Vital is attack enough Strike you bonus use to Vital kill +13. that opponent style="clear: is denied both. Strike Elemental Strike. to impale piercing Ultimate anmelee opponent. Stalwart. Weapon quick (whip). to battered make 0 style="clear: a weapon. to attack crush when bonus your you enemy. with an attack even Rapid Shot. greater of Snap Shot. Point-Blank you Shot.css"><div unarmed attack and 0 hit an opponent. 0 gain a Performance)</p><div +2 bonus 0 on all attack style="clear: rolls and combat both. a DC 15 Knowledge 0 (engineering) class="heading"><p 0 check 0 when class="alignleft">Harmonic you begin 0 your bardic performance. sun allows Fist. 0 Embrace Master 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. opponent. is Dazzling obviousDisplay to enemies When you andspend onlookers a swift alike. giant Acrobatics subtype 0 Child stands 9 ranks."></div></div><div><h5>Your ra Dimensional Savant General You flash into and Dimensional out of reality Agility. storm. Combat from Combat Expertise. base disarm."></div></div><div><h5>Teleportation teleportation spells. mU and m know U how m identify w to your enemies' w weak U spot m w m C m w W C m w C m m U m w U W mw m w w wU m Cm m w DC CR C m w G w m U m W m U m m U m C m m m D C m m w R C m D D DM M w w m mm U m C mm w R C m m m D G D D M m G D M U m m Cm m m m m D G w m w M C m m U m w U m H m U m C m W DC w M C m M m C m w H m m m U U mm m w M M M M W W w m mm U m m C m W M m m w M m m C m m w M W m C m w m U m w U Mm M wH m U m m C m m M W m C m M C C m mm C W w mm W M M m MM M m m m U U mU m m C m w m m G m M C Cwm C m m M C m m C W mm M M m m U m U m m U m C m G m m W M M C m m m M C m C W w mm m m m U m U m m m U m C mm G m W m M m C m m W mm M C m C m m m m C m w m m m m U m C m w w m M C m m C m M C m W W w w w U m w C m m m W m M C m w m M D C m D D m w C m w ww m U m C m W m m m Mw D C m m m m M m G M m m m m W w m w m Q UD m w C m D C M m m m m M G w m w m U D mm C m w w m w w w w m G N M w w w w w w M G W w m W w w U m C m m w w w M m w W w M D C m m m W w w m U m m C mm m m w M D C m m m M C m m mm m U m m U m U m mC m m m m m M m C m m m w M M C m m W m m U m m U W m M M M m WCU m mm C mC m D C mw w m M M m m Cm m m m w m D w M C m m W m m U m U W m M M MM MM M U m C m m C m m M C m w M C m m W m mm U m U m W m C m U m C W mC m w m Cw M C m w m w M C m w C m CW m m m w U m C m m M C m M C m w C m CO m M M mU w m m C mw m w m M C m M C m M w C m CW m w w m m mM M UM m m M C m % w m Mm M C mm m m m m M C C m D D W w m U m m C mm m m m M C C m m m m m N C m W G mG G m G G m m G U m m U m U m w C m w H m m Nm C m w W N C m W W m w w m Um m wC m w m N C m w m N C m w D w W w W w N N w w Ww W Uw wm C mw w m w m N w C m W m w N M C m W w m m W W mN N m U m C m m m m N M w C m W N C m m W W N N N M m m N M U m C m m m m N G C m m N m C m m m U m U W m m w m m U m C m m w m N m C m m N m C m m Umm U NW m m NN wmm W N w m W U mH m C m m m DC N m C m m w N m W C m m U m m U Nm m N m m m U mD C m D m m m D D N m W C m N N m G G m G w m U m C m N N m G D m m O C m W m m w U m C m m m m O C mm C m m W w U m C mm mw m mm C m mw w m C wC m W C m CR m w R mW m Um m U m w m U m C m w m m m C m w C m m W mm C m W mC m C R m R mW m U m w U m m C w C w U m m C m m m C m m C m W C m mC R m w R mW w m U m U m m w mU m C m m w C m m m C m C m C m D W D m mm M M m U U m m Cm m w m w C m m m W C m M w w w m w U m C m m w m W M C m m C C mm D m D D m D m m m wm m U m C mm W m m m m m C m m C m m D w C m C m mR C m R W U m C m w w m D w C m m C m D G GG G mW m G G m m U m U w m U m C m m m m m m C m w m R C m D w G m GG G mW m G G m m U m U w m U m C m m m m m m R C m w m . maneuver Combat in addition <link to rel="stylesheet"href="PF. trip of giants Earth the only Unarmed giant with Child those your subtype Style. You Improved you gain Improved move one Unarmed like additional Unarmed the wind. Quarters Choose Thrower you aThrower|Point-Blank ranged can or Point-Blank fool weapon your opponent or Master. attack Combat before Combat Expertise. Specialization Whenever Weapon Specialization with youselected score a critical piercing hit melee with the weapon.css"><div that currently threatens 0 you. at Ifthe you start possess you of each gain Ultimate levels day. 0 Final Embrace class="heading"><p 0 Horror.through square Dramatic Display Combat Your skill with Dazzling your weapon Display. Creatures This caught damage inis the not spiri co h Dragon Style Combat You call upon the Str 15.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Improved 0 0 Stalwart</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. enemy Kirin Kirin Strike. 0 while you class="alignleft">Haunted are under 0 the effect 0 of Gnome haunted Shroud fey 1 aspect. Ultimate abundant additional Combat step Agility. +12."></div></div><div><h5>When opponent."></div></div><div><h5>You equal to your Wisdom bonus. only of Greater Earth the trip giant Child opponents Trip.css"><div can forgo attack your bonus first+6. gain your Acrobatics a this Fist enemies. rending rend fury. 0 class="alignleft">Enfilading 0 0 Fire (Combat.css"><div and hit. you reduce your penalty Ultimate on ranged Combat <link attack rel="stylesheet"href="PF. While you adept areat adjacent fightingto in an close allyproximity who is flanked to Ultimate oneand another."></div></div><div Improved Feint Combat Partner Knowledge of your Bluff companions' 1 rank. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Instant 0 0 Judgment</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. abundant door."></div></div><div><h5>Your the combat maneuver is your next g a Jawbreaker Combat You deliver a powerful Improved strike Unarmed Improved to theStrike. If you spend a day. An covering ally who them also as has they thismake feat provokes tactical withdraws. Dispelling Fist General By focusing onImproved your knowledge Unarmed Improved of Strike."></div></div><div><h you deal damage equal t Improved Back General to Back After much practice. spells Spellcraft toWhen fuel your you 5 ranks. 0 Feint Partner 0 (Combat. that 1opponent provokes class="heading"><p 0 an attack 0 of opportunity class="alignleft">Improved 0 from you. You and bursts gain Dragon Strike. your enemy. Focus. (page 230) to your Ultimate list of Combat gnome <link magic rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Style. Rapid Shot. class="alignleft">Impaling While 0 your opponent 0 is Critical impaled (Combat. Improved wellsImproved upUnarmed inside Unarmed you Strike. the Ifbrunt an opponent of the worst scores attacks. class="heading"><p 0 when Unarmed a prone Strike. ofyou your Knowledge haunt gnome a foe magic (arcana) withthat lingering Ultimate 3 isranks. Improved lightning additional Improved to Unarmed Elemental protect Unarmed yourself Strike Fist Strike.css"><div 3 increases ranks. additional Improved manipulate Improved Elemental Unarmed fire Unarmed to protect Strike FistStrike. To do 0 so. Ultimate you deal Combat an <link extra rel="stylesheet"href="PF. causing When increasing you take aamounts full-attack ofaction.css"><div from class all squares featureyou or cast 0 attack dimension from."></div></div><div><h5>Calling level plus any base attack bonus gai Efreeti Style Combat Your mastery of Con the 13. While using Kirin Style against turn a creat kn Kirin Strike Combat You have read the texts of the perfect m way.focus Str 13. movement While Critical Weapon you and Focus. Combat weapon. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. burning Style. <link Knowledge rel="stylesheet"href="PF. defense. Greater <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. scorching base Fist attack (Advanced strikes Ultimate bonus that Player's +9 burn Combat or monk your <link Guide enemies rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div Vital Strike.0you can spend class="heading"><p 0 an immediate 0 action class="alignleft">Elusive and an 0 additional point 0 Redirection</p><div from your ki0pool to redirect style="clear: 0 that attack both. you 0 Driver</p><div subtract 10 0feet style="clear: from the 0 roll both. +6. Hex class you feature. smaller. 0 Thisstyle="clear: movement does both. Dimensional so quickly Dimensional Agility. Feint use Bluff to feint against Ultimate an opponent. (Combat)</p><div If you 0 reduce your style="clear: target 0 to negative both. gnome expands Haunted magic to make racial Gnome.class="heading"><p 0 or stunned. SmiteBefore of Channel your deity. Style)</p><div addrun. Child defensive Style. You 0 gain Performance)</p><div a +2 bonus 0 on the performance style="clear: combat both. both. Teamwork)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. Style. make andRapid Shot.css"><div Vital Strike. prepared to cast you or dispel use canyour cast magic. opponents Cleave. weapons Focus. Trip an opponent's you cangrapple throw your with Ultimate opponent a combat Combat to maneuver the <link ground rel="stylesheet"href="PF. primary-hand 0 melee class="heading"><p 0 attack to make 0 a class="alignleft">Improved Bluff check 0 to feint an0opponent. Guide 158) fire. youa Dragon Roar Combat The spirit of the Str dragon 15.css"><div 1d6 damage. unarmed you Combat to strike <link qualify rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Field Repair General You can repairCraft your 4 broken ranks. style="clear: bonus You both."></div></div><div><h5>You meet an opponent that feat's while prerequisites. at your fromattackers.css"><div to trip that opponent 0 as an immediate class="heading"><p 0 action. Fury."></div></div><div><h5>You adjacent to you take your unarmed can su Djinni Spirit Combat By calling upon Con the 15. Snap Whenever Point-Blank Shot. savagery. your Expertise. until Final the start Embrace. Amateur You Gunslinger gain 2 extra If feat. attack with Focus base provokes Snap andUltimate attack without Shot."></div></div><div><h5>By level. you use Dodge. the following craft bullets. While aracial monk. precision. you nature. a critical hit against you. Ultimate you can Combat attempt <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. <link against rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Dazzling character Display level while 8th.css"><div door as a special charge. ranks. Fist**. Hurler your target requires Ultimate can you beto at Combat end any your <link range movement rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div space. Two-Weapon to two Two-Weapon weapons. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. naturalyou weapon 0 can apply with your the effects class="heading"><p 0 flurry of of blows feats0 class that have class="alignleft">Feral feature. You can spend Pronouncing an immediate or action changing to pronounce a judgment Ultimate a requires Combat judgment <link a or swift rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you Impaling hinder Critical Critical.who Ultimate Earth no matter Trip. Fury. Using Shot Charging Charging Hurler. must a or critical perform force hit them a with bull to arush move. 0 both. action you class="heading"><p 0 can you expend can expend a 0 dailyclass="alignleft">Dragon two useStunning of that 0 feat Fist toattempts deal0your Roar to Elemental unleash (Combat)</p><div 0aFist concussive damage style="clear: 0 roar to those in a 15-foot caught both. for your giants."></div></div>< maneuver check Earth Child Binder Combat Even the greatest Wis giants 13. style="clear: These both."></div></div><div><h5>Chanting your unarmed strike damage. Combat damage <link to rel="stylesheet"href="PF. spirits Wis of 15. using Janni from Janni Janni on Tempest. cast dimension to Dimensional avoid. on ranged attacks made Ultimate against Combat a <link foe flanked rel="stylesheet"href="PF. If you do. have access to a gunsmith's If you are kit. hard independent Assault to Haunted pinpoint.css"><div up to your within weapon's 30 feet 0maximum of your opponent. gain partthis of your feat. 0 style="clear: both. base Fist attack (Advanced Ultimate bonusPlayer's +9 Combat or monk <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You You can effectively flank with yourself flash in a Discordant Voice General By singing out Bardic a precise performance tone. survive Int 3. 0 of yourbase next attack turn. additional in aStunning Style. one <link size. points <link or casting Dimensional from rel="stylesheet"href="PF. damage equal 0 to your unarmed class="heading"><p 0 strike 0 or primary class="alignleft">Final natural 0 weapon melee 0 Embrace attack. makes dwarfyou or Improved gnome. (arcana) fey aspect 1 rank.css"><div While your bane class 0 feature is active. 0 when class="alignleft">Expert stopping 0 a vehicle. Shot. balance. 0 (Combat)</p><div as 0 well as style="clear: effects that augment both. magic Unarmed and base If you spells attack Strike have that bonus dispel negate +11. your inand Combat Wisdom the your gunslinger <link modifier maximum rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div the same opponent 0 deals extra damage class="heading"><p 0 equal to 0 the number class="alignleft">Hammer of 0 previous consecutive 0 the Gap hits you (Combat)</p><div 0 have made against 0 style="clear: that opponent both. class="heading"><p 0 bonus +6. whichever is higher. can class="heading"><p 0 take planes.css"><div natural selected weapon. your this unarmed feat. Child FistImproved Style. 0 Style)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. creatures Ultimate attack."></div></div><div><h5>Your bane weapon currently affects. your trait. the Dimensional abundant savaging step Agility. an opponent. and Expertise. Disruptive Recall General You can disrupt Spell an enemy recall class caster's feature. in 0 this way. you grit are points a gunslinger. Elemental Elemental power Fist.css"><div rolls due to range by 0 2. 0 Maneuvers</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both.css"><div change action. Felling EscapeCombat Through the use Int of 13."></div></div><div><h5>You bonus to AC against this Disorienting Maneuver General Your erratic movements Dodge. Unarmed Improved your blows Strike. are than using Improved Stunning you. You can 0 also use a whip class="heading"><p 0 to grasp an 0 unattended class="alignleft">Improved Small 0 or Tiny object 0 Whip within Mastery your 0 whip's (Combat)</p><div reach 0 and pullstyle="clear: that object into both. Two-Weapon If you 0 successfully Feint (Combat)</p><div 0 feint.css"><div damage for therolls Elemental equal to Fist 0half feat your (Advanced Strength class="heading"><p 0 Player's bonus. Efreeti While Efreeti wind Stance. Combat Fist While <link feat using rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Yo can on damage also charge rolls. Janni Style Perform feat. Rending Rending the Whenever effect Fury. rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div check and make Hex Strike Combat Chanting and cursing. This damage stacks singing with other out Disengaging Feint Combat You can feint to Int disengage 13.css"><div or supernatural effect."></div></div><div><h5 Furious FinishGeneral You channel all Rage of your class rage feature.css"><div While category Unarmed using Earth larger Strike. <link category While Unarmed rel="stylesheet"href="PF. while Stalwart. itWhile is impossible Assault."></div></div><div>< Improved Charging Combat Hurler Every muscle in Charging your body Hurler. make 0 against Teamwork)</p><div him before 0 the style="clear: end of the feinting both. ShotCMD. gnome Ultimate Knowledge magic Combat like <link (arcana) that rel="stylesheet"href="PF. like Fist.css"><div you Each cantime use to you affect take 0 no it.css"><div special quality 0to score a critical class="heading"><p 0 threat against 0 an class="alignleft">Disposable opponent. day. style="clear: of Gnome opportunity both. Dimensional Agility General Teleportation does Ability not to faze use the you. ignore With 1 an difficult unarmed terrain 0 Style strike.css"><div instead of your0Strength or Dexterity class="heading"><p 0 modifier 0 on attack class="alignleft">Guided rolls. 0 0 Route (Teamwork)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both. blow. Dervish door. Strike. assailant Combat When Improved or you Expertise.0 class="alignleft">Final 0 0 Embrace Horror 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. Dodge. the naga. cost and 0 no penalty class="alignleft">Field on 0 your Craft skill 0 Repair</p><div check for using 0 style="clear: improvised 0 both. when (Combat. you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. creature. your 0 or Strength withdraw. Whenever Display.css"><div your +11 158) or foes."></div></d Improved Impaling Combat Critical When you impale Impaling a target.an control. Improved size rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you a gunslinger. 0Master (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. a BluffFeint check against Ultimate each Combat opponent <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. bonus <link Dimensional rel="stylesheet"href="PF. theDisengaging opportunity As a Disengaging standard to Feint. Djinni Djinni the Style. Int 3. more often than You normal. 0 You class="alignleft">Dimensional also gain 0 a +4 bonus0on Concentration Agility</p><div 0 checks style="clear: when 0 casting both."></div></div><div><h5>By against the opponent you hit. 0 you make an 0 attack Savant</p><div until the 0 start of style="clear: your 0 next turn. can cast Ultimate it spontaneously. due<link to a rel="stylesheet"href="PF. in While artificial Knowledge inside surroundings an Aartif bardic (engineering) icial performance allows structure. Child than 0 Acrobatics you."></div></div><div><h5>Your deity blesses Gunsmithing General You know the secrets of repairing and restoring If you firearms."></div></div><div><h5>Your in the cone take your unarmed kno Elusive Redirection General You can redirect Elusive an attack target back class Combat at feature. Craft check 0 both. taking damage. both. naga. you gain a +2 0 bonus on the Intimidate class="heading"><p 0 check 0 thatclass="alignleft">Intimidating Dazzling 0 Display allows 0 against Bane</p><div creatures 0 of style="clear: the type 0 your both. dimension Ultimate door. fragile <linkweapon rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Ultimate you yourcan Combat foes. ranged Ultimate combat attack. check.css"><div not to roll your damage 0 dice and instead class="heading"><p 0 deal damage 0 class="alignleft">Furious equal to0the maximum0 roll Finish</p><div possible on 0 those style="clear: damage 0 both. b Drag Down Combat When you are Int knocked 13. allies' weapons. distractions 0 would Path 0 normally (Combat)</p><div prevent 0 you style="clear: from 0 doing both.0you may class="alignleft">Dispelling use 0 a swift action to 0 cast Critical dispel(Critical)</p><div magic 0 to make a 0 style="clear: targeted dispel both. power Style. style="clear: Gnome strike damage both. Djinni of While Djinni theSpirit. you yourstrike turn.css"><div shaken (constrict). subtype Improved Style. 0 creature class="alignleft">Earth Stunning of the 0 Fist. you6add class="heading"><p 0 ranks. serpentfolk. this style. and techniques Whenever Feint Feint Partner. style="clear: 0 as long as both. instead 0 class="alignleft">Jawbreaker of imparting 0 any other Stunning 0 (Combat)</p><div Fist effect. Improved Improved Feint Feint. one forth Dragon Style.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Improved 0 0 Cleaving Finish 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. +11.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Extra 0 0 Bane</p><div0 style="clear: both. Haunted Gnome 0 Assault grants."></div></div><div><h5>You to dealing your unarmed strike un d Double Bane General You extend your Bane bane class effect feature. perform if your a trip 0 confirmation combat class="alignleft">Impact maneuver roll 0 exceeds to trip your an 0 Critical opponent's opponent.css"><div than deals +3. striking Stunning Style."></div></div><div><h5>By tearing away Dispelling Critical General Your blows attack Arcane the Strike."></div></div><div><h you can expend this i Haunted Gnome Combat Shroud Your disturbing Cha glamer 13.css"><div to that resist opponent your spells. that Unarmed Weapon relies Choose Strike. Combat round. Feint. you can spend drawin a swift Greater Channel General Smite You empower Channel your weapon energy with Channel class the might feature."></div></div><div><h (20% miss chance) agains Hero's DisplayCombat With a dramatic Dazzling flourish Display. selected Ultimate base piercing Combat attack <link melee bonus rel="stylesheet"href="PF.in Wis an 15. attack 0 reposition.css"><div class."></div></div><div><h5>You a trip combat maneuver against that co Feral Combat Training Combat You were taught Improved a style of Unarmed martial Improved arts Strike. combat.css"><div feints. use the Vital Strike Ultimate feat. Disengaging a hasty Whenever Disengaging retreat. range. you can a u Horse Master Combat You blend horsemanship Expert trainer skills class from feature disparate (Advanced Use traditions your character Player's into You a Guide seamless use level your to 33). class="heading"><p 0 if you jump as 0 part of class="alignleft">Janni a charge 0 and make an 0 Rush unarmed (Combat)</p><div strike 0 against style="clear: the 0 designated both."></div></div><div><h5>You to automatically conf irm the critical ignore hit. Craft item. You your class can opponents Dimensional take feature a full-attack as or Assault cast you flash dimension action. Vital Ultimate Strike.0 you gain class="alignleft">Efreeti fire resistance 0 equal 0 Stance to your (Combat)</p><div base0 attack bonus style="clear: or 0 your monk both. into successfully an Unarmed adjacent Improved use Strike enemy. Inthas 3. the cone. each consecutive Ultimate Combat hit against <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. damage.css"><div check after or escaping Escape Artist a0 grapple. (dance) whenever Ultimate 5 ranks. both. 0 attempts class="alignleft">Efreeti to unleash 0 a 15-foot 0 Touch coneshaped (Combat)</p><div 0 burst of flame. Snap range."></div></div><div><h5 Improved Snap Combat Shot You can take advantage Dex 15."></div></div><div><h ally's next turn. Reflexes. (Combat. Whenever you hit an adjacent opponent with Ultimate a melee Combat attack. class="heading"><p 0 Guide 158) attempts 0 class="alignleft">Djinni to surround 0 yourself 0 with Spina(Combat)</p><div whirlwind 0 of electrified style="clear: 0 air. using Kirin 0 Style."></div></div out. of have your ability dispel enemies tomagic castat dispel prepared the same magic."></div></div><div><h5>Throug Felling SmashCombat You commit allInt your 13.0base class="alignleft">Final attack bonus 0 +9. andBack Perception an ally to have Back 5 become ranks. opportunity Shot. considered Ultimate Perform to Combat have (dance) <link a running rel="stylesheet"href="PF. target Ultimate flowing classCombat feature monk <link level to avoid rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Ultimate bare it spontaneously. Dervish Dimensional you Ultimate gain a Combat +4 Agility. 3 ranks.css"><div check. lesser Improved being outright. Dazzling Weapon you Display. exactly Dervish. you gain 0 a +2Charging bonus onHurler 0 damage (Combat)</p><div rolls. class="heading"><p 0 If your target 0 is within class="alignleft">Improved 30 0 feet. thrown Weapon into weapon. can use your bane ability for 3 additional Ultimate rounds Combat per day. are Dervish to you at Ultimate use any provide the given Combat abundant flanking time. and base Vital resolve attack Strike against bonus Whenever +9.css"><div spellcaster's spell. abilities 0 class="alignleft">Horse of your 0 mount."></div></div><div><h5>You can roll w Improved Two-Weapon Combat FeintYour primary weapon Dex 17. Power your action opponent Attack. you gain 0 a +2 bonus on class="heading"><p 0 each extra weapon 0 class="alignleft">Devastating damage 0 dice roll those 0 featsStrike grant (+6 (Combat)</p><div 0 maximum). 0 helpless. into Vitalone Strike Vital massive Strike.css"><div firearms. gap Improved in your Improved Snap foe's guard Shot. You vulnerabilities Rapid Shot. Ultimate you can Combat turn <link therel="stylesheet"href="PF. greater a ranged 10 Weapon distance.css"><div critical hit into a normal 0 hit."></div></div><div><h5>You cast. Acrobatics disorient Dodge 5 your ranks. weapon.css"><div 8 ranks. action. your combat to effective Ultimate determine technique. 1 you can add0 Child your Wisdom Style (Combat. When Guide 0 you 158) class="alignleft">Dragon score even 0aifcritical you do hit not or0 meet a Ferocity successful that feat's (Combat)</p><div Stunning 0 prerequisites. Ultimate to create Combat a spell-like <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. skilled Improved Whenever at Improved bringing Trip.css"><div opponent that is grappled. magical making Ultimate effect it difficult on Combat an <link opponent. Ultimate using ability you the can Combat orselected class use <link the feature."></div></div><di his Dexterity bonu Improved Whip Combat Mastery You are able to Weapon entangle Focus opponents Weapon (whip). Earth Child Topple Combat Your mastery of Wis balance 13. to you lasts improve can only Ultimate spend the as long power a free Combat as of action you <link your maintain rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div exude an aura of 0 awe-inspiring skill. Dimensional where Dervish you ability feat.css"><div ease action and instead stopping of with a 0 standard uncanny action. abundant step After class using feature abundant or cast step dimension or casting door.css"><div highest base attack 0 bonus while using class="heading"><p 0 Power Attack 0 and class="alignleft">Felling you hit 0 an opponent. Style. Fu Efreeti Touch Combat Your knowledge Con of 15."></div></div><div><h5>D not provoke attacks of opp Disengaging Shot Combat You make oneInt last 13. 0 you can style="clear: 0 cripple that both. feat successfully advantage Ultimate Combat of feints your <link against allies' rel="stylesheet"href="PF. with <link which intimidating rel="stylesheet"href="PF. up that to Huge Combat are Trip. Focus. (Combat)</p><div you also 0 Gnome havestyle="clear: concealment both."></div></div><div><h5>You to apply the ability to one weapon extend or theyour other. you apply If you class="heading"><p 0 it to make a different a successful 0 qualifying class="alignleft">Hex unarmed hex. Flanking class="heading"><p 0 door. harder you use despite a melee theor damage thrownit weapon does Ultimate towith yourthe Combat weapon. making Smite. can Focus.css"><div action to expend 0 one daily use of class="heading"><p 0 your channel 0 energy class="alignleft">Greater class 0 feature. style="clear: of the Gnome giant both."></div></div><div><h5>Your allows you to do one of the following. to +6. you Style. use <link a swift rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You on electricity damage rolls eq Domain StrikeCombat You unleash aDomain domain class power feature."></div></div><div><h5> Flanking Foil Combat Fighting multiple foes is easy for you. ally who also has this feat successfully Ultimate Combat feints <link an opponent. put Improved a hex Improved on Unarmed your Unarmed When enemy Strike you as Strike. 0 Teamwork)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. If 0 you Grit have (Grit)</p><div the Amateur 0 style="clear: Gunslinger 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>Eve from you. If Fist.css"><div (constrict).css"><div Each no more timethan you take one 0 opponent. bolts Strike. you can impale 0 your opponent class="heading"><p 1 on your 0 weapon. 0 against class="heading"><p 0 creatures of the 0 giant class="alignleft">Earth subtype. If you Improved trying use the to attack crush Trip. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. a dangerous Unarmed defensive While and Strike using training elusive this target racial style. many Cleave.css"><div that opponent. normal. fear you Stunning into Taking Fist.css"><div you base are attack still holding bonus 0 +13. to door increase base 0 as a attack swift his speed action.css"><div (Advanced Dragon Player's Style. as Fist**. Ultimate base Shot using attack a Combat ranged bonus <link weapon +12. make action. (Advanced and Ultimate base buffet attack Player's your Combat bonus enemies <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. dealing normal delive una Kirin Path Combat You turn knowledge Int 13. maneuver Dimensional 0checks to bull Dervish. a strike Improved that isVital impossible Ultimate Strike. Point-Blank thrown you use weapons. simultaneously Endurance. Wis with 17. Unarmed you Acrobatics While difficult Strike using to 3hit. use Gnome of your Assault. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. threaten Snap Shot. 0 Doing so class="heading"><p 0allows you to 0 teleport class="alignleft">Dimensional up to double 0 your current 0 speed Assault</p><div (up 0 to the maximum style="clear: 0 distance both. are Child one Combat Improved its Topple. maneuvers Whip Weapon You Mastery. <link until rel="stylesheet"href="PF. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Fist**."></div></div><div><h5>You tools. attempt even when per you day. 0 you canstyle="clear: 0 grab and constrict both. a performance Ultimate and yourCombat enemies combat <linkare rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You gain Haunted a telling one use blow. into Style. after class="heading"><p 0 hitting an opponent 0 class="alignleft">Dispelling with an0unarmed strike. your Ultimate bane Combat feature <link is rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div plus 5 feet. class="alignleft">Disengaging a successful 0 feint allows 0 you Feint to move (Combat)</p><div 0 up to your speed 0 style="clear: without provoking both. allows YouImproved can you training trip to bring aTrip. Unarmed opponents Janni While Style. co Final EmbraceCombat Horror Your constricting Str attack 15. class="heading"><p 0 You gain a 0 +2 bonus class="alignleft">Dramatic on 0 your performance 1 Display check. Point-Blank of your Point-Blank opponent's Shot. this You style. Combat you <link can take rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You blen Impact Critical Combat Shot With a series of Dex ranged 13. action to make a performance Ultimate Combat check. attack using 0 that weapon. spend your <link base hands two rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Combat gives Combat Expertise."></div></div><div><h5> Greater Snap Shot Combat You can prey on Dex any 17. Combat also has <link this rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div failed disarm or trip combat 0 maneuver class="heading"><p 0 attempt. Improved As a Improved standard Feint. <link opportunity. dodge Combat bonus Acrobatics <link to AC rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You u Haunted Gnome Combat Assault Discharging your Cha disturbing 13. you can Critical)</p><div 0 push your opponent style="clear: back both. you gain 0 a +2 bonus class="heading"><p 0 on the damage 0 roll and class="alignleft">Greater a +2 0 bonus on rolls 0 to Snap confirm Shot a critical (Combat)</p><div 0 hit with that 0 attack. 0 Smash you can(Combat)</p><div spend 0 a swift action style="clear: 0 to attempt both. damage 0 and youryou attack must class="heading"><p 1 deals. with Whip Focus your Mastery."></div></div><div><h5>You allowed by the spell or ability). storms. mix black class="heading"><p 0You powder can use for this 0all feat types class="alignleft">Gunsmithing</p><div toof repair firearms. If you both. Such bane creat we Janni Rush Combat When you leap Improved to the attack. independent fear. If your determining do. you off balance."></div></div><div><h5>You opponent's mouth. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 1 bonus on Style)</p><div your0unarmed Dwarf.css"><div you can make a single 0 melee attack class="heading"><p 0 against one opponent 0 class="alignleft">Disengaging you succeeded 0 at feinting 0 against. your Rending base claws.css"><div of denying that opponent 0 his Dexterity class="heading"><p 0 bonus0to AC. if you make an un Earth Child Style Combat Your martial training Wis 13. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Distance 0 0 Thrower (Combat)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both. your Unarmed elusive Strike. 0 you can give 0 your Weapon</p><div weapon 0 the broken style="clear: condition 0 both. 0 While you class="heading"><p are 0 in this style 0you must class="alignleft">Djinni use1Elemental Fist 0 Style to deal (Combat."></div></div><div><h5>The in cone. Your base one Combat constrict attack size <link smaller attack bonus rel="stylesheet"href="PF. aKirin flawless Whenever Improved Style. hex take that this Ultimate you featcan multiple Combat use<link to times. 0 While using class="heading"><p 0 Djinni Style. asGuide 0 a standard 158). high. this style and 0Elemental class="alignleft">Efreeti Fist 1 to deal fire damage. 9th. which any base you melee attack discharge attacks bonus on as +8. Point-Blank Precise of the Shot. start feat of multiple each class="heading"><p 0 day."></div></div><div><h5>Pitt is multiplied on a critical hit. fluid Combat contortions Combat Expertise."></div></div><div>< Improved Devastating Combat Strike The fury and power Devastating channeled Strike. are Specialization can using cause Weapon Impaling severe Specialization with Critical selected bleeding. with impunity. base starts attack from 0 bonus the class="alignleft">Dimensional moment +9. an class="alignleft">Dragon You ally. mighty Stunning Stunning roar. 0 This style="clear: bonus damage both. stronger Final A creature or and Embrace creature more that lethal. 0 (Combat. Creatures both."></div></div><div><h5>Yo bonuses increase to +4 when yo Greater Whip Mastery Combat You can use aImproved whip to make Whip Improved combat Mastery."></div></div><div><h5>When threaten you."></div></div><div><h5> grapple rules with the followin Guided Hand General Your deity blesses Channel any strike energy Channel you class make feature. Expertise. 10 even or religion) 0 if stress class="alignleft">Kirin 5 and ranks. times. Close while Close Quarters threatened. Ultimate melee bonus attack Combat +6. has of Embrace damage the constrict Horror dice special for yourUltimate attack. Style. you class="heading"><p 0can spend a swift 0 action class="alignleft">Felling to make 0 a trip attempt 0 Escape against (Combat)</p><div that 0 opponent. to weapon make Two-Weapon Two-Weapon Ultimate melee past his attacks."></div></div><div><h5>When you Dragon Ferocity Combat You attack with Str the 15. Point-Blank you Shot. Critical. technique. deadly. feet Focus. a swift Onlookers with action the selected to are make elated. If you do. 0 0 Rending Fury 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. you Janni Acrobatics are Tempest always 8 ranks. Fist +13(Advanced or monk 0 level Player's 11th. Ability crushing serpentfolk. determine cavalier mounted Ride 6 level ranks. class="heading"><p 0 you can choose 0 to class="alignleft">False provoke0 an attack of opportunity 0 Opening (Combat)</p><div from 0one or more opponents style="clear: 0 who both. you use youVital deliver Strike. Fist Stunning FistUltimate attempt against Combat <link an rel="stylesheet"href="PF. adds Charging Point-Blank its force Hurler.css"><div of and these you sleep great cannot effects. Combat <link Instead rel="stylesheet"href="PF. feat. use style="clear: the normalboth. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Fist. you."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 can use your ba Extra Grit General You have more Grit gritclass than feature the ordinary or the gunslinger. as well as on attack roll Efreeti StanceCombat Calling upon the Con burning 15. naga. 0 Sage</p><div Success 0 style="clear: on this 0check both. 0 While using class="heading"><p 0 Efreeti Style. Combat or Greater <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. or trip 0 an opponent. that opponent class="heading"><p 0 does not 0 gain class="alignleft">Flanking any flanking 0 bonus on 0 attack Foil (Combat)</p><div rolls while 0 it is f lanking style="clear: 0 you and both. favored favored proficiency weapon. Focus. Weapon thinking Ultimate Focus Focus When he with has Combat you selected an <link make opening. Improved Unarmed gaining Unarmed Strike. yourself. can use Cleave. While greater Acrobatics Strike using resilience.css"><div 12th. a Strike.css"><div by 1 or more allies 1 with this class="heading"><p 0 feat.css"><div for determining druid level the forpowers determining 0 and abilities the class="heading"><p 0powers of your and mount. Gnome. an Making from Shot. Great Cleaving Cleave. SmiteWith with that Channel your deity's deity's Smite. your rage immediately channel ends.css"><div on combat Assault."></div></div><div><h5>You Janni TempestCombat Your gale of attacks Improved easily Unarmed throws Improved your Strike. Elemental You flame. When Weapon and you to proficiency the spend Focus crowd. class="heading"><p 0 either your armor 0 or class="alignleft">Fortified your shield 0 gains the 0broken Armor condition Training 0 (your (Combat)</p><div choice). Feint. Improved you Unarmed make Unarmed a Strike.css"><div Greater you larger Trip. your Strike. Unarmed your Strike. This damage is mu Harmonic Sage General Your thorough Bardic understanding performance of acoustics class feature. you 0 can class="alignleft">Dimensional the teleport total 0speed up to twice for this your 0teleportation. Ultimate Mobility Combat Flourish. While maneuvers class Dimensional using feature the more Dimensional ordifficult Assault. rend hurricane you special successfully ofattack. Efreeti Efreeti of incarnate Style.css"><div any actions you still 0 have remaining class="heading"><p 0 on your turn. you 0 can immediately class="heading"><p 0 use your 0 spell recall class="alignleft">Disruptive class 0 feature to regain 0 Recall</p><div a magus 0 spell you style="clear: have 0already both. to When your Shot. Efreeti of Efreeti the Style. beating Expertise. is Rending base you bloody rend attack and Fury an bonus horrific.css"><div Further. class="heading"><p 0 Further. 0 Gnome (Combat)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both. you present the 0 weapon in which class="heading"><p 0 you have0 Weapon class="alignleft">Hero's Focus 0 in a triumphant 1 Display display. Great strike. 0 you class="alignleft">Greater gain0 the ability to grapple 0 Whip using Mastery your 0 (Combat)</p><div whip. 0 0 Hand</p><div 0 style="clear: 0both.

css"><div is to times. you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. rend natural damage attacks."></div></div><div Sneaking Precision General Your knowledge Sneak of your attack enemies' class Critical feature. Siege Engineer Combat You are proficient Knowledge with all siege (engineering) weaponry. Grapple."></div></div><div><h5>You that has this feat must hit one target eas w Revelation Strike Combat Your unarmed Revelation strike brings class aImproved revelation feature. <linkwhenever rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Point-Blank you can Point-Blank take Shot.css"><div make a Stunning Fist 0 attempt against class="heading"><p 0 that opponent. damage can turn Improved reduction. Bullyou Rush. 0 in addition 0 style="clear: to dealingboth.css"><div creature per day. Stunning you can spend Fist Ultimate a swift Combat action <link to rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Fist**. foe Improved temporarily Improved Grapple. to rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Grapple. 0 Style)</p><div you gain 0 a style="clear: bonus on acid both. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 or natural Further. your attack reduces Ultimate your opponent Combat <link to -1 rel="stylesheet"href="PF. types. 0 larger you can than class="heading"><p 0 spend himself a swift with this 0 action feat. of your rage rage class Power to feature. Strike. You gain or water). is especially you any successfully critical punishing. class="heading"><p 0 You can also 0 deal class="alignleft">Tiger slashing 1 damage with 0 Style your (Combat."></div></div><div><h5>You to a target."></div></div><div><h5>You takes damage equal to 2 x the spec Channeled Shield General Wall You draw on your Channel channel energy. shield. stance Endurance. You0 must Reposition choose (Combat)</p><div the 0 melee attack 0 style="clear: with the highest both. bludgeoning Ultimate and you Combat damage. you take you take no 0 penalty a -4 penalty on the class="heading"><p 0 on attack attack roll rolls. Combat foes Combat Expertise."></div></div><div><h5>Your have bestow curse or major cu Accursed Hex General You can makeHex a second class feature. of your theUltimate Prone last turn. and 0 your class="alignleft">Snapping enemies 0 take a -4 penalty 0 Turtle on critical Shell 0 (Combat)</p><div confirmation0rolls against style="clear: you."></div></div><div><h5>You rolling unarmed strike damagecan for s e Tiger Pounce Combat Your unarmed Improved strikes are Unarmed as Improved precise Strike. Greater Grapple. you possess 0 the victim Critical class="alignleft">Blighted gains Mastery. 0 class="alignleft">Stunning 0 0 Pin (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div polymorph effects until 0 the end your class="heading"><p 0 next turn."></div></div><div><h5>Yo damage rolls equal to your Wi Shake It Off General You support your allies and help them recover When from you crippling are adjacent effects. class="alignleft">Rapid type reload a move of crossbow a 0 one-handed action (for or a heavy new firearm. damage with a whipsu d Abundant Revelations General You can plumb Mystery the depths class offeature. Feint (Combat)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both. and Combat then Improved let Expertise. Further. make 0 a Bluff check 0 against Flourish</p><div that 0creature."></div></div><div><h5>You prese Whip Mastery Combat Your superior expertise Weapon Focus with this Weapon (whip). or Ultimate spell-like Magic ability. 0 style="clear: 0 both. you attempt a trip combat maneuver Ultimate against Combat an <link enemy rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 10 + both. apply class="heading"><p 0 it to If a you different make 0 qualifying a successful class="alignleft">Sorcerous bloodline 0unarmed power. 0 9th. 0you gain style="clear: 1 additional 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0 quick ref lexes Sword and Pistol Combat You effortlessly Dex pair 13. you Improved are attack Improved using Grapple. 0 Teamwork)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. Dazzling you pushDisplay yourself When onyou withspend increased a swift savagery. they Attack."></div></div><div><h5>An can throw two-handed weapons opponent at your full can n Raging Throw General You expend some Str 13.css"><div can create a sanguine 0 elixir."></div></div><div><h5>You that any creature can drink to can tem Defending Eidolon General You have trained Shield your eidolon to protect you. CMD Combat against <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. a punishing Power Drag. Twin 0 You Thunders. anAttack you base attack."></div></div><div><h5>You can Sure Grasp General Your quick ref Climb lexes and 1 rank. weapons."></div></div><d extra damage is n School Strike Combat You focus the Wizard secrets school of yourImproved class school feature. Slinger Combat you <link feat. Difficulty Class on all Perception Ultimate and Disable Magic <link Device rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you Motive can9 make ranks. wielded throw style="clear: Gnome (DC weapons. Shaitan Ultimate Shaitan action."></div></div><div><h5>Your knowle Sorcerous Strike Combat The power flowing Sorcerer through bloodline your Improved veins classalso Unarmed feature. to one or more allies Ultimate who also Combat have <link this rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You can target the creature with the can same make hex a as Advanced Ranger General Trap Your ranger traps Trap are class especially feature."></div></div><div>< The item becomes a reliq Create Sanguine General Elixir You can condense Cha 15."></div></div><div><h5 you are using the Snapping Snapping Turtle Combat Shell Your guarding Snapping hand is almost Turtle Snapping magical Clutch. one Unarmed additional Unarmed Strike Elemental Strike. with biting r Blighted Critical General With a critical hit Caster from level a spell 5th. class="heading"><p 0 you can spend 0 an class="alignleft">Target immediate 0 action to make 0 of Opportunity a single ranged 0 (Combat. class="alignleft">Channeled This0 bonus lasts 1 0 minute Shield per cleric Wall</p><div 0 level or effective style="clear: 0 clericboth. powerful Weapon defensive blows Focus training Once combine per racial with round. bonus When you +5 make When an attack making with attacks a weapon that deal that Ultimate no you damage have Combat Weapon <link or nonlethal rel="stylesheet"href="PF. friendly Sleight conversation of Hand 1 Whenever rank. 5 ranks You are or Profession considered Each (siege siege to be engineer) proficient engine is with 5 an ranks. weapons Siege Profession poses Engineer little (siege You difficulty take engineer) for no you. a spellblight by way ofUltimate the Blighted Magic Critical <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Combat a skill<link check."></div></div><div><h5>You base attack bonus to make thedrag dragy Quick Reposition Combat Your opponentInt becomes 13. and that Ultimate you must Combat spend <linkgrit rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You choose canone take bloodline this Ultimate feat power multiple Combat <link that times. style="clear: If you 0 succeed. that combat Attack. mind to Ultimate regain spell Magic slots. Style Combat Style. you devastating base are Tiger using attack Style strike. 0 (Drawing 0 such Poisoner darts is(Combat)</p><div a 0 free action. in. dance Improved On partner."></div></div><div><h5>You or ranged attack. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. shield Elemental Elemental yourself Fist. is adjacent base maneuver attack to you Ultimate is bonus a fails standard to Combat +1. 0 You must0Drag choose (Combat)</p><div the melee 0 attackstyle="clear: with 0 the highest both. Expertise. until just the When right moment you manually to spring trigger a hazard a trap or against trap.css"><div falling."></div></div><div><h5>You base attack bonus to make theare stea a Raging Brutality General You expend some Str 13. you gain a +2 0 bonus on your class="heading"><p 0performance combat 0 class="alignleft">Savage check 0 and gain a +1d6 1 bonus Display on (Combat. dropped the Unarmed Snake Snake its Style guard. Ultimate or magic Magic shield. to has ability difficulty to use Ultimate using any polymorph or Combat maintaining <link effect. you can m w Splintering Weapon General Your fragile weapon Base attack works bonus to your +1."></div></div><div><h5>You maneuver check to the bull rush. your turn. lict. hits giveyou your apply opponent. Ultimate is a combat standard Combat <link maneuver action. melee Point-Blank and Point-Blank ranged Shot.css"><div may cast bestow curse 0 or major class="heading"><p curse 1 on that target 0 as class="alignleft">Accursed an immediate 0 action."></div></div><div><h5>With do not provoke attacks of opportunity a rang wh Snapping Turtle Combat Clutch Your unarmed Snapping style allows Turtle you Snapping Style. tremendous damage class="heading"><p 0 Throwing rolls speeds.css"><div (Advanced Players Guide 0 320) in place class="heading"><p 0 of one of your 0 melee class="alignleft">Quick attacks. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Sure 0 Grasp</p><div 0 0style="clear: both.both Combat hands <link free."></div></div><div><h5>You su Shapeshifter Foil General Your command Knowledge of shapeshifting (arcana) magic 5 ranks can A or disrupt creature Knowledge similar you(nature) effects deal damage in 5others. flows When Improved through Strike you gain your Unarmed thisunarmed feat. class="alignleft">Shared Similarly. that or flurry opponent 0 of blows is shaken class class="heading"><p 0 for feature. Elemental Strike.css"><div attack damage.css"><div rounds of your rage 0 as a swift action class="heading"><p 0 to add your 0 Constitution class="alignleft">Raging bonus 0 on damage 0 Brutality</p><div rolls for melee 0 attacks style="clear: or 0 thrown both. difficult rangerto level notice Add 5th.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Sea 0 Legs</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>You ar Rapid Reload Combat Choose a typeWeapon of crossbow Proficiency (hand. action to make a performance Ultimate Combat combat <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. divine Arms When ability power. <link you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you <link base can rel="stylesheet"href="PF. or spell-like ability. day. 0 you can spend class="heading"><p 0 a swift action 0 to apply class="alignleft">Sneaking the effects 0 of one critical 0 Precision</p><div feat you0know to style="clear: that opponent. Whenever0an opponent Turtle Clutch misses 0 (Combat)</p><div you with 0 a melee style="clear: attack while both. of Fist**. incapacitated. a fraction Brew Potion. Improved Turtle Improved Style Grapple. fueling whenever your rage."></div></div><div><h5>You rolled. +6. flying regardless you through gain of 0a available the bonus air at on hands. you gain a +10 shield bonus to class="heading"><p 0 AC. 0 You must 0Steal choose (Combat)</p><div the melee 0 attackstyle="clear: with 0 the highest both. Improved nature Whenever Improved to you. You 0 withcan that class="alignleft">Snap make weapon.css"><div base the attack Strike stylebonus grants+5 0 to or your monk AC level increases class="heading"><p 0 5th. creature attack style="clear: Gnome bonus of the+6. ranged Combat <link weapons rel="stylesheet"href="PF. both. penetrate <link action. to effectively base Focus attack You strike (sling) can bonus at make nearby +1."></div></div><div><h5>Throttling the Strong Comeback General You learn quickly from past mistakes.css"><div or Greater Blighted critical 0 feat. and this square is cons c Righteous Healing General Your healing spells Judgment are more class potent feature. barrage ally who of also missiles."></div></div><div><h5>While 0 your bane wea Spinning Throw Combat You whirl your Combat foe around Expertise. Pick levela and 11th. feat. while style="clear: 0 a girallon both. or desecrate. to a maximum adopt a of defensive DR 5/-.css"><div opponent. While 0 using class="alignleft">Snake the Snake 1 Style feat. un s Stealth Synergy General Working closely with an ally. Strike. you have Combat threaten Weapon <link no rel="stylesheet"href="PF. opponent Improved raging."></div></div><div><h5>You If the bullet and black powder ar o Seize the Moment Combat You and your allies Combat areReflexes. When Improved anone ally of who Critical you also scores has a this telling feat blow. action.adjacent Ultimate to you.css"><div (Advanced Players 0 Guide 320) class="heading"><p 0in place of one 0 of your class="alignleft">Quick melee 0 attacks. your mystery to Choose use your one revelations of your revelations more You often. into ranks. exotic all siege Ultimate proficiency weapon. of your Con rage 13. Ultimate spend Combat 3 additional <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. acid damage. and you to Armor cast craftconsecrate a magic weapon. if you are 1 adjacent to that class="heading"><p 0 creature. as Skin.one youopponent. Sapwith Adept Sap a Adept."></div></div><div><h5>Yo Vicious StompCombat You take advantage Combat of Reflexes.Unarmed Improved down When upon Strike you Unarmed your gain foe.css"><div Focus damage. Combat you <link can rel="stylesheet"href="PF. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. hit caster with alevel spell9th. are ranged Ultimate the only attacks."></div></div><div><h5>Your saving throws against the effects of ran the Antagonize General Whether with biting remarks or hurtful words. strike 0 against Strike an (Combat)</p><div opponent."></div></div><div><h5>Y to take a -2 penalty on at Create Reliquary General Arms and Shields Your magical creations Craft Magic areArms infused Craft and Magic with Armor."></div></div><div><h Target of Opportunity Combat You and your allies Point-Blank pelt your Shot. Grapple. style="clear: 0 forgotten about. Str mod Two-Handed Thrower Combat You hurl weapons Str 15. needles Strike. you gain or a +2 flurry bonus 0 of blows on damage class class="heading"><p 0 feature. vessels. while your an partner ally with robs this the featvictim succeeds blind. Craft to Improved When apply (alchemy) you poison Unarmed use 6Applying ranks.css"><div check. you 0 gain 1 extra class="heading"><p 0 round of rage 0 for that class="alignleft">Raging day.Improved trip Improved Per combat theTrip. Trip. 0 you can then class="heading"><p 0 spend a swift 0 action class="alignleft">Rapid to make 0 a grapple 0 combat Grappler maneuver (Combat)</p><div 0 check."></div></div><div><h5>Aiming fire by 1d4 squares per range inc Signature Deed General You are known Grit for class performing feature. 0 you can forgo class="heading"><p 0 the dodge bonus 0 to class="alignleft">Stalwart</p><div AC you0would normally 0 gain to instead style="clear: 0 gain anboth."></div></div> weapon must Team Pickpocketing General You distract a Bluff mark 1 with rank. class="alignleft">Splintering 0 you can give your 0 weapon Weapon</p><div the 0 brokenstyle="clear: condition 0 to deal both."></div></div><div><h5>You co Burning Spell Metamagic You cause creatures to take extra damage when The acid youor affect fire effects them with of the a spell affected that spell has the adhere Ultimate acid to or Magic the fire creature.css"><div (Advanced Players 0 Guide 320) class="heading"><p 0 in place of one 0 of your class="alignleft">Quick melee 0attacks. 0 Youboth. 0 both. Expertise. skills when Two-Weapon learned wielding from a Fighting generations bludgeoning or Ultimate flurry of weapon your of blows Combat people in each <link class to quickly rel="stylesheet"href="PF. the Unarmed base strength While attack Strike using and bonus ferocity this Unarmed style. with both hands and withWhenever great force.css"><div critical spell. you 0 can class="alignleft">Team spend an 0 immediate action 0Pickpocketing to make 0 a (Teamwork)</p><div Sleight of Hand 0 check style="clear: to pickpocket both. class="heading"><p 0 you can make 0 an class="alignleft">Seize attack of0opportunity against 0 the Moment that opponent. Snap Two-Weapon Two-Weapon Shot. 0 Knack</p><div This effect 0 style="clear: does not stack 0 both."></div></div><div><h5> requires only a standard act Two-Weapon Feint Combat You use one weapon Dex 15."></div></div><div><h5>When weapon. useMaking the Shot. you Grapple. a shot target.css"><div your DR with a melee 0 attack.css"><div Its You effects gain do 1 additional not stack. Unarmed the Improved Combat shield Strike. you Rhetorical Flourish General You rapidly change Cha 13. class="heading"><p 0 your attacks 0 with class="alignleft">Sword the crossbow 0 or firearm 0 andprovoke Pistol (Combat)</p><div no 0 attacks of opportunity 0 style="clear: from both.css"><div can forgo your first primary-hand 0 melee class="heading"><p 0 attack to make 0 a class="alignleft">Two-Weapon Bluff check 0 to feint an0opponent. provokes feat Fighting Ultimate base while attacks attack wielding Combat of bonus <link opportunity. your Improved Reposition. <link the saving rel="stylesheet"href="PF. ofsneak enemies Improved attack is second +1d6. both. and 0 trip maneuvers. youstrike. shape to take the form of Ultimate an animal. 0sling Using class="alignleft">Sling as aa sling melee 0 in this weapon. advantage. of vitality.css"><div damage."></div></div><div><h5>Your you bonus can deal of +3. weapon and a crossbow 0 or firearm. can <link deal rel="stylesheet"href="PF. blows."></div></div><div><h5>You damage. Strike."></div></div><div><h5>Your your unarmed strike damage. steal is a Ultimate combat standard Combat maneuver action. weapons. Diehard. and Persuasive employ confusing Whenrhetoric using the to Diplomacy distract people skill from to make your a true request Ultimate intent. squares you and threaten can make squares 0 no attacks within class="heading"><p 0 5 offeet opportunity of you."></div></div><div><h5>You you can pronounce a single judgment extend th Siege Commander Combat Under your leadership. 0 It Off (Teamwork)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both.css"><div free. Brew of your Potion Craft bloodline's (alchemy) Once power per12 day. This 0 attack class="alignleft">Vicious must be 0 an unarmed 0strike. Combat and have <link it rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you can spend an immediate can ac u Snake Style Combat You watch your Improved foe's every Unarmed movement Improved Strike. open can base and Tiger apply Ultimate attack you Style the can bonus penalty Combat pursue +9 <link from or foes monk rel="stylesheet"href="PF. deed can that perform you have it with access greater to ease. bonus maneuver a single +6."></div></div><div><h5>You but magical or masterwork ammunition can use lo Snake Fang Combat You can unleash Combat attacks Reflexes. you can perform are kn Skilled Driver General Choose a type a type of vehicle (either air. using the Power Tiger but Tiger Claws.css"><div 1 dose sometimes of black surprise powder 0 yourself or 1 alchemical when class="heading"><p 0 you cartridge find them. apply class="heading"><p 0 it to If a you different make 0 qualifying a successful class="alignleft">Revelation revelation.css"><div or fewer hit points. Wisforces 15. energy Magic that <link rattles rel="stylesheet"href="PF. against Unarmed aCombat monk Ki Throw. 0 Sanguine You transfer Elixir</p><div 0that power style="clear: into 0 a small potion both. two-handed weapon Ultimateas Combat a standard <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. som If Raging Deathblow General Every killing blow Greater gives rage you class a surge feature. that can has gain a number this Ultimate feat of multiple Magic uses<link per times. 0 If you also 0 Hurler</p><div have the Quick 0 style="clear: Draw feat."></div></div><div><h5>You deed is reduced to 0.css"><div +11 158)or attempt monk level per day."></div></div><div><h5>You base attack bonus to make the c Quick Drag Combat You drag your Str enemy 13.css"><div either a +2 circumstance 0 bonus class="heading"><p 0 on melee0 attack class="alignleft">Trapper's rolls or 0 a +2 circumstance 0 Setup</p><div bonus to its 0 saving style="clear: throw 0 DC. overrun. you class="heading"><p 0 can spend a 0 swift class="alignleft">Wave action to 0make a Bluff 0 check Striketo (Combat)</p><div feint against 0 that style="clear: opponent. to <link two of ammunition blowgun Two-Weapon rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Unarmed and Acrobatics You then gain punch Strike 1 a rank."></div></div><d Shaitan Earthblast Combat With a forcefulCon stomp 15. 0 Add Ranger a +1 to Trap</p><div 0 the Difficultystyle="clear: Class 0 on all both.css"><div Fighting. style="clear: Your ranged both. turn of Bluff and combat 1 strike rank. the moment Combat Improved toReflexes. and Weapon base nonlethal attack Focus combats. while you have a judgment Ultimate active. use a bludgeoning weapon to Ultimate deal nonlethal Combat <link sneak rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your sid Quick Bull Rush Combat You can barrelStr into 13. evade Throw Throw your Anything wrathful Anything. sling with which y p Prone Slinger Combat Your sideways sling release allows you to launch While prone. Ifboth. level your 3rd. You you can are make adept Diplomacy at makingand creatures Intimidate angry checks Ultimate with you. you can0 spend a swift class="heading"><p 0 action to deal your 0 sneak class="alignleft">Strangler attack 0 damage to0 the (Combat)</p><div creature you 0 are grappling."></div></div><div><h5>You hits. rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You Rebuffing Reduction Combat Your damage reduction Str 13. and take the 0higher result. action. deals checks. 0 when Style (Combat.css"><div or monk as a level move 9th. armor both. When you target You a can creature only with target aa hex creature that cannot Ultimate with these target Magic hexes the <link same once rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you Unarmed successfully Improved Strike maintain Unarmed a Strike. you Weapon use the Focus ground (crossbow to stabilize orIf firearm). 0 style="clear: both. with the Combat fragile <linkweapon rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 you can move style="clear: 0 up to half both. choose Youone can arcane take this Ultimate school feat multiple power Combat <link that times. a standard Skin. You must 0Dirtychoose Trick (Combat)</p><div the 0 melee attack 0 style="clear: with the highest both. brutally Unarmed Whenever kick Improved anStrike. Combat <link each rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div darts is a Fighting that standard you 0or can action."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 have a sailor's ins Secret Stash Deed General You are so skilled Grit at class stashing feature small or Amateur packets Spend Gunslinger of firearm 1 grit ammunition feat. hand class="heading"><p 0aitstandard such or applies light a weapon crossbow). know j Sap Master Combat You knock the Sneak sense attack out of foes +3d6. 0 you all class="alignleft">Stealth take the 0 highest roll 0 and Synergy add all(Teamwork)</p><div your 0 modifiers to 0 Stealth. one or more allies who also Ultimate haveCombat this feat.Combat Combat your enemy Expertise. size Direct-fire 5penalty ranks. pick 0one of class="alignleft">Create your bloodline 0 powers. you 0 can use verbal class="heading"><p 0 misdirection.spells."></div></div><div><h5> half base your attack level bonus + your +9.Combat for <link a second rel="stylesheet"href="PF. ability you can of spend your shield a use and of your those Ultimate channel of adjacent Magic energy <link allies. flurry then ofuse blows class="heading"><p 0 to strike class your feature.css"><div ricochet off. Rapid Shot. style="clear: both. Combat with <link Also."></div></div><div><h5>You darts. +1 and to the avoid. strike. 1 round. to turn Improved your Turtle While opponent's Style.css"><div feat. before Trick. (crossbow heavy) The type or time a chosen) single required Atype or character for Exotic of you one-handed Weapon to without reload You can this Proficiency your orgain two-handed feat chosen Rapid needs Ultimate (firearm). into the an Unarmed Snapping opportunity. +2 through An bonus Sense unarmed its on defense.css"><div +6. class="heading"><p 0 You must 0 choose class="alignleft">Quick the melee 0 attack with 0Bull the Rush highest (Combat)</p><div 0 base attack bonus 0style="clear: to make the both. Power blow. to +2."></div></div><div><h5>With a Blighted Critical General Mastery You control the Blighted type of Critical. the and total redirect defense hits. both. +3of ora you monk tiger. your Improved opponent Improved Bull and Rush.css"><div you may add one casting 0 of consecrate class="heading"><p 0 or desecrate 0 asclass="alignleft">Create part of the 0 item crafting 0 Reliquary process.css"><div can spend 1 additional 0 round ofclass="heading"><p 0 your rage as a 0swift class="alignleft">Raging action to 0add your Constitution 0 Throw</p><div bonus 0onstyle="clear: your combat 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>Your base attack bonus to make the Quick Steal Combat You are adept Int at relieving 13. leave Ride at the the saddle 11 Acrobatics ranks. to You an ally. style="clear: 0 both. use theclass="heading"><p 0 square immediately 1 class="alignleft">Ricochet in front of 0 the wall or piece 0 Shot of solid Deed terrain 0 (Grit)</p><div to determine 0style="clear: line of sight both.css"><div ignore Weapon the Focus penalty (sling) the 0 prone satisfies condition thisclass="heading"><p 0 feat's imposes Weapon on0ranged Focus class="alignleft">Prone prerequisite."></div></div><div><h5>You level. command If you d Shapeshifting Hunter General You blend your Favored knowledge enemy of foes class and feature. While acid Improved Improved from using the Unarmed the earth Unarmed Shaitan to Strike. of their Expertise. equal 0 a twohanded to class="alignleft">Two-Handed 1-1/2 times weapon 0 your isStrength a full-round 0 bonus. as Unarmed they Power While are Attack. (Combat."></div></div><div><h5>Wo Strangler Combat Throttling the life Dex out 13."></div></div><div><h5>You learn qui Stunning Pin Combat You can render Improved a pinnedGrapple. if you hit with half the Ultimate normalCombat natural <link attacks rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Un a siege engine."></div></div><div><h5>You foes that you threaten with your me Tandem Trip Combat You know how to work together to trip your Whenever foes.css"><div skill checks to find 0 or disable the class="heading"><p 0 traps you make 0 with class="alignleft">Advanced your trap 0 class feature. While further raging.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Skilled 0 0 Driver</p><div 0 style="clear: 0both. also class="alignleft">Twin force Twin 0that Thunders opponent Flurry."></div></div><div><h5>You your monk level plus BAB gained can fro Shaitan Style Combat You strike withCon the caustic 13. 0 in addition 0 style="clear: to dealing both. weapon weapon. Fist**."></div></div><div><h5>You of times per day you can use blend your Shared Judgment General You extend the Second benefits judgment of your judgment class feature.css"><div weapon's you use anormal flail also statistics 0 apply when but treating you class="heading"><p 0 use it a as loaded a flail. attempt per day."></div></div><div><h5> Snapping Turtle Combat Style Your deft unarmed Improved style Unarmed allows Improved you Strike. Display."></div></div><div><h5>You you gain a +4 bonus on your next rapidly Dip c Ricochet Shot General Deed You can ricochet Grit aclass firearm feature shot Blind-Fight off or Amateur the wall You and Gunslinger still can hit fire your feat. opening While aWeapon ranged Focus."></div></div><div><h5>You with any other effect that expands know a weapon how to Sling Flail Combat You can use your Weapon loaded Focus sling Weapon (sling). opponent's Ultimate Acrobatics Snake Combat attack Style <link 6 ranks."></div></div><div><h5 that opponent and gain a Tiger Claws Combat You can sacrifice Improved multiple Unarmed attacks Improved to Strike."></div></div><div><h5> subtype with your offhand Twin Thunders Combat Master With thunderous Dwarf simultaneous or gnome. to When assemble Knowledge you and lead (engineering) move a siege a siege engine 5 ranks engine assembly or isProfession greatly crew. load a heavy orboth. you gain a +1 bonus 1 on saving class="heading"><p 0 throws per such 0 ally class="alignleft">Shake (maximum 0 +4). both. until now. can with apply a touch Ultimate the effects spell.) While 0 style="clear: holding these both. Style)</p><div 0 style="clear: both.css"><div threatened by an ally 1 with this feat. Shaitan Shaitan Fist Style (Advanced Style. class="alignleft">Spinning to attempt 0 a bull rush combat 0 Throw maneuver (Combat)</p><div 0 against that 0 style="clear: opponent.css"><div that can be used 0 while prone.css"><div to Each affect time no more you take than 0 it. class="heading"><p 0 When a0creature class="alignleft">Burning takes 0 acid or fire damage 0 Spell from (Metamagic)</p><div the 0 affected spell. advantage Rapid Shot. acid Wis to 15. you (siege grant Combat engineer) all <link of its rel="stylesheet"href="PF. and You Improved disable gain Improved one Unarmed your additional Unarmed enemies. Improved rage to throw class Bull one feature.css"><div hand feature."></div></div><div><h5>Choose a standard crossbow action or a(two-handed two-handed firearm Rebounding Leap Combat Your riding and Leaping lancinglance expertise class allows feature. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. unarmed 0 Style)</p><div strikes. about You while gain aboard a +2 bonus seagoing on Acrobatics. when 0 you class="alignleft">Stage are attempting 0 to make 0Combatant an attack (Combat)</p><div that 0 deals no damage 0 style="clear: or nonlethal both. Focus 0 with with the both giant wielded class="heading"><p 0 subtype.attacksAny using feats your you loaded have Ultimate sling. Attacking provoke attacks attacks of with opportunity a whip of opportunity provokes from Ultimate your when attacks enemies. knock the sense Whenever out of your youfoe.css"><div attack damage to 0 a flat-footed opponent. confirms Ultimate a critical Combat hit against <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. defensive youtraining can Whenever batter racial a you mighty trait. ranks."></div></div><div><h5>Your your speed closer to a target you hit un w Tiger Style Combat Your unarmed Improved fighting style Unarmed emulates Improved Strike. (Good druids must can infus use Prone ShooterCombat While prone.class="heading"><p 0 A concussive 0 spell causes class="alignleft">Concussive creatures 0 that take 0 damage Spell (Metamagic)</p><div from 0 a spell that0 has the style="clear: sonic descriptor both.css"><div respond to you with 0 hostility. type Reload afirearm move Combat of weapon multiple <link action that you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 To do class="alignleft">Rhetorical so. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Climb."></div></div><div><h5>Every extra round of rage for that day. 0 Teamwork)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. Elemental Elemental a blast Fist. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. creatures While that your bane affects class feature find it more is affecting difficult a Ultimate to creature resist your Combat type. both. both. your Shaitan feat.at Greater grappling."></div></div><div><h5>Your a critical hit with your slashing u Trapper's Setup General You have an instinct Craft (traps) for waiting 5 ranks. 0Reload type crossbow or (Combat)</p><div of afirearm. 0 unarmed strike 0 against Strike an (Combat)</p><div opponent. while base you A Steal steal can you attack combat perform strike. on Attack opponent A bull your Power rush enemies. Sidewind. Snake when Snake Sidewind. You can 0 perform this class="heading"><p 0 deed for 1 fewer 1 gritclass="alignleft">Signature point (minimum 0 0). 0 Revelations</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. of you weapons can throw and a objects. Grapple. Improved Strike. maneuver a single drag is a Ultimate combat standard Combat maneuver action. recover on Ultimate your either person 1 Combat bullet <link that and you rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div siege when engine. W U m M m m m D m C W D D G U w m M C D D D G m W w U m m M m m D w w D MG m m m m m m m w U m M w m m m w w D M m w w m m D G D w m mm w m wU m M w D m m D G w W m U m M m m m m D w w M m w m W w U m M mm m m N wM m H G C m w m w m wU m M w m H H m G m m W m m m w U mw m m M w m w m m m mw m w m mm mw m G m C m m m U m m M m mm m w mm m m m m m m m G M w O w w U m M w w m m G M wm m Um m m m M m m w m G w wm w m U m m M m m G w m w W m m U m M C G O m m w w U w m m M m m w w w C O G m U m M R G m w mU m M R mm G mm m m mm m mm mm m U m m M m mm mm m m G m D m W m U m M m w w m m m m m G m H m m w U m w w mw U w m m Um m M m m m G m W m m U m m m M m m m m m m m m m m m G m m m U m m M w w m mm w M G mm m W mm U m m M m m m w m m M m m m mm m M m w mw U m M m m M m m m G w W U m M w G G D M D N m MM Nm M wU m m M w m G m G G N C m m U m M W mm G N m m G G C m C C W m w m w U m M C m M G mm C C G GH C wH H m m H H w m U m M w H w G w H w G M G m C W m U m M m m G M m m G G m U m M m G m G W G m m w w w m wm m U m M m m w m m m D G m W m w m m m G H m m m m wm m w U m M m m w m m m m G H w C H H w m U m w M m m w m H m w H w m M G M w w m U m M w m M m G G w W M m M U m M m w G m GG m C O m w m U m m M w m G m m G O mw O m w m U m M m w m m m m m m m O G w w W w U m M w m w w R G w m m U m M m m m m W m m mW m m DC R W m G C w U m M w m C m m m m m U W DC M mm G mm m w C w mmmmm U m M mm w M mm m m M G D N m NM m Mw m W U m M w w m mm m m mM . rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div (Advanced Players Guide 0 320) in place class="heading"><p 0 of one of your 0 melee class="alignleft">Quick attacks. trait. Stalwart General You adopt a defensive Diehard. or monk Turtle level Style 1st. On Attack. take 0 ofit. <link bonus Unarmed rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you 0 gain a +2 circumstance class="heading"><p 0 bonus 0 class="alignleft">Strong on the reroll. you can spend Snap Shot Combat With a ranged Dex weapon. strikes gain level deal a +2 3rd.css"><div members 1 rank. use rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You bull rush. feat.css"><div piercing damage with 0 your unarmed class="heading"><p 0 strikes. Unarmed Ki maneuver Throw Improved Ultimate feat. Strike the Combat bonus shield <link +3bonus or rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="heading"><p 0 Player's Guide 0 158) class="alignleft">Shaitan attempts 0 to unleash 0 aEarthblast 20-foot column (Combat)</p><div 0 of acid that 0 has style="clear: a 5-foot radius both. Elemental Elemental from within Fist. you Unarmed pin Stunning an opponent. Craft (siege the weapon) time required 5 ranks. Improved and deliver Improved Drag. the bonus Tiger+6 Style or monk feat and level Ultimate have 5th. Ultimate to jump as Combat part <link of your rel="stylesheet"href="PF. categoryIfby you 0 which operate the weapon an class="heading"><p 0indirect-fire is larger siege 0 thanweapon the class="alignleft">Siege creature and 0 miss.css"><div expend an additional 0 daily use of your class="heading"><p 0 wild shape 0 class class="alignleft">Planar feature0 to add the celestial 0 Wildtemplate Shape</p><div 0 or fiendish style="clear: template 0 to both.css"><div spend attacktwo bonus Elemental +13 0 or Fist monk (Advanced level 11th. If 0 that attack was 0 Deathblow</p><div a critical hit. when you If you have cast a judgment a cure spell active. you to can a weapon Improved instead Ultimate or poison Unarmed singleCombat up piece Strike. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. action. When Rapid Shot. feat. attempt at failed hexes. ragingbase with and using a attack more Power bonus powerful Attack. class="alignleft">Shaitan you gain 0 acid resistance 0 Skin equal (Combat)</p><div to 0 your base attack style="clear: 0 bonus. c Quick Dirty Trick Combat You can perpetrate Int 13."></div></div><div><h5>You attack damage for that attack. this Strike. Point-Blank enemies base attack with Shot a When bonus deadly an +6. a Combat dirty trick Combat Expertise. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. weapon you can blow. bludgeoning bonus Ultimate to your damage. misses rel="stylesheet"href="PF. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. use Improved Greater Improved Unarmed Grapple Unarmed to Strike.css"><div damage. opponent 0 class="alignleft">Pinpoint in melee. expend if some you Rapid Grappler Combat You are a quick Dex hand 13.css"><div Sense you. reposition fight. youclass="heading"><p 0 can remount your 0 steed class="alignleft">Rebounding as a 0swift action. whenever Critical. or you light 0 action You take crossbow. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. using Improved incoming Turtle the Snapping Style.css"><div Focus. Combat an unwitting Combat Expertise. 0 attacks of opportunity 0 Shot (Combat)</p><div with that 0 ranged style="clear: weapon. knock Savage Display Combat With your victory Dazzling and a roar. from 1 aclass="alignleft">Secret hidden 0 stash on your person 0 Stashthat Deed you (Grit)</p><div 0 had. that allows base Endurance attack you While to bonus absorb using+4. strike Attack your Power While opponents Attack.css"><div an opponent within0your reach. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. melee foes. While Rush.css"><div to perform. grapple Ultimate and choose Combat <link to deal rel="stylesheet"href="PF. damage 0 Performance)</p><div rolls until 0 the end of your style="clear: next turn. Thrower Using 0 (Combat)</p><div two hands 0 to throw style="clear: any weapon both. 0you wield is doubled. you A Dirty dirty your can base Trick trick opponent perform attack combat a bonus is single the maneuver +6. rush base Ultimate combat attack maneuver.css"><div target regains 1 extra0hit point from class="heading"><p 0 the cure spell + 0 1 hitclass="alignleft">Righteous point per 0 three inquisitor 0 levels Healing</p><div you possess. 0This Critical works(Critical)</p><div even 0 with ranged 0style="clear: spells."></div></div><div><h5>Wit and erupts from a point of or Shaitan Skin Combat You can manipulate Con 15. at Turtle you def Snapping are lecting Style. effect. sneak baseattack attackan bonus Ultimate opponent +9. against Combat Improved an opponent Reflexes.to speed. are defensive especially training You deadly can racial when trip a trait.While using class="heading"><p 0 the Shaitan Style 0 feat. energy 3d6 toprof enhance iciency As the a with swift protective a action. 0 ClawsUse (Combat)</p><div your 0 highest base style="clear: 0 attack bonus. <link you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. an Style. against even Weapon the a creature odds. you sometimes You use add two your hands using Strength to a whirling throw bonus a technique onehanded Ultimate on thrown to Combat or send weapon two-handed <link your rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Ultimate Combat that <link trap receives rel="stylesheet"href="PF. creature you Improved are fighting with Two-Weapon thegiants. well-timed Whenever surprise you use attack. Grapple. A bull can attack rush perform combat bonus a single +6. turn. 13. defenses. time you hit base 0 a Dwarf. Combat <link you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="heading"><p 0 and that creature 0 succeeds class="alignleft">Accursed 0 at its saving throw 0 Hex</p><div against the 0 hex's style="clear: effect. fighting Ultimate defensively Combat action. you cannot Rending Fury Combat You easily tear Base your attack enemies bonus limb+6. the0 feat. youSnap Shot. Ultimate and Swim Combat checks. thatchoose any You weapon one can of take you your this wield Ultimate favored feat against multiple Combat enemy them <link times.css"><div creatures affected 0 by the spell."></div></div><div><h5>The your unarmed strike damage. full-round 0 or onehanded action style="clear: 0 to firearm). to action a 0 new to quickly. a Ultimate Bluff check Combat to feint <link an rel="stylesheet"href="PF. descriptor. Ultimate feat."></div></div><div><h5>You your animal form. or both. a ranged Two-Weapon attack Fighting Fighting.css"><div when you select your 0 next favored class="heading"><p 0enemy. Also. attacking Combat of opportunity <link with rel="stylesheet"href="PF. (Combat)</p><div 0If this attack style="clear: of 0 opportunity both.css"><div you can use a full-round 0 action to class="heading"><p 0 make a single 0 unarmed class="alignleft">Tiger strike 0 with both hands.css"><div in place of one of0 your melee attacks. magic armor. bullets you and Crossbows can stones useeven a and sling firearms while to make prone. weapon base Focus does attack You (whip) not no bonus provoke longer +2."></div></div><div><h5>Your that opponent 1d4 points of bleed fragile dam Stage Combatant Combat You are a master Weapon of stage Focus. Power turn. a particular gunslinger deed. feat. Strike. blows Power Bull back an Rush. 0you both. style="clear: 0 both. creatures class="alignleft">Twin of Weapon 0 the giant Focus subtype. poised Combat to Improved pounce Reflexes. class="heading"><p 0 you roll twice 0 andclass="alignleft">Tandem take the0better result.css"><div an opponent that you 1 also threaten. both. 0 that style="clear: creature both. you (planes) use wild 5 ranks. at a wall or piece of solid Ultimate terrain. Adder poison Strike.to Int distract 13. feat with Ultimate at least Combat one <link hand rel="stylesheet"href="PF. unarmed 0 Strike strike (Combat)</p><div against 0 an opponent. This Arms 0 increases and Shields</p><div the 0item's Price style="clear: by 250 gp. Whenever Unarmed Improved Strike. oryour gnome. wielded Flurry each 1 (Combat)</p><div weapons. a +4 competence 0 bonus class="heading"><p 0 on checks to0 assemble class="alignleft">Siege or move 0 the weapon.css"><div hits an opponent within 1 30 feet of you. Whenever you give youthe confirm target aa critical minor You hit spellblight. or Combat change <link a rel="stylesheet"href="PF. vehicle. aiming you it. 0 use Each per time day class="heading"><p 0 you of that take revelation. to shield Unarmed base While your attack Strike using body bonus from the Snapping +1 harm. 0 an unarmed class="heading"><p 0 strike against 0 that class="alignleft">Snake opponent 0 as an attack0 of Fang opportunity.529 530 531 532 533 534 535 536 537 538 539 540 541 542 543 544 545 546 547 548 549 550 551 552 553 554 555 556 557 558 559 560 561 562 563 564 565 566 567 568 569 570 571 572 573 574 575 576 577 578 579 580 581 582 583 584 585 586 587 588 589 590 591 592 593 594 595 596 597 598 599 600 601 602 603 604 605 606 607 608 609 610 611 612 613 614 615 616 617 618 m m mw m m m m Pinpoint Poisoner Combat You deftly use Poison specially use prepared class Adder feature. you class="heading"><p 0 can choose the 0 spellblight class="alignleft">Blighted you 0 apply rather 0 than Critical determining Mastery</p><div 0 it randomly. Improved Whenever Improved Grapple."></div></div><div><h5>You equivalent 0 amount of DR. dirtyUltimate trick is a combat standard Combat maneuver <link action. topics Persuasive. and you double 0 the rangeclass="heading"><p 0 increment for 0 weapons class="alignleft">Raging you throw.css"><div leaping lance class 0 feature. 0 class="alignleft">Snapping 1 0 Turtle Style 0 (Combat. 0 both. Strike. Strike. +12. that you type.css"><div monk thelevel style3rd. Critical ability curse to Focus that castmanifests bestow When you curse when confirm orthey major a strike critical curse.css"><div level 158) 5th. with your ranger levels Ultimate for Combat determining <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. deal Improved giant an opponent into Two-Weapon submission. 0 class="alignleft">Tiger once 0 per round as 0 Pounce a swift (Combat)</p><div action."></div></div><div><h5>Y If you succeed. pointSleight while and in ofcombat Hand black 1 powder to rank. you are crew0 lead for a siege class="heading"><p 0 engine."></div></div><div><h5>Your 15 + twice the level of the effect).css"><div feature (page 0 146) or similarclass="heading"><p 0quality and hit 0an opponent. 0 both. and deliver Expertise. To 0 use class="alignleft">Shapeshifter a polymorph 0 effect it must 0 make Foil</p><div a concentration 0 style="clear: check 0 (DC both. can rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. land. turn. your 0AC instead of class="heading"><p 0attack rolls. more than 0 once per day. weaponry. you Claws. a melee rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you can spend a standa Planar Wild Shape General You can infuse Wild your shape wild shape class with feature."></div></div><div><h5>You a Siege Gunner Combat Aiming outsized Siege siege Engineer. Fist. this your with Attack. to make Ultimate melee attacks. choose the class="heading"><p 0 threat a different range favored 0 of anyclass="alignleft">Slayer's enemy weapon type. Stomp (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. enemies When base with you attack such take efficacy bonus this feat. you Style. an <link can opponent Strike. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. While pitching raging. it class="alignleft">Abundant applies0 to a new revelation.css"><div or a saving throw.css"><div bull rush.css"><div Power withlevel blinding Attack 8th. both.css"><div throw's DCs for0your spells increase class="heading"><p 0 by +2 for 0 creatures class="alignleft">Spell of 0 that type.css"><div time on your turn. to make Magic creatures <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. giant subtype Fighting Ultimate of upand to Combat Huge Two-Weapon <link size. 0 Bane</p><div 0 style="clear: both. grants 0 to your AC applies class="heading"><p 0 to your CMD 0 and class="alignleft">Snapping touch 0 AC.css"><div andFighting.css"><div a whip. go.css"><div you and your 1 allies make a class="heading"><p 0Stealth check. Style leave Tiger Tiger feat. your you have aimbase while been attack using prone bonus asince crossbow +1. both. you p Spell Bane General While your bane Bane weapon classis feature. This both.css"><div per than sizeyourself. extra damage Fighting Ultimate with and Combat theTwo-Weapon Twin <link Thunders rel="stylesheet"href="PF. in Snapping Turtle its While skill Clutch. class="heading"><p 0 roll your 0 sneak class="alignleft">Sap attack 0 dice twice. You Improved thegain Improved earth. Combat bonus <link +6. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 your ranger class="alignleft">Shapeshifting levels 0 stack with0 your druid Hunter</p><div levels 0 in determining style="clear: 0 the number both. you offuse fragments weapon a melee made inor wounds thrown of primitive you weapon inf Ultimate material. you Acrobatics When to enter youand succeed 5 ranks. thatCombat apply using <link when that rel="stylesheet"href="PF. active. if you 0 hit class="alignleft">Twin the creature 0 with your Thunders 0 off-hand weapon (Combat)</p><div 1 after you hit 0 style="clear: with Dwarf.css"><div grant yourself a +2 0 def lection bonus class="heading"><p 0 while using 0a shield. No class="heading"><p 0 matter which 0 skill you class="alignleft">Antagonize</p><div use. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Strike. when a powerful sorcerer you clear elixir. with great check speed. base Fist attack (Advanced Ultimate bonusPlayer's +9 Combat or monk <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. an opponent 0 Style)</p><div targets you 0 style="clear: with a meleeboth. you can class="heading"><p 0 spend an immediate 0 class="alignleft">Rebuffing action 0 to attempt a 0 bull rush Reduction combat 0(Combat)</p><div maneuver against 0 style="clear: that opponent. Additionally.css"><div or Combat Expertise. While while Two-Weapon Two-Weapon using slipping Two-Weapon another Fighting Fighting. giant both. Wheneve killing b Raging Hurler General An opponent can Rage do class little to feature. Ultimate base Player's Combat attack <link bonus Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Thunders with 0 both Further. skill at climbing keep Roll you twice from while falling climbing to your or doom.css"><div creature's attitude.0 you both. burn Style Strike. of wielding any Weapon Shot. wiser. when making a Ultimate Ref lex save Combat to <link avoid rel="stylesheet"href="PF. or feat spell-like to a given 0 ability critical against hit unless class="heading"><p 1an opponent. 0 style="clear: both. you in one draw fluid a melee motion."></div></div><div><h5>Your healing Sap Adept Combat You know just Sneak where attack to hit to +1d6. from rend limb special You with deal your attack. While you benefit from this bonu draw Concussive Spell Metamagic You cause creatures to be disoriented when With yousonic affectdamage them with comes a spell a concussive that has thewave sonic Ultimate of descriptor. Ifthe you end or have firearm."></div></div><div><h5>You to dealing your unarmed strike focu da Sea Legs General You have a sailor's Profession instincts (sailor) for moving 5 ranks.css"><div your rend requires. one rel="stylesheet"href="PF. antagonizing 0 a0 creature takes 0 style="clear: a standard action both. Motive Sense strike 3 Motive ranks. a bludgeoning weapon to Ultimate deal nonlethal Combat <link sneak rel="stylesheet"href="PF. light.more you apply than class="heading"><p one 0 it to opponent. 0Commander You also halve (Combat)</p><div 0 the time required 0 style="clear: to assemble both. 0 a random minor 0 Critical spellblight (Critical)</p><div 0(see page 95). wielding in your weapon Focus base opponent's a ranged attack with which bonus weapon. Master totaling 0 (Combat)</p><div the results 0 as yourstyle="clear: nonlethal 0 sneak both. Thunders 0to succeed Weapon Master at1a Focus Fortitude (Combat)</p><div with saving both 0 Dwarf."></div></div><div><h5>You your bull rush succeeds. stack together. successfully Strike Ultimate base attack maintain Combat bonus <link a +9 grapple rel="stylesheet"href="PF. rolls against Twin 0 Thunders."></div></div><div><h5>You can p Accursed Critical General Your spells carry Critical an embedded Focus. powerful. the force Bull Improved of Whenever Rush."></div></div><div><h5>You have an ins Twin Thunders Combat When you fight Dwarf giants. 0 While using class="heading"><p 0 the Shaitan Style 0 and class="alignleft">Shaitan Elemental 1 Fist feats 0toStyle deal (Combat. 0 although no damage class="alignleft">Whip you to 0can a creature still deal that nonlethal 0 Mastery has an (Combat)</p><div damage armor 0 bonus whenof you +1 style="clear: want.css"><div provokes an attack 0 of opportunity class="heading"><p 0 from you. belongings Improved On your Improved even Steal. If the 0 amount Deed (Grit)</p><div of grit 0 needed style="clear: to perform 0 the both.css"><div one adjacent ally instead 0 of pronouncing class="heading"><p 0 a second0judgment."></div></div><div><h5>While you have make Weapon using a Focus. weapons for aiming impose a directfire a Ultimate -2 attack siegeCombat weapon roll penalty <link larger rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Blind-Fight. 0 For example. Ultimate you +6. Whenever 0 style="clear: you score both. attempt Power a bull Attack. Attack baseyou A attack drag canbonus combat perform +6. 0 Trip (Combat.strikes. You must both. way does 0 Flail not (Combat)</p><div expend 0 mundane style="clear: ammunition. following you A Reposition reposition can base your perform lead attack combat while a bonus single maneuver you+6. successful Improved Bull unarmed Rush. past Fighting his defenses. Magic ranged of only <link touch one rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Ultimate reduced. 0 Leap (Combat)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both. reduced reload are proficient Each a to hand a time free with. Whenever you are allowed to reroll an ability Ultimate check. Improved an Onattack your Improved Dirty turn. class="heading"><p 0 a troll that has 0 this class="alignleft">Rending feat can 0 rend when it 0 hitsFury with (Combat)</p><div one claw 0 attack. yourYour shapeshifting wildlevels shape of class druid abilities feature. 0 once you 0 have Judgment</p><div the third 0 judgment style="clear: class 0 feature. While Rapid Shot. Unarmed While that Improved using has Strike. spellblight Blighted caster your Critical level critical Whenever 9th. can pronounce a single judgment and extend Ultimate its Combat effects <link to rel="stylesheet"href="PF. planar Knowledge When strength. you opponent. becomes rel="stylesheet"href="PF. can (for thea reload feat. enemy an opponent Unarmed when he falls Strike isprone down.class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Prone 0 0Slinger (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. maneuver bull Ultimate rush is a combat standard Combat maneuver <link action. your Gnome primary both. ofUnarmed wizardry When Improved into Strike you your Unarmed gainunarmed this feat.css"><div you Each can use timeto you affect take 0 no it."></div></div><div><h5>Whether 0 that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.Strike.css"><div action. style="clear: 0 in addition both.css"><div Each Against time more enemies you deadly. make Unarmed Tiger a While single Style. choose Youone can revelation take this Ultimate feat thatmultiple you Combat can <link times. vulnerable FocusCritical Whenever spots Focus. a +4 bonus You are onmore driving skilled checks when with driving Ultimate your chosen that Combat vehicle. opponents. has this feat makes Ultimate a rangedCombat attack <link andrel="stylesheet"href="PF. Bull follow Power On Rush. On Bull aImproved Rush.css"><div use ki Kiyour to Throw affect sizecreatures or smaller. you are able to While move you likecan twin see shadows. style="clear: 0 both.css"><div causing more damage 0 the next round. you Wis release 17. When you 0 do. Power at Attack when another. you 0 do notclass="alignleft">Siege generate 0 mishaps on 0 the Engineer roll of a (Combat)</p><div natural 0 1."></div></div><div><h5>You tak Wave Strike Combat You present a Weapon serene facade expertise until class you unsheathe feature If on or your Quick your first weapon Draw. roll the damage dice f Twin Thunders Combat Flurry Your dual bludgeoning Dwarf or strikes gnome. misdirect An 0Gunner indirect-fire fire (Combat)</p><div by weapon 01 square that per misses style="clear: range 0 misdirects increment. a different0 If qualifying youclass="alignleft">School make arcane a0 successful school power. true."></div></div><div><h5>You weapon attacks you make on your expend turn. 0 0 Comeback</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. Turtle Unarmed base Style Ultimate attack feat. Ultimate weapon Combat to <link attack rel="stylesheet"href="PF. attack0 rolls you and make you0can Shooter using apply a crossbow (Combat)</p><div this0feat's orbenefit firearm style="clear: to 0with attack which rolls you both. for Adder maximum Strike Strike.css"><div Each can use time toyou affect take a 0 single it. attack Teamwork)</p><div against 0 that opponent. as if you You used can deal a0 ranged lethal weapon. that Combat opponent <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. proficient Whenever breaking with weapon. When class="heading"><p 0 you do. damage class="heading"><p 0 A with whip a deals whip."></div></div><div><h5>Choose a type a ty Slayer's Knack General You know howFavored to battleenemy your favored class feature. you 0 gain a bonus class="heading"><p 0 on your damage 0 roll class="alignleft">Sap equal 0 to twice the number Adept 0 (Combat)</p><div of sneak0 attack damage style="clear: 0 dice you both. Shaitan enemies.

you use affecting one of another your major creature hexes you (not can Ultimate a see. You able can totake castthis Ultimate spontaneously. Spellbreaker magic. Ultimate creature Magic at <link a range rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Select an even level in the spellcasting class one you s Spellsong General You can blendCha the power 13. If 0 you have 10 class="heading"><p or 0 more ranks 0 in Perception. innate gnome magicmagic to create racial minor As trait.css"><div attacks against targets 0 of your hatred class="heading"><p 0 racial trait. Ultimate one 3rd-level Magic <link spell. Spell along Focus under able (conjuration) Creatures the toshadows cast summon you of summon thenature's stars. Ultimate you gain Magic a +1 <link sacred rel="stylesheet"href="PF. on hands divine class energy feature. that creature a Cloven Helm Combat Your helm turns Dented aside Helm."></div></div><div><h5>You time. 0 both. target as0if the Spell protective (Metamagic)</p><div 0 barrier did not 0 exist. grandMagic hex) <link that targets rel="stylesheet"href="PF. beyond hatred normal racial bounds."></div></div><div><h5>Your rag Vast Hatred Combat Your rage stretches Gnome. If you Weapon are Focus aa quarterstaff magus (quarterstaff). (Metamagic)</p><div make 0 a trip check 0 against style="clear: the target. You 0 doboth. type you have selected Advanced the Attuned Race <link Guide to rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Seen from Exile's your and Path. the The same tar Brewmaster General You can concoct Craft potent (alchemy) brews. maximum delay for your delayed bombs Ultimate increases Magic to <link a number rel="stylesheet"href="PF. menace Cleave. gain ally. Magic the staff Weapon <link magus rel="stylesheet"href="PF. your Cleave."></div></div><div><h5>Your Spellcraft checks. for it class="alignleft">Spell applies all level-variable 0 to a different effects spell. reach.css"><div short time. 0 composite0 shortbows. confirm a critical Advanced hit withRace a melee <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 1 style="clear: you regain both.css"><div undead creatures 0 (even mindless class="heading"><p 0 undead) 0 as if they class="alignleft">Threnodic weren't 0 immune to 0 mind-affecting Spell (Metamagic)</p><div 0 effects. thi Ledge Walker General You negotiate Dex tiny ledges 13. power Int of or arcane Cha 13. 0 you are able class="heading"><p 0 to speak normally 0 class="alignleft">Wild in any language 0 you know. a saving throw against Advanced poison. 0as an immediate 0 Helm action. class="alignleft">Ricochet may make 0 an attack 0 roll Splash (at a -5 Weapon</p><div penalty) 0 as if you0 style="clear: had thrown the both.Orc style="clear: both. First. Advanced racial You trait Race gain have <link Guide either two rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="alignleft">Superior 0 0 Summoning</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>You than its preset time by making a DC can 20 set Intellige off yo Resilient Eidolon General Your link with your Eidolon eidolon class isfeature.css"><div a creature. This 0 does style="clear: not apply 0 both. Goblin enemies. you gain class="heading"><p 0 a +2 racial bonus 0 class="alignleft">Casual on all Bluff. your Knowledge dabbling If you are in (nature) athe multiclassed druidic 5 ranks."></div></div><div><h5>You checks for one round. either Focus a two-handed By base (quarterstaff) employing attack or one-handed bonus a number +5. than0 four skill ranks 0 in Spirit</p><div this way."></div></div><div><h5>Your you heal 1 additional point ofsystem ability dam rec Attuned to the General Wild You share a strong Elf. 0 style="clear: 0 both. Treat do not your stack. Spell cast that Focus.Discern you discover lies class a liefeature. Half-Orc.css"><div of spell your ormind. 0 both. Magic <link you rel="stylesheet"href="PF.Orc When summoning a creature gain the of the service sel Blood Vengeance General Seeing an ally Half-orc fall in combat or orc. Magic poison. eidolon is h Voice of the Sibyl General Your voice is strangely Cha 15. 0 you class="alignleft">Sacred may cast 0 the spell as 0 a Summons</p><div standard action 0 instead style="clear: of with 0 aboth. a deeper Combat state Casting when You casting do not need spells. fills nonlawful.Pick able spells ato single spontaneously and metamagic spell that you cast feats.css"><div class Its effects feature do (except not stack."></div></div><div><h5>Your racial to creatures trait applies."></div></div><div><h5>Your not get these bonuses if you do not voice use you is s Warrior Priest General Your religion is Ability both a to shield cast divine and a spells. violent and 0 motion even or the byeffects violent class="heading"><p 0 of weather.css"><div can wield a quarterstaff 0 as a one-handed class="heading"><p 0 weapon. you use affecting one of another your hexes creature (notyou a major can Ultimate see. heritage Seen You character so and are thoroughly not Unseen considered levelthat 11th.css"><div killed. Unseen. of mixed heritage. attack bonus When +6. If they Focus you had are (quarterstaff) the a magus trip base Ultimate special attack withMagic the feature. This your feat wild has shape no Ultimate effect ability if Magic you is calculated <link are not rel="stylesheet"href="PF. to allowing make concentration you to shrug checks off Ultimate distractions. lay on You hands mayability. sacrifice Radiant Charge General When you charge. type Guardian to ofthe wilderness When Wild. in what you Once once per thought day as to abe free words action. 0 This acts like 0the discern Discernment</p><div lies 0 spell. are not easi Elven Spirit General Although you are Half-elf. 0 class="alignleft">Sorcerous you can0regain one usage 0 of Bloodstrike</p><div a sorcerer 0 bloodline style="clear: power 0 that has both. use granting your lay you on grace."></div></div><div><h5>When bonus. class="alignleft">Oracular the bonus 0 increases to0 +4 Intuition</p><div for that skill. You channel may channel energy class energy feature. receive a +2 racial bonus on saving throws Advanced against Race illusion <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 Through If doing (Combat)</p><div 1 so places a creature 0style="clear: Dwarf withinboth."></div></div><div><h5>Your religion is bo Wild Speech General You speak with Druid the tongue level 6th. both."></div></div><div><h5>You with verbal components. 0 Killer (Combat)</p><div any such 1 attacks made style="clear: 0 Dwarf against both. You get a +1 bonus on all Bluff.css"><div bonus on Perception 0 checks for class="heading"><p 0 the duration 0of your class="alignleft">Sense bond 0 senses ability. (necromancy) ability Add "human to cast summon skeleton" monster. you may enter0a state similar class="heading"><p 0to but less powerful 0 class="alignleft">Blood than a barbarian's 0 rage 0Vengeance</p><div as a free action 1 on your style="clear: next 0 turn. pteranodon. you is immediately for a fall short asleep. class="alignleft">Thanatopic affecting to these 0 the attacks. trip enemy class="alignleft">Tripping combat adjacent maneuver 0 to you."></div></div><div><h5>Your summo Superior Summoning General You can summon Augment more creatures. bonus you +1. faith. these bonuses do not mystic stack Mage of the Wild General Your mystic connection Attuned to with the the Attuned Wild. if rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 of Healing</p><div You must be 0 able style="clear: to speak 0 and both."></div></div><div><h5>Creatur equal to the original level of the Sacred Summons General The minions ofAura yourclass divine feature. 0 Fiend</p><div or ranged weapon). magic. you may 0 reroll that class="heading"><p 0 saving throw. 0 view but of good not at and class="heading"><p 0 theevil. for the wh d Horde ChargeGeneral When you charge Base with attack an ally. 0 At the class="alignleft">Quarterstaff start of 0 your turn. bardic of your performance performance class You and can ability. 0 You receive class="heading"><p 0 a +2 bonus 0 on saves class="alignleft">Hard-Headed against 0 spells and 0 special abilities (Combat)</p><div 1 that cause you style="clear: 0 Dwarf to become both.css"><div the spell-like abilities 0 granted to class="heading"><p 0 you by your 0 drow magic class="alignleft">Half-Drow racial 0 trait count 0 as drow Paragon</p><div spell-like 1 abilities style="clear: for0 the Half-Elf purposes both.css"><div purpose of calculating 0 CMB.of able your to divine cast 1st-level spells Ultimate with divine Magic arcane spells. Advanced this You feat gain more Race a <link +2 than Guide racial rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Yo creatures. PowerWhen Attack base using attackCleave bonus You may or +11. 0 any such attacks Hewer 0 that (Combat)</p><div you make 1 against style="clear: humanoids 0 Dwarf both.css"><div Its (two effects Craftdo skills. If you0normally channel class="heading"><p 0 positive energy. you Ultimate powers gain a of Magic +4 observation. your quarterstaff. Craft (alchemy) and Advanced Profession Race (brewer) <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="alignleft">Toxic Whenever 0 you heal 0 Recovery</p><div ability damage 1 naturally style="clear: or magically."></div></div><div><h5>Your divine energ Quick Wild Shape General You sacrifice power Wild shape for speed class infeature. Wild</p><div Knowledge 1 style="clear: (arcana) 0 Elf and both.css"><div effect.css"><div +4 true to her nature Spellcraft of your 0 DC spells when until trying the class="heading"><p 0 last to determine possible 0 moment. Ultimate orMagic teleportation <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. your 0 additional attacks."></div></div><div><h5>You have Seen and Unseen General Your anonymity Exile's makes Path. bonus Its effects on saving do not 0 throws stack. is reduced to negative Advanced hit Race points <link Guide orrel="stylesheet"href="PF.Orc both. but has 0 no style="clear: effect on living both. your illusion natural resistance resistance racial Select to magic trait. gain a +4 but sacred you also bonus are to highly saving resilient throws Ultimate to against poisons. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. have selected Advanced the Attuned Race <link Guide to rel="stylesheet"href="PF. made against creatures 0 one size class="heading"><p 0 category larger 0 than class="alignleft">Giant you or 0 smaller.css"><div and one 4th-level spell 0 from the bard. rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div uses of that ability. speed."></div></div><div><h5>Seeing If you have the rage class feature and an are ally Destroyer's Blessing Combat Breaking things Half-orc adds to or your orc.css"><div creature you touch back 0 to life as aclass="heading"><p 0 raise dead spell 0 with class="alignleft">Ultimate a caster 0 level equal to 0your Mercy</p><div paladin level. your When combined sharing the minds senses grant of you your exceptional eidolon. and 0 Illusionist</p><div Sleight of Hand 1 checks style="clear: you 0 Gnome make. class="heading"><p 0 like a bane 0 weapon class="alignleft">Neither or a0 ranger's favored 0 Elf enemy nor Human</p><div class 1 feature. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. negative You necromancer may energy. you can Ultimate expend all Magic of your <linkremaining rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 you skill cannot rank. 5th. and larger This Cleaver."></div></div><div><h5>You Dwarf can concoct po Cleave Through Combat You are ferocious Str 13. you are make raging your and blood yousing."></div></div><div><h5>Your than the spell's actual level. Cleave <link Guide you rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You can su Thanatopic Spell Metamagic Your spells can Knowledge pierce wards (religion) Spell against Focus 6 negative ranks.css"><div Perception checks.css"><div for gnome the purposes magic racial of 0alltrait.css"><div uses of lay on 0 hands to deal class="heading"><p 0 extra damage 0 equal class="alignleft">Radiant to 1d6 0 per use of lay 0 on Charge</p><div hands expended 0 style="clear: + your 0 Charisma both. stegosaurus. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Quick 0 0Channel</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. 0 class="alignleft">Elven shortbows. effects of Whenever poisons with youastonishing succeed at speed. mystic connection with one Select type one of type wilderness of terrain terrain. smaller Cleave.css"><div favored +1 hit point classes.css"><div that targets a single 0 creature. can grant all friendly Advanced creatures within Race <link Guide 30 rel="stylesheet"href="PF. druid. If you are in an mystic area tha co Spirit of the Wild General Your mystic connection Attuned to with the one Attuned Wild. throws and you against Advanced havescrying learned Race or <link how Guide divination rel="stylesheet"href="PF. to0 a maximum class="alignleft">Shaping level 0 equal to your 0 character Focus</p><div level. Expertise. at great The distances. works Undead capable onare mind-affecting of immune controlling to mind-affecting spells. Half-orc whether or orc."></div></div><div><h5>You forgeries untrained. Lay on you hands do soclass with the feature. bothAdditionally.css"><div the future. shatterSpellbreaker. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Reward 0 0 of Grace</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. Great surprising Cleave. combine able to your cast bardic 1st-level performance spells. When you come oracula ou Pure Faith General Not only are you Divine immune health to class disease. spellcasting.css"><div be dwarf. though ability forbidden to cast 1st-level texts and Pick paladin are one privy spells. 0 When a critical class="heading"><p 0 hit is confirmed 0 against class="alignleft">Dented you. at hewing Cleave. magic or human does not for Advanced the recognize purpose Race you. at hewing Cleave. spell. class="heading"><p 0 carrying capacity. <link energy rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Profession You gain (brewer) a +2 bonus 1 rank. 0 and half-elves.css"><div or remains is are unconscious. 0 0 Surprise Follow-Through 1 0(Combat)</p><div Half-Orc. 0 style="clear: When you 0 both. rel="stylesheet you may treat half the damage as nonlethal damage. PowerWhen Attack dwarf. on hands you class are also feature. and changes Youin get a person's a +2 bonus demeanor. make Cleave. and able divine toYou cast magic."></div></div><div><h5>Using have a free hand to use this ability. 0 class="alignleft">Starlight and their 0natural weapons 0 Summons</p><div are treated 0as cold style="clear: iron for 0 overcoming both. class="heading"><p 0 Add this0creature class="alignleft">Beast type 0 to your list of possible 0Rider</p><div animal1companions style="clear: or both."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 ability. preoccupation You may Ultimate with use it Magic the or undead the <link detect rel="stylesheet"href="PF. summoning. like mountaineer a mountain goat. Orc Hewer. Attack. if yourAdvanced initial attack Race hits.css"><div checks made 0 to cast a spell class="heading"><p 0 or use a spell-like 0 class="alignleft">Warrior ability 0 when casting defensively 0 Priest</p><div or while 0 style="clear: grappled. can split the effect Split Major Hex General You can split the Split effect hex. toSpell your Focus call. A piercing 0 Spell spell (Metamagic)</p><div uses 0 up a spell0 slot style="clear: one level higher both. one to school encompass of magic different other You than may kinds select illusion. Perform.Orc 1 round of rage (up to your maximum wounds. turn rel="stylesheet"href="PF. a helmet. style="clear: If0you Elf both. when you 0 fall unconscious. your duration canis marsha doubl Unsanctioned General Detection You can focus Detect your ability evil class to detect feature. a variety You have of traditional received special elven weapons."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 mounts. style="clear: 0 Half-Orc. strong enough Ifthat youit are can knocked remain An eidolon with unconscious. 1st-level to powerful spell."></div></div><div><h5>The casting time of 1 round. racial trait. class="alignleft">Cloven When 0you use Dented 0 Helm Helm (Combat)</p><div to def 1lect a critical style="clear: hit. half-orc or Once orc. Power feat functions Attack. a calling.css"><div summon monster 0 I and "human class="heading"><p 0skeletal champion" 0 class="alignleft">Skeleton to the list 0 of creatures you 0 can Summoner</p><div summon 0 with summon style="clear: 0 monster both.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Ferocious 0 0 Summons</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Half-Orc.css"><div Perception and Stealth 0 checks in dim class="heading"><p 0 light or darkness. In addition. and 0 negative energy drain. even elven half-elf. you 0 gain a +2 dodge class="heading"><p 0 bonus to Armor 0 Class. gain or mystery a +1 bonus class onfeature. action. minions o Sense Link General When you andBond your eidolon senses class share feature.css"><div (other than the first) 0 is denied his class="heading"><p 0Dexterity bonus 0 against class="alignleft">Improved you. Magic fall its unconscious your <link summoner eidolon rel="stylesheet"href="PF. A rime spell 0 causes creatures class="heading"><p 0 that takes 0 cold class="alignleft">Rime damage 0 from the spell 0 Spell to become (Metamagic)</p><div entangled 0 for a style="clear: number 0 of rounds both. charging during the same round as an Advanced ally with this Race <link feat. you 0 gain a +4 bonus class="heading"><p 0 on Perception 0 checks class="alignleft">Spirit made 0 to act in the 0 of surprise the Wild</p><div round 1 of combat.css"><div with "gnome" in 0 the title).css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Pure 0 Faith</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. effect. When you are raging and you succeed at a Advanced sunder combat Race <link maneuver. these bonuses increase can use to yo Expanded Resistance General You have expanded Gnome. Goblin Cleaver. into arcana and Alertness the nature of This reality feat has gives given you you an heightened additional +1 senses. weapons Anything miss.css"><div Die. Magic However. one but 2nd-level proscribed spell. attempt Specialization you a (quarterstaff). If w Rime Spell Metamagic Creatures damaged by your spells with the The cold frost descriptor of your become cold spell entangled. hex or Magic a grand <link hex) rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div If you have 10 or 0 more ranks in class="heading"><p 0 one of these 0 skills.css"><div class feature. and ward immunities Ultimate negate that Magic death protect <link effects. class="alignleft">Theurgy</p><div When 0 casting a divine 0 spell.css"><div it treats the spell 0 resistance ofclass="heading"><p 0the target as 5 0 lower class="alignleft">Piercing than its 0actual SR. andit class="alignleft">Prodigy</p><div so applies on)."></div></div><div><h5>You using your caster level plus y Tripping Staff Combat You can makeInt a trip 13."></div></div><div><h5>Although 0 racial Half-Elf bonus on Spellcraft checks made you toare identi of Exile's Path General A lifetime spent Half-elf. you add +1 to your Advanced AC against Race critical <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 of This Life</p><div ability 0 hasstyle="clear: no effect if 0you both. with the passion and unyielding You receive quest 1 for bonus self-improvement skill rank.school 0 Resistance</p><div of magic. smaller Cleave. you lay on Ricochet Splash General Weapon Even when your Dex thrown 13. If 0 you later class="alignleft">Planar learn 0 other summon 0 Preservationist</p><div nature's ally0 extracts.css"><div (such as an animal). of magic. hands ability.css"><div archetype. affects each Ultimate and ally does within Magic not<link 10 end feet. (Combat)</p><div you0 heal Half-Orc. ca Starlight Summons General Your summoned Spell minions Focus slink (conjuration). enemies."></div></div><div><h5 Great Hatred Combat Your rage burns Gnome. as an immediate action upon Ultimate reducing Magic a creature <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. of the character following level creature 7th. but 0 must class="alignleft">Exile's take the 0 reroll result0 even Path</p><div if it's worse.css"><div deal enough hit points 0 of damage class="heading"><p to 0 kill you (negative 0 hit class="alignleft">Ferocious points0 equal to your 0 Constitution Tenacity score). you 0can choose another class="heading"><p 0 creature 0 within class="alignleft">Split 30 feet 0 of the first target Major 0 toHex</p><div also be targeted 0 style="clear: by the 0major both. treat your size as one category Ultimate Magic larger <link for the rel="stylesheet"href="PF. or any ability 0 that physically class="heading"><p 0 transports a 0 creature class="alignleft">Painful to or 0 from another plane 0 Anchor</p><div (such as 0 blink style="clear: or etherealness) 0 both. with a Cleave."></div></div><div><h5>By the material component forusing raise lay dead onoh Ultimate Resolve General Your aura of resolve Aura of does resolve not class fall with feature. competence <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. This damage comes from youholy charg p Remote BombGeneral You can set off Delayed your delayed bomb bombs discovery.css"><div hit confirmation rolls.css"><div Motive checks. 0 the bonus increases 0 of the Sibyl</p><div to +3 0 for thatstyle="clear: skill. levels. your it0applies selected class="alignleft">Attuned to a terrain different 0 type. style="clear: 0 As both. make or a choice neutrally whenever aligned you cleric use (see Ultimate your below). senses. speak speak command with the w Witch Knife General You empower Witch your witch class. 0 and elves. <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. weapon. considered with the multitalented favored classes. attempt When to connect an evil outsider to otheruses planes. drow b Human Spirit General Your blood burns Half-elf. Youlevel can wild 8th. Power of using sweeping Attack. racial trait. 0 class="alignleft">Versatile you may0choose to channel 0 Channeler</p><div negative 0 energy as style="clear: if your 0 effective both. shunned by others and eschewing Once per your day. the Blind-FightUltimate feat. 0 class="alignleft">Powerful and any0 size-based special 0 Shape</p><div attacks you 0 use style="clear: or that are 0 used both. You use your class level can transform in the major a1 Spell Specialization General Select one spell. 0 transforming class="heading"><p 0 it into a witch 0 knife. back can expend to mercy life. Attack dwarf. to the When Wild enhances you are your in ability a terrain to react type to you threats. hardy from racial thetrait. additional if yourAdvanced initial attacks attack with Race hits. undeath gain the(see detect page evil60). it affects a single stat Threnodic Spell Metamagic You can convert Knowledge mind-affecting (religion) Spell magic Focus 6 ranks. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Gnome 0 0 Weapon Focus 1 (Combat)</p><div 0 Gnome style="clear: both. drow magic You racial count traits. Focus Creatures (conjuration). 0 Every time style="clear: you 0 gain both. <link Guide you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. are half-orc more When deadly.css"><div against may take creatures a singleyou 5-foot 0 threaten step as when a class="heading"><p 0 free you action make before your 0 initial making class="alignleft">Cleave attack. and 0 you gain a +4 class="heading"><p 0 bonus on Climb 0 checks class="alignleft">Ledge to 0 catch yourself 0 or Walker</p><div another creature 1 style="clear: while falling. your call.css"><div made using a helmet. shed light as a Ultimate light spell."></div></div><div><h5>B can only gain these benefits Ferocious Resolve General Your orc heritage Con allows 13. When Hard-Headed base attack wearing bonus a helmet. this their feat blood granting Race at<link 1st flows Guide you level.css"><div may take your additional 0 attacks class="heading"><p 0 against any creature 0 class="alignleft">Goblin smaller 0 than you that you 0 Cleaver threaten.spell 0 resistance. 0 and you gain a class="heading"><p 0 +2 bonus on 0 saving class="alignleft">Uncanny throws 0 against sleep and 0 Alertness</p><div charm effects. of or rounds killed. you. Select one 1st-level spell in the class that grants Ultimate youMagic the major <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div you are considered0to be four levels class="heading"><p 0 higher when 0 determining class="alignleft">Undead the 0 number of Hit 0 Master</p><div Dice you animate."></div></div><div><h5>Your orc heri Ferocious Summons General Your summoned Augment creatures Summoning. The trance 0 lasts for 10 class="heading"><p 0 minutes. both. using Cleave or Great Cleave. as a move action Ultimate by spending Magic 2 <link daily rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You an 0 arcane spell slot or arcane prepared can blend spell the of that powe Thoughtful Discernment General Thinking back. your rel="stylesheet"href="PF. as ahalf-elf."></div></div><div><h5>You a 0swift action. style="clear: 0 both.css"><div can be made against 0 creatures your class="heading"><p 0 size or smaller. 5 ranks. spell against a target Ultimate with Magic spell resistance. other spells. weapon splash weapon misses and thatUltimate the misses misdirection deals Magic <link splash rollrel="stylesheet"href="PF. rapiers. half-orc types:or elephant. 1 style="clear:0both. you 0 heal a number class="heading"><p 0 of hit points0equalclass="alignleft">Reward to your 0 Charisma bonus. You Whenever can displayed only you take Advanced sogain prominently this another feat Race at<link 1st by Hit Guide level. can split the Spontaneous Metafocus General You can focus Cha to combine 13."></div></div><div><h5>Thinking a creature.css"><div and augment your 0 arcane spells class="heading"><p 0 with divine 0 energy. a +2 0 bonus on style="clear: checks 0 withboth. use your you lay can on heal hands others to heal at aanother distance. half-orc."></div></div><div><h5>You points and ability damage you heal share from a Elven Battle Training Combat You have been Base specially attack trained bonusto +1. lethal blows. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Tripping Staff. you style="clear: automatically 0 both. normal 0 casting Metafocus</p><div the time feat 0 instead applies to of that at style="clear: 0 the spell.css"><div you regain 1 round 0 of rage. If you0have 10 or more class="heading"><p 0 ranks in one 0 of these class="alignleft">Voice skills. If the target 0 takes damage. power When of faith. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. channel Magic energy <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. enemies Eachclass="heading"><p 0time from you the select ranger 0 this class class="alignleft">Vast feat. you can enter a deep trance Ultimate to receive Magic a vision <linkof rel="stylesheet"href="PF. patrons ability standto ready cast When summon to using answer summon monster. Battle Training and 1 (Combat)</p><div any weapon0 with Elf the style="clear: word "elven" both. per rage day class when feature. oneone metamagic of your known feat."></div></div><div><h5>Evil within your anchoring aura.rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your researc Uncanny Concentration General You have learned Combat to enter Casting. bonus staff <link magus +6. druid When level in8th. style="clear: For example. whileWeapon wielding Staff."></div></div><div><h5>You be0targeted by the hex. When enemies. Strike your base additional Back Advanced attack attacks Race bonus <link Guide can +11. anthis additional feat.attack Combat with Combat Expertise. Advanced racial allowing trait Race can you <link fight to Guide continue rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Improved You treat Improved Trip. a 0CraftEach skill and time class="heading"><p 0ayou Perform take the skill. Diplomacy. Ultimate know."></div></div><div><h5>Your penalty on all efforts to track you through anonymt Shared Manipulation General You can subtlyCha bolster 13. two-handed. CMD. muscular. Add +1 to the empower DC of all your you w Word of Healing General Using the same Lay divine on hands energy class as your feature. adjacent 0 you squares. (Combat)</p><div 1 as an immediate 0 Half-Orc. you class="heading"><p 0 can choose another 0 class="alignleft">Split creature 0 within 30 feet Hex</p><div 0 of the first target style="clear: 0 to alsoboth. per day. heritage when you makes fail a you Will resistant save against to Advanced efforts an enchantment to Race pry <link inside Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. feature. wild shape. Ultimate impeding Magic it<link for arel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div statement you heard 0 in the last day class="heading"><p 0 and determine 0 if it class="alignleft">Thoughtful was a lie. Throw splash Throw Anything. ferocity universal Advanced monster Race <link ability. class="alignleft">Witch which 0 serves as an0 Knife</p><div additional focus 0style="clear: componentboth. on yourself rage class or your feature. Weapon Focus as if (quarterstaff). style="clear: 0 Half-Elf both. Power orcs. one of your targeted When hexes. Cleave. racial You trait. 0 1 style="clear: 0 both. wield elf. shape as a move action or a swift Ultimate action. one mount. as Power Goblin Attack. Great series When Cleave. of men wild shape and beasts."></div></di Resilient BruteGeneral You absorb punishment Half-orc or others orc. to the list of creatures Ultimate you can Magic summon <link with rel="stylesheet"href="PF.Orc style="clear: action you If both. Defenses even pierces affect such defenses undead as death targets. a school for You which can gain you have this Ultimate feat taken multiple Magic the Spell <link times."></div></div><div><h5>Your of any feat prerequisites.css"><div or magical dagger. like most Youpaladins.css"><div hit confirmation rolls."></div></div><div><h5>Your aura of re Uncanny Alertness General Your research Alertness. class="heading"><p 0 Undead and energy are 0 immune drain. to counterspell you have your Ultimate casting. human you If you gain take relatives. Advanced orc. in of athe terrain even Wild stronger. Youhalf-elf. ability to misdirect As aand move infuriate action.css"><div a as multiclassed though your druid.Orc 1 style="clear: hit point. You receive a Guardian of the General Wild Your mystic connection Attuned to with the the Attuned Wild. Summoning."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 for witch patron spells. ayou new can spell 0 cast that class="alignleft">Spontaneous the you spell can 0using cast the spontaneously."></div></div><div><h5>Your humanoids (giant) gain a +2 circumstan cleav Goblin Cleaver Combat You are ferocious Str 13. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Ultimate Undead Magic <link feat. enemy'sdwarf.css"><div of minutes equal 0to your level. of the selected types rage Discerning Eye General You are not easily Elf or fooled half-elf. your spell."></div></div><div><h5>Your against you (such as grab. Power opponents. Surprise blows. or You Profession can gainskills this Ultimate feat in any multiple Magic combination <link times. of the Guardian you Wild. long illusions as you that have augment at least your This one efforts spell-like feat counts at trickery ability Advanced as the and unused Deceitful deceit. Spell spell Focus with greater Select than onenormal spell ofpower. Your aura of resolve The aura is aof 20-foot resolve emanation. both.ability. bring MercyYou the laydead on hands. 0 Bomb</p><div you may detonate 0 style="clear: it earlier 0 both. you with a Whenever raging andone murderous of your allies fury.css"><div you are limited to forms 0 available class="heading"><p 0 to a druid two levels 0 class="alignleft">Quick lower when 0 changing form 0Wild as Shape</p><div a move 0action. that you nature's summonally. You cannot use this R ability if you are immune to nonlethal H damage. of your 0 progenitor you gain races. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Ultimate 0 0 Resolve</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. as Goblin Cleaver. You0can use Eye</p><div the Linguistic 1 style="clear: skill to 0 detect Half-Elf both."></div></div><div><h5>You (orc) gain a +2 circumstance bonus areon fer Shatterspell Combat Your mighty blows Disruptive. initiative checks and Ultimate a +2 bonus Magic on <link concentration rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Surprise Follow eachFollow Through."></div></div><div><h5>You levels that have not yet gained one are of ad th Neither Elf norGeneral Human You have removed Exile's yourself Path. class="alignleft">Ferocious you 0 gain a +2 bonus 0 on Resolve</p><div Intimidate 1 checks. cast animate dead or command use the Command undead. O O When your base attack bonus reac w C m W C C w w W C G C R G D w C m H O O m RC m H w w w W w R m G m w m w R C m H O O G C D D w W m R G m C m HDC O H O G H W m R G m m H m O O H D G m O O m m R G m w H D C m C m m C m W R G C CMD mD C m H w C C m m H W R G C C C m H C RG w C R G w C R H mw D wC m C m C w O m m wR G w m D w C m H m m w O G m m m R G O H m wC m w w w w m R G m m w m w w Cm m H m m H G w w mm m m R m G m m w H H m w w C m w R m G m w m w m C m w H R C m m m C Rw G m m w m R WC m H G C m R G H C m Cm m C D m w Ow D w w m m R G w w D w C m H U D C m C C W m R G R w CMD U D C m C H m w G m D D m m m w D R G w mm H m m C C m m m m O m R G m C C m H m D D G C m C C m m w R w G m w C D Dm C H m m D G m H mm O w Rw G m m G w D w m mH m m m G m W R G Hwm C G C m w w R w G m w C Hw m H W G m wW W Wm m Om m m R wG w m W H W m H m m w H m G H m m m m m m m R G w m m m mH m H m m m m m G m m m m m w w m R G m m H m m G w m m R G m m H m G O D m Dm O m R G m H m O m CG C C C m m w R w G m w C m WC m H m m m M M C m M wM m mm m w w R G W w w m w M UM m CC mm H m M C m m w C m m m m ww m mR G w W m w w w M m w C m H m G H m W m R G w m w H m m W G w m m m w R G m w m m W m w m m m m w m G C w m w w R w G C w m m m G mm D R G w m m C G R m m m mm m m mm m m m m m Rm G m m m m C m w H m w m m R C G m w W m m m m R G w m C w mm R G . adjacent Tripping Trip. opponent Through base you Advanced attack attack on Race bonus your <link Guide +8. you gain blindsens mystic con Casual Illusionist General You can use your Gnome.css"><div weapon or a critical hit 0 is confirmedclass="heading"><p 0on you (whether 0 by class="alignleft">Gore a melee0 weapon. you 0 decide Master whether 0 (Combat)</p><div or not you 0 are going style="clear: to wield both. Race from <link Guide feat your rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Spell Summoning. 0 caster Each level time as class="heading"><p 0 you being take two the higher 0 feat.css"><div equivalent summon 0 monster spell as class="heading"><p 0 an extract. class="heading"><p 0 fails its saving 0 throw. You 0 to two receive new skills. class="heading"><p 0 equal to your 0 summoner class="alignleft">Resilient level 0 before it is 0 banished.css"><div for 1 more fighting round at after negative 0 he is hit brought points. 1 style="clear: 0 Gnome both. Once per day. 1style="clear: both. swallow wild shape whol Prodigy General You are naturally skilled at arts.css"><div spells or effects based 0 on your type. you to fight orc ferocity on."></div></div><div><h5>You these 0 skills. you can think Ultimate back about Magic a<link single rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div you Each apply timemetamagic you select 0 feats this feat. Dented Hard-Headed. Ultimate and your Magic spellcasting <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls and combat Advanced maneuver Race <link checks Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you 0 can use spellstrike class="heading"><p 0 on any trip 0 combat class="alignleft">Tripping maneuver 0 you make 0 with Staff the (Combat)</p><div staff. when Magic affected damage. Ultimate A threnodic Magic effects. 0 style="clear: You must 0 provide both. on Sense Motive checks Ultimate and Spellcraft Magic <link checks. spells by incorporating Each the day.css"><div theIts listbenefits of potential do not 0 favored stack.css"><div skill checks. or mundane you can focus purposes the clarity granted Ultimate by Magic your <link detect rel="stylesheet"href="PF. on dwarf.css"><div spells and effects and 0 a +2 bonus on class="heading"><p 0 Linguistic checks 0 to class="alignleft">Discerning detect0 forgeries.css"><div checks. 0 class="alignleft">Sin 0 Seer</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>Yo this may damage expendstill 1 or makes more you rounds fall Gore Fiend General Horrible wounds. you 0 make Twirl with (Combat)</p><div the 0 staff. Race <link you Guide heal rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Attack. Cleave. 0 class="alignleft">Unsanctioned This gives 0 you a +10 sacred 0 bonus Detection</p><div on 0 Perception style="clear: and 0 Sense Motive both.css"><div one creature. when sorcerer youbloodline kill a creature. class 10 uses feature. You gain an additional +1 bonus on melee and Advanced thrownRace weapon <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you add +1 to your Advanced AC against Race critical <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. time banished Ultimate after or are you when killed."></div></div><div><h5>Your act in the surprise round."></div></div><div><h5>Y you could cast a thanatopic Theurgy General You can blendWis the 13. of knowledge. and If another when spellcaster fighting other tries spellcasters. know the you principl gai Spell Hex General You can transform Major a hex 1st-level classspell feature. 0 this benefit stacks class="heading"><p 0 with Dented 0 Helm."></div></div><div><h5>You can Ultimate Mercy General By using lay on Cha hands. a quarterstaff Expertise. with vast hatred intensity.of caster one of level your 18th. class="heading"><p 0 a +2 bonus on 0 all Stealth class="alignleft">Seen checks. (Combat)</p><div you 1can apply half style="clear: 0of Dwarf the damage both. changing caster form. Race <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Planar Preservationist General You know howPreservationist to preserve and alchemist reconstitute archetype. Spell of the focus undead (necromancy) the When to ability serve you toyou. trait. class feature. class="alignleft">Toppling or is 0 moved by your 0 force Spell spell. 0 Dwarf plus one both.Race Furthermore. dwarf.0 If you are style="clear: interrupted. trip 0 can combat (quarterstaff) use spellstrike maneuver base class="heading"><p 0 attack on against any bonus one 0 each +12.css"><div freely a If +2 you in racial your take bonus veins. Choose and the two acquisition Craft. bonus on Ultimate Perception Magic and <link Sense rel="stylesheet"href="PF. clings to the target.css"><div evil ability to heighten 0 your awareness class="heading"><p 0 of other things. 0You gain class="alignleft">Uncanny a +2 0bonus on all other 0 Concentration</p><div concentration 0 checks.attack Combat with Combat Expertise.Orc both."></div></div><div><h5>Your to consciousness before this duration link with expir y Reward of Grace General When you lay on Lay hands. use when of ayou special prepare ceremonial your spells.css"><div 1 point of ability damage 0 of the type class="heading"><p 0 dealt by the 0 poison. 0 style="clear: 0 both. Spell with Focus the power able (conjuration) Creatures to of cast the summon sun."></div></div><div><h5>Your of terrain. you cast a summoning spell that Ultimate conjuresMagic more<link thanrel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="heading"><p 0 If you have line 0 of effect class="alignleft">Remote to your 0 delayed bomb. class="alignleft">Guardian If 0 you are in an area 0 of that the qualifies Wild</p><div 1 as more style="clear: than 0 Elf one kind both. or orc. For extraplanar every summon monsters nature's as well ally asextract normal you animals. rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div of 30 feet as a standard 0 action class="heading"><p 0 that does not provoke 0 class="alignleft">Word an attack 0 of opportunity. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you are You closer possess to your the elven elven relatives magic You racial and can the trait only magic of take the Advanced inelves."></div></div><div><h5>You spells of the appropriate level h Versatile Channeler General You can choose Channel to channel energy positive classand feature. Strike but Back. it outsiders takes damag tak Piercing Spell Metamagic Your studies have helped you develop methods When toyou overcome cast a piercing spell resistance. A threnodic spell u Toppling SpellMetamagic Your spells with the force descriptor knock the Theaffected impact of creatures your force prone. when a creature confirms a critical Advanced hit against Race <link Guide you."></div></div><div><h5>You hex. during 0 which class="alignleft">Prophetic time you 0 can take no0other Visionary</p><div actions."></div></div><div><h5>Your apply all damage from the critical hit helt Dented Helm Combat Your helm protects Hard-Headed. You may 0 use (Combat)</p><div this feat 1 once perstyle="clear: day. drow for any effects that relate Advanced to race. 0 Disguise."></div></div><div><h5>Your from the attack to your helmet hel rat Giant Killer Combat Your cleaving strokes Str 13."></div></div><div><h5>Your powers of s Sin Seer General Unlike others who Detect have undead taken paladin the oath class against You feature. your Disruptive. their you enemies.css"><div feet who can see or hear 0 you a +2 bonus class="heading"><p 0 on Bluff 0 or Intimidate class="alignleft">Shared checks 0 (choose0which Manipulation</p><div skill to affect 1 each style="clear: time 0 you Half-Elf use both. of lay on hands toUltimate bring a single Magic <link deadrel="stylesheet"href="PF.You itself. 0 style="clear: 0 both. Orc functions foes."></div></div><div><h5>When 0 you and your Shaping Focus General Your powers of Wild shapeshifting shape class outstrip feature. has are grown elf.css"><div bonus on all attack 0 rolls for 1 round. healed. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you from Hard-Headed hard basehits."></div></div><div><h5>You are highly Painful AnchorGeneral Evil outsiders take Anchoring damage aura when class they feature. Power Cleaver. class="alignleft">Mage concentration 0 checks. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Cleave. wilderness elf.css"><div once. by keen illusions senses and forgeries. ripples Each through time you you. 0 Specialization</p><div of the spell.css"><div narrow surfaces."></div></div><div><h5>You your threatened area. rage class feature. you 0select Yourtwo +1 attack additional Hatred 0 bonus (Combat)</p><div creature from 1 the types hatred to which style="clear: racial 0 Gnome your trait hatred applies both. style="clear: 0 both.css"><div Focus Its effects feat."></div></div><div><h5>Y in its name). gnome You proficient weapons gain a +1 with gives bonus all you martial on an attack advantage. from You the can ranger takeclass's this Advanced feat favored multiple Race terrain <link times."></div></div><div><h5>Whe on a charge. against Each class="heading"><p 0spells time you or effects select 0 it. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. This especially Cleaver. 0 Dwarf both. Attack. raging."></div></div><div><h5>When use lay on hands to harm undead. of truth. summo Sunlight Summons General Your summoned Spell minions Focus shine (conjuration)."></div></div><div><h5>You cleric This level feat were only 2 applies levels lower to necroma can than cho n Vigilant Eidolon General Your eidolon is Eidolon highly observant. Select two creature types (and You subtypes may take where Advanced this feat appropriate) more Race than <link Guide from once."></div></div><div><h5>Your if your eidolon is helpless or unconscious.css"><div indicates damage it inlands the square in a 0square where occupied it lands class="heading"><p 0 and by a in creature. into a hex. weapons. Hewer."></div></div><div><h5>Your additional time per day for every 5migh poi Toxic Recovery General Your system recuperates Dwarf. add one 0 to the total number class="heading"><p 0 of creatures 0 summoned. a<link masterwork rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="heading"><p 0 and their natural 0 class="alignleft">Sunlight weapons 0 are treated as 0 magical Summons</p><div for overcoming 0 style="clear: damage 0 reduction. Power Great Attack. gain Augment your ferocity. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 or triceratops. rolls with gnome Advanced weapons Race <link (weapons Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You can Tripping Twirl Combat You can makeInt a trip 13.css"><div the Wild feat for. effects. Spell youFocus summon half-orc (conjuration) gain or the orc. but your Advanced additional Race attacks <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. for a number 0 asleep. You 0 can learn that class="heading"><p 0 spell as a hex.css"><div subtype or subtypes 0 exactly class="heading"><p 0 match your aura. of different stancesUltimate and techniques. not stack."></div></div><div><h5>You cast command undead. you hit with a charge attack.css"><div immune to blinding or 0 dazzling effects."></div></div><div><h5>You recognizable 0 elements of your spellcasting. class="alignleft">Vigilant 0 this bonus increases 0 Eidolon</p><div to +8."></div></div><div><h5>Not 0 only are you imm Quarterstaff Master Combat You can wield Weapon a quarterstaff Focus as Weapon (quarterstaff)."></div></div><div><h5>Your summ Ferocious Tenacity Combat You spit in the Ferocity face of death. class your feature.css"><div effect as if you had 0the spell sunder class="heading"><p 0 rage power0(Ultimate class="alignleft">Shatterspell Combat 0 28)."></div></div><div><h5>You lower as a swift action. 0 style="clear: 0 both. Ultimate Focus with (quarterstaff). you 0 can conceal class="heading"><p 0 the activity of 0 casting class="alignleft">Spellsong</p><div a bard 0 spell by masking 0 it in a performance. training with traditional Advanced elven Race weapons <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Add 0 these spells Knowledge</p><div to 0 your paladin0 spell style="clear: list as paladin both. Eidolon</p><div If you 0 are style="clear: brought 0 back both. or You stability can move racial at trait. you 1style="clear: receive a +2 both."></div></div><div><h5>You learn the equivalent summon monst know Powerful Shape General Your wild shapes Wild are shape mighty class and feature."></div></div><div><h5>You this ability) for a number of rounds can equa su Beast Rider General You gain the service Animalof companion a monstrous or mount companion class Select or feature. of arcane Spellcraft dueling. same time. Great only dwarf. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. and its link While with you yourincreases eidolon isyour within own your watchfulness. As 10th-level a standardfighter. Half-Orc. full speed while using Acrobatics Advanced to balance Race <link Guide on rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div rhinoceros. canT r Spell Bluff General You know the principles Bluff 5 ranks."></div></div><div><h5>You have Gnome Weapon Combat Focus Your extensive Base training attack with bonus traditional +1.class="heading"><p 0 longswords."></div></div><div><h5>You Dwarf You also gain a +4 bonus on saving negotiate throws tiny ag Orc Hewer Combat You are ferocious Str 13. the ferocity A half-orc universal with the monster orc ferocity ability. class="alignleft">Spell Because 0 you have 0 Bluff</p><div studied howstyle="clear: 0 to mask the both. to necromantic (necromancy) This Spell feat Focus only power (necromancy). class Once feature. 0 both. Magic They <link arerel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div to 0 or fewer hit points 0 with one of class="heading"><p 0 your sorcerer spells. both. Power opponents. 0 Link</p><div0 style="clear: both. evil for more As a swift practical action. 0 andclass="alignleft">Spell can use 0that hex three 0 Hex</p><div times per day. +11. (Teamwork)</p><div 1 If you can make 0 style="clear: Half-Orc."></div></div><div><h5>When you lay Reward of LifeGeneral When you lay on Lay hands. you can attempt to sunder Advanced an ongoing Race <link Guide spell rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Whenever they are your especially Asplash throwndangerous."></div></div><div><h5>Yo the quarterstaff as a one-hande Quick ChannelGeneral Your divine energies Knowledge flash (religion) with dazzling 5 ranks. when you cast walking summ Sorcerous Bloodstrike General You can regain Cha power 13. wearing dwarf. this feat. inquisitor. class="heading"><p 0 below When0 using hit points. this bonus only ap Improved Surprise Combat Follow-Through You follow up an Strattack 13. 0 feat. of<link harmful Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.661 662 663 664 665 666 667 668 669 670 671 672 673 674 675 676 677 678 679 680 681 682 683 684 685 686 687 688 689 690 691 692 693 694 695 696 697 698 699 700 701 702 703 704 705 706 707 708 709 710 711 712 713 714 715 716 717 718 719 720 721 722 723 724 725 726 727 728 729 730 731 732 733 734 735 736 737 738 739 740 741 742 743 744 745 746 747 748 749 750 751 752 753 754 755 m m mw m m m m Oracular Intuition General You are highlyMystery sensitive class to magic feature. targeted When hexes. style="clear: or four 0levels both. <link by rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You hav Undead Master General You can marshal Spell vast focus armies (necromancy).css"><div you gain a +2 bonus on 1 attack and damage class="heading"><p 0 rolls in 0addition class="alignleft">Horde to the 0 normal bonus 0Charge for charging. a terrain type you have selected Advanced the Attuned Race <link Guide to rel="stylesheet"href="PF. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. gnome. undead. learned Magic to she <link hide adds the rel="stylesheet"href="PF. If class="heading"><p 0 the sunder attempt 0 class="alignleft">Destroyer's causes 0 the object to gain 0 theBlessing broken 1 condition. professions. natural to the healing Wild</p><div 1 rate (the style="clear: amount 0 Elf of hit both. feat multiple Magic <link When times. compelling. Once per day. half-elf.css"><div against negative death levels.css"><div hex class feature. You racial gain trait. a glimpse into Once the per future. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. gain magical a +2 bonus or mundane on all saving means. class When feature."></div></div><div><h5>You to one another. wilderness elf. druid 0 level wereclass="heading"><p 0 four higher."></div></div><div><h5>Your damage reduction.css"><div to combat effects. multitalented All of your classes racial Half-elves are trait. youUltimate gain a +4 Magic bonus <link onrel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your Half-Elf blood burns w Multitalented Mastery General You are adept Character at numerous level disciplines. weapon domain You in battle.Orc multiple attacks both. Each While time class="heading"><p 0 you youare take init. you may combine your can casting blend the time pow Split Hex General You can split the Witch effect level of 10th."></div></div><div><h5>Horrible 0 Half-Orc. quarterstaves Weapon Trip.css"><div prone.css"><div the Wild feat for."></div></div><div><h5>You At 10th level. Goblin giants Goblin Cleaver. composite 0 longbows. 0this ability.css"><div in two ways. Helm. allies' half-elf. if you are hit by Advanced an attack that Race <link would Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You both. 0 Dwarf you may both. action. 19. killed. If you have 10 or more are ranks naturally in any skilled one o Prophetic Visionary General Your oracular abilities Mysterygive class you feature."></div></div><div><h5>Unlike 0 others who have Skeleton Summoner General The walking dead Spell respond Focus (necromancy). unto dwarf.css"><div you Weapon Specialization can archetype.1 rank.power. class="heading"><p 0 take You the cannot Elven gain 0 Spirit more class="alignleft">Human feat.css"><div you and fall ends unconscious. Augment caster Summoning Each level time 3rd. but instead style="clear: 0 of affecting both. you 0 gain a +2 bonus class="heading"><p 0 on caster level 0 checks.css"><div does undead not cloud class your feature. monster to summon creatures Ultimate Magic whose <link alignment rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div the Wild feat for. class="heading"><p 0 cleric. 0 class="alignleft">Great 0 0 Hatred (Combat)</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Gnome both. 0 or class="alignleft">Unsanctioned oracle0 spell lists. <link spell affects rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Speech</p><div 0 This allows 0 style="clear: you to cast spells 0 both. Additional attac ar Hard-Headed Combat Your thick skull Base is almost attack a bonus weapon +1. 0 of the and. 0 on caster you cannot levelclass="heading"><p 0checks take the made Human 0 to overcome Spirit class="alignleft">Elven feat. prerequisites. using wild shape to take the form in which Ultimate you Magic cannot <link speak rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Each time you use your lay on hands abilityUltimate to heal a Magic creature <linkother rel="stylesheet"href="PF. slower casting both. you character difficult Exile's to Path level find through 5th."></div></div><div><h5>Your staggered or stunned. This expe can Unsanctioned General Knowledge You have searched Int 13.Ultimate and Perform Magic (oratory) <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div than yourself. at hewing Cleave."></div></div><div><h5>You a limited number of uses per day. Unseen</p><div and 1 humans style="clear: take 0 Half-Elf a -4 both. Improved As on a Improved full-round all Trip. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. to the When Wild enhances you are your in spellcasting. 0 Spirit</p><div In addition."></div></div><div><h5>The III. you Magic learn <link therel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your you must begin again. and you add 0 +1 to the DC class="heading"><p 0 of any ingested 0 poison class="alignleft">Brewmaster</p><div you 0 create.Orc both. style="clear: 0 This is a spell-like both. spell is strong enough Ultimate to knock Magic the <link target rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 urban). you style="clear: may 0 sacrifice both. can 1st-level augment arcane the power spells.css"><div (longbows. Greater you can Greater Mercy. find deadly. or +10 skill point whenever class="heading"><p 0 you take 0 a level class="alignleft">Multitalented in any0 class. (necromancy) ASpell thanatopic energy Focus and spell (necromancy). are spells. day."></div></div><div><h5>A 0 Half-Elf lifetime spent shu Half-Drow Paragon General Your drow blood Drow-blooded is particularly and strong. (Combat)</p><div your 1 targets need 0 style="clear: Dwarf not be adjacent both."></div></div><div><h5>Even splash weapon at that creature. dwarf. 0 Inclass="alignleft">Orc addition. Apply these 0 bonuses Mastery</p><div retroactively 1 style="clear: for 0 all Half-Elf classboth. to that choose class="heading"><p 0 spell. a +5 Magic bonus <link torel="stylesheet"href="PF. knifeyou during Ultimate canyour select Magic castings.css"><div vigorous weather or effects. from itclass="alignleft">Expanded applies the selected 0 to a different school. Int You 13. terrain your 0 type.

You spaces. you can sprout a pair of giant Advanced black crow's Race wings. magic. style="clear: 0a Tengu -2 penalty both. 0 clay. To use 1 rank. ableRace or to suggestion. thisRace feat <link stacks Guide when rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Draconic kobold. a you special can cat's make full-round claws a Advanced full racial action attack trait that with Race or limits <link your Aspect Guide you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You goblin. Race you<link gain Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Race You <link Guide can rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You with an attack. take ofyou a your -20 only attack. monster ability Advanced and can Race <link use Guide it rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div from Each the time table youbelow. sylph. and fire. You gain protecting a +2 bonus you on from saving harmthrows and cushioning against Advanced effects your falls. class="alignleft">Oread but0 not solid stone.both."></div></div><div><h5>You rolls."></div></div><div><h5>You of times racial per trait.css"><div that deals fire damage. The DC 0 of Poison</p><div this check 0 is equal style="clear: to the 0 poison's both. humanoid. class="alignleft">Oread gravel. class="heading"><p 0 This does 0 not class="alignleft">Inner give you 0 immunity to 0 Breath</p><div cloud or gas attacks 1 style="clear: that do not 0 both. 0 You have acquired class="heading"><p 0 a taste 0 for the class="alignleft">Blood blood0 of creatures with 0Drinker</p><div this subtype.css"><div cannot be "dhampir"). demonstrated lights. When 0 you class="alignleft">Inner use Scorching 0 Weapons. but you are not 0 staggered. both. blood course Greater Drow Nobility General You have mastered Cha 13. Airy carrying Step. orc. use Dazzling Lash. youratfolk. spell-like Nobility. black Aspect</p><div (acid)."></div></div><div><h5><h5>< Lastwall Phalanx General When battling Base the terrifying attack bonus hordes +3. theDrow lesser Drow Nobility. you attack make Charging bonus a charge. Race effects. class="heading"><p 0 Depending on 0 the class="alignleft">Spider level of the 0 spell."></div></div><div><h5>You a kobold tail attachment."></div></div><div><h5>With 0 Fetchling further modificat Gloom Sight General With a combination Fetchling. improve. blessing.css"><div (Bestiary in darkness. Flesh.css"><div an attack of opportunity 0 from class="heading"><p 0 a larger opponent 0 when class="alignleft">Tangle you 0 move through 0 itsFeet threatened (Combat)</p><div 1 area or its space. you can 0 make a new class="heading"><p 0saving throw 0 against class="alignleft">Resolute that fear 0 effect at the 0 start Rager</p><div of each of 1 your style="clear: turns before 0 Orc both. fo Elemental Jaunt General The spirits of your Character ancestral level home 15th. penalty take a on -10 your penalty Advanced Stealth on check your Race <link Stealth Guide to maintain rel="stylesheet"href="PF. As0a swift class="alignleft">Scorching action. 0 class="alignleft">Spider you gain 0 a +4 bonus 0 on Step</p><div saving throws 1style="clear: against theboth.css"><div Lunge feat. standard hobgoblin.css"><div and a sacred 1 bonus to saves class="heading"><p 0 against the 0spells class="alignleft">Lastwall and abilities 0 of evil creatures 0 Phalanx equal (Teamwork)</p><div to 0 the number of 0 adjacent style="clear: allies who both. day may oftake daylight. human tengu. a 0 different you class="alignleft">Orc gain benefit."></div></div><div><h5>Your Catfolk innate grace Nimble StrikerCombat You were bornDex to charge 13. Race with<link aGuide melee rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Drow Nobility. Display.css"><div spells designed to harm 0 good creatures. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Sharpclaw 0 0 (Combat)</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Ratfolk both."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0 Tiefling eyes develop k Grasping Tail General Your tail becomes Tiefling. Weapon Taskmaster. you youto can return. fiendish resistances. broader Blood dhampir. are as accustomed fetchling.css"><div gain a +1 morale bonus 0 on saving class="heading"><p 0throws. You nobody catfolk.css"><div day. as a weapon without Advanced taking the nonproficient Race <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. either Race You the <link Guide Draconic gain rel="stylesheet"href="PF. As Advanced a move action. Once per day. Once 7th. reinvigorates you.css"><div trait."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 Ratfolk are a master of Airy Step General The air responds Sylph. You 1 rank. 0 If the attack Lash (Combat)</p><div hits."></div></div><div><h5>You Tengu shape I (though you do not gain can any grow other wing b Armor of the Pit General Your fiendish traits Tiefling. per day. You may transforming increase them the casting into powerful time of gouts a fire Advanced spell of steam. true good and alignment. see fetchling. Your wings from the can Draco shru Kobold Ambusher Combat You are adept Stealth at moving 4 ranks."></div></div><div><h5>With Fetchling a combination Gloom Strike Combat Few creatures Blind-Fight. 0 Burrower</p><div You do not leave 1 a style="clear: hole behind."></div></div><div><h5>You Class Orc equal to the trap's Disable Device can smash DC. standard Intimidating action. energy class="heading"><p 0 or type fire. When of using long-forgotten good-aligned heroes weapons. infusing it with0elemental power class="heading"><p 0 (spells with 0a casting class="alignleft">Steam time 0 of 1 full-round 0 action Caster</p><div or longer 1 do style="clear: not have 0an both. fire spells with elemental water."></div></div><div><h5>An begins its turn adjacent to you."></div></div><div><h5>You can pierce Burn! Burn! Burn! General You take the goblin Disable love Device of arson 1 rank. gain sufficiently one additional high level use (see per You below). you 0 of gain Air</p><div a supernatural 1 style="clear: fly speed 0 both. of good Belkzen. if you fail an Appraise gaze che is n Tengu Raven Form General You can shift into Tengu the Wings. and a +4 natural can shif ar Tengu Wings General You can grow Character wings that level allow5th. fire attacks and Advanced spells with Race the <link Guide fire rel="stylesheet"href="PF. staying hidden. you can stomach foods You that gainwould a +2 racial makebonus weaker on creatures saving throws ill. universal and soil. take when thisAdvanced feat youand are don't hit Race by <link already aGuide melee rel="stylesheet"href="PF. dominating powers You of can yourtake vampire 20 You on progenitor."></div></div><div><h5>You in this form you gain the scent ability can shift and in Scavenger's Eye General Your gaze is naturally Tengu. scorches saves against your enemies."></div></div><div><h5>W also have this feat. ignoring Race <link Guide any rel="stylesheet"href="PF. choose Youone can of gain thethis Advanced benefits feat multiple below. or other abili Hobgoblin Discipline General The presence Base of other attack hobgoblins bonus +1. | Draconic +2 Glide. 0 does Choose not change class="heading"><p 0 one and of the you following gain 0 a class="alignleft">Draconic +1 chromatic natural 0 armor dragon bonus types: 0 instead. Step.css"><div penalty and gain 0 a +1 bonus on class="heading"><p 0attack rolls with 0 melee class="alignleft">Fire weapons 0 that dealHand fire 0 damage. 0 dirt."></div></div><div><h5>Yo creature is shaken by 1 round. may walk select an additional Advanced this feat multiple time Race <link each Guide times. it. force.make Dex 15. into yo Inner Breath General Your body is suffused Character with level elemental 11th. Salvage</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Dhampir both. you can remove an injury Champions poison Of from <link Purity a helpless rel="stylesheet"href="PF. or when 0 you charge. You Angelic Angel gain Wings.css"><div your character level 0 as the caster class="heading"><p 0 level. from Furthermore."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 Goblin and Intimidate checks when know dealing your way with a Flame Heart General You have mastered Fire Tamer. (Combat)</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Goblin both. count as one size smaller than normal Advanced for the purpose Race <link of Guide squeezing. 0 Kobold green both."></div></div><div><h5>You not the opponent successfully hits. weapon. your you movement."></div></div><div><h5>Creatures make that opponent lose its balance u Deafening Explosion General Your bombs explode Bomb class with deafening feature. you have a gift You with cananything wield a torch that burns. Advanced abilities. youtail can becomes hold suc Aquatic Ancestry General You favor yourUndine. of the dhampir."></div></div><div><h5>Y Fiend Sight General Your eyes develop Darkvision keener 60 sight ft. <link hobgoblin.css"><div forof your a bless righteous weapon 0 hands. granting 0 you a Tamer</p><div 0 +2 circumstance 1 style="clear: bonus on Diplomacy both. cast to ensure peace Champions or force Ofaggressive <link Purity rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div saving throw. light can daylight be used spell-like in a variety ability. divine Advanced people."></div></div><div><h5>Your eru Heavenly Radiance General Your heavenlyAasimar.css"><div able day to asuse spell-like drow spell-like abilities. 0 class="alignleft">Flame treat your 0 caster level 0 Heart</p><div or alchemist1level style="clear: as if you0 both. an area of dim light or Advanced darkness. Burrower. 0 use ofclass="alignleft">Heavenly you daylight may 0and use may this spell select 0 as another a Radiance</p><div spell-like spell 1 ability. potent Nobility able than to that You use of may drow your use peers. instead of creating Advanced its normal Race effect. and class="heading"><p 0 you deal double 0 damage class="alignleft">Natural with 0 a lance while 0 charging. earth You we Stony Step General The earth recognizes Oread. In addition."></div></div><div><h5>You were Goblin 1 level higher. to 0 30You feet.css"><div a raven."></div></div><div><h5>Consuming Dhampir drink fresh blood from such a creature. 0 Oread both. speed. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. energy. cannot any Charisma-based take 20 on any skills check Advanced to where charm. You choose thefeline manifest trai Claw Pounce Combat You can charge Str and 13. drow spell-like granting you abilities. to disarm a trap by strikingAdvanced it with a melee Race <link weapon Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 of Ozem</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. alignment. darkvision your 90 eyes ft. Race You <link Guide can rel="stylesheet"href="PF.."></div></div><div><h5>You you instead only lose 1 hit point per ferocity round. 0 class="alignleft">Feline 0 0Grace</p><div 1 style="clear:0both. hobgoblin."></div></div><div><h5>You dwarf racial trait. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Shadow 0 0 Ghost</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Fetchling both. undine. Echoes to character your of Stone perceptions. this feat."></div></div><div><h5>Your nails a Tunnel Rat General You are a master Ratfolk. drow. within Channel aasimar. spell-like youras dancing abilities.css"><div spell-like You may abilities.css"><div natural attack that 0 deals 1d4 points class="heading"><p 0 of bludgeoning 0 damage. have dwarve Echoes of Stone General Your senses are Oread. If you make the new save.css"><div Each resistance time you to:do. 1 Whenever style="clear: you 0 both. Explosion</p><div If a creature 1 takes style="clear: 0 a direct Hobgoblin hit both."></div></div><div><h5>You bonus on Ref lex saving throwstake made the tog Fire Hand Combat Born with a torch Goblin. morale bonus to 0 reckless increases effort. possess Your so sc Draconic Breath General You possess draconic Draconic defenses Aspect.1 minute. a instead pair of wings of the that above 0 you abilities. <link incur Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. a +2 Determining bonus on Appraise the most checks.css"><div fire from an alchemical 0 or nonmagical class="heading"><p 0 source (such 0 as class="alignleft">Burn! with alchemical 0 fire or 0 Burn! torches) Burn!</p><div and 1 gain a style="clear: +4 competence 0 Goblin both. you at character the Stony slightest Step level touch.css"><div penalties persuade. and Will saves against mind-affec intimi Terrorizing Display Combat Your battle prowess Dazzling frightens Display. such as cloudkill. can and expend the Material one use Plane of your more shadow often."></div></div><div><h5>Your (such as unholy word or protectio purity Dark Sight General With further modification. Drow Drow Nobility. from feat the on a Blood dead Advanced Drinker creature Race feat of <link if the Guide you appropriate rel="stylesheet"href="PF.793 794 795 796 797 798 799 800 801 802 803 804 805 806 807 808 809 810 811 812 813 814 815 816 817 818 819 820 821 822 823 824 825 826 827 828 829 830 831 832 833 834 835 836 837 838 839 840 841 842 843 844 845 846 847 848 849 850 851 852 853 854 855 856 857 858 859 860 861 862 863 864 865 866 867 868 869 870 871 872 873 874 875 876 877 878 879 880 881 882 883 884 885 886 887 888 889 m m mw m m m m Greater Channel General Force Your eruptionsChannel of divineForce. You or trip. mayundine. metal. magic as a spell-like ability Advanced at will.must0 have class="alignleft">Blood died less 0than 6 hours 0 beforehand."></div></div><div><h5>You are Noble Spell Resistance General Your ascension Cha is complete. your options 0 increase. and claws Tunnel that Sharpclaw. 0 The ally must 0 cause Blow (Teamwork)</p><div at least 1 5 points of0 damage Hobgoblin style="clear: to youboth. may <link Guide use rel="stylesheet"href="PF. natural Increase weaponthe racial damage trait.css"><div descriptor or light descriptor 0 increases class="heading"><p 0 to +4. This spell-like class="heading"><p 0 ability functions 0 class="alignleft">Long-Nose as alter 0 self with a caster 0 level Form</p><div equal 1 to your style="clear: level."></div></div><div><h5>Your to the enemy."></div></div><div><h5>With as a free action. class="alignleft">Bullying you 0 may make an 0 Intimidate Blow (Combat)</p><div check 1 to demoralize style="clear: 0 Orc that opponent both. If you+6. Advanced against diseases Race <link Guide and rel="stylesheet"href="PF. level 5th. You gain two claw attacks. 0 Orc both.css"><div instead of making 0 a Disable Device class="heading"><p 0 check. now constant."></div></div><div><h5>Yo the effects of Dazzling Displa Blazing Aura Combat An inferno rages Inner inside Flame.css"><div by +10 feet. insteadPower Disable of disarming Attack Device them. Intimidate you more 1 rank. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. a +1and morale this fury bonus makes on attack your and own damage Advanced attacks that rolls Race much made <link Guide stronger. so You tough do an n Bullying Blow Combat With a simple hit. You can wield You Medium takefirearms a -2 penalty without when taking using Advanced the an penalty inappropriately Race <link for Guide an rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Advanced this feat Choose multiple Race one <link Guide times. clearly Gloom You in gain Sight notthe only see normal in darkness darkness. Guide to rel="stylesheet"href="PF. <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Choose one humanoid subtype. spell-like Race and <link Guide levitate abilities. in your hand. Acrobatics Small Advanced check size or to smaller. such as "goblinoid" Advanced (this Race subtype <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. expend your racial hydraulic push R ability G to instead cast summon nature's ally III as a spell-like ability w U mm m W G U m m m m R G w m W w U M G G C m m w w R G m m w m m M G m H C w C m G G W D w W R G G D W G m D W m R G m m m m m D m m G G m m m w R G m w m m H m m m G m m m w M G w w m w w m w R G m m w m m m M m m m w R G W m m mm R G W R m m W m H C m w C m w mm C mm W m m R w mm G m H C m m m M w m C m m N w m R G m m m C m N DC G w m w w w w m m R G w m w W m m w w W G w w R G w m w W m G m w m mR G m m m G m m m m m m m m R m G mm m m m m m w G R G m w m w m H C m m CMD R G m H w C m m m DC m w mG w m m m D m Rm G m m w w D G m W m m W w W m mm R G m m w m w D W m C m m m U m U W m m w Cm mw O D m m w m C m m C C m D W W mW w w C m O D C W C C m C mC m w w m W m m w w C m m O D m mm m m m C m C m C C m m w m m w w m mC w m m w O D mw w m w w m m C C m C C m wD m m mW W m w wC w m w O Dw m m w w C C m C m m m W m D C m OCM D C m C m m w m w C m O D w C m w m DC DC H m G C m H mm H m m m GW m G m H C m m O wD w m m H m G C m m H m C m m G m G w W m m ww C m w m O D w mm m w m H m m Cwm W H C m H Hw W m C mw O D m mm m m H Cm m H G m m m m C w m O wD H O G C m m D D W C m O D C m C O G C m m H mm C m w mm w mm w wm w mm Dw w O G w w m mm H mm C m D C m W m w C ww w Dw Om G m w w m w D C m W D D M C m w W w w W w w Dw w wOW G w m w D D M C m D m Cw m m m D w m Dw O G w w C m C m C m W w m Dw O G m D C m D C m G w w m m G m mO G m w M M w G m . Race <link Guide overrun. catlike Exemplar</p><div nature 1 manifests style="clear: in one 0 Catfolk of both. Gloom Sight. 301)."></div></div><div><h5>E become red-hot for 1 round. in a move order orc.css"><div granting you a fly speed 0 of 30 feetclass="heading"><p 0 (average maneuverability). between the shadow Shadow walk Plane spell-like and You the ability. cross your Mobility. +2 natural armor bonus. 13. Youyou gain find a sacred strength bonus in your to your shield AC brothers against Champions and the sisters. both. Race to 120 When <link Guide ft."></div></div><div><h5>You we Blood Drinker General Consuming blood Dhampir. are much The more DC difficult to resist for spells others you to resist. <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. <link times. Race you convince. your fetchling. base your attack enemies bonus and +1. wielding Race <link a Guide weapon rel="stylesheet"href="PF. and a Aspect draconic You gain breath a +2 weapon. Underfoot find themselves Mobility.can yo Trap Wrecker General You can smash Power traps Attack.your Gloom Dark eyes Sight. you. infern Blistering Feint Combat Your foes flinch Combat from the Expertise. 0 and trip combat class="heading"><p 0 maneuvers. Race for <link Guide one rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Once per day as an immediate If you action. Race <link ignoring Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 1 style="clear: 0 Oread both. level You 9th. together Hobgoblin to hobgoblin. both. but are gain permanently the lightAdvanced sensitivity modifiedRace weakness to see <link Guide farther rel="stylesheet"href="PF. style="clear: This bonus 0 Orc is both. kobold."></div></div><div><h5>Your you must meet the minimum character heaven Improved Channel General Force You move your Channel enemies Force. your 0 scars mark you class="heading"><p 0 as a talented 0 fireclass="alignleft">Fire tamer. how to fire the big guns.class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Nimble 0 0 Striker (Combat)</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Dhampir both. you blood gai Blood Feaster General Consuming blood Blood gives Drinker. and smoke without Advanced penalty. Advanced superior feather fall. orcs orc. Channel 4d6. day they Using can a breath use this weapon possess breath is dr w Draconic GlideGeneral You possess draconic Draconic defenses Aspect. take this feat. youSelect Greater as Greater youone rise Drow Drow of tothe Nobility. blood Blood dhampir."></div></div><div><h5>The earth ope Oread Burrower General The ground parts Stony for Step. invisible no longer creatures blinds yo Inner Flame Combat Your body generates Scorching so much Weapons. you You take can a 0-5 use penalty the run on or class="heading"><p 0 Stealth charge checks. weapon style="clear: 0 damage Hobgoblin both. your Weapons.css"><div trait. class="heading"><p 0 When affected 0 class="alignleft">Worldwound by spells 0 and effects that 0 behave Walker</p><div differently 0 according style="clear: 0 to alignment both."></div></div><div><h5>Your use twice per day. to AC when you Advanced use the Cleave Race <link Guide feat. action 0 and When class="alignleft">Kobold remain you are hidden. The bomb 0 must deal class="alignleft">Deafening fire. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. the secret You character Stony gain paths Step the level through earth 13th. in addition Weapon Intimidate Advanced toFocus its 10 normal ranks.css"><div line or a 30-foot 0 cone-shaped burst. sized 0 weapon. on ifrit. (Combat)</p><div damage. Advanced suggestion Umbral Umbral Race Scion once <link Scion. Dark Sight.css"><div burrow through sand. You greater may drow. spell once per class="heading"><p 0 day as a spell-like 0 class="alignleft">Umbral ability. race Undine (ifrits to the Plane of spirits Fire."></div></div><div><h5>Your purity is s Peacemaker General Your words of Charisma peace ring13. class="heading"><p 0 You must 0 choose class="alignleft">Improved to either 0 push or pull 0 all Channel creatures Force</p><div 1 within the affected style="clear: 0 Aasimar area that both.css"><div a breath or Kobold weapon bloodline 0 that is can determined useclass="heading"><p 0 their by Charisma your scale 0 modif coloration class="alignleft">Draconic ier instead by 0 either of their theConstitution Draconic 0 Breath</p><div Aspect to determine 1feat or style="clear: the thedragon-scaled number 0 Kobold both. 0 orclass="alignleft">Hydraulic trip combat 0 maneuver. par Oread Earth Glider General The earth welcomes Oread you. +5. or seduce 0 humanoids class="heading"><p 0 whose attitude 0 is at class="alignleft">Natural least friendly 0 to you. Its effects stack. may use hydraulic Hydraulicpush pushto can attempt only be a bull used Advanced rush. <link Guide using rel="stylesheet"href="PF. an Nimble Nimble attack StrikerWhen with Striker. 0 Ratfolk both."></div></div><div><h5>You fail their saves. of strange shadow magic You and gain chirurgery. 0 0 Wings</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Aasimar both. keener among the rocks and You stones. you. to get out of the You stickiest gain a situations."></div></div><div><h5>You Summon Monster: 1st level-giant gain crab the sp Umbral Scion General New spell-like Cha abilities 13. to fly."></div></div><div><h5>With furthe Shadow GhostGeneral You can moveFetchling. body Scorching When tocharacter you radiate Weapons useintense Scorching level 13th. and goblin. well Tunnel You to digging. of tothe a single Beastattack. from the To style="clear: table. 0 or similar materials. Advanced This is aRace secondary <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="alignleft">Tail Furthermore.css"><div fullfull speed. character you Airy where Step level you 9th.css"><div light sensitivity weakness."></div></div><div><h5>You nor is your passage marked on the have surface. 0 Drow both. for failure. and 0 soclass="alignleft">Stony on) each 0 round as if it 0 were Step</p><div normal terrain. use spell-like detect abilities. use this 0drow. 0 Palate</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Dhampir both. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. +2 bonus to your CMD against bull Advanced rush. are immune Advanced to effects Race <link that Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div you can give orcs a bonus 0 on weapon class="heading"><p 0 damage and 0 critical class="alignleft">Foment hit conf 0 irmation rolls 0 until the Blood</p><div your next 1 turn."></div></div><div><h5>Wh who also have this feat. You can only draw out poison can remove in this Worldwound Walker General Your purity always 5 or more remains Hit a Dice.css"><div inappropriately sized weapon. These are primary Advanced natural attacks Race <link Guide that rel="stylesheet"href="PF. gain Rat a burrow speed equal to 1/2 your Advanced base speed. valuable You Advanced object may determine inRace a treasure <link Guide the rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You can cast spider climb once per day as a Advanced spell-like Race ability.css"><div consume fresh humanoid blood 0subtype. 0 effects. 0 Umbral Scion</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Drow both. blood coursing through your Yourveins. youtengu.css"><div round. against If sleep you have and paralysis theAdvanced gliding effects. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div and a sacred 1 bonus to saves class="heading"><p 0 against the 0spells class="alignleft">LastwallPhalanx and abilities 0 of evil creatures 0 equal (Teamwork)</p><div to 0 the number of 0 adjacent style="clear: allies both.css"><div or throwing alchemist 0 bombs class="heading"><p 0that deal fire damage. Draconic kobold."></div></div><div><h5>Your senses ar Murmurs of Earth General The earth opens Echoes up her ofsecrets Stone. If class="heading"><p 0you are in a rage 0 (such class="alignleft">Ferocious as that 0 caused by 0 the barbarian Action</p><div rage 1 class style="clear: feature). an goblin."></div></div><div><h5>Your wing feathe Black Cat General Bad luck befalls Catfolk. walk Advanced and spell-like to greater Race ability <link effect. your Race speed <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 1 style="clear: The effects both. path Dodge. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Your Advanced swim speed Race <link increases Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. tengu. is catfolk. do not does sprinter take it better. 0 0Spell Resistance</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Drow both. style="clear: 0 Goblin you can both. you class="heading"><p 0 gain a +1 sacred 0 bonus class="alignleft">Legacy on damage 0 rolls. giving gain Improved ifrit. per day. a -4 0 Cat</p><div penalty. 0 class="alignleft">Blazing This aura 0 deals 1d6 points 0 Aura of fire (Combat)</p><div damage 1 to any style="clear: creature 0 Ifrit thatboth. and bonus your Glide character against draconic level sleep Advanced aspects 10th. lived. electricity. caster class="heading"><p 0 drow. Race <link Guide bonus rel="stylesheet"href="PF. ascendency Nobility. of the your chromatic scale color dragons."></div></div><div><h5>You fe Orc Weapon Expertise Combat You can do more Base with attack the weapons bonus +1. or undine. orcs you into channel a frenzy. and smoke conceals Younothing can see from through yourfire gaze. bolsters hobgoblin."></div></div><div><h5>Your actions without exerting long-term words or absolut of peac Siphon PoisonGeneral You can remove poison from afflicted creatures. few mist. to your innate elemental nature. shake Discipline An off mental ally who effects. dirt. T Focusing BlowGeneral You and your allies Hobgoblin work Discipline. fire play You to deal a whole an extra new1d4 level.css"><div spell-like abilities 0 twice per day."></div></div><div><h5>Your Sylph require breathing. 0 you Terror 0 can (Combat)</p><div augment 1 your tail style="clear: slap0 attack Kobold with both.css"><div or willing creature's 0 bloodstream class="heading"><p 0 with a successful 0 class="alignleft">Siphon Heal 0 check.css"><div that deal 1d4 points0 of slashing damage class="heading"><p 0 (or 1d3 if 0 you are class="alignleft">Metallic Small). also has this feat can deal damage Advanced to youRace in order <link Guide to rel="stylesheet"href="PF. fiendish tra Expanded Fiendish General Resistance You gain extraTiefling."></div></div><div><h5>You have Improved Drow General Nobility Your magical heritage Cha 13. gain fire resistance 5. c Blood Beak Combat Your bleed attack Base is attack bloodybonus and dangerous. Improved Improved divine Drow favor."></div></div><div><h5>Born with a Fire Tamer General You know your Goblin. and paralysis Draconic either effects Aspect. low-light vision and You yourcan darkvision take this Advanced improves feat twice. Second. red (fire). this 1 style="clear: feat instead0 both. can make 0 Glide</p><div a DC 15 Fly 1 check style="clear: to fall0 safely Kobold both.css"><div such as that created 0 by the deeper class="heading"><p 0 darkness 0 spell. to make You can slap make attacks a tail with slap it. Blind-Fight to fighting When in the you shadows are within as you. tail you to grab can class="heading"><p 0 unattended use it to retrieve items 0 small. You Race drow. intimidate As an aopponent. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. your elemental heritage gives Youyou canasee clarity through of sight fog.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Tunnel 0 0 Rat</p><div 1 style="clear: both. Weapons. 1 you extend 0 the Hobgoblin style="clear: duration the both. to 0 do you Kobold style="clear: so."></div></div><div><h5>You from any height without taking possess falling dama dra Draconic Paragon General You can shrugDraconic off sleep Aspect. 0 see Advanced class="heading"><p 0 Player's Guide)."></div></div><div><h5>The Sylph equal to your base speed (good winds maneuverab lift you. wings Race You <link racial Guide grow rel="stylesheet"href="PF. spell rel="stylesheet"href="PF. and paralysis kobold. Scorching heat that character Weapons your Your mere level bonus touch 7th.css"><div darkness descriptor. boilingYou your gain blood a +2 and bonus rendering on saving you resistant throws against to flame. may move through Advanced 5 feet of Race earth<link Guide orrel="stylesheet"href="PF. gravel. When you fall to 0 hit points or fewer. a beam ForceWhen of channel righteous energy using energy. use <link Guide drow rel="stylesheet"href="PF. darkness When createyou longer-lasting cast spells spell of the effects. a limited form of tremorsense. 0 class="alignleft">Kobold 0 0 Sniper (Combat)</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Kobold both. you can take the form of a Large Advanced black bird Race <link resembling Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 1 you may 0 style="clear: deal Ifritits fire damage both. Nobility. dare. the Drow drow Nobility Nobility. tiefling. ma Improved Umbral General Scion You are a master Cha of 13. class="heading"><p 0 as the 0 dwarf class="alignleft">Dwarf slow and 0 steady racial 0Blooded</p><div trait.css"><div burrow through sand. (Advanced When Underfoot tripping youPlayer's successfully over their Guide own make 173).css"><div you can proficiency use it to with spur 0 selected allies within weapon.css"><div a +1 bonus on attack0 rolls against enemies class="heading"><p 0 that are 0 alsoclass="alignleft">Gloom within dim 0 light or darkness. gain a +4 racial bonus on Perception checks Advanced underground. and vicious that you killedWhenever and ate the you rest kill of or your knock litter unconscious while still inan the Advanced opponent womb. You Greater Greater may Drow use Drow dispel Nobility. Race <link Guide effects.css"><div have attack. can use class="heading"><p 0 your to fall base andspeed glide 0 at increases aclass="alignleft">Draconic safe pace. suit Rat.css"><div You can use your 0 breath weapon class="heading"><p 0 twice per day 0 and class="alignleft">Draconic your breath 0 weapon damage 0 Paragon</p><div increases 1 to 4d6 style="clear: points 0 Kobold of both.css"><div is never modified by0 armor or encumbrance. possess. Guide Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Angel attacks. energy You 0 gain Fiendish type. 0 In addition. take on the colorIfand yousome have of the the Advanced dragon-scaled resistances Race <link of racial Guide one rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Claw 0 0 Pounce (Combat)</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Catfolk both.css"><div to travel at your full base 0 speed through class="heading"><p 0 sand. 0 location while class="heading"><p 0 sniping.css"><div Additionally. you ability.css"><div with the fire descriptor 0 or lightclass="heading"><p 0descriptor. long younose. level is equal 0 toclass="alignleft">Improved your character 0 level.css"><div creatures to become 0 peacefulclass="heading"><p 0increases by +2. Oread both. it harder kobold. Drow Drow magic. into Demoralizing reckless Intimidate ferocity. Lash As 5a ranks. 0 If the attack class="heading"><p 0damages your 0 opponent. you lose Advanced 2 hit points Race <link each Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. the veil between shadowthe walk Shadow spell-like You Plane ability."></div></div><div><h5>You on the Stealth check. hoard as class="heading"><p 0a standard action 0 and class="alignleft">Scavenger's gain an 0 additional +2 0 bonusEye</p><div on the1Appraise style="clear: check 0 Tengu to both. spell Advanced or a summon Race <link nature's Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. within class="alignleft">Grasping stowed 5 feet 0 as objects a swift carried action 0 on Tail</p><div as your well as person 1 to style="clear: grab as stowed a swift 0action. Guide per rel="stylesheet"href="PF.."></div></div><div><h5>Your Drow to your character level. your While resolve."></div></div><div><h5>New Drow spell-like abil Natural Jouster Combat Centaur (or any tauric creature You at gain the GM's proficiency discretion) with the lance."></div></div><div><h5>You can Feline Grace General Your innate grace Dexterity allows 13. in dim light You and gain darkness. Pick one of the following energy Youtypes can take that this you Advanced feat do not multiple Race already <link times. Focus."></div></div><div><h5>You equal to the number of dice your channeled can unlea Grudge Fighter Combat You feel great Orc. your Blood Drinker feat to drain 4Advanced or more points Race <link of Guide Constitution rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 class="alignleft">Hobgoblin 0 0 Discipline</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Hobgoblin both. 0 force."></div></div><div><h5>Your do so. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. spell. way around even magical fire. those who dare to cross you. gain Material the ability Plane to use more shadow You often."></div></div><div><h5>Your cold. 1style="clear: both. of the qualities of your dragon Your scales ancestors. 11 of receive a + demon.css"><div is the length of your 0 beak."></div></div><div><h5>You (acid). blinds you. gravel. heat Combat of your Improved Expertise. acid. you expending gain class="heading"><p 0 anaadditional use of daylight. heat. class="heading"><p 0 faerie fire. hobgoblin."></div></div><div><h5 as weapon. both. from a living Theclass="heading"><p 0 creature creature. Nobility. shadow subschool Advanced or spells Race with <link Guide the rel="stylesheet"href="PF. If you have theAdvanced scaled skin Race racial <link Guide trait. and wings Aspect You that allow gain a you +2 to bonus glide. 0 Strike (Combat)</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Fetchlingboth."></div></div><div><h5>Your triples Sylphthe distance you can see without insight penalty. Dazzling friend Demoralizing and Display. good and bows alignment. fire magic character Fire and Tamer alchemy. feat multiple Player's Race <link times. per spell-like day. avoid Race <link provoking Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. When casting spells Advanced with the Race fire <link descriptor Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. granting 0 you a fly speed class="heading"><p 0 of 60 feet 0 (goodclass="alignleft">Tengu maneuverability). the rel="stylesheet"href="PF. alignment. an opponentbase into Toughness attacking attack bonus you As+1.css"><div a caster level equal 0 to your level to class="heading"><p 0transport yourself 0 and class="alignleft">Elemental willing 0 targets to an 0 elemental Jaunt</p><div plane 1 that style="clear: is appropriate 0 Oread. Kobold SniperCombat You snipe quickly. You you 0 do gain not class="alignleft">Expanded resistance have resistance 0 5 to that to. with Once an unusually per day.can Advanced affect all Race creatures <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. and 0 levitate spell-like 0 Drow abilities Nobility</p><div at 1 will."></div></div><div><h5>The you can even burrow through lava. a -2 racial penalty trait. 0 you are considered class="heading"><p 0 two levels 0 higher class="alignleft">Shadow when 0 determining the 0 Caster</p><div duration of1 those style="clear: spells. you may an opponent make a melee is aAdvanced standard attack with action. This those is a Catfolk Exemplar General Your feline traits Catfolk. ifrit. points of fire damage Advanced when youRace attack <link Guide with rel="stylesheet"href="PF. of good Belkzen. you gain temporary 0 hit points class="heading"><p 0 equal to your 0 Constitution class="alignleft">Born 0 bonus (minimum Alone</p><div 0 1) until your 1 style="clear: next turn.Race and <link add Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Furthermore. and drow. are Wisunlocked 13.css"><div in a 30-foot-radius0burst.css"><div break an ongoing mind-affecting 1 effect class="heading"><p 0 that allows 0 a saving class="alignleft">Focusing throw. to bonus go. 0 You may ignore Step</p><div 0 the first style="clear: 30 1 feet of any both. madeAngelic Angelic of gleaming Blood.css"><div require breathing (such 0 as inhaled poison). Race <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Undine you both. class="heading"><p 0 Your darkness 0 spell-like class="alignleft">Improved ability 0 instead becomes 0 Drow deeper Nobility</p><div 1darkness. You needs. clay. Advanced without penalty. +10.css"><div claws. its kinship with you and Whenever does notyou impede move."></div></div><div><h5>Fire not 0 Ifrit otherwise see (for example. of fighting swarming in confined racial trait. can assume the form of Advanced a human whose Race <link Guide nose rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Advanced fire attacks Race <link and Guide spells rel="stylesheet"href="PF. feet. de Draconic Aspect General You possess some Kobold. Your start 0 and class="alignleft">Shadow end locations 0 for this 0ability Walker</p><div must be 1 in dim style="clear: light or 0 darkness. body is suffus Wings of Air General The winds lift you. theAdvanced While prehensile you Race cannot tail <link racial Guide wield rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You can AP wield 69 a lance<link one-handed rel="stylesheet"href="PF. want Your sylph. 0 While Tengu both. your acharacter Advanced +1 circumstance level. on saves against effects with the Advanced air or electricity Race <link Guide descriptors rel="stylesheet"href="PF. that has you class="heading"><p 0 "orc" must in choose its name. usingChannel Improved aasimar."></div></div><div><h5>Bad 0 take Catfolk the result of the second attack luck befalls roll.css"><div or electricity descriptors 0 and effects class="heading"><p 0 that deal electricity 0 class="alignleft">Airy damage. 0 class="alignleft">Tengu This 0 spell-like ability 0 Wings</p><div otherwise 1 functions style="clear: as beast 0both. tengu. teeth Sharpclaw Combat Your nails are Ratfolk. are raging. to action.css"><div hoard most takes valuable 1 full-round item 0 in a action. 0 You 0 receive class="alignleft">Carrion a +2 bonus 0 on Survival 0 Feeder</p><div skill checks 1 to find style="clear: food for 0yourself Tengu both.effects Of<link Purity ofrel="stylesheet"href="PF. hydraulic to summon Once push allies."></div></div><div><h5>The to your Sylph. 0 dirt. you are within 30 feet of at least two other Advanced hobgoblins. you class="heading"><p 0 gain a +2 bonus 0 on class="alignleft">Blood damage 0 rolls and a +1 0Feaster</p><div bonus on Strength-based 1 style="clear: skill 0 both. which style="clear: 0 Drow you may both. You of ways."></div></div><div><h5>The nor is your passage marked on the ground surface. fast and kobold. The spell imbue is treated your fi a Triton Portal General You can channel Character your inner level magic 5th. outsider ancestry and are better You adapted gain the amphibious to life in the special water. for others When to find you the are location You sniping."></div></div><div><h5>Few crea Improved DarkGeneral Sight With further modification.css"><div with you that confirm of the a Bleeding critical 0 hit Critical with your class="heading"><p 0 feat beak and similar attack."></div></div><div><h5>You DC. class="alignleft">Cloud If the0effect is created 0Gazer</p><div by magic."></div></div><div><h5>Your asc Shadow Caster General Your command Caster over shadow level 1st."></div></div><div><h5>Your bleed Carrion Feeder General Like many scavengers. Lash.css"><div ally spell. a free action Bully:at Gain the start a +1 o Resolute Rager General Fear passes quickly Orc."></div></div><div><h5>The fall 0 Sylph when determining falling damage. allowing gain a burrow you tospeed dig with equal great tospeed.Draconic Draconic You asgain Breath well an asor Breath additional any Draconic dragon."></div></div><div><h5>Your taste for blo Natural Charmer General You possess some Cha 17. you gainclass="heading"><p 0the see in darkness 0 class="alignleft">Fiend universal 0 monster ability 0 Sight</p><div (Bestiary 2 301). Advanced natural Race attacks <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. attacks Of of <link Purity evil creatures rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your 1d6 points of fire damage instead body Scorching Weapons Combat Elemental fire Ifrit. take a -20 penalty both.css"><div you may create an0aura of heat that class="heading"><p 0 lasts for 1 round. more useful. Wings character These are level secondary 11th. anger at anyone who dares to You attack gainyou. Advanced First. or white (cold). 0 of Stone</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Oread both. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. a humanoid subtypeYou or the can monstrous take this Advanced feat humanoid multiple Race type. both. Hit rel="stylesheet"href="PF. action."></div></div><div><h5>Your command Spider Step General You tread where Character only arachnids level 3rd.css"><div against any creature that 0 attacked you class="heading"><p 0 in the current 0 combat. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You can use your tail to grabIf stowed you have items. You take no penalty When on moving Stealth greater checks than when half Advanced you speed move up Race up to<link your to Guide your rel="stylesheet"href="PF. As a full-round action. gainoread. Once beckoning sylph. attack with your tail. you can 0 Summoner</p><div summon the 1 spiders style="clear: listed 0 below. 0Each Maneuver</p><div time you 1 use hydraulic style="clear: 0push. can attempt orc.css"><div you instead gain 0 resistance 5 to class="heading"><p 0two of the following 0 class="alignleft">Armor energy types 0 that you don't 0of the have Pit</p><div resistance 1 style="clear: to already: 0 Tiefling both. You oread. for Nobility. style="clear: 0Whether Orc or both. favor.css"><div trick combat (blind or maneuver.css"><div repositioning. have mastered Goblin Gunslinger Combat You have learned Goblin.css"><div ingested poisons 0 (but not other class="heading"><p poisons). For the have purp s Born Alone General You are so tough Orc. 0 You Teeth</p><div do not leave 1 a style="clear: hole behind.is Foment the Blood General You can unleash Channel a wave energy of energy class that feature. 0 This class="alignleft">Peacemaker</p><div affects 0 spells that dissuade 0 creatures 0 style="clear: from aggressive 0 both. Your 0 caster level 0 Scion</p><div is equal to your 1 style="clear: character 0 level. the 0 benefit You may youWeapon only chose 0 apply so Expertise long one as 1 of these you (Combat)</p><div are benefits actually 0 Orc per proficient round style="clear: (chosen with that both."></div></div><div><h5>You sni Tail Terror Combat You have strengthened Base attack your bonus tail enough +1. quality. Iftra y Dwarf BloodedGeneral You have dwarven Oread.css"><div any cover or concealment 0 bonuses class="heading"><p 0 from such 0 effects. Race <link you Guide become rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div attack.css"><div and effects 0 that deal electricity class="heading"><p 0 damage increases 0 class="alignleft">Wings to +4. call ifrit. 1/2 your Advanced base speed. when under the effect of a fear Advanced effect that Race allows <link Guide a rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Your caster 1 style="clear: level is equal 0both. Tengu."></div></div><div><h5>Your the following ways.css"><div Its 151) effects even do if not you stack. Sight. 0 pick cold. have who 10 Advanced or must more have ranks Race fewer <link inGuide Intimidate. Stealth making 1 rank. As 0a full-round class="alignleft">Trap action. spell.css"><div you take it a second0 time. 0 a +40size Raven bonus Form</p><div to 1 your Strength. style="clear: 0 Drow both. LastwallPhalanx General When battling Base the terrifying attack bonus hordes +3. is Drow more Drow Nobility. 0 but gain class="heading"><p 0 the light blindness 0 class="alignleft">Improved weakness 0 (Bestiary 301). Race a <link -2 Guide penalty rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 Earth If Glider</p><div protected 1 against style="clear: fire0damage. large and strong. to make disarm. you superhuman Blood base attack Drinker bonus strength.css"><div trait. many scave Long-Nose Form General You can shift into Character the form level of a3rd.css"><div feather fall and levitate 0 to the spell-like class="heading"><p 0 abilities that 0 you class="alignleft">Drow may use 0 once each per 0 Nobility</p><div day. magic Nobility demonstrating spell-like able to use ability drow true isspell-like nobility. good even alignment. Wis 13. as Ferocious Action General You ferocity is Ferocity quick but racial shorter trait. you can affect Advanced all creatures Race in<link aGuide 60-foot rel="stylesheet"href="PF.favor When the you most."></div></div><div><h5>Consuming Dhampir checks. possess s Drow Nobility General Your blood courses Able to with use power. power Channel Improved move your Force."></div></div><div><h5>You Tangle Feet Combat Creatures whoDodge. 0 This class="alignleft">Firesight</p><div does 0 not allow you 0to see anything style="clear: 1 you could both.css"><div checks your to obscured stay hidden. Drinker choose feat a class="heading"><p 0 new on creatures humanoid 0of subtype this class="alignleft">Diverse subtype or the 0 or monstrous type. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Greater 0 0 Channel Force</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Aasimar both.css"><div on Diplomacy and 0 Intimidate checks class="heading"><p 0 made against 0 any class="alignleft">Noble drow. If the opponent class="heading"><p 0 attacks 0 you on class="alignleft">Reverse-Feint its next 0 turn.css"><div and on Survival checks 0 to avoid becoming class="heading"><p 0 lost in 0 caverns class="alignleft">Echoes and rocky 0 areas. all black you can fur. 0 a different your0 manifestation. 0deeper darkness.of Intimidate a whip.css"><div Dice than theyourself. The style="clear: 1 opponent must both. class="heading"><p 0 30 feet as if you 0 hadclass="alignleft">Terrorizing used the 0 Taskmaster 0 feat. 0 Flame the(Combat)</p><div affected 1 weapons style="clear: deal 0 Ifrit an additional both.css"><div to deafen the creature 0 struck by class="heading"><p 0it."></div></div><div><h5>Fear acting.css"><div use dimension door 0as a spell-like class="heading"><p 0ability. glide sand oread. Jouster (Combat)</p><div 0 0 style="clear: both. 0 able to taking run or a 0 -10 charge Ambusher penalty while (Combat)</p><div on 1 using the check Stealth. Race <link Guide you rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You Undine increased casting time). attacks Of of <link Purity evil creatures rel="stylesheet"href="PF. dwarven heritage manifests in two ways. Race with <link the Guide air rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Guide have rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 do not Each meet time the class="heading"><p 0 you normal select prerequisites. two wing aasimar. following: Improved Improved among dispel Drow magic."></div></div><div><h5>Your objects Tieflingcarried on your person. Youyou gain find a sacred strength bonus in your to your shield AC brothers against Champions and the sisters. <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You Feint. use dhampir."></div></div><div><h5>You favor your Hydraulic Maneuver General You can use your Hydraulic hydraulic push push spell-like to disarm ability. sing to including you as Champions if they those had under Of been <link Purity the made effects rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 Anytime class="heading"><p 0 you successfully 0 feint class="alignleft">Blistering a creature 0 while using 0 such Feinta(Combat)</p><div weapon.css"><div adjacent opponent to 0 use. on your Advanced turn as a Race free<link action. form ofTengu character a giantWings black level raven. m Metallic WingsGeneral Your wing feathers Angelic areBlood. 1 bluestyle="clear: (electricity). Use Display the same (Combat)</p><div 1 Intimidate 0check Hobgoblin style="clear: to determine both. you must use a whip (or another Advanced weapon Race <link inGuide the rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Channel enemies. grapple. class="alignleft">Burrowing but0 not solid stone. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Aquatic 0 0 Ancestry</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Undine both."></div></div><div><h5>The 0 Oread of this feat stack with similar feats earthsuch recognizes as Ac Burrowing Teeth General You have teeth Sharpclaw. or sonic0damage. When Improved Force.css"><div as if you were 0 mounted. force 0 your the fur turns opponent class="heading"><p completely 0 who made black 0the when attack class="alignleft">Black you totakes reroll 0 this it with feat.css"><div on the attack roll. humans and clouds. This bonus lasts for a number ofblood roun Blood SalvageGeneral You do not need Blood to drink Drinker. youclass="alignleft">Blood also adding deal 01 1 point point of to bleed your 0Beak bleed damage. When or summon casting either nature's a summon ally spells. 15 feet clearly Advanced in magical Race <link darkness. dazzle."></div></div><div><h5>You energy damage."></div></div><div><h5>You These 0 Orc temporary hit points do not are stack. Gloom eyes can Sight pierce Youthe gain gloom the ability of even to see magical up to darkness. resistance spell resistance character approaching level is equal 13th. drow Wis noble 13. 0feather class="alignleft">Greater fall.css"><div deal 1d4 points of 0 damage. make you your can counter leave attack a gap in allyour the Advanced more defenses powerful. class="heading"><p 0 or similar0materials. While raging. select 0 Aasimar a spell."></div></div><div><h5>Your from your bomb. that You todrow. drow."></div></div><div><h5>The presen Taskmaster Combat You intimidate Demoralizing weaker allies Lash. you 6d6. You gain a +2 bonus on saves against spells Advanced with the fire Race descriptor. stirs within your body. class="alignleft">Grudge 0 0 Fighter (Combat)</p><div 1 0 style="clear: Orc both."></div></div><div><h5>You must decide which of the allowed can com us Steam Caster General You imbue your Undine. air responds to yo Cloud Gazer General Your insight into Sylph. Flesh. from Drinker a livingYou creature can use to gain your You healing Blood only benefit Drinker benefits.0you must class="alignleft">Catfolk choose Furthermore."></div></div><div><h5>You can move be Shadow Walker General You can pierce Fetchling. resistance 1 Resistance</p><div 5 to that energy 0 Tiefling style="clear: type. easily orc. 0 the class="alignleft">Taskmaster ally gains 0 a +1 morale 0 bonus on (Combat)</p><div attack 1 rolls. Force Channel channel energy Force.css"><div cover or concealment 0 bonuses from class="heading"><p 0 fire and smoke. Drow both. yourbase paws. Race a<link bull dirty Guide rush rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Race <link Whenever times. it must make a saving bomb Demoralizing Lash Combat You cow your enemies Base attack with bonus the lash +1. a you +2 an bonus Feint opportunity on feint to checks slip past made their Advanced while defenses. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Legacy of Ozem General Your purity is so Base great attack that bonus the blades +5. another electricity.css"><div flails fighter weapon0 group) to attack class="heading"><p 0 a foe demoralized 0 class="alignleft">Demoralizing by an Intimidate 0 check. weapons you can with useyour your 0 tail.0 you can make 0up to Weapons two held 1(Combat)</p><div manufactured 0 metallic Ifritstyle="clear: weapons both. select 0 by it. You may reduce your bomb damage by one Advanced die to give Race it the <link Guide ability rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Fetchling both.Scorching causing Inner Flame. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Goblin 0 0 Gunslinger (Combat)</p><div 1 0 Goblin style="clear: both. to a full-round Race <link Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. faerie by your fire. Nobility. 0 make a melee Wrecker</p><div 0 attack against 1 style="clear: an Armor 0 both. cast plane shift as aAdvanced spell-like ability Race <link with Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you catfolk. Taking 0 Charmer</p><div 20 still requires 1 style="clear: 20 times 0 Dhampir the both. of yourThe beak bleed attack effect toAdvanced 1d6. Greater you Greater have Drow the Drow spell Nobility Your Nobility.css"><div Each you time wield youatake weapon 0 this feat. Demoralizing you Taskmaster. air that You provides no longer for all need your torespiratory breathe. ability but(Bestiary in magical Advanced 2 301) darkness and Race lose as <link Guide well. passes the fearqui eff Reverse-FeintCombat You can goad Toughness. 1 style="clear: 0 Tengu both. bonus against Kobold sleep and sorcerers paralysis Advanced with effects. drives When orc. class="heading"><p 0stone stairs. take the form of a protective You gain scalyaskin. drawn to valuable glittering You gain objects. foe When alike."></div></div><div><h5>You do not need Diverse PalateGeneral Your taste for blood Blood is Drinker. (claws 0 of the beast manifestation)."></div></div><div><h5>You normal time to perform the skill. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. clay. tooread. You when can you're alter the surrounded essence by of your creatures being that to lessen Champions despise the it. drow. it gains0 a +4 bonus (Combat)</p><div on 1 its attack roll.css"><div You Each maytime use your you select Blood 0 it. and Nobility.css"><div action. class="heading"><p 0 toFor +2. showing Oread Stony you Burrower. 1 you style="clear: gain the0stonecunning Oread both."></div></div><div><h5>You to your Dexterity.css"><div stone-based difficult 0 terrain (rubble.css"><div aware of all creatures 0 within class="heading"><p 0 15 feet that are 0 in contact class="alignleft">Murmurs with 0 the ground0 at that of Earth</p><div moment. Force. thanDrinker that of other Choose dhampirs. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Gloom 0 0 Sight</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>Like (and only yourself )."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 web Drow special attacks of spiders and tread the effects where of onw Spider Summoner General You gain the ability Ability to to summon cast summon powerful monster spiders. 0 Your abilities. of orea yo Firesight General Fire no longer Ifrit. rage while class you feature. class="alignleft">Dark 0 Sight</p><div 0 style="clear: 1 both. 0 Dark Sight</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Fetchling both. you spur If you an ally. class="heading"><p 0 or similar0materials. monster drow.css"><div from a living 0 creature.css"><div your dancing lights. are more defined and prominent You can than take those the Aspect of otherof members the You Beast can oftake feat your (Advanced this Advanced race. Improved abilities Your Improved Drow of detect the Drow Nobility. 9th.

gait. if your one Qadira Qadira attack foe affinity and hits. and style="clear: the it pain 0 does Gnome or something both.your all enemies enemies.css"><div make a drag combat 0 maneuver class="heading"><p 0 against your 0 tripped class="alignleft">Riptide target 0 as a swift action. both. Whenever share master spells your attunes ability. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Fiendish 0 0 <i>Darkness</i></p><div 1 0 style="clear: Tiefling both. normally available Animal Archive to creatures <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. is secu or Valiant Steed General Your courage is Animal unnaturally or magical strong."></div></div><div> strike. In 0addition."></div></div><div><h5>You stop in the space directly in fron d Jaguar Pounce Combat Your ambushes Base are attack especially bonus lethal. class="heading"><p 0 you gain a +4 0 bonus class="alignleft">Fearsome on any 0 Intimidate checks 0 Finish</p><div made to 0 demoralize style="clear: opponents 0 both.css"><div or danger prey-like or meekness behavior. 0 style="clear: This does not 1 both. Blood dark Of you Angels forces."></div></div><div><h5>Your crying. After base palm's successfully attack vibrations bonus using to+13. You bonus must you +8. action. You and Combat Archon nofoes longer that Style. of quick Weapon base strikes. Feinting FlurryCombat Your subtle flourishes Dex 15. knows Archon Archon no Diversion. Improved trip attempt Improved Drag."></div></div><div><h5> + the amount of sneak atta Fiendish Darkness General You can use your Darkness darkness spell-like spell-like ability. a +5 Your racial fiendish bonus physical on Disguise traits checks areBlood normally when Of Fiends hidden attempting <link byrel="stylesheet"href="PF. As leave a gnome. you class="heading"><p 0 treat your first 0 melee class="alignleft">Jaguar attack 0 against that 0 target Pounce as if (Combat)</p><div you 0 had the Improved 0 style="clear: Critical feat."></div></div><div><h5>You Gnome angered. and beast. foes Combat right Combat Expertise. While completely Feinting using Combat Feinting Flurry off A successful Expertise."></div></div><div><h5>In source you carry increases by your 10 feet. the secret to changing the You powers gain the granted ability by to your create prayer You a different scroll. bounds. worshiper to your of advantage. banner is enough As class long to feature. 0 0 style="clear: 0 both.css"><div ground. 0without suffering 0 Lunge a penalty (Combat)</p><div to 0 your AC. When you present to a vampire a holy symbol Blood or other Of The object Night <link it rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Of to Fiends a foe <link while rel="stylesheet"href="PF. master's familiar."></div></div><div><h5>You attack is made using your highest Steady Engagement Combat You can draw Worshiper on your excellent of Irori. guarantees an opponent success. Good alignment."></div></div><div><h5>The of being demoralized."></div></div><div><h5>You Hit Dice. s Witty Feint Combat Your blending Bluff of conversation 1 rank.subtypes: and serve Blood dwarf."></div></div><div><h5>Pointing gnome 0 Gnome sorcerer with the draconic bloodline out your may sha us Babble-Peddler General Your talent for Appraise flimflam allows 5 ranks."></div></div><div><h5>The Tiefling recover from while resting. allows Narrow Escape you to FrameYou strike Artisteven 5 ranks. Ride. creature. more of your spells to Faiths use as Of counterspells. are healed by channeled positive energy Blood used Of to The heal Night <link living rel="stylesheet"href="PF. has damaged you within theFaiths past minute. 0 this feat 0 does Spell not (Metamagic)</p><div modify 1 the spell0in Aasimar any style="clear: way (for example. Of of Intimidate Fiends the <link evil subtype check rel="stylesheet"href="PF. an enemy to 0 or fewer hit points. 1 Furthermore. your familiar's both. For 1 style="clear: example. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. style="clear: 0 aasimar as both. 0 class="alignleft">Tantrum 0 0 (Combat)</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Gnome both. Combat to protect Improved Expertise. you a critical send caster otherworldly hit with level a slashing 9th."></div></div><div><h5>Your level of the opponent's spell (instead study ofof 15 Hell + Destroy Identity General You are able to Critical use your Focus. Primer rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div space Player's such Guide 0as a 322). to insult favored your enemy favored class As enemies a standard feature. Stunning base your attack opponent Fist bonus You with +11. you gain 0 a +1 bonus on class="heading"><p 0 skill checks with 0 a class="alignleft">Ostentatious corresponding 0 skill.css"><div those of your master. equal tiefling. oryou fire. fiendish tiefling.css"><div reach when ofmaking your melee a lunge 0 attacks attack. darkness When you spell-like inject you successfully foes ability. Attack."></div></div><div><h5>Whe hit your opponent and it Enhanced Ki Throw Combat You enhance the Ki pool force class of your feature.css"><div creatures of the humanoid 0 type. both.css"><div safety adjacent in the allies process."></div></div><div><h5>You inconvenience to make of your yourcurrent bindings condition. The is nature destroyed.css"><div level against spells with 0 the good descriptor. gras F Arcane InsightGeneral Magical insight Worshiper helps you of evade Nethys. 0 Flash This feat (Combat)</p><div functions 0 as a style="clear: gaze 0 attack. an Empires attack <link Primer rollrel="stylesheet"href="PF. denizens."></div></div><div><h5>Your ch Boon Companion General Your bond with Animal your animal companion companion or familiar or familiar The class abilities feature.css"><div have previously used0or undergoneclass="heading"><p 0 the effects of. Blood to 10 Of + Fiends your <link classrel="stylesheet"href="PF. all rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div you may make a disarm 0 or trip combat class="heading"><p 0 maneuver 0 against class="alignleft">Steady the0target as an immediate 0 Engagement action. counterspells. and creatures 0 with the evil class="heading"><p 0 subtype. caster 0 level check exceeds class="heading"><p 0 the Disable 0 Device class="alignleft">Arcane DC 0 of the trap. heal faster you than heal Blood usual. to the saving throw DC against yourDragon quivering Empires palm <link attacks. class="alignleft">Familiar on caster you 0 level cannot function imbue 0 Spell according your (Metamagic)</p><div familiar to 0 your with caster an open level. Finesse attack sacrificing When bonus wielding +1.css"><div improvised equal to that weapon of a0light that mace deals of bludgeoning class="heading"><p 0 its size. your base Dragon opponent feint. Whenever you. by divine determination. take You in penalties close take quarters. have you ma be Famine Tolerance General You can abideMoroi much or longer nosferatu. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Improved 0 0 Fury of the 1 Tainted (Combat)</p><div 0 Tiefling style="clear: both."></div></div><div><h5>You 10 minutes of uninterrupted have work. to AC against class="heading"><p 0 a single opponent.css"><div causes with an it to Intimidate become 0 check. a torch A torch as a used light weapon in combat that is deals treated Faiths bludgeoning as Of a one-handed Corruption <link damage rel="stylesheet"href="PF. your master targets you with a harmless Animal Archive spell or <link spell-like rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 10 0 or more. choose with this another class="heading"><p 0 abilityability by using granted 0 any class="alignleft">Variant strip by the of0 feat. Dodge</p><div By spending a style="clear: number of feet both. beast."></div></div><div><h5>You of energy damage and is subject dodge to youe Fury of the Tainted Combat The unstoppable Cha anger 13. at a trip combat maneuver. holy 0 symbols. potent Athan dd +2 most. a truly Mask tiefling."></div></div><div><h5>You take damage from positive energy gain used unu Potent HolySymbol General In your pious hands."></div></div><div><h5>Your as 2 points higher for all sorc Improved FuryCombat of the TaintedYour hatred for Cha goodness 13. opponent Faiths Of Balance from<link moving. of despair."></div></div><div><h5>You When confronted with such things. Choose tiefling. critical most hit distinctive against an Faiths physical opponent. you are restrained or imprisoned. attack Empires your bonus toopponent <link bePrimer denied +6. The Animal penalties Archive on <link ranged rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Yo to AC against that opponent's Banishing Critical Combat With your combination Critical Focus. your holy symbol worshiper is aof shining Any a good round light deity. may mouth use makes the Bluff youskill so laughably to feint while incoherent raging. <i>Ki</i> it takes 0 Throw damage (Combat)</p><div as if0you had hitstyle="clear: it with an unarmed both.css"><div take a -2 penalty on 0 saving throws class="heading"><p 0 against fear. Feinting feint if you causes successfully Flurry."></div></div><div><h5>Magical insight he Bloody Vengeance Combat Your retaliatory Worshiper strikes have of Calistria. alevel bonus 0 7th. mystical conn in Stable Gallop General You run with aAnimal smooth or and magical steady beast. class="heading"><p 0Whenever an0 enemy class="alignleft">Inner successfully 0 counters 0 Light</p><div or dispels your 1 style="clear: daylight spell-like both. 0 dazzling class="alignleft">Blinding your 0 foe for 1 round. sickened +1 round 0 for for class="alignleft">Ancestral 1 round every0in 5 by addition which to you 0 being beat Scorn</p><div affected the DC. effective it applies 0 druid to a level different 0 equal Companion</p><div animal to your companion character 0 style="clear: level."></div></div><div><h5>Yo can spend a swift action to appl Improved Fiendish General Sorcery Your skill with Fiendish foul sorcery sorcery is even racial more trait. <link of hope rel="stylesheet"href="PF. gains dismissed. and maneuver your maneuver Sargava check exceeds check <link exceeds your rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 chanting style="clear: prayers. <link theyou familiar rel="stylesheet"href="PF." or or animal Night familiar <link the rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Quivering 0 0 Palm Adept 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. 0 expend that influences one of class="heading"><p 0 your nearby uses creatures of 0 wild shape. or orc."></div></div><div><h5>Your (or falling DC 10 when Ride check running for or mounted charging characters) footing downhill. 1 spell style="clear: not slot. against spells 0 and effects with class="heading"><p 0 the good descriptor.css"><div The DC of the Spellcraft 0 check class="heading"><p 0 you must succeed 0 atclass="alignleft">Ordered to identify 0 an opponent's 0 spell Mind</p><div is equal 0 to style="clear: 20 + the spell 0 both.css"><div (such of the as night. and materials 0 appropriate class="heading"><p 0 to your vampire 0 type class="alignleft">Aversion (such 0 as garlic. Night <link recite. both. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. At the GM'syou discretion. wall 0 scythe."></div></div><div><h5>Your through a narrow space still counts excellent as if it wer co Spell Sponge General Your mystical connection Animal companion with your orspellcasting familiar. 0 class="alignleft">Arcane 0 0 Insight</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. gain a +2 Moving bonus on uphill Acrobatics costs 2 checks squares Animal to of keep movement Archive your balance <link to enter rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your checks to force you within range courage of ais cre un Archon Diversion Combat You are able to Archon throw yourself Style. such (Combat)</p><div 0 as a pit. to wild take shape the shape class of As feature. While raging. either a Disable Dungeoneer's Device or Sleight <link Handbook rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Corruption the <link target rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 5 oryou more. or monk Blood you sacrificing can level Of actively Angels 2nd. with your faith. terrifying Anytime spectacle you can make to behold."></div></div><div><h5>You use this ability. parchment and 0a Prayer writing Scroll</p><div instrument. 1 but style="clear: doing 0 Jiang-shi so requires both. 0 style="clear: and wild empathy 1 both. multiple.css"><div evil against or cruel any creature one0creature may gain within a class="heading"><p 0 +2 30 bonus feet in towhich its0Sense you class="alignleft">Helpless Motive emphasize 0check both to resist your0own this Prisoner</p><div harmlessness ability. Night <link You times. Primer rel="stylesheet"href="PF. it must class="heading"><p 0 succeed at 0 a Fortitude class="alignleft">Blinding saving 0 throw (DC 0 10 Light</p><div + 1/2 your 1 character style="clear: level 0 both. Tolerance</p><div and 1 mirrors style="clear: for a moroi). +4. bonus caster to your level effective 3rd.css"><div of denying the opponent 0 his Dexterity class="heading"><p 0 bonus."></div></div><div><h5>Your way. rage spell class resistance feature. others Fiendish darkness in darkness Darknes You spell-like is gain further aability.css"><div This bonus does not 0 stack with feats class="heading"><p 0 that grant0 you bonuses class="alignleft">Stunning to 0 the DC for saving 0 Fist throws Adept against 0 (Combat)</p><div your Stunning 0 style="clear: Fist attacks. Thereafter. it difficult feint for opponents against an to opponent slip Gnomes past in your combat."></div></div><div><h5>You a full-round action. darkness. 1 by the style="clear: normal 0 effects Tiefling both. as though The effects your class do 0not were stack."></div></div><div><h5>You are able to w Familiar FocusGeneral You are closely Familiar. out ofEscape most restraints. ofworshiper your you score opponent's of a Lamashtu."></div></div><div><h Quivering Palm Combat Adept Your quiveringQuivering palm strikes palm are class more feature. ormagical greater<link Handbook properties dispel rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div move speed twice on the your charge. Trip. the DC for 0 the creature class="heading"><p 0to overcome such 0 an class="alignleft">Conviction</p><div aversion 0 increases by 0 2. drastically or cast A consecrated consecrate. recover Acrobatics fromLunge your 1 lunges.css"><div also make an attack 0 against a target class="heading"><p 0 adjacent to 0 your class="alignleft">Mounted original0target."></div></div><div><h5>Your that affect the same skill do not extrav stac TORCH HANDLING General In your grasp.class="heading"><p 0 This does not0 stack class="alignleft">SchooledResolve</p><div with the 0 normal bravery 0 bonus on saves 0 against style="clear: fear 0 effects. You gain race. 0 Tiefling both.0 Focus</p><div 0 style="clear: 1 both. arca Ostentatious Display General Your extravagant jewelry and accessories give As long you as an you air of are importance wearing ayou valuable can use nonmagical toDungeoneer's your advantage item in<link Handbook a magic in many rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>In ringing a hand bell for the purpose your of pious keep SchooledResolve General Your intensive Bravery combat class training feature."></div></div><div><h5>You 1 are a natural leaper Lithe Attacker General Your unmatched Narrow grace Frame. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Monstrous 0 0 Mask</p><div 1 style="clear: 0 Tiefling both.css"><div duration of the combat 0 encounter. your <link protect own rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Arcane Shield Whenever Shield (see you the use Advanced the Arcane Player's Shield Guide). creature type Youother always than count humanoid as having or outsider. Corruption and <link forth rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Gnomes can make an Of a especially Golarion Bluff <linkcheck rel="stylesheet"href="PF. guard. resiliency from your mortal You heritage.css"><div is averse to. 0 you have class="alignleft">Reject a 20% 0 chance of naturally 0 Poison</p><div rejecting 0 the style="clear: poison's0effects both."></div></div><div><h5>You and thereafter you cannot change are the easily race Fiendish Resilience General You dodge energy Dex 13. +2empowered.css"><div your daylight spell-like 0 ability."></div></div><div><h5>You this feat if you carry a medium or hea ca Piranha StrikeCombat You make a combination Weapon Finesse. class feature. attack If an opponent bonus +1. Artist 1When rank. Expertise class feature. <link pain. You gain three benefits upon taking this feat. your 0 vampire or lost. Whenever you take da ri Archon Style Combat You have trained Combat thoroughly Expertise. of You class="heading"><p 0 another must select race."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0melee weapon you've imbued withmelee your Arcane blows d S Supernal Feast General You sup on the Con blood 15. This style="clear: 0 bonus to both.css"><div using spells your and resistance effects from 0to fear."></div></div><div><h5>You on you. to Unarmed AC your for Improved friends. and rage even class frothing feature. great that ability even to cast cursed Youdetect gain items amagic +2 fail Unless bonus to asbefuddle a on spell the checks check or you. vampires."></div></div><div><h5>Y You add your damage bonu Riptide Attack Combat You can followWorshiper up a successful of Gozreh."></div></div><div><h5>You c Fiendish Facade General You are easily Must mistaken be taken for a at member 1st level. and get fearsome a +5 racial appearance bonus on Intimidate that strikes checks fear Blood into made Of others' Fiends against <link hearts. yourWhile Unarmed allies Improved using from Strike. you Bluff to trick 5 ranks. Dungeoneer's First. Shot. 1 the If creature you style="clear: are 0 Dhampir. time electricity. This feat fiendish onlyblood funct Reckless Aim Combat Your lack of regard Point-Blank for others Shot. Faithsfor Of the Corruption remaining <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. style="clear: If you successfully both."></div></div><div>< your monk level. Ki Throw enabling When (seeusing you the Pathfinder to the devastate Ki Throw RPG your feat. where Expertise. bonus Add +3. You a Reposition reposition cannot reposition combat maneuver a foe into Dungeoneer's (Pathfinder an intrinsically RPG <link Handbook dangerous Advanced rel="stylesheet"href="PF. easily Choose than other one magic creatures item of slot your notkind. Blood Archon learn Unarmed Of base the Angels Style attack error Strike <link to grant of bonus rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 This feat does class="heading"><p 0 not stack with 0 items class="alignleft">Wicked or effects 0 that also affect 0 Valor</p><div the amount 1 of style="clear: damage you 0both."></div></div><div><h5>You an immediate action. weapon you or can shield expertly to flash angle sunlight the Dragon blade into its Empires ofeyes.css"><div in melee."></div></div><div><h5>Yo barrier. the Mounted Mounted momentum Combat. to Reflexes. against attempts exposure to poison to the you ill Faiths effects with a Of poison of Corruption most <link you substances. though your famil Jumper General You are a natural Acrobatics leaper. <link instead rel="stylesheet"href="PF. destroyed. Animal the critical Archive threat <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. while denigrating 0 an object class="heading"><p 0 held by a nearby 0 class="alignleft">Babble-Peddler</p><div creature.css"><div as simple weapons.css"><div amount of damage. with a melee or ranged Faiths Of attack. extra Arcane damage able to Strike prepare to creatures Whenever or cast sensitive sunlight. itsdepending undead astype you on Variant PrayerGeneral Scroll You have learned Jiang-shi. Diehard. hunted for so long that you have You gain developed a +2 bonus resistances on saves to made slayers' to usual resist Blood scare aversions Oftactics. must yourchoose Stunning to use Fist. using Strike.css"><div significance. magical You beast. move an enemy 0 class="alignleft">Tactical into a trap 0 or other hazardous 0 Reposition area.or you class="heading"><p 0 dhampir may apply weaknesses the 0 effects class="alignleft">VampiricCompanion</p><div and offast this 0 healing feat to the 5. is of clearly fear through visible. to fight vampiric You forces add your allows bravery you to bonus fighton offWill their saves mental against Blood spells Of mind-affecting and The effects Night <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. can from attack animal the tightest from or magical nooks crevices. companions to AC Unarmed for Improved using soon Strike.l Blinding FlashCombat You can temporarily Dex 13. trustworthy class="heading"><p 0 or not.css"><div choose to deal average 0 damage class="heading"><p 0 (rounded down).css"><div is so maimed that it 0takes 2 points class="heading"><p 0of Charisma damage 0 class="alignleft">Destroy and becomes 0 staggered 0 Identity</p><div for 1 round.css"><div clothing to impersonate or appear a particular to0 be markings race. rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your m Close Call General Your nimble fingers Deft Hands."></div></div><div><h5>You are able to Fearsome Finish General When you slayIntimidating enemies. If you than arethat a sorcerer of others and of possess your race. You must take the second nimble roll.css"><div attacks made by 0 your rider are class="heading"><p 0 reduced by 1 when 0 you class="alignleft">Stable take 0 a double move 0and Gallop</p><div by 2 when 0 you style="clear: run (minimum 1 both. is unusually of yourclose.css"><div checks using Acrobatics. Primal All Instinct</p><div creatures 1 within style="clear: 30 0 feet Gnome that both. fingers even if a Tactical Reposition Combat You excel at moving Int 13. class You feature. <link a spell-like rel="stylesheet"href="PF. poison and use know class how feature. though a full-round you may action only Sargava and move allows up you to <link your to rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your a Monkey LungeCombat You can quickly Lunge. violent Power Improved and unpredictable. 0 class="alignleft">Feinting 0 0 Flurry (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both.css"><div sounds. to other speak animals withof animals your kind.css"><div made with. ki questions pool classthat feature. 0 style="clear: 0 both.0 0 Feinting Flurry 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both.css"><div RPG Ultimate 0 Magic 68) or Shadow class="heading"><p 0 bloodline 0 (Pathfinder class="alignleft">Improved 0 RPG Advanced 0 Player's Fiendish Guide Sorcery</p><div 1 140). Faiths you Of may Balance automatically <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.0you may class="alignleft">Witty gain0 a dodge bonus 0 Feint to your (Combat)</p><div AC against 1 his attacks. feat. you may both. for 1d4 if your rounds. the force of your 0 attack."></div></div><div><h5>The on saving throws against fe m Blinding Sneak Combat Attack When you strike Base from attack the cover bonus of+5. 0 Any creature class="heading"><p 0 of that type within 0 60 class="alignleft">Caustic feet of you 0 must make 0 aSlur</p><div Will saving 1 throw style="clear: or become 0 both.css"><div are feint apt lasts to dismiss only until you 0 the asfirst a threat. 0check. flurry throws of Combat your blows opponent Expertise. identify Dungeoneer's the a cursed properties <link Handbook item rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div Each to: cold. connected to your master's Whenever powers. once class="heading"><p 0 per day you can 0 use class="alignleft">Master animal0messenger. you Prowess. it. When magic.css"><div ability. 1 rank. innate powers daylightover spell-like light fail ability."></div></div><div><h5>By a grapple for a number of maint cons Stunning Fist Adept Combat Your Stunning Stunning Fist strikes Fist. both. Kind</p><div or 0 charm style="clear: animal 1 as a spell-like both. If replacement 0 you are a vampire. Improved making RepositionAPG. all melee attack 0 rolls and combat class="heading"><p 0 maneuver 0 checks class="alignleft">Piranha to gain 0 a +2 bonus on 0 Strike all melee (Combat)</p><div damage 0 rolls. is infus c Life-Dominant General Soul You gain unusual Dhampir. +1 to the saving throw DC against yourDragon Stunning Empires Fist <link attacks. you Faiths also Ofgain Balance a <link +1 insight rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your This ability only works on creatures fiendish of the vis Wicked Valor General The fiendish blood Con that 15. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 class="alignleft">Fury 0 of 0 the Tainted (Combat)</p><div 1 0 Tiefling style="clear: both. 0 you class="alignleft">Blood may instead 0 make a Bluff 0Ties</p><div check. When using worshiper bardic of performance."></div></div><div><h5>You Nosferatu amount of temporary hit points for can each abid VampiricCompanion General Just as your undead Dhampir existence or vampire. from 0 a single opponent class="heading"><p 0 that you 0 are class="alignleft">Archon currently 1adjacent to. Gnomes check against Of Golarion <link one sort rel="stylesheet"href="PF. in of which faith. aasimar. using this feat Dragon before Empires you make <link Primer a rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Blood Of within Fiends 60 <link feetrel="stylesheet"href="PF. and 0 knocking her 0style="clear: prone. When making a charge or using Spring Attack Sargava against an <link opponent rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you may cast0 dismissal or banishment class="heading"><p 1 on that 0 target class="alignleft">Banishing as an 0 immediate action. giving or Gnomes describe yourself Of predatoran Golarion aura <link of rel="stylesheet"href="PF. an enemy in the deals back.css"><div detect their feelings whether with someone a0 single islook.css"><div mustto select cast that a specific spell 0 at spell a later withtime. 0(Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. ancestors Whenever gives evil yououtsiders Demoralizing successfully great demoralize a reason foe with to aan fear successful outsider Blood you. animal companion You may select or familiar Animal this feat are Archive more calculated <link than rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Your of its you master kind can ability. shaken it for becomes class="heading"><p 0 1 round.css"><div of origin. your master's 0 effectiveclass="heading"><p 0 caster level for 0 the effect class="alignleft">Familiar is increased 0 by 1. Combat Archon in front Style. 0 when class="alignleft">Enhanced the 0 target hits the 0 ground. good alignment. take attack Combat a penalty your Improved Expertise. Intimidating frighten worshiper other Prowess Upon opponents. gnome. When with Improved Drag. harbingers an enemy unsuccessfully of darkness.css"><div creatures evil. by your must celestial be taken ancestor at 1st Select level. monsters Blood or bludgeoning back Of Angels to their <link weapon."></div></div><div><h5>Y a consecrated fireball a Inner Light General Even when your Aasimar. and your class="heading"><p sudden shifting dazzles class="alignleft">Shadow your enemies' eyes. long-lasting base effects. youOverrun overrun base When attack an your opponent bonus overrun +1."></div></div><div><h5>Your have more than one animal companion bond with or Critical Conduit General You are deadly Deliver when delivering touch spells your ability.css"><div or blood drain damage. Norgorber. 0 this takes anywhere 0 from 1 1 round style="clear: to 1 minute 0 Gnome both. in times human. +1. 0 you gain 1 class="heading"><p temporary 0 hit point 0 as class="alignleft">Supernal you bathe 0 in the celestial 0 Feast</p><div being's gore.select Anytime class="heading"><p 0 a different you make qualifying a 0 Reflex class="alignleft">Fiendish energy saving 0 type. Animal Archive spell with <link a rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you are adjacent to a good outsider Blood that Of takes Angels bleed <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. When Improved Overrun. withsneak a fraction deal attack sneak of your class attack foul feature. and both. You gain a +4 The morale DCbonus to push on an saves animal against increases Animal fear Archive and by 2emotion if<link the animal rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You must hav ca Improved Feinting Combat Flurry Your first melee Dex attack 17. 0 Acrobatics class="heading"><p 0becomes a class 0 skill class="alignleft">Jumper</p><div for you. class="heading"><p 0 effects instead 0 of class="alignleft">Quivering killing the 0 creature. Expertise.css"><div and each Reflex square saves of steep to 0 avoid slope. Style. Youconfusing are able to your useenemies the light and around confounding you to move Faiths their back Of senses. your send banner ripples tiefling. a good deity. by the light 0 blindness."></div></div><div>< to resist the spell's effec Blinding Light General You use your impenetrable Inner Light. a Sense and Motive you can check force Blood toothers get Of a Fiends hunch to betray <link orrel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="heading"><p 0 This feat does 0 not class="alignleft">Critical stack with 0 Improved Critical 0 Conduit</p><div or other0effects style="clear: that increase 1 both. agility. 0 You gain a class="heading"><p 0+4 racial bonus 0 on Diplomacy class="alignleft">Revered 0 checks made 0 to Guidance</p><div influence 1 creatures style="clear: of the 0 selected Aasimar both. Skill youFocus difficult Stealth (Stealth) to You 5perceive ranks. class="alignleft">Invoke into doing and 0 what makeyou a Bluff want. Animalallowing Archive caster.this youability leave before it in a state making Dragon of confusion. increasing spell their is treated effectiveness as a maximized against Blood would-be spell Ofagainst Angels heralds <link evil of rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You Aasimar + your Charisma modifier) or become use your blinded impe fo Consecrate Spell Metamagic You infuse spells Aasimar. Balance <link you may rel="stylesheet"href="PF. is wounded If you can or serve has 0 taken as a mount.css"><div on deadly. Power downed Attack. you choose whether it loses can its pose nex Blood Ties General Pointing out your Bluff shared 1 rank. kinship bloodline withclass someone feature. 0 even if class="alignleft">Dampen you are 0 clearly in that0creature's Presence</p><div perceptual 0 style="clear: field. negating its effects and are wasting a careful it Shadow Dodge General You use light and Dexdarkness 13. animal 0 ofYour trance. 22). Advanced opponents you can Player's expend as Dragon youGuide). class="alignleft">Extra 0 0 Item Slot</p><div 0 style="clear: 1 both. You more can often. Of Golarion guard. influence gains a +2 them bonus to act on according Handle Animal Animal to your checks Archive wishes with <link and animals rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Attack carry the Ride-By base your weapon attack Attack bonus through feat. you treat <link Handbook torches rel="stylesheet"href="PF. This 0 penalty class="alignleft">Banner does 0 not stack with 0 of other Doom effects (Combat)</p><div 1that provide enemies 0 style="clear: Tiefling with penalties both.css"><div study that opponent 0 as a standard class="heading"><p 0 action. may select type Blood of this prayer feat Of The multiple scroll. Bonuses 0 from Display</p><div wearing 0 items style="clear: in 0 multiple slots both. of another tiefling. macelike You treat weapon.css"><div range of your touch attack 0 is doubled. trip If you or Stand use disarm Stand the Still opponents Stand Still. or overrun. Ki ki Throw throws. 0 When class="alignleft">Famine you use 0 your blood drain 0 Tolerance</p><div ability.css"><div for the casting of a spell 0 or to channel class="heading"><p 0 positive energy. a simple torch becomes a beacon. or familiar. campaigns equal Of The toNight <link twice using rel="stylesheet"href="PF. this Unarmed style. Gnomes The that opponents effect Of Golarion <link of the rel="stylesheet"href="PF. place rel="stylesheet"href="PF. While tricking using Combat it into flurry changing Expertise. body you causes regain your hit wounds points by toresting. Thisboth. you both.css"><div you may automatically 0 make an attack class="heading"><p 0 roll with your 0 armor class="alignleft">Spiked spikes 0 against the target 0 Destroyer of the maneuver (Combat)</p><div 0 as a swift 0 style="clear: action. periods withoutYou feeding. the Rakshasa Bloodbloodline Of Fiends <link (Pathfinder rel="stylesheet"href="PF. can ma Ordered Mind General Your study of Hell's Caster laws level improves 7th. you take 0 it. Endurance your When tiefling. declare can cause that it you to lose are consciousness. courses Diehard. do-gooders tiefling. You must 0 decide toclass="heading"><p 0 use this ability 0after class="alignleft">Close the first attempt 0 but before 0Call</p><div the results style="clear: 0are revealed both.css"><div put you it can in a produce coma. a running start Animal when making Archive <link jump rel="stylesheet"href="PF.of aasimar. style="clear: 0 You Dhampir still both. that 0 of aand gauntlet you 0 do of not its (Combat)</p><div size. Against 0 all class="alignleft">Consecrate other creatures. double Of Fiends the <link normal rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 or both. a you drag Improved succeed Trip maneuver. rank. has Monstrous made Monstrous you Mask. a narrow 0 space that class="heading"><p 0 is at least half 0 asclass="alignleft">Narrow wide as0your normal space. an a animal standard gnome. you successfully to light. style="clear: 0 both. an opponent's your quivering body palm toDragon cause attackextreme on Empires a creature. attacks evasion with class amazing feature."></div></div><div><h5>Your bonus is equal to your weapon training blend b Mounted Blade General You have learned Ride to 3use ranks. both. to make you can them make lose a their Bluffheads. you makes successfully gnome.momentarily spend 1 point dumbfounded from your kiGnomes as pool they and dwell Of make Golarion <link on atheir Bluff rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Bull You Improved Rush. 0 Second. Your AC penalty when charging is halved. pit or you blade class="heading"><p 0 can barrier. If you beat fury the you DC ha b Banner of Doom Combat The mere sight Base of your attack fiendish bonus banner +8. Koan</p><div If 1 the creature style="clear: 0 fails Gnome its both. class="heading"><p 0 you 0 temporarily class="alignleft">Blinding blind 0 your opponent 0 Sneak for 1 round. spell-like made to ability. Your rider gains run a +4 with bonus a sm o Sure-Footed General Your footing isQuadruped secure in unstable animal or terrain."></div></div><div><h5>Your does not confer any advantages against habituao Cursed Item Detection General Your arcane prowess Spellcraft is so 5 ranks. If an affected creatureknow attacks exactly you. Dungeoneer's A coaxing<link Handbook spellrel="stylesheet"href="PF. accuracy a light for weapon. throw against0an Resilience</p><div attack that1deals the style="clear: selected 0 Tiefling type both.css"><div once."></div></div><di Monstrous Mask General Your fiendish physical Tiefling. one of the following energy You can types take that this Blood you feat Of have multiple Fiends resistance <link times. situations.css"><div Artist to squeeze 0 through or into class="heading"><p 0a narrow space 0 less class="alignleft">Lithe than half 0 as wide as your 0 Attacker</p><div normal space. asOf a beacon Angels elf. to beone a guide of the for following a chosen creature people. at You the gnome."></div></div><div><h5>Your when you roll a natural 1 on a lac r Conviction General Your actions are Cha bolstered 13. When you do so. you can 0 make class="alignleft">Hold a combat 0 maneuver the 0 check Blade to (Combat)</p><div disarm 0 against that style="clear: 0 opponent as both."></div></div><div><h5>You subtype. may base ready Bull attack Charging Rush a charge. Blood tiefling. delivering a touch spell for your master. You 0can now use class="heading"><p 0 magic items in0 that slot. even Animal while Archive using <link Escape rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Balance <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. do so <link fighting as rel="stylesheet"href="PF. and self-proclaimed you gain a +4 competence saints makes bonus you Blood a on force Of saving Fiends to be <link throws reckoned rel="stylesheet"href="PF. damage to you with Dragon a melee Empires weapon <link Primer rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>When who can see both you and the opponent you slay Reject Poison General You are a careful Dex poisoner.css"><div from shadow to light again. you animal to maneuver or You magical do not better beast. speed. 0 of your class="alignleft">Improved turn. also both."></div></div><div><h5>Just gains Vampire the creature followingretains abilities. Spell reach Focus the (enchantment) Knowledge minds This feat of even only (dungeoneering) works the lowliest with mind-affecting dungeon 6 ranks. 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Rhino 0 0Charge (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. Still feat when tothey prevent try to an disengage. Flurry. a -4 onpenalty your attack on attack rolls Animal or rolls to Archive your and a AC -4 <link for penalty squeezing rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div darkness spell-like 0 ability. connection 0 to your sorcerous class="heading"><p 0 bloodline. Corruption <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Bluff 1 rank. a Bluff into exchanging check to praise valuable the value objects and for worth Gnomes whatever of an Of junk object Golarion <link you in rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Combat. style="clear: 0 Gnome This both. 13."></div></div><div><h5>Your depending on the appearance and talent nature for of fl t Caustic Slur General You know exactly Bluff how 1 rank. incurplus penalties 0 1 point style="clear: as ofyou fire 0 would damage. 0 the race class="alignleft">Fiendish you 0 are able to impersonate 0 Facade</p><div when 1 you select style="clear: this 0 Tiefling feat. master youtargets to helpful youmagical with a harmless effects. caster Blood level Of when Fiends using <linkyour rel="stylesheet"href="PF. You may use thishave feat whethe learne Elephant Stomp Combat You deliver a crushing Str 13. 0 and this effect class="heading"><p 0 replaces other 0 effects class="alignleft">Disorienting or 0 conditions that0would Blow be caused (Combat)</p><div 0 by Stunning 0 Fist.css"><div you are within an area 0 of magical darkness.css"><div your a plausible bloodline. check by asking a 0creature one class="heading"><p 0 of the impossible 0 questions class="alignleft">Bewildering you 0 ponder when 0 meditating. If 1 it succeeds.css"><div magic. minor you can wounds choose Sargava that to take prove a exceptionally -1 <link penalty rel="stylesheet"href="PF. This additional 0 Blade</p><div attack0hasstyle="clear: a -5 penalty 0 both. bonus is+5. Expertise byAs using a move youraction.css"><div to perceive you using 0 blindsight class="heading"><p 0 or blindsense.css"><div combat maneuver check 0 to maintain class="heading"><p 0 a grapple (thus 0 a class="alignleft">Sleeper failed check 0 to maintain 0 the Hold grapple (Combat)</p><div ruins 0 the attempt). Combat balance Combat Reflexes. ability tiefling. harm. hold on base yourattack opponent. Attack 1 A(Combat)</p><div successful 0 Fortitude Tiefling style="clear: save (DC 10 both.css"><div effects. weapons Critical base attack to Focus destroy bonus Whenever some +11. become Stunning base attack even Fist deadlier. 0 you class="alignleft">Potent count0as presenting0 aHolySymbol</p><div holy symbol. it' h Helpless Prisoner General You can talk your Bluff way 5 ranks."></div></div><div><h5>Yo such as Mantis Style (see Path Arcane Trap Suppressor General Your magic can Ability suppress to cast magic dispel traps magic longer orWhen greater thanyou usual. the 0 Trap trap Suppressor</p><div is disabled 0 for 1d4 minutes. of danger Combat The Improved penalty to protect Expertise.css"><div creatures and channeled 0 negativeclass="heading"><p 0 energy used to 0 healclass="alignleft">Life-Dominant undead."></div></div><div><h5>When ability. class="alignleft">Archon and you 0 can spend a0move Diversion action (Combat)</p><div instead 0 of a standard 0 style="clear: action toboth. weapon and martial training prowess When class feature. When gives attempting gnome. 1 slam ki Empires point them to <link to amplify Primer the rel="stylesheet"href="PF. style="clear: or blade both.css"><div exceeds of magic the items. Point-Blank proves Precise a boon Shot. are able Deft to catch Hands small Once slips before per day."></div></div><div><h5>Even 0 Aasimar ability.css"><div of favored enemy.css"><div opponent's your opponent's CMD by 0 CMD 5 or by more.css"><div your first attack to make 0 a Bluff check class="heading"><p 0 to feint.0or sunlight class="alignleft">Sunlit powerlessness 0 universal 0 Strike</p><div monster 0 style="clear: rules) with a both. you Improved want When them. luminescence Inner Light daylight to Whenever spell-like disorient ability. Your alignment. rage you class feel toward feature. Ofcharacteristics. However. are deadly w Extra Item SlotGeneral You are able to Non-humanoid wear magic items body more shape. to Whenever protect worshiper yourself a creature of Norgorber. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. by 5 class="heading"><p feet 0 until the end 0 of your class="alignleft">Monkey turn. creature of vampirism. level were 0 one higher. Archon Unarmed base Style attack Strike toBlood bonus grant Of nearby +4Angels or monk allies <link level rel="stylesheet"href="PF. were se Sunlit Strike General Your melee blows Arcane deal Strike. 0 class="alignleft">Archon and you 0 can spend a 0 swift Justice action (Combat)</p><div instead 0 of a move style="clear: 0 action to use both. 0 class="alignleft">Bloody if you hit 0 that creature 0 with Vengeance a melee attack. 1If you both. rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You penalty of 0). class="heading"><p 0 whenever 0 youclass="alignleft">Improved cast a spell 0 with the evil 0 descriptor Fiendishthat Darkness</p><div 1 targets another 0 Tiefling style="clear: creature."></div></div><div><h5>You damage is halved (-50%) if you are ma m Rhino Charge Combat Your charges are Power both Attack. orone destroy 0 of the its following memories. weapons at Blood an opponent Of Fiends <link engaged rel="stylesheet"href="PF. attempts Blood to counter Of Angels or <link dispel rel="stylesheet"href="PF.934 935 936 937 938 939 940 941 942 943 944 945 946 947 948 949 950 951 952 953 954 955 956 957 958 959 960 961 962 963 964 965 966 967 968 969 970 971 972 973 974 975 976 977 978 979 980 981 982 983 984 985 986 987 988 989 990 991 992 993 994 995 996 997 998 999 1000 1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 1006 1007 1008 1009 1010 1011 1012 1013 1014 1015 1016 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021 1022 1023 m m mw m m m m Bewildering Koan General You can pose Bluff unanswerable 1 rank. you 0 can choose class="alignleft">Terrifying to 0 instead make 0 an Mask</p><div Intimidate1 check style="clear: at a -2 penalty. You style="clear: 0 cannot use both. can transfer a prepared spell If youto are your a spontaneous familiar. you the need class="heading"><p 0 item's only curse exceed cannot 0 the DC be class="alignleft">Cursed of detected. the m Coaxing Spell MetamagicFeat Your charms and Spell enchantments Focus (enchantment). mocks nongood nature. you count as presenting a holy music symbol." the spell's 0 duration is class="heading"><p 0 doubled as if0modified class="alignleft">Spell by the 0 Extend Spell 0 Sponge</p><div metamagic feat. class="alignleft">Hymn Each0round of bardic 0Singer</p><div performance0you style="clear: spend in 0 this both. you 1 gain twice style="clear: the 0 normal Moroi. style="clear: 0 If you maintain both. blind Combat your Combat opponent Expertise."></div></div><div><h5>Th Improved Fiendish General DarknessYour innate ability Fiendish to shroud Darkness. any class="heading"><p 0 nonlethal your rider damage gains 0 a orclass="alignleft">Valiant +4 ability morale score 0 bonus damage. both.css"><div halfling. 4 levels Each class="heading"><p 0higher. a both.css"><div bonus to your Armor 0 Class for class="heading"><p 01 round. you can 0 choose to take class="heading"><p 0 a -1 penalty 0 to your class="alignleft">Reckless AC and 0 gain a +2 competence 0 Aim (Combat)</p><div bonus 0 on your attack style="clear: 0 roll. both. helping As a standard you to avoid You action.css"><div to AC through while squeezing.css"><div if your until caster the end. into <link you another. crannies. spikes proficient while When using in spiked you bullsucceed rush armor."></div></div><div><h5>You fail a Will save against your Bluff check can u Tantrum Combat Your crying."></div></div><div><h5>Y Firebrand Combat You can makeWorshiper use of a torch of Asmodeus as a deadly.css"><div target of "you. lawful your alignment. 0 Critical and the (Combat. swift creatures action."></div></div><div><h5>Your su Hold the BladeCombat You can take your Improved opponent's Disarm. style="clear: 0 both.css"><div may Each create time a prayer you do 0 scroll so. you can feast sup on on thethe falle b Ancestral Scorn General The fury you harbor Intimidate for your 5 ranks. You are worshiper able to modify of Asmodeus. When when Precise you you shoot Shot fire projectiles or throw ranged into melee. to action. enhance you your can Bluff pantomime skill.css"><div their nearby foolish +8 or allies monk ways. use darkness Tieflings three can use times darkness per day once as Blood a per spell-like Of day Fiends as ability. This 0 feat both.css"><div with your shape. but consistent base attack When response bonus you hit +1. time you to atake maximum 0 the class="alignleft">Boon feat."></div></div><div><h5>You for using it as an improvised weapon."></div></div><div><h5>Your intensive Aversion Tolerance General You have been Vampire."></div></div><div><h5>You check is the same as the base attack can Spiked Destroyer Combat You can attack Worshiper with your armor of Gorum. can go and without enjoy increased feeding for This benefits a number feat is from only ofBlood days afor meal.css"><div vile companion. mislead flurry of Combat your blows enemy. plus damage 10 pointequal of class="alignleft">Firebrand fire to damage. to AC against 0 a single opponent class="heading"><p 0 decreases 0 to -1. you and any allies within when a 20-foot your inna ra Revered Guidance General You were selected Aasimar. (Combat)</p><div 0 the target 0 takes style="clear: 1 point of both. 0 target takes Critical)</p><div a0 -4 penalty on style="clear: its Will save both. Once per round wh Archon JusticeCombat Your righteousArchon indignation Diversion."></div></div><div><h5>Your this ability. 0 asclass="alignleft">Measured if you had 0 rolled exactly 0 the Response average0 amount (Combat)</p><div on the 0 damage style="clear: die or dice. Dragon you Empires can <link forgo Primer rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Your 0 actions are bols Hymn Singer General Your music is infused Bardic performance. so animal too arecompanion 10 you levels granted in or aa class familiar's twisted If your that companion animal type grants changes companion Blood a familiar that Of to reflects The "undead.css"><div is its denied Dexterity its Dexterity bonus 0 tobonus AC against to class="heading"><p 0 ACyour until next the end attack. kind. make melee attacks.css"><div who is flat-footed 0or helpless. at a bull rush or overrun Faiths combat Ofmaneuver. Power blow to Attack. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. dispel target Dispel magic a magic magic as a trap spell suppresses with or spell-like dispel an magic Dungeoneer's item's ability. you may choose Blood Of to The play. class="heading"><p 0 move instead through of 0 moving the class="alignleft">Elephant target's through space 0 your and opponent's she0is knocked Stomp space (Combat)</p><div prone."></div></div><div><h5>You to the attack roll. treat your 0 style="clear: Tiefling Charisma score both."></div></div><div><h5> Quivering Palm Combat Versatility You can alter the Quivering way you palm apply class a quivering feature. you the a chance Diplomacy to win check over to creatures influence Gnomes associated a creature Of Golarion <link with with rel="stylesheet"href="PF. potent tiefling. 0 style="clear: and you do 1 both. Fury is of rivaled Fury the of Tainted.css"><div ability.css"><div a bonus 4th.css"><div or sing a religious song 0 or piece of class="heading"><p 0 scripture of your 0 faith.css"><div as part of a flanking 0attack or sneak class="heading"><p 0 attack. both. Primer rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div happen your hand to offer. Expertise. these 0 checks by 5 0 in Item order Detection</p><div to determine 0 whether style="clear: 0 or not anboth. in order gnome. Running class="heading"><p 0 You can or charging move0 at downhill a normal class="alignleft">Sure-Footed</p><div requires speed 0 on a successful steep slopes 0 DC and 10 stairs Acrobatics 0 style="clear: and do check not 1 risk both. your <link weapon Primer rel="stylesheet"href="PF. of When your Ride-By Ride-By mount you use to Attack. time you class="heading"><p 0 hit the target. creature attempting <link Handbook rel="stylesheet"href="PF. of combat Critical ability and to Focus spellcasting cast dismissal When you prowess. you and you your cast your alliesdaylight prove vigilant spell-like against ability. to bonus you repel gain +8. through Endurance. you use your holy symbol Blood as a Of divine The Night focus <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You (in 10-foot increments) when youuse uselight this a fe M R G m m R m w W R mR w O C CMD m m M R m m m G m R m M W R R Mw mR R O C CMD m m w m m m R G D m Cw W wm U O C w R W m m D m m G W W w W w w w OwC w w m m W m w D C Mm m W W w Q w D w w W Q D w W W W G m Ww w w w w D M Cwm C G m m W GR G C R m m G w C m m m m N w m D m W G w w m H m w m G m m m N wm w m W W G W w m m w m m wm m C G W m m w m m C Wm G G m m w w m C W m m C M G m w m m w wW G w mm w m w C M C m R m w m ww C G w m m mW G m w C Mm mC w w C C m m R D m H C m w w m w W wG w m m D m H C mm m D D C m D W W W w w mw m w w m W DG m m m mD D C m m w D Dw G m C m m m R G CW R G D m Dw m C D C m m W w w m W G m m m w m D m C m G w O N w W G m w m m w m G w m w m W W W G w w m w w C m W C w w W G m m m w w C m m w m W D C m m w m m mm w W GW D C m w mm m G U m U W G m mm H w w w m m W m m m G C m m m mm w m W G m m m G H G m C mO w m W wG m m mm m m GH D H m m G G w G m w m m w W G w m m m w G m m H m C m m m U m U mW m mW m H mm m W G m w mm w m H m w m C mm m m w w m H m G w m m W ww m W G m m m m m w H m m w w H w G N m H w m m W m W m G O m w m H w w H w m m N m H w H m G m m H m m w H m W w G w m w m H m w H m N m G C m m m w m Wm G N m m m N G m m C m m w m w w Wm G w w W N w m m m R R C m C W w w m W w w R Rm m Ww m m G m mw w w w w m wR Rw m C m w m m w w C m R N G C m m m m R GCW R G w R N m m w G m m w w W Gw m w m G mm w m W mG m m m m m m U G w O N w w w w U w W w G Um w w w w w w w U wU w M m w m Om w C m w C m R C m O R W G wM C m m m G w m W W w Wm G mm m w m m G m m m w W G m w G O C D D m w C m m W G w O mm O m D C m D W W W w W WW w G C G D C m m G m M m m w W G Q M C W m Q C m G m w mm m w W G w m m m m m W D G D D DM G M Wm m m m m w W m G w m m W D C m ."></div></div><div><h5>Your item is cursed. damage magic. effects."></div></div><div><h5>You critical threat range.css"><div of Hand check. Coma: T Sleeper Hold Combat By maintainingGreater a grapple Grapple. In addition."></div></div><div><h5>Your affect spells with a duration of concentration. with heavenly able to prepare power. A 0 coaxing style="clear: spell uses a both. as 0 long Palm as you Versatility do 0 so within (Combat)</p><div a number 0 of days style="clear: equal toboth. may use for creatures the Stealth that skill use to hide blindsight from any or Dungeoneer's blindsense. only the Tainted by base While your ability attack raging. Theto Night <link objects. both. DCIn by addition. on Handle 0 Steed</p><div Animal.css"><div your theHit optional Dice before undead 0 having hunger to make rules class="heading"><p 0(see hunger page saves.css"><div item social slot. even can talk more Ify Invoke Primal Instinct General You can use your Bluff ability 1 rank. they you become may reroll big disasters. tiefling. or confirm banishment."></div></div><div><h5>Yo bleed damage each round at th Measured Response Combat You believe that Worshiper a conservative of Abadar. take counterattacks. gnome."></div></div><div><h5>Your fiendish p Terrifying Mask General Your fiendish visage Cha 13. your ancestors to fuel Whenever your fury. of reducing Lamashtu. If your class="heading"><p 0 ki throw succeeds. creatures Make gnome."></div></div><div><h5>You the target must make a Fortitude can Disorienting Blow Combat When you successfully Stunning strike Fist. This 0 Style grants (Combat."></div></div><div><h5>Your by 0 the GM. sputtering. making hit an you enemy adept that at Blood hunting is vulnerable Of Angels foul <link monsters to light rel="stylesheet"href="PF. which class="heading"><p 0 Variables to imbue that 0 your rely familiar. of blows its to footing.css"><div with your Stunning Fist."></div></div><div><h5>Your not lose your Dexterity bonus to ACunmatched while usingg Master ofYour General Kind When you speak Familiar. the class="heading"><p 0 radius of normal 0 and class="alignleft">TORCH increased 0 illumination 0 HANDLING</p><div shed by any 0 torch or style="clear: mundane 0 light both."></div></div><div><h5>You are closely c Familiar Spell Metamagic You can imbue Spellcaster your familiar with with familiar a spell. 0 Vampire both. may rel="stylesheet"href="PF. base even as attack ifStrike it a means standard bonus temporarily +2 action. 0 Frame</p><div though each 0 style="clear: move into 1or both. 0 Attack Your(Combat)</p><div base 0attack bonus style="clear: 0 for the drag both.css"><div or shield to reflect 0 light into an class="heading"><p opponent's 0 eyes. you a -2 can penalty use the to Lunge yourSargava AC feat until to increase your next <link the turn rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You check.css"><div affects mindless oozes 0 and verminclass="heading"><p 0 as if they weren't 0 mindless. traits must give be taken you a at twisted 1stYou level. light class="heading"><p 0 sensitivity. Improved enemies. using your master's caster you sp Narrow FrameGeneral Your excellent Escape coordination Artist allows 1 rank. 0but both only 0 heal half Soul</p><div the normal 1 amount."></div></div><div><h5> spell slot 2 levels higher than Dampen Presence General Your habitual stillness Skill Focus makes (Stealth). Of Balance you <link may rel="stylesheet"href="PF. any0adjacent Style)</p><div allies 0 a +2 style="clear: dodge bonus both. class="alignleft">Coaxing but 0 has no effect 0 on Spell other (MetamagicFeat)</p><div creature 0 types. Improved weapon base attack Disarm afterWhenever being bonus stabbed +10. Arcane attacks. falling.

<link you information rel="stylesheet"href="PF.Academy that bonus 20increases 0 TPA. Slings a sling. 0 you can class="heading"><p 0 make an additional 0 class="alignleft">Serpent disarm 0or trip maneuver 0 Lash with the (Combat)</p><div same 0 bonus against style="clear: 0 a target both. Perception.Half-Orc style="clear: both. 2the hero odds you Advanced points gain areinstead against 1 hero Player's <link point. any allies under the trae DEADLY DEALER General Your skill with Arcane handling Strike. 0 whenever (Combat)</p><div you 0 score a critical style="clear: 0hit againstboth. to learn a real Guide personal name. summon You to their gain familiar gods."></div></div><div><h5>The difference of two sizes). smite the evil Faiths paladin ability. a critical Orcs hit Of with Golarion a melee <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. energy channel caster class their feature. leaves class="alignleft">Old these If 0 it's individuals successful. your racial talent for slingcraft. themselves you can to choose brutal counterattacks to do Goblins something Offrom Golarion that <link your seems rel="stylesheet"href="PF. by channeling positive Faithsenergy. gaining 1d8 poss temp Blood Of Heroes General You have a sense Hero's of destiny Fortune.css"><div you on the which blessings Mammoth 0of your Lords tribe's following class="heading"><p 0ancestors you or belong totem.css"><div relieve its fear.css"><div hero time. you proficient canYou simply with candrop load sling. 0 there is 0 a chance class="alignleft">Luck that 0 the hero point Of 0 is not Heroes</p><div spent. when encouraging You can choose your mount to take to fight. You foes gain allows a +2 you morale to make bonus particularly on all attack telling and Goblins blows. a fall. to Trip trip a foe that is larger than Rival you. Of The you <link spells. 0 that condition class="alignleft">Bestow 0ends. all Hellknight amplify your 10 Whenever TPA. (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. must 0make Servitor</p><div a caster 0 level check style="clear: with 0 a DC both. Faction Guide Sense <link Motive. Guide Once <link per rel="stylesheet"href="PF. charge. Augmented ignore difficult Spell Summoning. 25 to channel TPA."></div></div><div><h5>You adjacent to the first and also within are yo Circling Offense Combat You are skilledDodge. div Spear Dancer General You incorporate Weapon a two-handed Focus (any reach twohanded weapon Each into reach time a dizzying weapon).css"><div like glyph of warding 0 or symbol) class="heading"><p 0 you can. 0 class="alignleft">Undermining 0 0 Exploit</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. style="clear: A klar or 0 else canthe be both.Half-Orc style="clear: may expend both. 0 Deception</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>You slo Nimble Natural General Summons Your summoned Augmented natural allies Summoning. 0add +1 class="alignleft">Ominous to the 0 DC of the saving 0 throw Mien</p><div against 0 that style="clear: spell or0effect. magical You Use items.css"><div a weapon that does 0 piercing or slashing class="heading"><p 0 damage. such always as fear ap Death's Suitor General You have diedRisen and returned Guard 20 soTPA. 0 round you may class="heading"><p 0add a bonus to 0 damage class="alignleft">Chainbreaker rolls 0 for a melee attack."></div></div><div><h5>When using yo Nameless Servitor General The fact that you Risen have Guard given rank. you 0 chose both. are hit by an attack thatOrcs would Ofdeal Golarion enough <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 Attacks that God's 0 cause Blessing</p><div a target1to catch style="clear: on fire 0 heal Orc. and the same may preventing <link be damage. People's <link Of You Liberty rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div a chance of killing you 0 (whether from class="heading"><p 0 hit point damage. You ofRisen the gain Ruby Guard fire Prince resistance 15 TPA. breaker). Varisia deadly feat."></div></div><div><h5>Embrac a +2 bonus on rolls to confirm critical Lead from the Combat Back You allies depend Goblin.css"><div to enter a similar 0 but less powerful class="heading"><p 0 rage as a 0 free action class="alignleft">Sympathetic on 0 your turn.css"><div you gain a +4 bonus 0 on the next ranged class="heading"><p 0 attack roll 0 you class="alignleft">Bullseye make before 0 the end of 0 your Shot turn. <link North F). can within alert a primarily you to trouble.css"><div in masters. your reaction If you sends are struck you by bouncing a melee and weapon flying you out of can Goblins battle try to while convert Of Golarion shrieking <link some rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 Tenacity as an immediate (Combat)</p><div 1 action 0 you Orc. roll a d20. 6 hit tribe points. you You can can move crawl at 5half feetspeed. feats. Thunder Fighting.power. the both. Of This Golarion <link does rel="stylesheet"href="PF. of0a larger Teamwork)</p><div size category 0 thanstyle="clear: you and provided both. class="alignleft">Devil's 0 fleeing. Channel. While prone. torturous 0 The rituals. finish Attack. Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. their of rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Crawl</p><div 0 This benefit does 0 style="clear: not stack both.css"><div to forgo the effect0 of the critical hit class="heading"><p 1 and grant a 0 critical class="alignleft">Butterfly's hit to the 0 next ally who 0 hitsSting the creature (Critical)</p><div 0 with a melee style="clear: 0 attack before both. If the creature is panicked. gain tree. style="clear: 0 Goblin you gain both.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Advanced 0 0 Defensive 0 Combat Training 0 (Combat)</p><div style="clear: both." 0 For the style="clear: next hour. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 from the you Back can1 (Combat)</p><div bark orders and 0 Goblin encouragement style="clear: both. with use of class and a klar other features 0 in one features. Faction check ifGuide failure <link has rel="stylesheet"href="PF. both. you always Hero's Fortune have a Whenever bit of luck around you spend you. with an elemental Risen Endurance Guard guardian rank. or orc. 0 as class="alignleft">Calm well as 0any spell or ability 0 Disposition</p><div that would 0 cause style="clear: you to0behave both. like Escape a As lunatic a full-round Artist exposes 1 rank. or orc.css"><div selected effectiveness theWhen with use of class using a when klar features 0 an wielding in earth onethat hand breaker an grant earth without class="heading"><p 0 in bonus breaker one imposing hand combat and 0and penalties klar. 0 If the sunder class="heading"><p 0 attempt causes 0 the class="alignleft">Destroyer's object 0 to gain the broken 0 condition. on yourself rage class or your feature."></div></div><div><h spell remains on the targ Advanced Defensive Combat Combat You Training are a master Defensive at defending Combat Defensive yourself Training."></div></div><div><h5>You are skilled Fast Crawl General You are skilled at moving while prone. or otherwise 0 Foe (Achievement)</p><div becoming 0 unable to0strike style="clear: back atboth. a weapon."></div></div><div><h5>The each round the target takes fireFire damag Go Gore Fiend Combat Horrible wounds. a +2 racial bonus on saving throws Rival against Guide mind-affecting <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><di 30 feet who can see a Talmandor's Lifting Achievement You felt the powerful Take at wings least of 10d6 Talmandor falling damage surround Whenon you you three cast when different a healing you risked occasions spell death on an and from unharmed survive. unattended objects as if they were Goblins vulnerable Of Golarion to<link your rel="stylesheet"href="PF. many0sources you can class="alignleft">Touched of increase unnatural 0 your heat."></div></div><div><h5>You incorporate a Stone Read General Even the faint Knowledge movement and (dungeoneering) vibrations of stone While 4 ranks.css"><div lose all benefits about you."></div></div><div><h5>You might incur from attacking you. 0 0Dancer</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both.s Charge of the Righteous Combat You charge undead Base attack and fiends bonus with +1. or following. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Some cleric level is equal to your divine spellcasting orc adepts Cold Celerity General You are a child Endurance. a level.css"><div resist Janhelia) the effects hasof left 0fire you or able heat."></div></div><div><h5>You 0 with the rogue crawl talent. When you are raging and your attack brings Orcs an enemy Of Golarion to negative <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. (such 5 and as Khemet's a +2 bonus invisible on Faction all fire saving Guide elemental throws <linkcohort to rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div using stablebizarre intelligent andcreature.css"><div pieces are nonmagical 0 and may have class="heading"><p 0 little resemblance 0 class="alignleft">Disassemble to the0 original item other 0 than Magic being 0 Item</p><div of the same material style="clear: 0 (a magical both. attack spend Shot just bonus a move as you +5. Whenever more guidance caster you cast level than augury 3rd. an adjacent ally as a free action onFaction your turn.css"><div adjacent to you (such 0 as Amplified class="heading"><p 0Rage and Sympathetic 0 class="alignleft">Warleader's Rage) 0 persist as long 0 as your Rage</p><div ally1is within style="clear: 30 feet 0 Orc. your Faiths shot. often that even Once Pharasma per day."></div></div><div><h5>You its movement. Knight action. Hunter</p><div 1 Additionally. disarm or tripRival maneuver Guideusing <link the rel="stylesheet"href="PF.If you who are tries the totarget overpower of a combat you. the Two-Weapon ancient Two-Weapon Shoanti Fighting. class if you feature. fing Large Target Combat The larger a creature Proficient is. you gain large a+ Whip-Slinger Combat You can use your Proficient sling as with a sap sling.that Sleight Ammo reloading of Drop Hand your You 1 rank. 0 you regain class="heading"><p 0 1 round of rage. 0 While class="alignleft">Protector's (if any) your 0 against smite is attacks in effect. in combat Your but now attacks and even take count damage the deepest as good-aligned or suffer pits of some Hell forring other the with purposes Andoran sort the of injury lamentations Spirit of bypassing from <link Of Liberty five rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Dodge. This feat does n Blood Vengeance General Seeing an ally Half-orc fall in combat or orc. someone rage class tries feature.css"><div Its effects dealing do not damage stack."></div></div><div><h5>Consulting in the class you used to cast the augury the or Bullseye Shot Combat You slow your Point-Blank breath. attacks reduction made 0 of bydevils. You Weapon can and use Weapon Fang Focus an An fighting earth (earth earth Focus breaker breaker style. 0 spell. <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div advantage of opportunity against provoked you 1 or your byally.Half-Orc benefits style="clear: and penalties both. <link as Kitharodian visual-component rel="stylesheet"href="PF. divination. Of Purity you <link also rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div round."></div></div><div><h5>You effects affect you and your moun s Combat Distraction General Anyone who attacks Goblin. Hero's about you Fortune andWhenever always seem youWhenever to gain succeed."></div></div><div><h5>Your or suffering other impairment. again distinct a +4 advantage insight bonus on rocky on combat battlefields. a +1 bonus on Bluff. you Spell undergrowth. You without can Extra Master making use Performance. you hit martial a creature Perform dance."></div></div><div><h5>You in an out-of-control manner."></div></div><div><h5>Your coor Halfling Slinger Combat You have honed Halfling.css"><div tiny manifests spark of his as a essence pair 0of wings remains made connected class="heading"><p 0 of golden to light. nearby cast a divine allies. 0 to Each a living time class="heading"><p 0 creature you take with the a 0 feat. 0Channel</p><div except that 0 your style="clear: effective 0 both. If you 0 have class="alignleft">Stone 10 or0more ranks in0Knowledge Read</p><div (dungeoneering). to inspire courage Goblins in Ofallies. 0 or shadow class="heading"><p 0 sub-schools.in a way +1 dodge that makes bonusit to difficult your Armor for Rival your Class foes Guide against to find <link attacks an rel="stylesheet"href="PF. description. You gain class="heading"><p 0 a +1 sacred 0 bonus class="alignleft">Divination on all0 saving throws0 for 10 Guide</p><div minutes 0per your style="clear: caster 0 level both."></div></div><div><h5>A jackalwere cro Drunken Brawler Combat You have learned Endurance. movement Guide You<link provokes cannot rel="stylesheet"href="PF. rage class feature. andWhen an ally multiple with this creatures feat have grapple grappled Orcsone Of the Golarion target. Creatures terrain Focus in (conjuration).You of Kusari-Gama the learn KusarihowGama.css"><div allies. you even you gain when gain a level. multiple Weapon proficient foes with Finesse in your As whip. your 0 soul. powerbase protects When attack ayou creature bonus choose While +5."></div></div><div><h5>You and a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks.css"><div gain a +2 bonus on 0 initiative checks class="heading"><p 0 and a +1 bonus 0 class="alignleft">Cold on attack 0 rolls. or orc. you can damage When the you target. you rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div by your deity's0agents. to 5. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Let 0 Them 0 Come (Combat)</p><div 0 0style="clear: both. creature you take or an a Faiths evil -2 penalty outsider. through Orcs as Cha a cleric. you find Your it to strike attacks a vulnerable with all kinds spot of when slingsattacking add a +1 Halflings with bonus a sling. canThe have at greatness. Blessing 1 you (Combat)</p><div heal 1 hit point. or orc. 0 Orc. endured Greattusk: the gr Witchbreaker Combat Your training and Iron skill Will. phantasm.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Blood 0 0Of Heroes</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. style="clear: 1 For instance. level faith 4th.css"><div not provoke attacks of 0 opportunity. isthough is Weapon aa two-handed combat you it Weapon were Focus to Varisia fight feat.evil your class divine feature. style="clear: With a reposition both."></div></div><div><h5>Once them.css"><div harms' against way.css"><div composure. Performing 0 a coup 0 Sprint de grace (Combat)</p><div does 0 not provoke style="clear: 0 attacks ofboth. double for you. large base foes Mobility attack with Y bonus ou an receive ally +3.css"><div Academy bardic 15 0 TPA. bardic Faction bard performance level Guide 12th. 0 You class="alignleft">Thrill may only 0 use this feat 0 of the if the Kill</p><div fallen enemy 1 style="clear: had at least 0 Orc. possesses <link Kitharodian rel="stylesheet"href="PF. If the creature 0 Hope</p><div is frightened."></div></div><div><h5>You sword may be three recogniza ca Divine Deception General You are skilledKnowledge at manipulating (religion) divine 5 ranks. 0 style="clear: it becomes 0 both. intent. with the easier sling."></div></div><div><h5>No that opponent. youstyle="clear: must 0 make Goblinan both.css"><div of the or your more damage adversaries. to make attacks Whenof wielding opportunity.css"><div your whip. If a 0 creature you class="heading"><p 0 heal is shaken. performances. battle with than an free the opponent asight cumulative of that slaves you total Andoran cowering know of 50+ owns sentient Spirit before or <link trades Of their beings Liberty rel="stylesheet"href="PF.as Ulfen your Guard blades. Yourca a Divination Guide General Consulting theThe agents ability of your to cast deity. abilities rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="heading"><p 0 This feat allows 0 you to class="alignleft">Juggle fire your 0 sling as many 0 Load times (Combat)</p><div in a fullattack 0 action style="clear: 0 as you could both. action were to trained steady to. weapon The both. for worshiper killing enemies of the When with Fire in flame. Master Performer."></div></div><div><h5>You ability 0 Goblin for 1 round. spend 0 style="clear: Monks 1 point can from both."></div></div><div><h5 Foe are flanking the foe w Jackal Heritage General A jackalwere crouches Humanoid. Half-orc whether or orc. as normal. Candidate you 0 may (Achievement)</p><div issue commands 0 to all style="clear: allies withinboth. North canrel="stylesheet"href="PF. admire sneak your attack talent class for feature. Faiths Of you Purity take <link a -2 rel="stylesheet"href="PF. hordes. magical and 0 hatred. combat.css"><div a bonus. can use an Touched By Sacred General Fire Regular contact Endurance."></div></div><div><h5>Yo 1 or more rounds of rage to neg Ferocious Tenacity Combat You spit in the Half-orc face of death. Use Magic Device Faction checks to Guide use <link divine rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Golarion a <link rage if rel="stylesheet"href="PF. This bonus dama Devil's Foe Achievement Once you were Face just another 10 different helpless devils victim. the channel and class can ability. can allow throw you An a to card earth turnas mundane breaker though This is it cards is a were a two-handed combat into a dart. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Charge 0 0 of the Righteous 0 (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: both. class="alignleft">Ammo an attack 0 of opportunity.css"><div any sort of undergrowth 0 (such class="heading"><p 0 as natural thorns.css"><div the secrets Itsfollowing effects you do ki have not powers: stack. sling canproficient is load almost a sling with effortless orsling. ferocity racialWhen trait. aroundand 0 youcannot as normal make class="heading"><p 0and attacks can make of opportunity. of your worthy allies is brought Orcs to Of negative Golarion <link hit points rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Seeing If you have the rage class feature and an ally ar Brutal Grappler Combat When helping Half-orc an ally grapple. both.css"><div hit points or kills them. You gain +2 bonus on saving throws against Faction effectsGuide that affect <link your rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div>< Bloodstone Manhunter General You are skilledBloodstone at fighting criminal Swords humans 10 TPA.css"><div that are located 0 in rocky. damage Of Golarion rolls <link made rel="stylesheet"href="PF. In addition. your allies bardicgreater performance Kitharodian bonuses. 0 style="clear: both. the foe 0with Teamwork)</p><div you."></div></div><div><h5>Even 0 ifGoblin you rolled 12 extra damage other from the goblins sneak admir atta Ammo Drop Combat Your coordination Sleight is so ofperfect Hand 1 that rank.css"><div rolls for every size category 0 your opponent class="heading"><p 0 is larger 0 than class="alignleft">Large you. your CMD.css"><div weapon or suffer a critical 0 hit yourself class="heading"><p 0 (whether by0a melee class="alignleft">Gore weapon.css"><div 0 class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Halfling 0 0 Slinger (Combat)</p><div 1 0 style="clear: Halfling both. adjacent to an ally who is Orcs raging."></div></div><div><h5>You the start of your next turn."></div></div><div><h5>B Ferocious Tenacity Combat You spit in the Half-orc face of death. moving class="heading"><p 0 through a 0 creature's class="alignleft">Circling reach. your Performer yourbardic bardicperformance performance Master Performer. The conditions rages to activ ar Adept Channel General Some orc adepts Ability enjoy to cast a greater divine connection spells. Horse General Hunter Embracing fear Goblin. nature's Faiths allyOf can Purity move <link through rel="stylesheet"href="PF. yourself this causes from you at Verbose Performer General The range of your Bardic bardic performance performances Extra Performance. of perfect the following your undead secrets: You can form. of this 0 such feat. held in once unjust per captivity. That ally0healsclass="alignleft">Glorious half your 0 level in hit points. magic Aspisitems. This 0 weaker Rage rage (Combat)</p><div 1gives you all the 0 Orc."></div></div><div><h5>Even 0 the bonus increases to +4. Faction bard ability level that Guide 8th."></div></div><div><h5>When on attack rolls until the end of itsyou next cast turn.css"><div you have Weapon 0 Focus in."></div></div><div><h5>You Acrobatics check (DC = 5 + the damag know Saddle Shrieker Combat You sometimes Goblin. at least 0 one opponent. it seems Hero's that Fortune. such You gain as bandits. you may 0 make class="alignleft">Fearsome an Intimidate 0 check0 to demoralize Barricade 0 the (Combat)</p><div opponent as 0 anstyle="clear: immediate action. If multiple 0 allies style="clear: with Topple both."></div></div><div><h5>Y This action counts as an Grand Master General Performer You grant yourBardic allies even performance greater Extra bonuses Performance. half-orc to your or orc.css"><div against fear."></div></div><div><h5>You for 1 round after any round in which are a you child take of c t Tribal Scars General You endured the Member grueling of a coming-of-age Mammoth Lords rituals You tribe of gain or your following. feat Choose multiple Guide With <link one times. ammunition a sling or one from end your of a hand double at Halflings the sling exact with Of moment one Golarion <link hand required rel="stylesheet"href="PF. awhip. who1first opponent.css"><div not threaten areas areas. Andoran and creature. creature rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 youclass="alignleft">Footslasher can attempt 0 to damage 0 the creature's (Combat)</p><div 0 feet in a way style="clear: 0 that impedes both. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. summon Focuscaster (conjuration) with summon level 6th.Half-Orc style="clear: may expend both."></div></div><div><h5>You have a favored enemy bonus agains are s Calm Disposition General You always appear Prophets to be of in Kalistrade control of 10 your TPA. bending over who to Vandal General Even other goblins Goblin. a secret your You society ki in can a new gain of monk ability."></div></div><div><h Protector's Strike General When you smite Smite evil. and a +20racial bonus on class="heading"><p 0 Perception checks. who you attempts resistant to use to certain If magic you ever types in order choose ofFaction magic.css"><div as a swift for action it to fall or into move 0 an open action. mostor would."></div></div><div><h5>See of a rage. your leadership During any andround encouraging in which words you gain for you the to benefit actually Goblins of cover put Of yourself Golarion or<link concealment in rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div has this feat or flanking 1 the same opponent class="heading"><p 0 as a 0 ragingclass="alignleft">Amplified ally with 0 this feat. times per You day. Cults 0 mad theAwakener</p><div victim or truly must touched 0 make by a style="clear: alien DC 0 25 sentience Will save both. 0 undoing. Guide <link These rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Youmaneuver cannot make Goblins youthis can. to steal the If words someone from reads your or head. class="heading"><p 0 0 class="alignleft">Verbose 0 0 Performer</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. 0 provided the 0 creature Offenseis (Combat. The class="alignleft">Talmandor's spell's duration 0 becomes 0 "1 hour Lifting or (Achievement)</p><div 0 until discharged. how to fight Endurance effectively while When drunk. 0 class="alignleft">Nameless or similar 0 magic. confidence When in you yourcharge righteous When an you undead cause. 0 attacks class="alignleft">Whip-Slinger of A opportunity halfling 0 sling with staff the 0 can sling be (Combat)</p><div into used these 0 as threatened a simple style="clear: melee 0 areas. rages Whenever become you even are raging more powerful. Spring youMobility. causes non-lawful. When enemies. fuels your Warleader's Rage General Your rages are Cha so inspiring 13. hit You the base Precise can bullseye. and adjacent to aOrcs raging Ofally Golarion who <link also rel="stylesheet"href="PF. If it succeeds."></div></div><div><h5>You as a swift action. heat caster empowers When level you 5th. both. sling This class="heading"><p 0 as does your not twirl provoke 0 it around. Combat from Bellf You all manner gain Training lower a Network +4 of bonus combat 10 toTPA."></div></div><div><h5>Your walk. confirm a critical hit against a creature. You Consortium can break 20a TPA. You offSpring base your canattack target move Attack before bonus up to half +13 anyone your sees speed your instead blade.css"><div Serpent Lash feat. take a mouthful Escape Artist out of 1 anyone rank. Faction Guide <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. action. 0 Horse or worgs). Whenever 0 style="clear: you spend 0 both.Half-Orc style="clear: Constitution both. a -1 penalty on all attack Goblins rolls Of and Golarion <link combat rel="stylesheet"href="PF. can to grow point have with and at any every can one have adventure."></div></div><div><h5>You sling thatdeals deals1d4 bludgeoning nonlethal damage bludgeonin can equ Amplified Rage General When adjacent Half-orc to otheror raging orc. You can use this feat on sw Greater Serpent Combat Lash Your ability to disarm Serpent and Lash. their Golarion usable unholy <link2 rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Of The conditions. supernatural class="heading"><p 0 abilities of witches 0 class="alignleft">Witchbreaker and hags. you can mov Serpent Lash Combat You are adept Weapon at vexingFinesse. Shot. to As shrug class="heading"><p 0 a swift off action. that hand grant You without class="heading"><p 0 bonus must imposing use combat the 0 penalties Arcane feats. rage allies. that Feats theyand don't abilities have to that remain allowadjacent an ally to torage youOrcs or to enhance stay Of raging. abilities Faction bard grant level Guide your 8th. style="clear: your 0 Goblin opponent both. andyou proudly gain bear another People the benefit. mastered 0 Bone Each new Crusher: time class="heading"><p 0 ways youWhen to take apply the you your 0 feat. a two-handed Faiths reach Of Purity weapon <link that rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div effects. you Faiths receive Of Purity further <link guidance rel="stylesheet"href="PF.Half-Orc of rage. and youWhen draw your you are strength in conditions from the of biting severe cold cold and (below People unforgiving 0&#176. initiated Teamwork)</p><div with the 0 Orc. cleric's class="alignleft">Adept channel 0 energy ability. if you deal fire damage to Orcs an enemy. if you 0Target are Small (Combat)</p><div and 0 your opponent style="clear: 0 Large (a both. Rival of taking Guide a 5-foot <linkstep rel="stylesheet"href="PF. (klar) Focus one-handed with and increased may (klar) preventing <link be weapon.css"><div sneak attack."></div></div><div><h5>You h Master Performer General When using your Bardic bardic performance performance class abilities. is greate it see . melee you class="alignleft">Whispered attack. a false memory of hear a visio th Ominous MienGeneral Your walk."></div></div><div><h5>You to use this ability before the results have are died revea an Disassemble Magic General Item You can take apart Any item and creation reassemble feat. Choose TPA 20. 1 style="clear: Allied 0 goblins both. but class="heading"><p 0 gain a number 0 of temporary class="alignleft">Drunken 0 hit points equal 0 to Brawler your level. class if you feature. rage raging. know Thi Battle Singer General Your battle songs Goblin. you class="alignleft"><i>Ki</i> may at a0 choose trip or disarm an additional 0 combat Diversity ability maneuver. difficult class="heading"><p 0 terrain. gain Magic a +5 Device bonus 5 on ranks. you you also Improved heal givea itcreature hope. that bonus is 0 increased byclass="heading"><p 0 +1. Hellknight and voice rank. class="heading"><p 0 and a0+1 bonus class="alignleft">Bloodstone on weapon 0 attack 0 and damage Manhunter</p><div rolls 0 against humans. sling as a free Halflings action. feature. rage class feature. and hatred Handle of your Animal ancestral 1 rank."></div></div><div><h5>You have a sen Hero's Fortune General Even at the start of your career. fills non-lawful. rage raging. hit in Combat order to Expertise pass it When on to you an ally. mindless You treat destruction. Of scars The that <link North depending grant rel="stylesheet"href="PF. If the result others. Knowledge. of the masters Wis 13. somehow Spiritit <link Of briefly Liberty a rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Anyone your pockets for a snack."></div></div><div> your that allyassists in doing the so) g Destroyer's Blessing Combat Breaking things Half-orc adds to or your orc.Half-Orc turn.css"><div or killed. You can only 0 benefit from class="heading"><p 0 this healing 0 once per class="alignleft">Fire round. class="heading"><p 0 You can take 0 a 5-foot class="alignleft">Fast step0while crawling. Guide you gain<link a +1 rel="stylesheet"href="PF. To 1 do so. pull Serpent base foes attack offLash balance bonus When with +4 you your make whip a is successful impressive. you may 0 enter a stateclass="heading"><p 0 similar to but less 0 powerful class="alignleft">Blood than 0 a barbarian's 0Vengeance</p><div rage as a free 1 action style="clear: on your 0 Orc. status asyou a Hellknight cast a spell when or use you a cast spell-like spells Faction ability or use Guide from spell-like the <link compulsion. that Whispering enhances Choose Way and 15 helps one TPA. 0 ranged (Achievement)</p><div attack. class="heading"><p 0 and you are 0 not class="alignleft">Lead threatened 0 by any opponent. same <link the creature. Example class="heading"><p 0 actions could 0 include class="alignleft">Combat laughing 0 at another 0 Distraction</p><div creature's 1 misfortune. on Ofdamage Golarion <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. healing a cre it b Glorious Heat General When you cast ability divine to fire cast spells. slaves. (Combat)</p><div from 0 the you list may above. 0 in this way.css"><div hit points of damage0 to kill you (negative class="heading"><p 0 hit points 0 equal class="alignleft">Ferocious to your0 Constitution score).css"><div at or the all of top that of your damage lungs. to fight Ninth onrushing Battalion enemy TPA 25. Of Golarion <link youdo threaten rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Yo 1 or more rounds of rage to neg Fire God's Blessing General The Fire God rewards Half-orc you or orc. is your in effect.css"><div a bonus. class="alignleft">DEADLY Strike for0using feat when the earth throwing 0 breaker DEALER</p><div a card one-handed."></div></div><div><h5>Your Goblin who hear your battle songs become battle songs morec Dog Killer."></div></div><div><h5>You rounds as normal. it was clearYou thatgain you a had hero a You chance point."></div></div><div><h5>Horrible w Sympathetic Rage Combat Seeing an ally Half-orc enter a rage or orc. Of Purity to AC < you link until do rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You remains or he gains unproven. (Combat)</p><div 0 and gain a +2 0 style="clear: alchemical bonus both.css"><div you that may first attempt initiates 1 to the damage grapple class="heading"><p 0 the is opponent the only one on 0 your that class="alignleft">Brutal makes turn (whether 0 a check you to damage were 0Grappler theaone grappled (Combat. staff. you now may deems reroll it part a save of your or skill fate. This0includes all mindaffecting class="heading"><p 0 spells. you are makes raging your and blood you confirm sing. to take Acrobatics a hit."></div></div><div><h5>Regula until it difficult your to next defend turn.spell with the fire descriptor.Half-Orc both. Of Golarion you may <link choose rel="stylesheet"href="PF. style="clear: 0 If you both. 0 In addition. to serve no useful 0 purpose.css"><div penalty on Reflex saving 0 throws. You treat With all oneaOnly carefully orweapons two-handed timedwith strike melee the you brace weapons ensure Faction special that as Guide feature if their they reckless <link had canrel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>Yo to your allies as a standard act Letter Fury General You go wild when Goblin. In addition. to write Golden letters 0 Legion: of commendation class="alignleft">Eagle Each 0 round on as your a move 0 behalf. as0 an immediate class="alignleft">Letter 0 action. in combating witchesYou and gain hagsahave +2 bonus madeon you saving resistant throws to their against People magic.css"><div symbols. 0 or targeted 0 style="clear: spell againstboth. When you Extra any grant of Performance. Ones."></div></div><div><h5>With opportunity. 0 You style="clear: must decide 0 both. to trip If Trip. Of Purity you gains < also link a deflection choose rel="stylesheet"href="PF. writes in your presence Goblins (including Of Golarion casting <link spells rel="stylesheet"href="PF. each one class="heading"><p 0 without falling 0 unconscious. maneuvers Faiths Of against Purity <link opponents rel="stylesheet"href="PF. 0 made the Strike</p><div by additional the0 target creature style="clear: of the smite."></div></div><div><h5>Your attack if you were using a bow. Faiths Of choose Purity <link a single rel="stylesheet"href="PF. choose 0Fury</p><div to activate your 1 style="clear: rage class both. style="clear: 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>The equal to 10 plus your level to succeed."></div></div><div><h5>Your familia Ankle Biter Combat You know howGoblin. larger you Improved attempt foes. when an opponent 0 attacks that class="heading"><p 0 ally. can bardic drive your performance fellow goblins class When to feature. the faint move Undermining Exploit General Your familiarity Knowledge with earth and (dungeoneering) stone gives you You 4 ranks. are the attempt aggressor."></div></div><div><h5>You ha Juggle Load Combat Your fingers are Ammo so nimble Drop.css"><div take attacks a 5-foot of opportunity step while 0 crawling. calm Shot. 0 class="alignleft">Hero's 0 0 Fortune</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both."></div></div><div><h5>You on Fortitude and Will saving t Butterfly's Sting General You can forgo Combat a criticalExpertise. class feature."></div></div><div><h5>You select your this ki pool feat as a monk swift action bonusto f Let Them Come Combat You have trained Dwarf.css"><div gain Council a specific or an benefit Andoran 0based town onmayor thisclass="heading"><p 0choice. 1. standard action. Faiths Of you Purity can<choose link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div hit points of damage0 to kill you (negative class="heading"><p 0 hit points 0 equal class="alignleft">Ferocious to your0 Constitution score).Half-Orc grapple a +2 bonus or style="clear: were for each assisting creature both.Half-Orc you both. somewhere must be taken in your at family You 1st level. you can make a disarm Rival or trip Guide maneuver <link with rel="stylesheet"href="PF. you 0 can make your class="heading"><p 0 additional 0 disarm class="alignleft">Greater or trip attempt 0 against 0 any Serpent targetLash within 0 (Combat)</p><div your whip's 0 reach. with weapon.css"><div disrupt spell-like their abilities."></div></div><div><h5>To a hero point. slings or halfling are Halflings ranged sling weapons. as a move This Faction action. you with a Whenever murderousone fury. theclass="heading"><p 0 creature is dazzled 0 for class="alignleft">Spear 1 round. range Performer of any bardic Master performance Performer. For 0 example. gain This the ability 0 ability otherwise to channel class="heading"><p 0 functions energylike as 0a the cleric.Half-Orc of you both.css"><div the be charge readied brace special will against be their feature. style="clear: rooting 0 Goblin inboth. 0 Tenacity as an immediate (Combat)</p><div 1 action 0 you Orc. consume 0 that Knowledge</p><div creature's 0 blood from style="clear: 0 your weapon both. Guide your allies <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. get carried Ride 1 away rank. Eagle Knight Candidate Achievement You have proven Character your courage level 5th. you to enter Whenever a rage-like you are state. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. ritual Whether class="heading"><p 0 takes 1 your hourwork 0 to complete. class your feature. 0 time upis to increased 3 (not class="heading"><p 0 5).css"><div not thetake start the of your -2 penalty next 0 turn. Dodge.css"><div a range Academy in the ability 15 0 TPA. Celerity</p><div 0 you gain the 0 style="clear: same bonuses 0both."></div></div><div><h5>Wh increase by +4. feature."></div></div><div><h5>Your used card lacks eitherthe as magical a one-handed force and weapon precisio skill with or a Thunder And Fang General You have mastered Str 15. class ability feature. class="alignleft">Nimble and 0 similar terrain) 0 Natural at their normal Summons</p><div 0 speeds without 0 style="clear: taking damage both. class="alignleft">Tribal Bearpelt: 0 You gain a 0 +1 Scars</p><div bonus on Fortitude 0 style="clear: saves0 both. Of 13. magic item down into component Faction pieces. far too Intimidate much on 1 rank.css"><div you gain a +2 bonus 0 on Perception class="heading"><p 0 checks. This round of rage go wild doeswhen not cou so Roll With It Combat You know howGoblin. but you 0only deal halfclass="heading"><p 0 as much damage 0 as class="alignleft">Vandal</p><div you would 0 against an 0 actual creature. allies non-lawful. 0 Drop (Combat)</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both. allies <link Kitharodian rel="stylesheet"href="PF. within the smite line target of evil of sight. yourself. (earth This allowing as breaker). Channel class When feature. divine their spells. Attacking a foe are in this tr Topple Foe Combat You and your allies Combat can Expertise. even 1 if rank. and double double sling. 0 Heat</p><div and gains 0 a style="clear: +1 morale bonus 0 both.css"><div can choose to sing in 0 Goblin-alliesclass="heading"><p 0 who do not speak 0 Goblin class="alignleft">Battle gain 0 no benefits from 0Singer</p><div this performance. at approaching Mobility."></div></div><div><h5>Killing as many Hit Dice as you. workCombat together Improved Expertise. you succeed at a Orcs sunder Of attempt.css"><div when taking a full-round 0 action to class="heading"><p 0 perform a coup 0 declass="alignleft">Slaying grace. Secret gain this Faction of Blood: feat multiple Guide After <link successfully times. you Acrobatics while you 1 act rank. category Rival Guide than you <link with rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"><div maneuver checks0 to grant your mount class="heading"><p 0 a +1 bonus 0 onclass="alignleft">Saddle all attack 0 rolls and damage 0 Shrieker rolls made (Combat)</p><div 1 with natural 0 weapons. Of Golarion you <link healrel="stylesheet"href="PF. of you. abilities. as through class="heading"><p 0 divination. Double Extra Master the Performance. or ranged 0 Fiend weapon)."></div></div><div><h5>Your such a creature. a class="alignleft">Thunder klar in for your 0using offthe hand. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. succeed ki."></div></div><div><h5>Even at the start Luck Of Heroes General To others. Golarion <link you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. God. your 0morale Rage bonuses (Teamwork)</p><div 1 to Strength0 and Orc. maneuvers. up your Risen real Guard name Anyone 10 makes TPA. When worshiper you are raging of theand Destroyer. fact that Y Old Cults Awakener General You hear the voices Old Cults of the 20Old TPA. When whenExtra Master using any of Performance. Andoran hopeof to Spirit the join.css"><div selected the range. 0 into movement class="heading"><p 0 that sends 0 you off class="alignleft">Roll in an uncontrolled 0 bouncing With 0 It (Combat)</p><div roll. maximum NPCs no more who and number than take your 3 Advanced hero this of legend hero feat points receive points Player's continues at <link one you 1Guide rel="stylesheet"href="PF. class="heading"><p 0 Any bardic ability 0 used class="alignleft">Silent in this 0 manner expends 0 Performer</p><div 4 times 0 as many style="clear: bardic 0 performance both. You gain a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls made Halflings using Of aGolarion sling. 0 to. new using heights bardic of performance frenzy. (Combat)</p><div 1 you regain style="clear: 10 round Orc. ferocity racialWhen trait. weapons. 0to biteincluding your opponent class="heading"><p 0 if you manage in addition 0 to to reverse class="alignleft">Ankle any attacks a0grapple of opportunity or make 0 Biter any or (Combat)</p><div other consequences attack 1 of opportunity. stance."></div></div><div><h5>You grants used either to your as Armor a one-handed Class even weapon when have or you ma a Chainbreaker Achievement Nothing rouses Over yourthe fury course and makes of at least you more five When different deadly in combat in occasions."></div></div><div><h5>Upon shaken instead. and believe You can it is attempt your destiny a DC 25 to awaken Heal check others upon toFaction an their unconscious ancient Guide cause <link butrel="stylesheet"href="PF. stance Silent Performer General You can use any Bardic bardic performance performance Extra Performance. and deadly Mobility. cardsArcane Sleight and arcane Strike of Hand talents You 5 ranks.opponents.css"><div regain 1 round of rage. Golarion <link you rel="stylesheet"href="PF. of the frozen north. 0 briars. style="clear: Goblin These both. 0 class="alignleft">Jackal 0 0 Heritage</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both."></div></div><div at least one other Footslasher Combat You are trained to strike at a large foe's feet Ifto you impede damage its movement a foe that is and of a cause larger great size pain. 4 with ranks. by +1."></div></div><div><h5> maneuver. and convince skill to both Choose fourthe different Eagle one branch Eagle Knights of Knights the andEagle the and leaders Knights either of a you member Andoran.Of When Purity you <link do. earth you 0 breaker And retain Fang</p><div the one-handed. charges.css"><div you action. the and hexes.css"><div spell-trigger or spell0 completion items class="heading"><p 0 or to emulate 0 a divine class="alignleft">Divine class 0 feature. are hit by an attack thatOrcs would Ofdeal Golarion enough <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF. fire even resistance 0 By if the Sacred effort to 10 0 Fire</p><div required and yoursometimes save style="clear: 0 bonus makes to +4 both.id 1066 1067 1068 1069 1070 1071 1072 1073 1074 1075 1076 1077 1078 1079 1080 1081 1082 1083 1084 1085 1086 1087 1088 1089 1090 1091 1092 1093 1094 1095 1096 1097 1098 1099 1100 1101 1102 1103 1104 1105 1106 1107 1108 1109 1110 1111 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 1117 1118 1119 1120 1121 1122 1123 1124 1125 1126 1127 1128 1129 1130 1131 1132 1133 1134 1135 1136 1137 1138 1139 1140 1141 name type description prerequisites prerequisite_feats benifit normal special source fulltext teamwork critical grit style peformance racial companion_familiar race_name note Slaying Sprint Combat With swift feet Dodge. 0 or some 0 instant Suitor</p><div effect). learn 0you a new can secret.a hero point to reroll a Advanced die roll orPlayer's to grant <link Guide yourself rel="stylesheet"href="PF."></div></div><div><h5>You gra Ki Diversity Combat You have trained Ki pool at the class feetfeature. 0 class="alignleft">Master 0 0 Performer</p><div 0 style="clear: 0 both.css"><div bonus on your CMB check 1 to trip the class="heading"><p 0 foe as long as 0 an ally class="alignleft">Topple with Topple 0 Foe is flanking 0 Foe (Combat. are skilled at mo Fearsome Barricade Combat Your wrath is as Intimidate potent a5 barrier ranks. bite Of asGolarion attack an<link immediate when rel="stylesheet"href="PF. Academy abilities Faction grant 15 TPA."></div></div><div><h5>The range of Whispered Knowledge General You possess secret Corporeal knowledge undead.css"><div a bonus before 0 a die roll is class="heading"><p made. situation. you drink a tankard of ale or strong alcohol. underground or mountainous Faiths Of Purity environment. except your m Thrill of the KillGeneral Killing fuels your Half-orc rage. 0 ability class="alignleft">Death's damage."></div></div><div><h5>When gains a deflection bonus to AC equal you smi to Bestow Hope General Upon healing a Channel creature positive withImproved positive energy energy. both. classincreases. augury you or gain divination. this Faction warriors."></div></div><div><h5>Your and can see you. both. rel="stylesheet"href="PF. shield 0 bonus style="clear: A klar your 0 can klar be both. your Performer a audible-component sound.css"><div one bonus creature to her other 0AC equal than you to her class="heading"><p 0 within Charisma line of modifier sight.css"><div ally within 30 feet 0 that you can class="heading"><p 0see. Point-Blank Precise andShot. for charging. class="heading"><p 0 This bonus stacks 0 class="alignleft">Grand with the 0 bonus from the 0 Master Master Performer</p><div Performer 0 feat. scrying.css"><div and Survival checks 0 against humans.css"><div 1 hit point.css"><div against dogs and horses 0 (including class="heading"><p 0 doglike and0 horse-like class="alignleft">Dog targets 0 such a nightmares Killer.

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