Circuit Training Workout # 10 Fierce Legs & Core

Need: Medicine Ball, Stability Ball, Body Bar

Alternating Side Plank to Push Ups 1m TO Wall Squat Medicine Ball Chest Press 1m TO Crossed Leg Medicine Ball Reverse Crunch 1m Each Side

Pilates Roll Ups with Ball Under Calves 1m Squeezed Stability Ball Lift & Lowers 1m TO Ball Plank Hold 1m

Ball Scissor Lowers 30s Each Lead Leg TO Side to Side Touch Downs 1m TO Slow & Low Sumo Alternating Knee Lifts 1m

Alternating Plan TO Side Lunge Crossover Tap 1m Each Side TO Touch Behind Kick Outs 1m Each Side

Passe Ab Bicycles 1m Each Direction TO Standing Exaggerated Side Crunch 1m TO Low Jacks 1m

One Arm Mt Climbers Knee Tucks 30s Each Side TO Butterfly Extensions 1m TO Alternating Plank Frogger Swivels 1m

Side Lunge & Knee Up Jump 1m Each Side TO Double Lift Passe Crunches 1m Each Side (crunch up with legs crossed, lower leg out to side, reach between, repeat) TO Stability Ball Hamstring Curls 1m

Reaching Side Planks 1m Each Side TO Diagonal Leg Lifts on Bench 30s Each Side TO Body Bar Oblique Twists 1m Each Direction

Body Bar Sumo Squat & Row 1m TO Body Bar Squat & Alternating Leg Lift 1m TO TO Bar Crunch on Bench 1m

Body Bar Adductor Lifts 1m Each Side Body Bar Abductor Lifts 1m Each Side Pilates Single Leg Stretch 1m (pull knee in, switch)

Side Burpee Knee Tucks 30s Each Side (no push up) TO Knee Tucks Roll Over 1m (two tucks, roll over, lift, repeat) TO Single Leg Bridge Lifts on Bench 1m Each Side (lift & lower)

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