Rehabilitation Paper CJA/234 May 20, 2013

These programs are aimed at reforming offenders with the hopes of breaking a pattern of criminal behavior. It is very important prisons provide programs to rehabilitate offenders and that the programs offered meet the individual offenders needs. It is important that constant observation of the programs offered in prisons is maintained to ensure effectiveness and not allow individuals to manipulate the programs by just going through the motions. spiritual enlightenment. This process has led to the rehabilitation of offenders and returned them back to society as 2 changed individuals. Rehabilitation In Prison Reclamation of prisoners involves detailed programs that are put into place to address the individual needs of the offender. learning vocational skills. Once a prisoner serves his sentence the individual is released on specific conditions that must be followed. Parole differs .REHABILITATION PAPER Rehabilitation Many processes have been created to form the rehabilitation process of criminal justice. The rehabilitation process has been proven affective in cases where the offender follows the routine that is directed. The purpose of these programs is to rehabilitate individual offenders and release them back into society with special tools needed to change a pattern of misconduct. therapy. Prisons constantly research treatment programs and try to insure that they have up to date programs that have high success rates for reforming offenders. Parole Parole is what a offender gets at the end of the time served. but not all have been proven successful in returning offenders back to their community as reformed individuals. Rehabilitation has several different processes. Reclamation in prisons consists of educating. and other activities to assist with reforming individual offenders.

Probation and Sentencing Probation is a form of penalization issued to a individual instead of a time sustenance. A important result of the ongoing parole process is to help offenders with housing and employment once released back into society. Probationers must be closely monitored to ensure the obedience of the terms of their probation and positively encouraged to successfully complete all terms of their probation. These elements are the leading cause that lead to parolees committing further crimes and causing them to be recycled back into the prison system.REHABILITATION PAPER 3 from mandatory acquaintance due to a board convening and choosing whether or not the offender will be released too soon. In some cases prisoners are paroled ahead of time because of good behavior and the notion that the individual has received the proper rehabilitation. The penalization prospect comes into act by intimately supervising the probationers and expecting them to adjoin with probation officials regularly and adhere to drug screenings or attend special programs (Foster. Community Corrections . In some cases the probationer does not take the terms of probation seriously and consider probation as an easy envision of serving a prison sentence. The offender is offered the chance to exist in society as long as the individual follows the guidelines of his issued probation.2006). In some cases offenders released have issues adapting back in the general population with troubles finding employment and housing. Probation allows less serious offenders the option to live in the general population with strict guidelines to ensure appropriate behavior. A board normally reviews the offenders file and based on their behavior during their sentence have the ability to be released on parole before their full sustenance is served. Prisoners to exhibit good behavior and live calmly during their sentence are good craniates for early parole.

However community corrections does tend to have a recidivism pattern. Possible Solutions To The Parole Process Parole for offenders could be more effective if reformed individuals were not discriminated against when it comes to employment. Community service is a way for the offender to give back to the community for wrongdoings. and a term of house arrest. Some types of employment could be restricted depending on the individuals wrongdoing. House arrest is offered for less serious offences and requires the offender to be confined to their residence for a allotted period of time. Community service is work around the individuals community that is supervised and completed by the individual without pay. Communities are not always pleased with these type of punishments and would 4 rather the offender be removed from the community for a period of time. This sentence of confinement is usually monitored by a ankle device. These prior offenders deserve a chance to follow the . and random visits by local authorities. Society needs to give prior offenders that have served their sentences successfully a second chance to make right for the wrong they have done. Possible Solutions To The Probation System Individuals on probation that are following the program emplaced successfully should also be given a second chance by society. When the individual serves his sentence and is released the prior offender deserves a fair chance at reforming their life and living a crime free life in society.REHABILITATION PAPER Community corrections is a system for offenders to be punished for their crimes by community service. special programs specific to the individual. phone calls. Prior offenders on parole should have the opportunity to continue their lives in society and be eligible for employment to allow their survival. Community corrections is a system that assists with the overcrowding of prisons and also is extremely cost effective.

Individuals personal situations should be considered and a plan to assist in reforming the individuals should be implemented. Certain systems have been emplaced to reduce overcrowding of prisons and address individuals specific offences. Today many systems of rehabilitation are offered to offenders with statistics that have shown if followed by the individual can lead to reformation. Solutions For Current Community Corrections The current community corrections system is organized well. People make mistakes in life and as long as they learn from the mistakes they have made a rehabilitation process has already taken place. Conclusion The corrections system today has come a long way and in many cases has been proven effective. Perfect plans can be emplaced but the individual needs to have the desire to take responsibility for their wrong actions and comply with the terms they are given.REHABILITATION PAPER guidelines set by their probation officers and be treated like every other individual in society. In the absence of conducting themselves by the terms of their probation consequences should be implemented accordingly. Not many changes can be made to the system that is already emplaced. It is an important responsibility of the individual offender to take a second chance a reformation seriously and continue a crime free life in society. Whether an individual is on parole or probation they need . There are certain circumstances that should be addressed if the prior offender is not complying with the terms of probation set. Closer supervision of individuals could help the success of the current system but it is sully the individual offenders responsibility to realize a second chance is being offered and it is in that individuals best interest to follow the guidelines set by the assigned probation officer. It is important the individuals on probation are closely 5 monitored to ensure they are following the terms of their probation.

REHABILITATION PAPER to follow their terms assigned to the with the up most obedience and if this is occurring society needs to give these individuals their fair second chance to make right for the crimes they committed. 6 .

New Jersey. Corrections: The fundamentals. B. 7 . (3rd edition ed. P.). (2006). an introduction. R. Upper Saddle River. Foster. Corrections.REHABILITATION PAPER References Seiter. (2010). New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

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