The Vera Sibilla Italian widower in how to interpret

One can say that the first cards of the Vera Sibilla Italian papers are of sadness, and we would say, anguish. The third paper we examine it, to understand the meaning and interpret it, is that of "The Widow." A man, elegant for the occasion, is busy, so very sad, to meditate in a graveyard in front of a cross. Elegance man shows us his noble sentiments that distinguish it and the sincerity that pervades when expressing feelings of sadness, of regret. At right this card expresses the figure of a man alone: Loneliness, anxiety, sadness. Meditate on the end of something, may be a broken love affair, a lost job, a bad deal, the end of a company, a friend, a loved one. E 'anyway end of something and feelings of sadness and sorrow that follow. If the consultant is reportedly not much to cheer about, because the man is pictured in a graveyard, so something related to the "definitive": if something is over, this is forever. The suggested caption in the bottom right of this blade reads "Loneliness - Regret": this immediately remind us of the universal recognition that a person, or something, it highlights its importance only when we lost him. Regret you think back to what was, what, like it or not, is over, irreversibly ended. So if the question asked is about love, this paper indicates that now the love is gone and that this stems from a difficult situation and complicated by the consultant. If it is referring to the former partners, the only case in which this card, in a sense, can have a positive meaning, indicates that this is a maturing process of recognition of the love that leads him to have serious and sincere regrets.

whether the consultant. but the end of love itself. a friend. the withdrawal of partners. whether this relates to others who are addressing the situation to his face. It indicates that follow a period of solitude in which the consultant will not be able to get away so easily. the relationship is over and it will be good.But in both cases the situation does not change: love. . the same afar. of a loved one. trying to not fossilize on what is now gone and will never return. So can mean not only the end of a relationship.

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