In my long (and so far unrewarded) career of examining the AVN, I have come across many instances of the AVN and its sometime President, Treasurer and Public Officer Ms Meryl Dorey flouting the law. In fact, no matter what activity of the AVN’s that I examine, I find breaches. But here’s the odd thing, I have never found one instance of the regulatory authorities imposing the fines and other penalties that legislation calls for. So here’s a list of some of the breaches and the penalties that they attract. It is by no means complete, as I have not looked into everything that the AVN does. If you know of something I have missed, please tell me. It took a few minutes to assemble.

BREACHES: Associations Incorporation Act: S44 -Submission of reports and statements to AGM failure to submit financial statements to AGM 16 breaches X $550 = $8,800 S45 - Lodgement of documents with Director-General: failure to lodge financial statements and auditor's reports for that year, 16 breaches X $550 = $8,800 S85 - Failure to proved information as required by the Director General of the Office of Fair Trading = $6,600 total = $24,200 BREACHES: Charitable Fundraising Act, as described in the OLGR Report: S9 (1) - AVN conducted fundraising appeals during the period 5 July 2007 to 1 June 2009 without holding an authority to fundraise. $5,500 S 9(2) - breached various authority conditions whilst holder of an authority to fundraise $5,500

S 20 (7) - banking of proceeds of appeals: $5,500 fine or six months imprisonment or both S 22 (3) AVN - did not include all particulars in its records: $5,500 total $22,000 and six months in the slammer BREACH: Crimes Act S307B - furnishing of false or misleading information and the production of false or misleading documents: Imprisonment for 2 years, or a fine of $22,000 or both.


Further, the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing conducted an audit of the AVN and its (supposedly) charitable activities. Read their Report here. No prizes for guessing that the NSW Government of the time decided not to prosecute and issued a stern letter instead. References to, and more details, of breaches are included in my publication: Meryl Dorey’s Trouble With Finance” “Diluted Thinking” discovered the item about lying to NSW Fair Trading and the Crimes Act, and published it as: “AVN: Meryl Dorey lies to NSW Fair Trading – advertising.” Now correct me if I’m wrong, but much of that $68,200 could have gone to employing a nurse for a year, or a few rounds of chemotherapy for a cancer patient, but instead this lowhanging fruit goes unpicked. That has to change.

Ken McLeod 2 July 2013