Let’s double the international campaign to drop the charges against Las Heras workers in Argentina!

From the worker and student organizations, from Human Right organizations of Argentina and the world let’s send mails, letters to the wants who want to make a lynching against the oil workers of Las Heras.
The judge who will take part of this fake trial to the oil workers of Las Heras is Cristina Lembeye. All the worker, student and Human Right organizations of Argentina and the world must fully condemn as they are worker executioner. We must send them hundred of letter, mails, fax, telephone calls, so on condemning the judge Cristina Lebeye and give full solidarity to the workers of Las Heras. These should be sent to: Camara en o Criminal de la 2da Circunscripcion Judicial, in Avenida San Martin 586, Caleta Olivia –Santa Cruz. Phone number: (0297) 4856090 or 4852063.

The oil workers from Las Heras prosecuted by the bosses justice in the Public Meeting held for the freedom of the workers of Hospital Garrahan

Hundreds of worker organizations of Argentina and the world are endorsing and signing this letter from Las Heras workers to break the fence imposed on the fight against the fake charges fabricated by the TNCs, their government, and justice that want to take them to trial. These comrades together with the oil workers of Las Heras and their families in 2006 were the first ones who rose against the tax on salary, better labour conditions and for the demand “equal work, for equal salary”. For this fight 6 of them were in jail for three and a half years by the Kirchner government, servant of the oil companies. They are the judges and boss justice that defend the interests of the big TNCs that already condemned them to be three years in prison where they were tortured at the videlist style, persecuted their families and keep Las Heras militarized. Today 12 oil workers are under prosecution, with charges, under threat to go to trial with sentences of 25 years and life sentence. They are part of the more than 6.500 worker and popular fighters and socialist militants with charges in Argentina. They want to transform Argentina in a Guantanamo. We cannot allow it! May day is near and thousands of workers of Argentina and the world keep fighting for their freedom, they suffered in the jails… the capital and imperialism seek hostages to prevent the exploited from fighting for our rights. They deserve we claim what the martyrs of Chicago said in 1886 in front their executioners: “OUR DEFENSE IS YOUR ACCUSATION, OUR SUPPOSED CRIMES ARE YOUR HISTORY”…

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