Moonlight Luscious grass turning green, lilies, with an orange center and pure white petals, becoming in all

their glory, birds calling out their elated melodies, and leaves murmuring in the gentle nocturnal breeze. As the moon ascended, and long shadows stretched across the meadow, a young girl plucked her last blue wildflower of that day, before she would no longer be able to see the beauty that lay just a few inches before her toes. So instead of departing she stood there, waiting for the world to be immersed in a new light... the light in which she was born. It was the summer of 1835. “I can sense it," She thought. "I can feel the change beginning.” She looked up at the darkening sky, in all its diversity of blue and purple hues. “When did this all begin?" She said aloud this time, trying to recollect a memory hidden deep within. "How did this come to be?" ten years prior... “MAMA! MAMA!" A frightened little girl screamed. That's right... it began on that portentous night. when the fire originated. I used to live in a palace as some tell me, but speaking quite

frankly I can't remember. All I see now are the red and yellow flames as they lapped up everything in their path. I felt a hand draw me

I could just make out the riders black cape rippling in the wind. . After that all was dark.towards what I thought to be a window. That was the last thing that I would apprehend of that day. and everything went black. because right after that. “Darling? Can you hear me? Jane?" _________________________________________________________________ "Martha. You know what the doctor said. i had no voice. but I never would. I just can't.. I did not know her but i wanted to reach out and soothe her in her sorrow... i reached out. “How long has she been out? " A man said. As I felt a rush of air and saw a cloud of midnight black smoke billowing up into the vast night sky." but the women never finished before her outburst of sobbing broke put once more. I heard it again. "About a month.” " I know.. a jolt of pain barraged down my spine. the last things I remember were the screams of many people and the sharp pain as I hit the ground. Oh how desperately I wanted to seize it. My baby!” a women sobbed...” "Oh my daughter. The galloping of horse hooves on a gravel passageway. he just rode faster and disappeared. you must not disturb her. but my hands wouldn’t move.

. There it is again. But why did that man bring a horse here? It does seem rather odd. and a brilliant chandelier was suspended from the dark pine wood ceiling. giving the room a nostalgic semblance. That sound." Mr. I sighed. but rather a magnificent ball room. do you not Ms. though for some apprehension their distinct whisper was so familiar it conveyed comfort to me. "My name? Aaron Bain. Who were they? I never heard their voices before. . “beautiful. . But it’s not gravel this time. "You like it.. I did not perceive the sound of soft footprints advancing across the dark cherry floors. "H. I turned around and took the first sight of the man I’ve been envisioning ever since I've been in this trance. Abberton?" My eyes wide.. But as I attended to appraising the room. hands shaking. the extensive windows were dressed in the finest silk linens." I tried to attain my voice but his coal black eyes and haughty facial features had me at a want for words. " Who.How do you know my name?" I was frightened but more incredulous than anything at all. and voice caught in my throat..It was the man and lady again. Bain gave a low bow as he pronounced this in what sounded like an impertinent air. The hooves..

Abberton. I had no choice but comply. Bain gave a small laugh.hating this man. "I stated curtly. ____________________________________________________________________ i had to make haste in order to advance a small way." The dark room brought profound shadows across the interior. only upon seeing my countenance did he comprehend his approach and and straighten. “ I am simply but a falsehood of your reasoning. eyes ablaze. and caused Mr." As appalled as I was.” to uphold that privilege?” “You’re quite right Ms. “the rose terrace?” “How am i not to know you won’t kill me. he spun. "have you shown your face now than not willingly before?" "That privilege was not entrusted unto me. and teeth bore as anticipating a kill.” I demanded. “You truly are savage.” I conceived out loud. you don’t. I stood erected and tried to attended to the task of not cleaving from my appointed intent . Bain."How could I not?“ Mr. Bain’s appearance to seem forlorn than it genuinely was. but rather to you my lady. "But why. “May i present. .” declared a smirking Mr.” At that he spun his back towards me and stalked away to what resembled the rose terrace.

” “ i only go to where you tell me. onlly then did i notice that he wax directing me in the opposite direction of the terrace! “Sir. no. but in your heart. as if hiding something.” i stated pointedly. . what is this man to know what my heart never said! at this he only smirked.“ i am only savage when needed.” he said as a matter of fact.” “but my heart never said to progress this way!” i was now distress.” “But i never told you to go this way!” “Out loud.” At his he unveiled his prominent canines in an mysterious fashion. “you do not have to state anything out loud for me to comprehend of what you want. “may inquire that the terrace is in the other direction. yes.

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