SISTERS OF SPICEFIELD by Fran Cusworth Format: Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781742756288 Imprint: Vintage Australia Released 3 June 2013

Reading Group Questions

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Are there issues/problems that can be better understood or worked through between siblings and friends than with one’s partner? Could you donate a leftover embryo to a childless couple? Would you consider yourself in any way then that child's parent, or would you consider the connection severed forever? Jessica and Matt disagreed on whether to donate their leftover embryos. Was their resolution fair? How is it that deep grief over the loss of a child can strain, and sometimes end, a marriage? In cases of artificial insemination, whose rights are paramount? The child or the parents? How would you feel in Carolyn's shoes, if your child's donor mother appeared and wanted a relationship with the child? Jessica feels a yearning towards Mia which she did not expect. Are her actions understandable or does she cross a line? Matt's grief is deeply felt, but rarely articulated. How can this type of communication affect a marriage?
Reading Group Questions for Sisters of Spicefield by Fran Cusworth Available in bookshops and ebook retailers 3 June 2013 Sisters of Spicefield: Print ISBN: 9781742756288 | ebook ISBN: 9781742756295 Imprint: Vintage Australia | Publisher: Random House Australia

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