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Not That I know

I looked at him. I stared at him hours and hours. I don't know why I did this but there is
something so special about him. Something inexplicable. He looks so perfect that only
the words beyond my knowledge can describe him. There’s no words that is suitable
enough to define my feelings to him. The way he smiled, the way he looked at me is so
mesmerizing that I have no doubt that it would be enough to melt any girl’s heart in this
school. I wonder if he has a lot of secret admirers? What do I care? I just know that right
now I'm falling for that 'Perfect' boy. He seems to be a nice, gentle and good-looking boy.
Not to forget to be mentioned, he’s a smart boy too. The best part is he's now a good
friend of mine. We have lots of common interest together. In fact, I spend most of my
time with him. We both have lunch together everyday, sit next to each other every lessons
and he's my gym partner too. Sometimes I feel that one of these days, I should have
confessed my feelings towards him or just let him read the signs? I've tried to do that
once, but I've failed. It went totally different as I expected or shall I say it went berserk?

''Roy, errm.., '' I said nervously. He responded,’’ What’s the matter?''

''I just need to talk about something to you.’ I said without hesitating, looking at his bright
shinning eyes.
''Well, just talk it out. I’ll listen and pay all my attention to you,'' he said in his calm tone
then he gave me a smile which soothes my nervousness. Suddenly, his cell phone rang
and he said to me that he has to answer the call as it was an urgent call. He spent almost
half an hour on the phone call while I was waiting patiently to talk to him.
''Sorry, I have to answer the call. It’s…it’s from an important friend of mine, ''he said in a
very strange way. I smiled and said to him, ''Don’t worry. I understand,''
''So, shall we continue our conversation again?, '' he invited, still holding his cell phone. I
gave him an empty look.
''Please? '' He pleaded.
''Hmmm... Let me think about it first, Roy.'' I said, half-heartedly.
''Just tell me, you know I can be trusted, '' he demanded. Then, there was an awkward,
silence pause filling the moment awhile.
I started talking again, ''Hey, just forget it. There's nothing important about the thing that I
want to talk about,''
''Oh, in that case, umm...We'll talk about that thing later, okay? '' he said again, trying to
convince me that he'll redeem that 'wasted' time later. I felt quite disappointed that day.
I never hope this ‘golden moment’ to be like this. No! No! No! Not like this. I must let
him know my feelings or else I’ll regret it .

How did I first meet him? It was during the school registration day, last year.
I came up to school late that day. I almost had forgotten all along about the school
registration. Luckily, my dad rang me up. He reminded me to get ready for the school
registration. We reached the school at 10 am but at least we made it before 11 am.
I went straight into my class. I mean my future class where I will be studying in
next year. The moment I entered the class, I thought that I was the last person to register.
But guess what? There are a few more students waiting in a queue to register themselves.
Some of them are my friends and some of them are my ex-classmate a few years back.
All of a sudden, my eyes caught a glimpse of a new student as he passed by in front of
me. I knew he was a new student as I’d never seen his face ever before. He caught my
attention because he was a very good-looking boy. A tall, handsome and dark-haired boy,
shall I say to describe him further? I kept staring at him as I was curios about him. What’s
his name? Where did he come from? How did he manage to enter this ‘strict’ school? I
decided to stop staring at that new student. He somehow noticed that I was staring at him.
He looked back at me then he smiled. I smiled back to him. I was very,
not the word ‘very’ ,but ‘extremely’ is the right word. I was extremely happy because
for the first time in my life, a guy actually looked at me and gave me a pleasing smile.
He then started to approach me and he said, “Errm… you were staring at me just now
and I noticed that”
“Yes, I did that. If I’m not mistaken, you’re the new student right?” I asked.
He replied.” You’re absolutely right. I’m new here,” in a friendly way.
I said to him again,” No wonder I’ve never seen your face in this school before”
“So that’s why you’ve been staring at me just now. That explains me why you
did that ,” he responded.
I had to leave him that moment, the teacher was calling my name but I don’t know how
to end our conversation. I’m such a bad talker sometimes. Without saying a word, still
standing in front of him, I just quickly pointed towards the registration desk and gave him
a frown.
“Oh, I understand,” he said while he nodding his head twice.
“hmmm…,” I sighed.
“So, I better keep going. Sorry for interrupting you while the teacher’s calling for you to
register. See you later!” he said, sounding rather guilty than sad. He then just walked
I finally finished registering myself. One thing that kept playing in my mind about the
new student was his name. I forgot to ask him for his name. What a pity!
Back home I started to switch on my desktop computer and went online. I asked my
friends about the new student. None of them had any clue about him. They were clueless.
Some of them confessed that they’re jealous when I told them that we actually had a short
conversation that day!

The day that I’ve been waiting for has come! It was the first day of school. I’m so
excited because that day was the first time I came to that school as final year student,
which made me a senior at that school. I entered my class for the first time. It seems that
all the seats have been taken by those who arrived earlier than me. I was startled by that
situation. Empty seat, empty seat, where are you? I walked all around the class just to
find an empty seat. Great! I finally found one at the front row. Without wasting my time, I
put my bag at the chair and settled down. The bell rang. Everyone began to enter the
class. I looked to the desk beside mine, still unoccupied but there was a bag and a pencil
box on the chair and table respectively. I decided to go to the washroom for awhile. When
I entered back the class, I saw the ‘One’ that was sitting beside my desk. I couldn’t see
his face. He was writing down something in his book. I was curious. I sat down at my
place. He looked at me at that time. I gulped. I took his pen and then I wrote down ‘Jas’
in his book. He too did the same thing. ‘Roy’ is his name. Seconds after that, we both
chuckled to give respond to what just happened.
“You know, you’re such a nice and interesting girl,” he complimented me as he looked
straight into my eyes .I shrugged and replied to him,” Thanks. I thought the same about
you too,” trying to smile at him. That is how I responded to his compliment. I never had a
major success in making friends with boys except Roy. Later that day, we both had lunch
together. I seized that opportunity to ask everything that I wanted to know about him. He
answered my question one by one without hesitation. I learned that he came from a
wealthy family, but sadly both of his parents had died in a plane crash five years ago. He
has no siblings. He has been schooling in a Prep school all this while before he came to
this school. He wanted to study in this school because he’s bored of living his life as a
preppy. He wanted to live his life like any other normal boys. So, that’s why he moved to
this school. I never thought I’ll be learning about someone else’s life in a day. I felt that I
have known all about him in my entire lifetime. We talked about each other all day long.
The clock finally struck 3 pm. It was the end of the first day of school. I said to Roy,
“Look’s like it’s the end of school right now,” Both of us were walking towards the
school compound side by side. He replied, “I feel that time flies really fast in this
school”. Yes, I agreed that time passed by so quickly today.
“You know what? I really had an enjoyable meeting and knowing you today, Roy!” I
said enthusiastically. He let out a small laugh. Then, he started talking again,
” It’s nice to meet you too. Do you mind if we chat again on the Internet after school?”
I simply smiled and nodded. He gave me a small piece of paper containing his email
address and his cell phone number. He said “Look’s like my driver is here already. I
better go now. Bye, Jas!”
“Bye! See you in the Internet soon!” I said while waving at him. I did chat with him
online after school. We did some discussion about our homework and studying materials.
We both chat using the web camera and a microphone, which means that we both actually
looked and talked in the Internet without meeting each other in person. That’s
why I love technology very much. Day after day, Roy and I became really close to each
other. He’s the only person who really understands me. Unlike my other friends, he
stayed with me no matter what happened while they came to me if they needed my help.
As long as he’s with me, I’ll be happy. I also noticed that my feelings towards him
became deeper and deeper each day. At first, I had a crush on him. Then, I liked him.
Now? I’ve fallen in love with him. I’m very sure of this. Everytime he came closer or
nearer to me, I feel like having butterflies in my stomach and speechless. I just don’t
know how to stop this thing from happening.

One day, I decided to ask Roy a question out of curiosity. I just want the answer to my
question. ”Can I ask you something?” I asked. He looks at me. He gave me a puzzled
look. He began to talk,” Yes, what is it?” staring at me in a favorable way.
“Why don’t you socialize and make friends with other girls?” I asked again in serious
tone. He answered “Because...hmm…they totally freak me out!!!” I responded to him
again and demanded,” Give me one example why do they freak you out?” He started to
snarl and said,” Remember the first day of school? I arrived early in the morning but
guess what? A bunch of girls actually came to my desk and started to ask stupid
questions, some of them kept staring at me and the worst part of is when one of them
actually glared at me when I did not answer their questions,” He then took a deep breath
and tried to calm down. I started to mumble to myself,” Yeah, yeah, my guesses about
you all these time are right,” while closing my eyes.
A voice of someone saying “Hey, I’ve heard that!” in a half-whispering tone. Did he? Did
just heard what I had mumbled earlier? ”Tell me, I need to know” he demanded.
“It’s easy, Roy! Girls like you. Some of them might have a crush on you,” I responded. I
can’t stand him for being so close to me right now and it would be a pity
to let him speaking alone. ”Oh,” he said and then he frowned. What was he thinking right
now? He should be very happy after knowing the truth that he has lots of admirers in this
school. He looks rather sad than happy right now. I just can’t figure him out. Boys are the
most complex thing on Earth to understand. I just kept my mouth shut. He began talking
again,” Now it’s my turn,” He paused for awhile.” What?” I said unwillingly. What was
he thinking right now? Is he about to ask me something that I have never expected?
“Do you like me?” he whispered to me. Without wasting time, I just answered “Do I have
to answer that?” trying to sound more like an angry kitten. My heartbeat was beating very
quickly and both my cheek turned red. I was blushing. ”You’re blushing” he commented.
”It’s normal for a girl to blush when a guy asked such a question like that! “ I exclaimed.
I knew I had made mistake for not giving him an honest answer. I simply walked away
from his sight and went home sadly. That night I felt very guilty for leaving him without
saying a word. I rang his cell phone up and I actually apologized and confessed that I
liked him. The most wonderful thing that happened that night was he actually said ’I
liked you too’ on the phone and it made me feel like flying high in the air. I was
overjoyed. Now I have a real boyfriend! I used to have a boyfriend two years ago but he
was not ‘real’. He was only my ‘online’ boyfriend.

The next morning I woke up, I started to feel that I’m now living in a ‘new’ life. I was
awoken by a text message ‘Good Morning! 2day’s Saturday! Do u want 2 go out wif
me?’ Of course, I agreed. Who wouldn’t want to go out for a date on a fine Saturday
morning? Roy picked me up with his limousine. We went for a movie. It was a romantic-
comedy movie. Then, we both went for lunch at a restaurant which was situated not far
from my house. Roy decided to walk me home instead of driving after lunch. I actually
hate walking under the bright shinning sun. It was tiresome but walking together with
him was fun. We stopped by under a big Oak tree to have a rest awhile as I told him
that I was exhausted. ”So, errm… do you had a great time with me today?” he asked me.
“Of course, you don’t need to ask too” I replied while grinning at him. We gazed straight
into each other eyes tenderly. Unfortunately, that romantic moment was interrupted
when suddenly he shouted “Watch Out!” while pushing me aside. I stumbled onto the
ground. It was a very staggering and horrifying moment. I knew something bad was
happening. I managed to stand up quickly and set both my feet on the ground once again.
I couldn’t believe what was happening. I saw a big branch has fallen upon him and he
was lying lifelessly, unconscious on the ground. I quickly ran towards him and shook up
his body. ”Please, please open up your eyes!” I said in a very frantic way still shaking his
body. He must live. I need him. He’s the only person in this world who made me feel
very special and safe. As tears starting to fill up my eyes, he slowly opened his eyes and
said,” Hey, please don’t cry. I’m still here. I’m not really a human” He held my hands to
comfort me. I felt them. They were as cold as ice. Huh? N-not really a human? No…
Am I dreaming? Cold hands…Sharp vision…super human strength…ah-ha!
“Y-you…you are a v-va…vampire?” I asked him nervously. I was stuttering..
He answered me and said “You silly girl, you’re not in ‘Twilight’ and if I’m really a
vampire, I would have spread my venom to you to make you immortal like myself “in a
serious tone. I was speechless. My thoughts about him were wrong.
He began talking again,” You’ll loathe me after knowing the truth” and then he sighed.
I opened my mouth and said,”But why do I have hate you?” while staring at him. He
raised his right arm and demanded,” Here, twist my right index finger clockwise as hard
as you can and then you’ll understand,” Twist his finger clockwise? It would be very
painful. I did what did he told me to do. I slowly twisted his right index finger clockwise
and to my horror, his index finger detached, separated from his hands. I let out a loud
shriek as I was frightened to what I just witnessed with my own eyes. He suddenly
laughed and said “See? Nothing actually happened to me while you detached my index
finger. Neither am I was screaming nor crying in pain. I’m an android, get it?” while
fixing up his index finger back to his hands. An Android. Cool. I’ve have fallen for an
android, a fake human. I laughed and I said,”I’ve never expected this but I still want you
to know that no matter what you are, I just want to be with you” I paused for awhile.
I said again,” For a sec when you were unconscious just now, you really scared me! I
thought that I’m going to lose you forever,” He smiled to me and replied “Don’t worry.
Now you know the truth that I’ll be just fine no matter what” He then pushed aside the
big branch which has fallen upon his chest using his strength. He stood up and we
continued walking until
we reached our destination, my house. When we reached in front of the door of the
house, he kissed me at the forehead and told me ‘Have a nice rest!’ and ‘See you soon!’
That Saturday night, we both had a really awkward conversation. I was like a detective
trying to solve a criminal case. I was asking questions and only questions about him. I
had to know about what I need to know:
Q What makes you operate?
A: Water and solar cell.
Q: How can water keep you operate?
A: Water is very important for androids. The water will be pumped through the system
to cool down the body. Then, the hot water will go into a tank in which it would be
heated. The steam would turn the mini turbines and produce electricity. Then the
steam would condense back into water and undergo electrolysis hydrogen will be
used to generate heat to produce steam and oxygen would be released into the air.
The electricity produced will be used to power the whole body and to do electrolysis
Thus, the electrical energy in the battery will slowly go down. Slow enough to ensure
that the android is capable to recharge itself at the end of the day.
Q: Who’s your creator?
A: A genius. He preferred to remain anonymous to the rest of society.
Q: How smart are you?
A: Well, I don’t need to have a human brain to answer that question. I can also solve
complicated math and physics questions without the aid of a scientific calculator in
Q: Will you stay with me forever?
A: Yes, I will. I promise you that I’ll stay with you forever and ever. Eternity.

I feel quite satisfied after all my questions about him were answered. I never thought that
I would date an android, instead of human. I laughed at myself. Now, I don’t have to
worry anything about my boyfriend .Why? He’s an android. Unlike human, android
won’t get sick. Besides, androids are very protective especially when they are with
human. This made me feel very safe and special when I’m around him. Day after day,
time after time passed by, I was completely drowning in love. As a matter of word to
describe, I was
infatuated when he gave me a necklace as a present for my birthday, late September that
year. Roy told me that the necklace was not like any other ordinary necklace. It has a
tracking device hidden inside the pendant or in a short term nowadays, it is rather known
as a ‘GPS’ device. What a high-tech and sophisticated thing but yet very beautiful! I love
it very much that I wore it on my neck as soon as I got it! At last the moment that every
senior student has been waiting for has come. A prom night is a must for every senior
student in high school as it signifies that high school days is coming to an end and each of
every student should take this chance to attend it as once-in-a-lifetime event. Oh, I’m
very excited to go at the prom with Roy! I’m hoped that both of us will be crown as the
‘King and Queen of The Prom’ by other students. Hours before the prom, I was totally
undecided in choosing the right dress to wear that night. I suddenly remembered about a
dress which my dad gave me last year for my sixteenth birthday. So, that night I wore that
dress for the Prom. On the other hand, Roy wore a very classy, exclusive Tuxedo which
made him look absolutely stunning and charming that night. We both reached the
school on time that night. A lot of students complimented on our dress and looks. Some
of them also actually took photograph of us as a ‘souvenir’ that night. We were extremely
delighted to entertain them. We all had a lot of fun together that night. The light slowly
dimmed and slow music starting playing in the air. ”Shall we?” Roy said while offering
his hands, offering me to dance with him. I took his hands and we both started to dance.
It was the most romantic moment in my life. I wished that moment would never end.
And guess what? My biggest dream really came true that! We were crowned as the ‘King
and Queen of The Prom’. The prom was finally over .All the students including enjoyed
including me enjoyed themselves very much. While everyone started leave The Prom
either heading back home or attend a wild party in a reserved hotel room, Roy suddenly
gave me a very peculiar look and said,” I feel very sick right now. Something is not right
with me here.” I responded to him,”Let’s go outside, maybe you need some fresh air right
now,” We walked together towards the school field. The sky was clear and starry that
night. We decided to lay ourselves on the ground and looked up at the stars that were
shinning very brightly in the sky.” S-sssommmmeeethhinggg is wrong with me hhhe-he
here!” he said in a very inhuman voice. He sounded more like a lagging android but why?
I never thought this situation would happen to him. He’s the finest high-tech android that
I ever knew all my life. ”When did you start to feel sick? Why?” I asked seriously.
“I-I-I drank a g-glass of y-yy-yelowish substance. A w-we-weird l-lo-looking g-gg-guy
gave i-it t-to me!” Not long after hearing his explanation, his body was shaking
uncontrollably like a human who was in an epileptic seizure. I tried to stop his body from
shaking but I failed. He was far too strong than me. “H-helpppp meee!! I c-can s-stop it”
he groaned then some smoke was release from his ears, still shaking uncontrollably
”B-bbbyyyeeeee m-my love!” he said in a very messy tone. He stopped and began talking
”Shutting down in 5,4,3,2,1” then he closed his eyes. I started to scream, ”NO!!!!!!
STAY WITH ME NO MATTER WHAT”.I was bursting into tears. I cried and I cried till
suddenly an idea came across my mind. What’s the point of living my life without
someone I loved beside me? Honestly, I rather die. I started to rip off the wires from my
beloved android’s body and decided to electrocute myself. What a nice way to die!
Ah! This is it! Goodbye, world! As I was just holding the wires on my hands suddenly I
was pushed off by someone. I fell into the ground and my head was hit by something as
hard as a rock.
After that everything went black. I was disappearing into another world. Then, I was
surprised that everything was back to normal again. I was once again at the field but this
time I’m lying in someone’s lap. My head was hurting me. ”R-roy,is that really you?” I
asked, still enduring the pain of my head. I was lying in his lap .”Yes, this is really me
.I’m here for you. That android was just only my puppet. I’m sorry .Please forgive me!”
“H-hhow could you? Argh…my head!” I said as tears running down my cheeks. I knew
that I had hit something hard at my head and I was bleeding. ”Don’t move your head!” he
bellowed .He said again,” Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m just testing upon my
android and I just wanted to know if you feel the same about me too. I never talked to any
girls in my entire life except you. I’m good in everything except girls. Meeting you was
a fate becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control
over.” then he wept off my tears from my cheeks. ”R-really?” I asked, the pain was
attacking me again.“ Yes. Please promise me that you’ll keep your heartbeat beating no
matter what,” he pleaded to me, half crying. The pain seems to have weakened me but I
struggle to answer him,” y-yes, I promise!” I closed my eyes. I was completely in
darkness but I can still hear his voice saying,’ Hang on there! The ambulance will arrive
here soon’. Yes, I’m hanging on for you here. I’m not going anywhere without you
.Minutes later, I heard a sound of a siren and someone saying again ‘She’s still alive but
her pulse are getting weaker and weaker!’

Luckily, the ambulance reached the hospital right on time and all the doctors did what
they can to save Jas .So, Jas survived. She didn’t die. She opened her eyes next following
day and surprised to see Roy was lying as sleep next to her pillow. Roy explained to her
that his android was ‘killed’ by one of his programmers who helped him to build the
android as he has forgotten all along to pay him some large amount of money. Roy also
gave her a journal and a book on how he maneuvers his android. Jas was fascinated to
read all about androids because she loved advanced technology very much. Ten years
later, Roy and Jas were happily married. They owned a gigantic company which produce
and manufacture androids to help mankind. They both live their life happily ever after

-The End-