REPOST: (GROUP) Rally Behavior Rules, In lieu of the Counter Protests coming up, I'm re-sending the "Rally Behavior" S ection

of the (GROUP) Bylaws, so we are all on the same page. Additionally, if anyone wants a copy of our (GROUP) Bylaws, please email me. Here you go: RALLY BEHAVIOR: Remember: We use the term "illegal mass migration" or "illegal alien" to draw on how it differs from lawful immigration. (GROUP) holds protest rallies to express our views and make our voices heard. (GROUP) DOES NOT CONDONE RACISM IN ANY WAY. (GROUP) has been forced to endure th e accusation of "racism" at rallies. (GROUP) believes that our opposition resort s to juvenile name-calling because it can NOT argue on the facts, since the fact s are on OUR side. There is NOTHING racist about wanting to secure our borders a nd have immigration laws enforced. The President of (GROUP) is herself Hispanic, and the granddaughter of LEGAL immigrants. Members do NOT separate from the Group while actively attending a rally. We keep an eye on each other. Always act and speak as though there is a camera and a mi crophone in your face, and the Press is listening. (GROUP) members are educated in communicating with hard facts (and their sources , when possible) at rallies. We find that facts alone are often hard for the opp osition to dispute. They are also useful when speaking with passersby who want t o know more. HOWEVER, since the opposition knows the facts are on our side, they often engage in vulgarity, cursing, and the display of the middle finger. We are NEVER to engage in the same vulgar behavior, and must hold ourselves to a higher standard, which the Press will take note of. If communicating with hard facts does NOT work, a Member can walk away, seek another Member, or annihilate the opposition's credibility without sinking to vulgarity. (Knowing which method will be most effective will come with experience in Street Actions). The President may organize a Buddy System for the rally. If she does, every woma n will be assigned at least one male "bodyguard" for the entire rally. If the nu mbers of men allow, she will be assigned more than one. This bodyguard(s) is her "shadow" for the rally from beginning to finish. We always comply with and show respect towards the police department. (GROUP) is NOT against multilingualism, but when (GROUP) speaks to the Press, we speak to the Press in English. Individuals can speak to the Press in a language other than English as individuals, and NOT as Members of (GROUP).