Fertile Ground Story by Thomas Shaner 3/16/13 Luke Riven was assigned to meet again the new alien species

of the newly discovered planet of Chronis 12, as a diplomat from the human race. He knew them as a large humanoid lizard like species with flexible jaws, two stumpy legs, four long slender arms and a short spiky tail. They had a rather odd way of giving birth. Eight of them would form a circle in front of a giant worm statue of their god to copulate. Each one touches their shoulders, and absorbs the others DNA in the act of sex. This all happens when they chant for a half hour to their solemn idol. He could only guess one can guess that this worm like deity is a fertility god. Luke had seen the whole thing once in person with disbelief. The weirdest thing is this race comes back to very spot of copulation and gives birth. They all give birth from their mouths and they cough up green ooze with several medium size brownish eggs. The eggs were first form in their second set of lungs during the mating ritual. After the birthing process, the aliens bury their eggs in the sand for intubation next to the statue which will hatch in one week earth time. He was told that it was called “The Life Cycle of the Two Suns.” Luke had yet to make out if these beings even had genders. No female or male traits were present as revealing tells. Luke had to wear a cybernetic suit of armor to make up for the high gravity of the planet. He noticed that the aliens they had large rotund bodies to make up for the gravity as well. They walked bow legged as they clumsy hunched across the ground. Luke could see that because of the lack of the predators, the walking speed of the alien race had yet to increase to due to the environment. It was possible as time went by that the creatures grew bigger to the point where they were the dominate species. The other species on the planet grew extinct as they dominated more and more space on this gaseous planet. He was joined by his girlfriend Carlysia Fenn. She was on her last year of her doctorate studying the culture and mating habits of interstellar alien species. Luke loved her frizzy orange hair, brilliant smile and light brown skin. He took her along because it served both their interests. Luke never liked the thought of being alone, it frighten him. The exploration ship that would take them back to their home world wouldn’t get back to Chronis 12 by four months time. The thought of not having sex for four months was too much for him to think about. Luke was certain that would drive him out of his living mind. Masturbation just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Luke told his girlfriend the embarrassing truth that he once as a teenager masturbated in zero gravity. He ended up hurting himself by bumping his other hand very hard into an iron pipe near the spaceship wall. Afterward he had to make up a lie about a faulty piece of the ship which came loose by a freak accident and smashed his hand hard. This momentous event happened was right before his exam to be a space pilot where he had to use both hands. Luke took this a sign that he wasn’t supposed to follow his father’s footsteps that day. He would later on follow a different path in his studies. A path that would eventuality led him to this planet.

Because it was so crowded the society developed where sex had many taboos. There were many people with different opinions of what sex was.” “No. Luke let the guard’s exanimate him with their small crimson red eyes. it would be unwise to eat me or the other human beings for that matter. If we do eat you. you are correct. Very interesting Luke. It may not be safe for the consumption of human beings. “Fair Enough Luke. The leader of these yellow scaled lizard aliens summoned him up at sunset as both of the blue binary stars began disappear across the purple desert sands. I should say so. Much to their bewilderment. He heard rumors that these birds are as large two large German shepherds standing end to end on one another. the leader known as the Emir quickly changed the subject.” “You Pale Mammals are as white as the rugged rocks of the southern mountains.” “Are you interested in the flightless bird that we farm to lay eggs? We eat their eggs almost every day for supper. we still don’t know if their meat or eggs are poisonous. he had none. Not all people from Earth have skin as pale as me. Luke said two people come together to make love.” Luke responded to them and said “Please don’t tell his girlfriend that because they were currently in a monogamous relationship.” “Emir.” Luke had still not seen these birds before. It is rather odd to see such strange creatures walking in our midst.” “Monogamous?” Luke heard the Emir say with a low croaking voice. a man and a woman. He was first going to talk about the trade routes. “Many of my people have questioned what you Pale Mammals would taste like. The taboos about sex were like steel walls. Luke slowly entered the royal chamber.” “So you come with different skin colors then. When asked by the Emir about the notion of human beings and intercourse. “We can talk about that later” Luke gave out a deep sigh. There is a widespread rumor that you too are poisonous.” . “Your empire. It was hard for him at a young age to filler out the truth. The alien leader looked at Luke with great pity and he told him he felt sorry for the human race. pale mammals are interested in new sources of energy? Just like the frozen Methane that we harvest from the north for our own energy source? Am I correct?” “Emir.” Luke said as he tried to retain his composure. They looked at his bare shoulders to see if he had any reproductive organs. we will surely die” “Emir. Afterwards he would follow with how they could work on opening the routes between the two parties. he hear that they keep them captive in a large dome like building near the royal palace. The creatures live in large steel cities reached across the skyline and grabbed the very clouds themselves.” “Yes. The Emir said to Luke “To have less than six partners when reproducing must be a sad and lonely affair. My girlfriend Carlysia has light brown skin.Luke grew up from a large city that resembled a floating orb in space.

They did all like dark and wet places. How about the name Kerberos?” “What is the meaning of Kerberos Luke?” “Emir. He ended up in front of a wide dark steel room which had a wet moldy smell coming out of it. I had a pet iguana named Kerberos. He remembered the aloof words that the Emir said to him. Luke thought that it could be a sleep chamber for the Kerberos. A people from Earth. Those tragic words really didn’t paint a great picture for the last alien race that tried to make a deal with the Kerberos. As you know our alien race is unpronounceable in your native mammal tongue. “Yes. The Kerberos’s bodies lighted up in the dark from the fluorescent lights coming from their shoulders. Thoughts raced into Luke’s brain about what had happened to the last alien race that made first contract with the Kerberos. Luke paid so much attend to this alien sight that he tripped across a small statue and fell across two flights of wide stairs down to the floor below. To Luke’s complete terror.” “Emir.” “Very well. Now nobody knows what happened to them.“Besides Emir. “There is the issue of what name you mammals will call us. We prefer not to say. they all formed rows of ten across the room. but Luke could easily figure it out. you stand to gain a tremendous amount of things by opening up trade routes and your energy source to us.” “Well during childhood.” The Emir said with an air of indifference. if not more. Thankfully he could have been a lot worse off. He was still wearing his armored suit. He would imagine that they weighted at least 500 pounds. He was now on his hands and knees in what he could only described politely as lizard excrement. It was one of the most feared creatures in Greek mythology next to the Hydra. . It has been awhile since we have seen visitors from other planets. Thirty Kerberos were all sleeping standing up. Now. The room was lighted up with a faint blue aura. We are now the Kerberos for all intensive purposes. Each one made a faint creaking sound that echoed across the entire chamber. It was there before when Luke last look at the room. They paid a quite a price to acquire the vast wealth of energy from this planet. I’m sure it was. Again the fear of being alone slowly crept into Luke’s subconscious mind. They were at their shortest 9 feet high. what happened to the last ones?” “We would rather not say Luke.” “Was it a fearsome creature with sharp deadly teeth? “Emir. it was a mythical creature from the Greeks. to the fear of ending up in some alien creature’s stomach. we will adopt the name of Kerberos to your empire.” Luke said to the Emir in an assertive voice. Luke scrabbled to get up. I would agree. The sleeping rows of Kerberos towered over him. but could help the feelings of complete disgust washing over him. They were not around to divulge any information to him on what happened after they broke bread. one of the lizards in the row was missing.” Luke walked out of the royal chamber but made several wrong turn in the maze of shinning wide hall ways. The fear of being alone now seemed to be surpassed in Luke’s mind. it disappeared from plain sight.

As soon as he got midway from the first flight of stairs a hand swung upwards as it grabbed him by the torsos. Luke’s mind was no longer thinking rationality. Even with the cybernetic suit.” The creature held him close to it’s large belly. “What do we have here?” The galaxy translator picked up the words of a Kerberos. Luke remembered the Greek Hero “Odysseus” who braved the underworld of Hades and returned to the land of the living. His animal instincts started to kick in. I’m an important diplomat you know. He knew he wasn’t by a wide margin “Odysseus.” “Is that so Pale Mammal?” said the Kerberos as he scoffed at him. Luke was quick to admit to himself that he more entuned with human psychology and sociology.” She was too proud to admit to him the simple fact. He realized did not have any weapons with him on his fresh meeting with the Emir. fight or flight. .” Luke whispered to himself. Sweat started too drip across Luke’s neck as the adrenaline rushed though his body. the aliens here absolutely scared her shitless. All they had to do was to get me out of the suit. dragging him down into the room. The Kerberos pushed Luke’s left arm with so much strength that it broke it.” He thought to himself the trying to understand alien cultures was as puzzling to him as solving Fermat’s Last Theorem. and that is it for me. He rushed towards the stairs like a madman who was escaping an unguarded asylum. They were really covering up this dark secret. seems less crazy and more a reasonable course of action. He was growing more claustrophobic as the steps started to get louder as if he was in a tight room where the walls were caving in on him. A stark discovery succumb Luke to hysteria. Luke without pause ran behind the right hand corner to hide next to one of the sleeping creatures. you broke left my arm! Was that even necessary?” Luke gave the creature a sharp right kick. The morbid thought occurred to him that he was really a walking talking can of pork and beans. It was too late now for her to have second thoughts about leaving. I swear I will have my entire earth government here for a serious inquiry! We have the firepower to reduce this planet to ash. “They were so friendly the first time I met them. In fact the aliens forbade him from bringing any weapons anywhere near their leader.” “Jesus Christ on ice skates! Get me the fuck down.He hear steps coming from the distance as some alien horror was coming every so close to him. “I’ve heard who are poisonous and yet I never thought much of superstition. The only protection he had was his cybernetic suit. The thought of making a break for it. All of Luke’s body screamed with pain. This is it. Maybe I will have you for a midnight snack. To do nothing would be a death sentence. He was completely defenseless. Maybe he should followed Dad’s advice and become a space pilot? His girlfriend was much smarter than him about understanding alien cultures and civilizations. “I guess it was all an act. Tears started to well up in his eyes. “Shit. slipped though the creature’s fingers and proceeded to make another run towards the stairs. He could understand why Carylisa was adamant about staying on the envoy ship “The Bellerophon.

Why is this Pale Mammal?” “Your people kept moving forward?” Luke answered. but having the willpower to pick up your beaten body and crawled back into the light towards salvation. “I will have my race swear by a cast iron rule that none of shall even lift a finger to harm you. it holds us up. It was the Emir that Luke talked to a half hour ago.” “What about my girlfriend?” Luke demanded. You survived when many people would have given up. “She will be protected as well. That would be exile to a barren planet.” The Emir said “Pale Mammal Luke. It is strength in adversity. This is true strength. you will suffer the worst punishment to our society.” . “What about me?” The other Kerberos said angrily.” The Emir said. Just like the steel in our building. Many times. you know what real strength is? Real strength isn’t about tall steel city building or sharp teeth. Real strength is falling down into the darkness towards oblivion. “If you eat this mammal. this city has almost fallen. Yet it doesn’t.“Stop this madness this second!” Another voice echoed from the t op of the stairs. “That is correct.

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