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PROLOGUE Symbols and Models CONTENTS Focus ‘Mach cancer has recently been focused upon the mltary managed project ‘enown HAARP. Tis excenve concer sth ek of msundersood acs ols and Models ‘are tothe naire of ado technology and the meas by wiih perio cox ‘aol dca, manages, and det technological themes, Ti, wile eppeat Chapter | Nikols Tela and Radian Energy 2 {ng to be miliary genera efor mow recetprojeds are actualy the det ‘ent of demands which emanate fom pons of erg ently independet os tftndey Deeper std in the story of thee ecological votes reveal fn axounding labyrinth of bureavracy which has ben rete t mask and beneit individuals who exercise singular dyna role in the worl. Such Individals have ceay been dicatng the Gemes which the Governmental ti the MiaryRirarchate sabsohutly compel 0 obey. Superior Directives and Privatzed Miltary Research 125 Chapter Nuelose Weaponry and Nuclear Hybride deere ncaa tae Chapter § Radar EMP and Ionoseaiter Technology 198 apex of Twentieth Century mibtary technology, But, though HAARP has been sy ‘managed by miltaryauthory, thas done sounder the cover ofan industrial Plane: : ‘deecve. Moreover, that nda drecive ot one oginaing in Govers- Chapter 6 Miltary VLF and ELF Technology 210 Se a een or pang 0 Govern hha been completely managed by industry But tis ts not completely tue. Tn this specific Project industries have been covering a far supesir aud central agenty whose purpose and intentions have litle to do with sense paris. al Reconnaissance and Radiation Technology 277 Deeper examinadon reveals that industial xguniatons ave seeing direc liver fom a superior command cente, not eal discerned. Its only after Bibtiogaphy 308 ‘deliberate and methodic penevation ofthe storia face germane to HAARP tnd all related technologies, that one reaches conclusions which are far more Index 522 Setounding and shocking than te report shared by many conspiracy writes. THAARP and te other brethren projec are not recent development. They sre the most recent repreretadves ina research effort whose history stretches ‘utbefre the ast Canin. Before we presume to direct aditerpret HARP, ‘we requte historia! familiarity with the documented hardwase, phenomena, ‘and original rationale for the deployment ofthese project Its curious and ‘unfortunate that conspiracy writers ae often the very st sntoduce topics ‘which should become part ofthe social dialogue on those subjects. Though these individual demonstrate a strate abiity in dacovering covert inte tives, they unfortunately do not develop thes ndings into schol themes "The remutis almost nvadaby an hysteieal response to what has been discow- ered, and nota factually based analysis 5 Chapter 7 Auroral Bnexgy Research Chapter Orb ‘Because we cannot be sure af watements made by such “conspiratis e are deiven into a comprehensive sudy of the topic area in querton, Al the [estinent histories and farts must be masted together and rdied. Only = Yhorough and scholarly examination of elated sty etter ean obtain for the answer to questions posed by the existence of projects such a» HARP. ‘Toward these scholarly goal, Thave applied she wimort diligence. Neverthe lea, credit mus go to another a nator ofthe effort which has produced the txt. am vory much indebted t9 Me. Michtel Theroux of Borderland Science ‘Research Foundation for hie rle. in both iting and stinlating these ca Togues concerning the HAARP queston, Iwas ultimately moved toward the scoveries which frm the present thee, Thrtigh his ligent and scholaly ppursult of the HARP queaton, a viel collection of files and natives on the opie was Brat made avilable tome. syMBousts “The unfortunate mithaading ofa ow miliary technologies by coneplat “wntes has flooded society wih unfounded spins and resin In sich & Feareled amosphore dae canbe no tu object, no wero scene dscsson In order to aly he fundamental eae which have been incited by Slltoo numerous and over enthaned weer, hi tnt on miliary technologie hasbeen composed. Ar what we rele i facts! darSeaon, hs comenen- tary contains only the hisorcl face potent to th development of certain ‘weapons and commncaions tchnsogies TEs imperative tat we etblsh avery clea seperation between the new conspiracy Iterature and real hola eonee biographies. The growing lsc pop" hooks an ems on HAARP ae ably adequate ssl tie sources, Repetious and locked int a very specie kind of inspraton, such witers have more recently Hlsded HAARP topic wih te wake ‘enurage of hysteria the general undercuect of conipiacyscenarton. This thematic connectednes i then by aBctonad of his gee ad woven ila = sythe theme which covers the eyo. nese rbd waters, ws pees the serkingy of «deeper malevelet energy, one wow nat as been icc {uly and necesanlyrepresed thoughout te milena. Though verkowe and ‘fen wel socked wih bisographic references, conipiait texts re not we ‘ou the nitions asbute af ear. From the pel perpecve of selene Scholarship such conveitons woud ordinary evidence lack ore ai ing. But the esental observation which allows us to comprehend he fro source fiom which conspiracy books emerges cts the excenive and bystercal fear belt the overwhelming mood which permeses every rch xt ‘Coser examination ofthe vacuous, though verbose, content in conspiracy books explains why such hooks cannot provide scenic anawers othe que 6 ions which are posed. One cannot judge them on the basis of scholarly def- ‘encies, informed, illpoised and ilogieal from every standpoint the recent Deprwriing collate has evidenced a shocking unfamiliarity wit the most ‘baie of radio engineering principles. tn tis we do not refer merely to thelr “unpreparediness in the alternative science category, butt old fundamentals in ‘pelate convensonal scence, Cited as with absolute authority, thelr misun- ‘estandings do not complete any cohesive thes other than that which their hysteria yields Sach books do not sustain even the scrutiny of those who, rough devoted smd, have made themelves thoroughly falar with both “sclensfic convention and exotre altematives Immersed in the rarid emo- tional water trough wich they wre, thee hapless readers ace soon pulled down ina undertow of vague inferences. But apart fom these eric, one perceives dhe real reason why such writer could not formulate real and chesve dheme among their many discusions. Their hysteria alone is eve dence that theze books emerge from another inspiration altogether, ‘Drawn down trough the confsion and ito paral, the esental stue- tural material of the subconscious, conspiracy writers seve as hapless medi- ‘une of submerged and incoherent ood of emotions. Such a steam, when ‘writen in the Imguage of consciousness, sucessfully evokes hysteria, The ‘motional whitewater ofthese kinds of books hax blocked tue scent real- lantion concerning HAARP. The frequent top of those whose inspiration both submerged and fundamentally ubeansciow, an hysterical tone is being ‘Projected into society, In addon, because these texts do not emerge from the onscions mind, they cannot supply conscious coherence their readers. Such books ten become an efactve source of extended social ignorance on the topic ares, While hysteria fears the devastation of ecological systems bya fully ‘operational IRI, the most powerful eBct of HARP has already made is Srst limpect Tehas done o in the very deepest visceral part of humanity. HARP thas impacted the insertable and iessuble, tht monstrous thing that hides in its Iai. The I and its entourage of misperceptions. Some say that conspiracy writers are sensives who have somehow vocalized the subconscious under: ‘arrens now prevalent inal of society, I hie ru, then we can forgive their ‘wong eye. IF at all, we may only comprehend the murky message in con siracy books asthe wrngs of symbolite, But at symbolic expression, dese ‘Books are incapable of granting scent ksights. Thus, by thee very nature, such books are usles In saifying those having enginering pursuits, The ‘ques of young minds is often completely ad eflctively diverted by the avail able conspiracy bteraire. Minds devoid to such literature remain entirely Ineffective ava corporate force for social improvernent “Having is inspiration entrely inthe subconscious, conepracy books donot represent scienee, Conspiracy books are not scientific works. They are e3ch excellent examples of verbalzed symbolic ar. They represent the serpentine ‘reactions ofthe negative subconscious to perceived external threats. These are 7

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