Diameter Interfaces

F5 Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller (SDC) Supports 50+ Interfaces
Fully Compliant with 3GPP and More
Traffix Diameter protocol solutions support over 50 Diameter interfaces, such as: Gy interface, Gx, Sp, S6d, S9, S6a, Sy, Rx, SWx, Ro, Gz, Sta, SGi, SWm, S13 and others. We also support vendor specific variants of a given interface.

Looking for info on a specific Diameter interface? Press and hold CTRL + F then type the name of your interface.
The SDC provides a future compatible, dynamic, flexible and simple mechanism for adding new Diameter interfaces by uploading Diameter data dictionaries to the solution. The dictionary is in a XML file format. The solution supports simultaneous usage of multiple dictionaries, enabling a Diameter Signaling Delivery Controller to interconnect with multiple Diameter nodes. The SDC provides seamless and transparent support for any vendor specific AVPs. The system can transparently handle multiple different versions of the same AVP with different encoding. If the solution needs to modify these AVPs, they can be added into the dictionary file with different names, to allow a user to access and modify these AVPs using their real names. The complete list of interfaces supported by the SDC is available in the table below. The solution is compliant with 3GPP Releases 7,8, 9, 10 and 11. Interface Network Location Diameter Base Protocol Diameter Commands for 3GPP Diameter Credit Control App NASREQ Support for Network Access Server EAP Support for Extensible Authentication Protocol Mobile IPv4 Support for Diameter Mobile Supported version IETF RFC 3588, 4960, 793 IETF RFC 3589 IETF RFC 4006 IETF RFC 4005 IETF RFC 4072


209 Between Packet Domain and an external 3GPP TS 29.109 & TS . TS 32.328 & TS 29.295 Between AF and PDF 3GPP TS 29.329 Between AF and the PCRF.220 Between BSF and NAF 3GPP TS 29.203 & TS Policy 29. TS 29.203 Between OCS and PCEF.212 3GPP TS 29.228 & TS29.240. QoS and 3GPP TS 23.061 packet data network between the EPC based PLMN and the 3GPP TS 29. QoS and 3GPP TS 29.251 charging & RFC 4006 Between PCEF and OFCS 3GPP TS 32.219 3GPP TS 29.299 Between OCF and Rating function 3GPP TS 32.109 & TS 33. 3GPP TS 32.214 Between PCEF and the PCRF.299 Between AS and OCS.329 Between AS and OFCS. online charging RFC 4006.225 in IMS & LTE & TS 32. TS 32.220 Between BSF and Zn Proxy 3GPP TS 29.109 & TS 33.061 packet data network Between BSF and HSS 3GPP TS 29.228 & TS29. postpaid RFC 4006.329 3GPP TS 29.203.229 and Authentication Data – IMS Between CSCF and SLF 3GPP TS 29. 3GPP TS 32.220 Between BSF and SLF 3GPP TS 29. Policy Sy interface and Charging Control over Sy reference point Between AS and SLF Dh interface Rf interface Ro interface Re interface Cx interface Dx interface Sp interface Rx interface Gx interface Gy interface Gz interface Gq interface Gi interface SGi interface Zh interface Zh interface Dz interface Zn interface Zn’ interface IETF RFC 5447 IETF RFC 4740 3GPP TS 29. online 3GPP TS 32.109 & TS 33.296 Between CSCF and HSS.109 & TS operators) 33.212 & TS Policy 23.IPv4 Diameter Mobile IPv6 Diameter SIP Application Between AS and HSS.220 Between BSF and HSS (used between 3GPP TS 29.225 charging & TS 32.299.328 & TS 29.229 Between PCRF and SPR 3GPP TS 23. Subscription 3GPP TS 29.328 & TS 29. Subscription and Sh interface Authentication Data – IMS Between PCRF and TDF (Traffic Sd interface Detection Function) Between PCRF and OCS/OFCS.

225 OMA MM10 interface 3GPP2 TSG-X X.234 3GPP TS 29.272 3GPP TS 23.220 3GPP TS 29.234 3GPP TS 29.272 3GPP TS 23402 3GPP TS 29.215 3GPP TS 29.S0013-014 3GPP2 TSG-X X.234 3GPP TS 29.234 3GPP TS 29.061 3GPP TS TS 32. TS 23402 3GPP TS 23.234 3GPP TS 29.S0013-013 3GPP TS 29.Between the 3GPP AAA Server and an SLF Between the WLAN AN and the 3GPP Wa interface AAA Proxy Between the 3GPP AAA Proxy and Wd interface 3GPP AAA Server Between the 3GPP AAA Server and the Wx interface HSS Between the 3GPP AAA Server and the Wm interface PDG Between the 3GPP AAA Server/Proxy Wg interface and the WAG Between the 3GPP AAA Server and the Pr interface PNA Between the 3GPP AAA Server and the Wm interface PDG Between GGSN and BM-SC Gmb interface Mz is the roaming variant of the Gmb Mz interface reference point with the same functionality CCF to BS Bi interface Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) MM10 interface Between AGW and PCRF Ty interface Between AF and PCRF Tx interface Between MME and HSS.203 3GPP TS 23. Subscription S6a interface and Authentication Data Between the 3GPP AAA Server/Proxy S6b interface and the PDN GW Between MME and HSS.203 3GPP TS 23.061 3GPP TS 29. Subscription S6d interface and Authentication Data Transfer of (QoS) policy information S7c interface from PCRF to the S-GW.234 3GPP TS 29.272 3GPP TS 32820.234 3GPP TS 29. Between PCRF in the HPLMN (H S9 interface PCRF) and a PCRF in the VPLMN (V PCRF) S13 and S13′ interface Between EIR and MME/SGSN PCRF and the BBERF Gxa interface Between ePDG and vPCRF Gxb interface PCRF and the BBERF Gxc interface Between an un-trusted non-3GPP IP SWa interface access and the 3GPP AAA Server/Proxy Between the 3GPP AAA Proxy and SWd interface 3GPP AAA Server Dw interface 33.203 3GPP TS 23402 3GPP TS 23402 .234 3GPP TS 29.203 & TS 29.

214 Policy Server — CMTS 3GPP TS 29.203 & TS 29.012FINAL Based on 3GPP e4 MSF-OA-DIMATER.PAM Interface Pkt-mm-2 interface TC-6 TC-7 TC-8 TC-9 TC-10 TC-11 Between Untrusted Non-3GPP IP Access 3GPP TS 23402 and ePDG Between the 3GPP AAA Server/Proxy 3GPP TS 23402 and the ePDG Between the 3GPP AAA Server and the 3GPP TS 23402 HSS Between a trusted non-3GPP IP access 3GPP TS 23402 and the 3GPP AAA Server/Proxy Between the 3GPP AAA Server and the 3GPP TS 23402 HA Between AF and RACS ETSI TS 183.013FINAL Based on 3GPP Rq MSF-IA-DIAMETER.SLF PKT-SP-29.203 Based on 3GPP Rx MSF-IA-DIAMETER.014FINAL Based on 3GPP Tx MSF-IA-DIAMETER.010FINAL Based on 3GPP Ty MSF-IA-DIAMETER.011FINAL .SWn interface SWm interface SWx interface Sta interface H2 interface Gq’ interface E2 interface E4 interface E5 interface Re interface A3 interface A4 interface Rr interface Zh interface Zn interface Cx interface Dx interface Pkt-laes-2 interface P-CSCF.HSS PKT-SP-29.005FINAL Based on 3GPP Gx MSF-IA-DIAMETER. 3GPP TS 23.109 (GAA) CSCF.229 Session Control Element — DF PKT-SP-ES-INF-I01 (electronic surveillance requirements) Between P-CSCF – PAM PKT-SP-QOS-I02-080425.229 CSCF.017 Between AF and NASS ETSI TS 283 035 Between NASS and RACS ETSI TS 283 034 Between UAAF – UAAF ETSI TS 282 004 Between RCEF and RACS ETSI TS 183 060 Between UAAF and AMF ETSI TS 282 004 Between CLF and UAAF ETSI TS 282 004 x-RACF 03196-NGN-R3 Generic Authentication Architecture PKT-SP-29.109 (GAA) Generic Authentication Architecture PKT-SP-29.212 & TS 23.

3 .008FINAL ITU Q.3301 (SC-PE) and Resource and Admission Control Physical Entity (RAC-PE) MSF-IA-DIAMETER.003FINAL MSF-IA-BILLING.DB-0 DB-2 BI-1 LOC-1 Rw interface Based on 3GPP Cx/Dx Based on 3GPP Sh/Dh Based on 3GPP Rf Based on 3GPP e2 Rs interface Between the Policy Decision Physical Entity (PD-PE) and the Policy Enforcement Physical Entity (PE-PE) Between Service Control Physical Entity ITU Q.001FINAL MSF-IA.006FINAL MSF-IA-DIAMETER.3303.DIAMETER.

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