Continuations to Sidney’s Arcadia, 1607–1867
General Editor: Marea Mitchell Volume Editors: Dianne Osland, Danijela Kambaskovic-Sawers and Ann Lange
The Pickering Masters 4 volume set: c.1600pp: February 2014 978 1 84893 206 7: 234x156mm: £350/$625

Sir Philip Sidney’s Arcadia has held a significant place in literary imagination since its inception over 430 years ago. William Shakespeare and Samuel Richardson both took inspiration from it. Arcadia has a complex publishing history which has seem it extracted or rewritten many times. Sustained adaptations of the work are less common and can be limited to just six texts. Of these, only Weamys’s continuation of 1651 exists in a modern scholarly edition. This project presents the remaining five as well as two short supplements that attempt to bridge the gap between Sidney’s original and revised versions of the work. All the texts are rare, with two versions being particularly obscure. Publication of these volumes allows for serious scholarly comparison as well as re-interpretation. An extensive general introduction analyses the history of Arcadia’s reception and the place of each version in that history. Consideration is given to authorship and editorship and how these were defined over time. Each text is prefaced by its own introduction and includes a bibliography of key material relating to the edition. It will be of interest to scholars of seventeenth-, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature as well as those who study print culture and the history of the book.

Frontispiece to the first edition of Sir Phillip Sidney, The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia (ed.) Hain Friswell (1867)

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Includes newly transcribed manuscript material First critical edition of each complete text presented Charts the literary legacy of Arcadia Editorial apparatus includes a general introduction, introductions to each text, endnotes and textual variants