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[?] the church. the town hall 6.The football ground is on the right. in. 5.The post office is on the left-hand side.The concert hall is between the cinema and the hotel the right of the street. 2. Prepositions At at home at work at school at the airport at the party at the restaurant at the corner at the theater at the hotel at the wedding at the bus stop at 12 Colombus Street at Bob's (= at his house) at the center at the top at the office in bed in the box in the closet in a basket in the car in the kitchen in the water in the book in a traffic jam in the garden in prison in New York in Times Square in the USA in the sky in the mirror In On on page 10 on the shelf on the wall on the second floor on Columbus street We say go into / come into etc. 10.The police station is the first building on the right. 7.The railway station is at the end of the road. the [?] the football ground. on the right-hand side and opposite the bank. police station. on.The library is the library.The shopping centre is and in front of the car park.The bank is at the end of the road on the lefthand side and 3.1. to. [?] of the road.The café is the first building on the left. 4. opposite the café. 8.The market is the middle of the street. the bank and the library. opposite the cinema and to the bank. = enter a room / building etc: He opened the door and went into the room. into or by . We say by to say how we travel: by bike / by car / by underground / by bus Fill in at. 9.

He has never been 11. They are busy Monday and the moment the same time 12. We drove the cinema plane. 10. 8. but I’m 1975 7. She arrived the airport at 6. the shop. I will be back 5 minutes the age of 25 Wednesday 9. a football match. The bird flew the room through the window. What time did you arrive school? Insert prepositions at/on/in 1. 2. I must go the bank today to change money. We are going to the picnic 6. We have English lessons 11. They like to travel 14. Important buildings and sites in London  Trafalgar Square A big square where Nelson's column stands. We usually go to work 12. My mother is home now. France. the party Tom's car. He has just returned 3. .  Buckingham palace This is the official home of the British royal family. York? 13. Does the train stop 15. Ireland? 4. Have you ever been 5. a taxi.1. We drove 7. car. I was born 7 o’clock every day 21 May summer the morning the weekend work 3. I get up 2. My friend was born 8. Olga and Nick arrived 1. the train. Mary likes to go to the seaside 4. Get the car and drove off. It's going to leave. The man chased by the police ran 9. His brother is going to get married 10. Steve reads the newspaper 5. They got 6.

Piccadilly Circus   This busy place is famous for its advertising signs and for the statue of Eros.  Houses of Parliament The buildings where the British parliament meets. . Covent Garden   This old market now has popular shops and eating places. Tower Bridge   This is a famous bridge which crosses the River Thames. London Eye   You can get a good view in this Ferris wheel.  Big Ben The name of the largest bell in the tower of the Houses of Parliament  Docklands A lot of modern houses and offices in East London. It is 450 feet tall.  Regent Street It crosses Oxford Street. Now it's a huge store.Tower of London   This fortress used to be a prison.  Harrod's It started in 1894 as a grocer's. designed by Sir Christopher Wren. and is a popular place for shopping.  Saint Paul's Cathedral The largest Protestant church in the UK. now it's a museum. Downing Street   The Prime Minister lives and works at number 10.

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