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An introduction to our President & Owner Scott Churchill
To say that Scott Churchill is a helicopter guy would be an understatement. To say he is a Bell 47 guy would also be an understatement. And to say that he is your stereotypical President of a helicopter OEM would definitely be an understatement given his experience in the flight operations side of the business. Scott has flown over 17,000 hours in helicopters and the majority of those flight hours have been within 50 feet of the ground while flying Bell 47's during agricultural aerial application missions. As a seasoned operator, he has a unique perspective for the leader of a helicopter OEM. Scott recognizes what's important to operators; and clearly Bell Helicopter recognized that value when placing the responsibility for the existing Bell 47 fleet and its future in Scott's hands.

A refurbished 47G-2 parked on the ramp at sister company Scott's Helicopter Services

Welcome to our 1st Customer Newsletter!
At HELI EXPO 2013 Scott's Bell 47 committed to issuing a quarterly customer newsletter to keep our customers informed of the goings on at 510 Doppy Lane. Scott's - Bell 47 has not taken the ownership of the Type Certificates for the 1st civilian certified helicopter lightly and in the past 3 years we have established an FAA approved facility & processes enabling support of the existing Bell 47 fleet and the development of new improvements to service those existing helicopters. Also laying the ground work for future development including the recently announced 47GT-6 RR300 turbine powered model 47 helicopter. This newsletter is issued with the aim of educating and informing our customer base as to the progress we are making, and we trust that you will enjoy the read!

47GT-6 Update
The 47GT-6 helicopter was announced with much fanfare and applause at HELI EXPO 2013 in Las Vegas, NV this past March. This announcement was not only a conclusion of 9 months of preparatory work with investors, the customer base & Rolls Royce, but was also the starting point for a 3 year-plus journey to develop & certify the new helicopter. 10 aircraft were sold at the HELI EXPO show. A huge success. And as we go to print, Scott's - Bell 47 can confirm that with a few more t's crossed and i's dotted, there could over 40 47GT-6s sold by the time we issue our next quarterly newsletter. We are well into our Phase 1 and are not just working on sales & dealer/customer support facility agreements. We are conceiving cockpit configurations, drafting certification plans, discussing cost & lead-times with gearbox manufacturers and developers of optional accessories such as air conditioning. We look forward to taking you on our journey to develop and certify the 47GT-6, and will be publishing details of major milestone completions as we achieve them.

Scott performing a pre-flight on one of his Scott's Helicopter Services fleet of Bell 47's

July 1, 2013 ● Scott's - Bell 47, Inc. Quarterly Newsletter ●

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Supporting the existing Bell 47 fleet
Scott's - Bell 47 is not just focused on the 47GT-6 and we will not lose focus on the hundreds of existing Bell 47 owner/operators. They are after all, the perfect advertisement for the new 47GT-6 helicopter. When Scott's - Bell 47 took ownership of the type certificates, they were faced with a challenge; with no existing approvals from the FAA to manufacture or source parts, with a mountain of drawings and reports from Bell Helicopter to go through, some dating back 50 plus years & referring to outdated specs, and with a supply base used to bidding on modern 3D drawing packages. Three years later, Scott's - Bell 47 has assembled a team with extensive helicopter design, manufacturing & support experience. We have developed internal and supplier auditing processes and have had them approved by the FAA. We have converted over 500 old Bell 2D drawings into modern 3D models and drawings, referencing modern process specs. And, we have established business relationships with major aerospace machining, casting, forging & bearing suppliers. But all that effort and approvals cannot break down the challenge of lead-time; sometimes 50 weeks or more on bearings and complex or flight safety parts. But we are making great progress... having received over 50 new SB47 part numbers with a shelf quantity of over 4,500 brand new parts. Some of the more complex, critical & costly components expected to be received in the next few months are Main Rotor Yokes & Tail Rotor Yokes.

Received recently - SB47-620-689-001 Centrifugal Clutch Spiders. These were last procured by Bell Helicopter in 1998. SB47 updated the drawings late 2011 and placed the PO mid 2012 after a competitive bid process. Being classified as Flight Safety Parts they were subject to Frozen Planning and other close scrutiny during manufacturing, a process applied for all components considered critical to the continued safe operation of the helicopter.

Research & Development
Scott's - Bell 47 announced two major improvements to be developed for the existing Bell 47 fleet; a new state of the art Instrument Panel & new Composite Main Rotor Blades. The new instrument panel project is close to completion. Company flight testing of the new panel is ongoing to shake out the snags and ensure a flawless entry into service. The new panel incorporates solid state electronic instruments, caution & warning lights & provision for Radios, Transponder & GPS as well as mission role equipment that can be bolted to the side of the panel. The new main rotor blade final design is close to completion with the aerodynamic analyses complete and having confirmed the expected improvements in efficiency that will be validated in flight testing later this Fall. Structural testing will also be underway later this year to confirm the expected increased life limit to at least 10,000 hours from the current 5,000 hours of the Bell designed blade. A major milestone was completed this past month with us receiving FAA concurrence of our Composite MRB Certification Plan.

Scott's - Bell 47, Inc.
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The new instrument panel installed on Scott's Bell 47''s experimental Bell 47G-2A being used for company flight testing

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July 1, 2013 ● Scott's - Bell 47, Inc. Quarterly Newsletter ●

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