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Getattribute("Me.Country") = "USA" Ans - Checks if the users country is USA ROW_ID of Table A is 111 ROW_ID of Table B is 2222 In Table B Foreign key of Table A is Stored .What is the Value ANS - 111 What is the logical Extension table of S_ORG_EXT ANS- S_BU What is relation between Service REquest and Action ANS- 1: M When Web Server Recognises SWE Tag it passes Control to ANS - SWSE (Siebel Server was not given in the options .So Selected SWSE) Which cannot be done by WorkFlow Simulator ANS - It cannot have the user Interact Step and wait for user Action What is Logical Database Sctucture represented ANS - DATA Object Definition DatObject Layer Contains ANS - Tables & Columns A Collection of related lists and forms represents functional business Area ANS - VIEW What Does a SWE Do after a Template is Created ANS - Passes Page to Broswser Via Web Server & SWSE Which is not True REgarding Catalogs and Categories ANS - Catalog is a Node and There are Sub Catalogs in Catalogs

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12 German opportunity assigned to German Sales Rep ANS - Compare Obejct to Person 13 SWE Replaces Siebel tags with Repository Data 14 15 16 Collection of BC ANS - BO Which is not a valid task while Installing DB ANS - Running Database scripts to create DB Schema What is Aunthentication? ANS - Validates the User & Controlled Inside and outside of Siebel

17 When a Siebel Server is moved from one server to other how is cfg updated in

mobile Client Ans - Automatically updated when Client Synchronizes for the first time 18 How do u see the Clients last Synchronization Session Ans - Siebel Remote Administration > Cleint Status 19 How do you regiuster a Mobile Client Ans - Siebel Remote Administration > Mobile Client 20 Where is Application Object Definitions stored Ans - SRF 21 22 23 24 Which Applet Displays Singe Record Form What does %printer% in EIM task do Ans - Delete all records that includes Printer Relation between two tables is refered thru Ans - Foreign Key Show Drop Down Ans - Subset of Data

25 How can a activity be automatically assigned to a sales rep once it is crea ted Ans - Dynamic Assignment 26 27 Who can Delete, Merge & Forecast Ans - Primary

What is the advantage of primary ID field in an MVG ANS - Uses a single query to get the parent Record and primary in the ch ild record 28 What is false about compare objects Ans- Double Click to compare & Creates a comparison report

29 How dod u See online help for full list of Keyboard Shortcuts Ans - Help > Contents > Index and Click on K Hyperlink 30 Whats is true about Sorting Ans - It is in ascending order by default 31 What does Transaction router do Ans - It moves data from Txn_Proc Directory to Docking/user/outbox 32 Where is the changes of rows in Server Stored Ans- S_DOCK_TXN_LOG

33 What does Checkin Do

UnLocks on Serever & Unlocks in Client REplaces old versions of Object defintions with New Versions 34 or Represents a current or pontential Client, a business partner ir a competit Ans - Account 35 Siebel Mid Market Edition Ans - Designed for companies less than 100 users 36 True about eBusiness Enterprise Ans An Integrated Product Suite Built on common architecture 37 What type of Application is Siebel call Center Ans - Employee Application 38 How do you change the interchnage the order Contacts and Accounts Screen Tab s Ans - Application > Page Tab and interchange Sequence for Account and Co ntact 39 When do you Create a New Business Component Ans - When you have created a New Extenion Table When you want to Display as a parent applet and child applet in Same view and Data to be populated in both applet is from the same table 40 What is Applet Class for Form Applet Ans - CSSFrame

41 Siebel Implementation in a Big Organisation Requires Ans - Single Gateway Server,Multiple Siebel Server ,Muliple DataBase Se rver,Web Server 42 How do you Inspect Installation of SWSE Ans - Inspect the Virtual Directory from IIS 43 Which are Not Valid Task For setting up mobile Client Ans - Initialising Server Database 44 What are not the Methods to configure Siebel Application Ans - Modify Siebel.exe & Directly Write Sql 45 An Update Conflict occurs While Synchronizing with Server and the Data provid ed by the mobile Client is updated Ans - Client Wins 46 which is not a valid Pre Installation Task Ans - Creating the Siebel Database Owner 47 What is the Component Group for WorkFlow that shud be Enabled Ans - Workflow Management 48 True About Views & Data Access Control Ans - They are Independent of Each other


How do you assign users to reposnsibilty Ans Application Administration > Responsibilities User Administration > Employees

50 Set Organisation Flag to make a Organisation a Division (True or False) Ans - False ( Caution - we only Set organization flag to set a divisi on as Organizationn) 51 Name Displayed in Show Drop Down & View Bar Ans - Screen > Screen View >View Bar text 52 Viewing Parent Child Object definiont in Tools Ans - Use Types Tab 53 Properties for creating a 1 to many Link Ans - Parent Business Component,Child business Component,Source Field,De tination Field 54 Suffix of Foreign Key Ans - _ID 55 workFlow Step to Map to another WorkFlow Process Ans - Sub Process 56 Monitoring a cusomter Action Ans - Action Set 57 When does a mobile Client Initialize When local Dbf Not Found & When a uaf is found in docking\user while Sy nchronizing 58 Which Tag specify the formatting and layout HTML tag 59 Propogating Database Changes Check Project into Server Apply DB Changes to Server Compile and Test on Server Reextract Developers and have them get all Projects 60 Static PickList Can be Bounded or unbounded Copies Selected value into destination Field 61 What Does BusComp View Mode Definition Specify Ans - Specifies business Compenent is subject to Access Control 62 Access Control Machanism is based by setting which of the following view prop erties Ans - Visibility Applet Visibility Applet Type