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Questions for Chapters (46 - 50)

1. Salutations are scripted in a. b. c. d. Rules set Action set Home page browser script Server script

2. For Dynamic Assignment which of the server component should be online a. b. c. d. Server Request broker Generate Trigger Assignment Manager Workflow Monitor Agent

3. A Null value in the Assignment date fields means a. The rule will be immediately activated b. The rule will never activate 4. To User template file which relationship you need a. b. c. d. e. Registering Defining Binding Associating Creating

5. Dynamic Assignment uses workflow monitor agent a. TRUE b. FALSE 6. Interactive assignment is enabled for (Choose 2) a. b. c. d. 7. Service Request Activity Quote Opportunity

To keep the creator of the account on the team during assignment you would a. Add creator in the employee tab of the assignment SADMIN b. Configure the assignment object in tools c. Write a workflow process for it.

8. The following are the valid assignment mode(choose 3) a. b. c. d. e. Position Oriented Org & Person oriented Org Oriented Person Oriented Position & person oriented

9. Persistent attribute are associated with a. All User b. Registered User 10. Dynamic Attribute is a. Based on session object b. Based on fields of S_PARTY 11. Rule type can have the following values(choose 3) a. b. c. d. e. Business Service Invoke method Expression Applet Business Component

12. You Associate ________ with action set(Choose 2) a. b. c. d. Events Rules Action templates Action

13. When you make a column inactive in OBLE which visual indication appears a. Clicking on it give error message that is read only b. Row is grayed out c. Row is red in color 14. How to see more view tab a. Use scroll bar b. Use tab jump button c. Use More View Button d. Use show more button