Sho-Lung-Dojo "School of Shorinjutsu Ryu Martial Arts" "Randal Defensive System 1


: Wishes to offer: an Enterance and Introductional Voluntary based Self Defense Examination and Recreational (VA) Program... in Samurai-Akijutsu and Kenpo based martial style, that will be used to develop spiritual and physical body movements that will better educate and prepare one for "Advanced fighting siduations" that may occur in ones daily life, Sho-Lung dojo has been for some time now over these 27+ years personal teaching these arts and more to the basic public in single and group type exercises, Our main goal with this program is an ( Out-Reach and Civic Assistance Design ) and will consist of the following offers.......

1: basic form and preparing of the mind and body in standing and crouching displays of this form called (kata) 2. movement and application of these forms in passive and agressive actions of self defensive nature only... 3. group or communal design that allows them to examine their skill but not in anything but a lesser sparring fashion, the full extent of this program will offer to bring it up "in an informal training, outside this" said programs model.....but not in this invite.. 4. Civic and basic services in the form of a study uniform will be fexible and loose fitting clothin with offer to wear seal/symbol on it..that will be accepted, the sudents however if they wish to show serious interest in the out-reach volutary based program..otherwise may choose a "formal", uniform of our design in connection with the martial training gei or required and to be paid for by the student wanting in..formally. unlike the current civic (program being offered already) 5. Steady Duty: you will learn, but you will not openly use said skills to, or for the art other then "real time self defense", because WE (and Sho-Lung-Dojo martial trainers) will not be held responcble for the actions of these informal members outside or inside the program if they choose to use the material and or skill without the proper training and or restraint it was designed to.. (the improper use of anything leads to injury and or death) and is not the result of the instuction, but the will of the one learning and choosing not to folow the schools rules... 6. Community: We will not be allowing anyone who is disruptive to the program, and have the

6. Community: We will not be allowing anyone who is disruptive to the program, and have the right to shut down and not offer if this is by those who chosen to be disruptive or delay these classes, such as late without a reason, for we will start and end at the time offered, as this program is voluntary but not to be open to each students choice of or if or when they want to practice or show up... "for one of the most valuable lessons of conduct is trying to set standards, and these standards have to be met, or our program offer will be concluded without any further offer...(we "the teacher of sho-lung-dojo ect," are open to serve, and are not getting paid or performing for their amusement and extent of any other program..) 7. Self defense: our hope is you choose to use what is taught in the honest and civic nature it was created and for that propose only is it being offered, education and advanced arts or longer study and outside programs are offered as well, but will not be offered while in this (program form)..such interested party, onlookers, classes, designs, teachers ect.. will have to make a formal request after or before the program has started, not during or in group.. (for this might be rejected as distraction to all..) 8. Since we are offering, the use of said form and demo and or other forms and natures within are open to being practiced and shown where anyone wants, but will not result in rank, status, or any formal models of conduct such as teacher status or such, unless formally trained by the school..or its graduated members within.. (such will follow a outside design and will not be established here.) 9. Additions: forms/designs/ideas, extra staff, the use of tools, and new students are at the request and control of the teachers and or head of the program, and will not be tolerated in the disruption of this program, for we will then shut this program down and not continue until it is removed) this is an examine, not an open forum for any to do as they want, sorry that's what you can do after... 10. Instuction: if abusive nature is coming from student, crowds, ect and it is disruptive to the program or can lead to harm of the students, the program has the right to shut down and even go to different location to remove the problem, new instuction will be based on the desire of the "program head and or teacher to allow the one to join, by the rules and offers above".... 11. Supplimental: this is an offer to do this not a "command", so any attemp to setup it as a long term or restrictive and even combative nature that isn't formally documented or agreed, will be a volation of these rules and will allow this program out of its civic offering.. WE of sho-lung-dojo work for ourselves and are not the corporate/collective/or extention on any other design or program unless we so design, as setup formally.. and so is the technics and or self defensive teachings.. (sorry) 12. Honor: as this is a Volutary Program, complete for recreation and self defensive awareness, its aim is to Thank and Serve the civic minded (VA) established Heads allowing us to be apart of their Extended Programs and Classes.. and to Personally thank those who sought interest in this design, form, understand, and way of Martial Arts and ect....... It is our hope that this design compliments all the other programs offfered, and find its place in service to those that require it...... Ty for you Interest in Our Program/Class/School.... Sok'e R.L Master of Sho-Lung-Dojo Frederick Maryland 21703 Elana R 4th Dan (Shidan-Rokuki) standing

Assistant Instuctor (Sho-Lung-Dojo)

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