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- 03 Subject Name : BASIC ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING / GE 2151 Date : .05.2013 Max.Marks : 50 Time:9:00AM-10:30AM Duration : 90 Min PART A (10 x 2 = 20 Marks) 1. Draw the energy band structure of insulator and metal 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. What is meant by space charge region in a junction? Sketch the VI characteristics of a PN junction diode and mark the various operations. How does a PN junction behave under forward and reverse biased condition? What are minority and majority carriers in a semiconductor? Why is zener diode used as a voltage regulator? What is the ripple factor value of half wave and full wave rectifiers? What is the maximum efficiency of a half wave rectifier? List few application of transistor & diode? In as common base transistor configuration, the emitter current is 1mA .find the total collector current. Give that is 0.92 ? Mention different configurations of BJT? Write down the other name of a zener diode? & What is meant by zener effect? Define current amplification factor. Define avalanche break down. 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

In what way zener diode differs from PN junction diode. What are bias condition s of the base emitter and base collector junction for a transistor to operate as an amplifier? Define diffusion current and drift current? What are applications of full wave rectifiers? Convert EB4A Hexa decimal to decimal and 72905 to hexa decimal What is register and what is the use of it? Draw the logic diagram of NOR gate , XOR gate, Convert the binary fraction .101 into decimal equivalent Distinguish between half adder and full adder. Add the binary number 1011 and 1110 Write down the truth table for a Nand gate? Convert 21.6 to its binary equivalent What are universal gates? Convert the gray code number 11011 to binary What is a combinational circuit? give an example State Demorgans theorem What is even parity?

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ii PART B 1. i ii 2 i. ii. (2 x 15 = 30 MARKS) (10) (5) (9) 7 i ii Realize XOR function using four NAND gates only. 8 i ii Simplify the following boolean expression [AB(C+BD) +AB.C. What is flipflop? explain any two flip-flops with its logic diagram and truth table (6) Derive than expression for total current in a semiconductor Explain the basic laws that all used in Boolean algebra expressions.

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Explain the forward and reverse characteristics of a PN diode with waveforms. Compare Avalanche and zener break down With neat sketches, explain the working of bridge rectifiers .give expression for RMS current, PIV, Ripple Factor And Efficiency. A half wave rectifier circuit is supplied fro 230V, 50 Hz supply with step-down ratio of 3:1 to resistive load of 10 kilo ohms. The diode forward resistance in 10 ohms. Calculate the maximum average, RMS value of current, DC output voltage, rectification efficiency and ripple factor. Illustrate with a neat diagram, input and output characteristics of common emitter transistor configurations. Draw and explain binary half adder and full adder using logic gates .how can a full adder realized using two half adders. Explain the input and output characteristics of common base transistor configurations. Explain the operation of half rectifiers with wave forms. Discuss in detail the electronically regulated DC power supplies. Apply Demorgans theorem to the following expression ((A+B+C)D) Describe the energy band structure of an insulator, a metal and semiconductor.

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