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2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

Bidding Procedure: 1. Bids are taken by the auctioneer in the auction. 2. A runner will bring you a slip listing the item number and the purchase price. 3. At the end of the auction, present your slips and your payment at the cash register. 4. Upon presentation of your slips and payment you will receive your lots.

Terms of Sale: 1. All money raised at the auction will go towards YN scholarships for following years. 2. The auctioneer has the final say on any matter occurring on the auction floor. 3. All cataloged descriptions are written in good faith. If a coin is graded with a number, it was graded by a professional grading service. 4. Payments must be in U.S. dollars and in the form of credit card, check, or cash and must be received at the end of the sale. 5. Bidding increments are set at the auctioneer’s discretion. 6. Donation lots cannot have reserves, and the auctioneer may start the lots at any price. 7. Payment is due at the conclusion of the auction. 8. All sales are final, no terms are negotiable. 9. All items are sold as is.

2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

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1. Modern US Dollar First Year Collection. Included in this set are a 1971-D Eisenhower dollar, a 1979-D Susan B. Anthony dollar, a 2000-P Sacagawea dollar, a 2007 Washington Presidential dollar, and last but not least, a 1986 American Silver Eagle! 2. Ronald Reagan Medal. Bidders, tear down this wall and start raising your paddles. Trickle down some money to support the YNs! 3. Two 2005-D Buffalo Nickel PCGS Sample Slabs. These bison have roamed right into the auction with this lot. PCGS managed to herd these wayward buffalos' into their holders so you can corral them into your collection! Both coins are in sample PCGS slabs, which are always collectible! 4. Two Slabbed Coins. This lot has the following graded coins: a 1964 PR 65 Lincoln cent that has fiery red brilliance and a 1981 D Roosevelt dime graded MS 65. Both coins are graded by NGS, and are worthy of any collection! 5. 1982 Proof Set. A delightful proof set in a nifty government display case. 6. 9/11 Commemorative Coin. This silver-plated coin from the Marianna Islands commemorates the tragic attack on the World Trade Center buildings, while also looking ahead into the future with the new Freedom Tower being built in its place. 7. Basil I & Constantine VIII Follis. This coin features Jesus Christ on the obverse. Jesus is looking Fine to Divine on this coin. 8. Vintage Rare Coin Collection. This turn-of-the-century United States type set includes a Barber Half Dollar, Quarter, Dime, a Liberty Nickel, and an Indian Head Penny. 9. First Edition "National Bank Notes: A Guide with Prices," by Don. C. Kelly. The definitive book on national banknotes for the serious collector. 10. Mystery Coin Box. A crazy cacophony of cool coins in a captivating coffer that could contain coppers.

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2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

11. 1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel. A great example of a type 1 buffalo nickel from the first year of issue, 1913. This coin is graded by PCGS as MS 64 and housed in an old green holder, or OGH. 12. 1942 PR Wheat Cent and 1940 PR Jefferson Nickel. Two stunning mid-20th century beauties in pristine condition. The cent looks hot out of the mint with a mirror like surface and the nickel shines like the sun. 13. Set of Twenty 1963 Franklin Halves. A beautiful page of blinding proof halves that will make a nice addition to any U.S. collection. For those of you born in 1963, this is a must have. 14. World War II 50th Anniversary 1991-1995 Uncirculated Set. Fresh in U.S. mint packaging, a D-Day Commemorative silver dollar and cupro-nickel half dollar. Beautiful coins. Papers included. 15. Woven Hat. A lot back from the past! This gorgeous piece of art was won a few years back, and the winner has graciously donated the hat back to the auction so another lucky man or lady can enjoy it! 16. Burlap Mint Bag. Oklahoma quarter bag straight from the mint. This bag once held $250 worth of quarters. It could be used as a purse, satchel, man purse or a bag to hold all of your coins! 17. The Gobrecht Journal, Collective Volume Number Two. Created by the Liberty Seated Collector's Club in 1985, this book catalogs Seated Liberty type coins. The book is in almost perfect shape, and very attractive looking. It has numerous photos of actual coins and comprehensive explanations of varieties, history, counterfeits, and so much more. This is a perfect guide for any book collector or Seated Liberty collector. 18. Set of Coin Impressions from Cancelled 1876-CC Twenty Cent Dies. These impressions are made from a set of 1876 20 cent cancelled dies recovered from the Carson City mint at the Nevada State Museum archaeological dig in 1999.

2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

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19. Original Hobo Nickel by Tiny. This hobo nickel depicts a scruffy man in a bowler cap. The piece of art was carved onto the obverse of a 1935 Buffalo nickel by Summer Seminar's One-And-Only, Tiny. Tiny hand carved the design with no power tools, heat toned it, and then signed the piece on the reverse. 20. 1853 Seated Liberty Quarter and Half Dime. A famous issue for the Seated liberty type, the 1853 quarter features arrows at the date and rays around the eagle. It is graded VG, has great color, and is a must for any collection. The half dime has great detail on the back, and is an interesting obsolete denomination. Very attractive coins. 21. 2009 P & D Native American Dollars, Graded ANACS MS 67 First Day of Issue. These Native American dollars are in high mint state and show a lot of luster. The best part is they are from the first day of issue. They come in a beautiful and sturdy wood box for presentation and have a certificate of authenticity. 22. The Star Rare Coin Encyclopedia and Catalog. A beautiful classical numismatic text and price guide from 1925. Extremely fair condition. No folded corners. 23. 2003 Ary Barroso Commemorative in Silver. For all Brazilian music fans, this is the perfect numismatic acquisition. This commemorative, struck in .925 silver, celebrates Barroso's 100 year life as a singing sensation! 24. Calabria, Taras Diobol. This coin comes from one of the most recognizable cities in all of Magna Graeca. The coin is not only incredibly detailed, it also has beautiful toning. The coin depicts a helmeted Athena on the obverse and Herakles wrestling a lion on the reverse. This is an absolutely impeccable bid. 25. "History of the First United States Mint" Book. Are you a history buff? Are you a coin collector? Then this is the perfect book for you! Now you can fully understand the history of the early US mint with a book that’s still in its original wrapping.  Don’t miss out on this amazing tour of early American history!

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2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

26. 1982-P Copper Large-Date Cents. This roll is an original bank roll of all BU copper Lincoln cents from 1982. Great toning on both end coins and possibly more inside. The last year of copper Lincoln cents, people! These pennies are ready to roll into your hands. 27. Three UNC Rolls of 1974-S Pennies. Let these pennies speak for themselves. They are not BU, but regardless are nice. Descriptions on the rolls are as follows: Dark coins, not BU, but UNC, never changed, picked for errors. Who knows what treasures you could find in these rolls! 28. 1937-S Hobo Buffalo Nickel. This Indian skull design will scare collectors young and old. This piece, hand carved by Jay L. DeBoer, is a fun modern twist on a classic tradition. 29. 1935-A World War II Short Snorter $1 Hawaii Note. Series 1935-A brown seal silver certificate, wartime emergency "Hawaii" note signed by Marines from World War II. Hand-dated August 14, 1944. Who knows what famous war hero signed this note! 30. Pittsburgh 2004 ANA Egyptian Cotton XL Yellow Polo. This bright yellow polo shirt from the 2004 ANA convention in Pittsburgh is the perfect way to show off your Numismatic Pride. This fine shirt spun using luxurious Egyptian cotton will certainly be a conversation starter and a fine addition to any polo shirt collection. 31. 1928 VF Standing Liberty Quarter. This nice 1928 quarter is already in a plastic holder for you to easily incorporate this coin into your collection. 32. Byzantine Follis of Michael IV. This lot is a bronze follis of Byzantine emperor Michael IV.  The coin depicts Christ facing front.  Michael IV was a victim of epileptic fits and as a result was constantly under supervision as emperor.  Not only was he a terrible husband to his wife Zoe, he also unjustly executed people.  Legend has it that this very coin absorbs all bad luck from your life, which is channeled straight to Michael IV’s grave.  

2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

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33. Two French Maria Theresa Thaler Restrikes. Restrike 1780 Maria Theresa thalers.  One coin is cataloged as Hafner 69, produced some time between 1937 and 1942. Typical of this first variety is the slightly off center strike.  The second variety was struck between 1949 and 1955, and is cataloged as Hafner 70.  Buy this lot for the 1.5 oz of fine silver - or better still donate it to a YN for a research project!  34. Lot of Five Assorted Coins. This lot includes two 2000-S Proof Sacagawea Dollars in choice condition, a 1935-P and 1937-P Buffalo Nickel in average circulated condition slabbed by NGC as a Young Collector's Edition, and a First Day of Issue Martin Van Buren Presidential Dollar slabbed by NGC as Brilliant Uncirculated. 35. Hand Sewn Numismatic Lab Coat. This lab coat was hand crafted by Tiny! The coat is a size 2XL, and features fabric printed with the designs of all circulating currency! This is a very special accessory for your favorite numismatic scientist! 36. 1993 Proof Set and 1996 Silver Proof Set. These proof sets are held within high quality cardboard embossed with "United States Mint" and their respective dates and encased in premium plastic cases. The 1996 set features three coins in high quality 90% silver- their original composition. The 1993 set is made of an amazing alloy of Copper-Nickel! All of the coins have a snow-like cameo. 37. 1893 Columbian Exposition Commemorative Half Dollar. A nice, original coin in great condition, especially considering how long it's been in circulation. 38. Trajan Syrian Provincial. This is a coin of Emperor Trajan from the Roman province of Seleucis.  It's in marvelous condition and has fantastic patina.  This is definitely the top of the line for all Roman provincial collectors! 39. 1982-D George Washington Silver Commemorative Half Dollar. An amazing, uncirculated coin in original packaging that commemorates the 250th birthday of George Washington. It has 90% silver content.

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2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

40. AR Antoninianus of Philip I "The Arab." This historical piece features a phenomenal radiate portrait of Philip with four standards on the reverse. Philip reigned from 244-249 A.D. was known for negotiating peace with the powerful Sassanid Empire and throwing the party of all parties celebrating Rome's millennium of dominance. 41. Lot of 3 Bronze Medals. These three bronze medals were designed by David Lange for the Liberty Numismatic Society of San Mateo, California. These pieces commemorate various events, including the 30th anniversary of the Liberty Numismatic Society, the 70th anniversary of the 1st World War Armistice, and the Great Northern California Earthquake. 42. Probus Antoninianus Double Denarius. This Double Denarius features Marcus Aurelius Probus, who was a highly successful military Emperor who made sure to make use of all of his soldiers, even if they were just doing community service. It is in nice condition and would be an excellent addition to your collection! 43. Lot of 2 Better Date Small Cents. This lot consists of an 1878 VG-10 Details Cleaned Indian Head Cent and 1915-S F-15 Details Corroded Wheat Cent. Both are graded by ANACS. 44. Restruck Dollar Coins. Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Buffalo Nickel by putting this lot into your collection! 1971–S 40% silver Eisenhower Dollar and 2013 Roosevelt Dollar both struck with 1913 buffalo nickel (nickel double struck) both one of a kind made at Moonlight Mint.  Take a chance to own these unique, gorgeous coins. 

2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

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Ptolemy I Soter (r. 323-283 BC). AR Tetradrachm (14.2367 gm, 28 mm, 6h). Alexandria Mint. Diademed head right, small delta behind ear / Eagle standing on thunderbolt, legend around, monograms to left of eagle. Svoronos 256. Toned EF. Ptolemy I Soter was a Macedonian general who fought under and beside Alexander the Great. While Alexander was alive, Ptolemy was one of only seven bodyguards attached to Alexander. Following Alexander's death in 323 BC, Ptolemy went through great effort to obtain the body of Alexander the Great and bury it in Memphis, Egypt. Though Ptolemy faced conflict with Perdiccas, another general under Alexander who had achieved the role of imperial regent, he took the title of Pharaoh of Egypt in 305 BC. Upon his death in 283 BC, Ptolemy's son, Ptolemy II Philadelphus, took the throne as Pharaoh.

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2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

46. Roman Egypt Maximian Tetradrachm 286-305 AD. Coming from the breadbasket of the Roman Empire, this Tetradrachm depicts Emperor Maximian on the obverse, with Elpis facing left holding a flower on the reverse. While technically a provincial coin, it was significant because of Egypt's commercial dominance in the Mediterranean world. 47. 4 Issues of Cherrypickers. Planning to go back in time? See what varieties were hot back in '97! This lot includes one edition from May, two from July, and one from September of 1997. 48. "Coins of England" Book 36th Edition, 2001. Feel free to cozy up in your jumper on a dreary morning while catching up on your British coin knowledge with this book. Note: It is best enjoyed with a nice hot cuppa. 49. "Coin Collecting Boards of the 1930" Book. This book, written by David W. Lange, is a complete history, catalog, and value guide of coin collecting boards from the 30's and 40's. It is a spiral bound book in mint condition! 50. Lawrence Sekulich American Liberty Note. Made with real gold leaf, copper plate engraving, and watercolor this lovely piece of art was made especially for the YN auction so don't disappoint it's artist! It has the extremely low serial number of 00000003 and is just one of 9! 51. 2006 P/D 2 Roll Nickel Set, Signed by Obverse Designer Jamie Franki. This very special lot contains a sealed box set of 2006 nickels, containing one roll of Philadelphia mint nickels and one roll of Denver mint nickels. The box is still sealed, and has been signed by Jamie Franki. Franki is the United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program's Master Designer and he designed the forward facing portrait of Jefferson. Which is used on circulating nickels starting in 2006 and continuing today. This is a very rare and very special collectible.

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52. Phoenicia, Arados 1/12 Stater (Obol) c. 400-350 B.C., Melqart or Dagon obv., Galley in waves rev. This pristine obol is well struck and features sharp details and relief. A solid coin for any ancient collector this coin also features a classic Phoenician galley once used to spread everything from purple dyes to the alphabet. 53. Louis Braille 2009-P Commemorative. This amazing coin has been graded by PCGS at MS-69. It has a miniscule amount of gold toning on the top of the obverse. 54. Two Token Books. Did you miss your chance at the book sale? Add these two excellent resources to your library! "Hard Times Tokens" by Russell Rulau & "Standard Catalog of United States Coins and Tokens 1940" by Wayte Raymond. 55. 2007 ANA National Money Show Medal. This medal was minted for the 2007 ANA National Money Show held in Charlotte, NC. The medal is struck in bronze and measures 2.75" in diameter. The coin was designed by Jamie Franki, and the medal is still sealed in the original box. Franki has signed the box containing the medal. 56. Chris Madden Original Signed Painting of Ron Landis. This lot contains an original canvas painting of numismatic legend Ron Landis, painted by Christopher Madden. Madden is a longtime engraver for the U.S. Treasury and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. He is responsible for many engraved pictorial elements on circulating U.S. Currency and postage stamps. Aside from having his work featured on the money in our pockets and the stamps on our mail, Madden has also had his work displayed in the Smithsonian, in addition to other esteemed art galleries. Ron Landis, well known for his skills as a hobo nickel carver, is featured in full cover playing a guitar. This is a extremely special work of art, fit for the walls of any numismatist's office. 57. Hobo Nickel. Hobo nickel carved by Ron Landis and dated 2013. The inscription reads: Coin Camp 2013 A.N.A. This sample "Hat and Beard" hobo was created as a demonstration in the Advanced Hobo Nickel Carving class here on campus.

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58. Iowa State Commemorative Quarter, Signed by Dr. Brian E. Fanton. If you love corn and you love coins, this is the coin for you. Signed by legendary numismatist Dr. Brian Fanton, this brilliant uncirculated quarter depicting Iowa, a state known for its agricultural bounty, combines the best of both worlds. 59. 150 Miscellaneous Buffalo Nickels. Coming all the way from Philadelphia and straight to your pocket, this is the perfect coin project for you.  All coins are in great condition and perfect for rummaging and hobo nickel carving. 60. Surprise Lot. Be prepared for a surprise from Tiny! 61. 1925 Lexington and Concord Commemorative Half Dollar and an 1893 Columbian Expo. Half Dollar. The perfect Commemorative starter kit. Experience the Revolution, sail with Columbus, hold history! Both coins are in protective plastic cases and in AU + and MS condition respectively. 62. 100 Years of U.S. Dollars Collection. This lot features a great place to start a type set, or a fine-looking addition for a more experienced collector. This set has it all: a 1921 Morgan; 1923 Peace; 1971 Eisenhower; 1999 Susan B. Anthony; 2000 Sacagawea and even a stunning 2000 Silver Eagle. Every coin in the group comes encased in plastic and are all AU condition or better. 63. 2014 Chicago World. This lot is a piece of concept artwork featuring the medal design for the 2014 World's Fair of Money in Chicago. This was the first of many sketches and drawings created from the ANA, exploring the four stars on the Chicago City flag. This design will serve to inform Jamie Franki's process toward the official 2014 Chicago WFOM medal. 64. 1999 Platinum Edition State Quarters and 2000 Gold Edition State Quarters. This is your opportunity to own pure, 24 K Gold and beautiful platinum. This set contains the now historic first two years of the State Quarters series plated in pure Gold and Platinum.

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65. 1970 Uncirculated Mint Set. This lot contains two of every coin from one cent to fifty cents (one from both Denver and Philadelphia), excluding the half dollar in which there is only a Denver minted coin. The 1970 D Kennedy Half Dollar in this set is the last year of the 40% silver variety. 66. 1935 A Hawaii Emergency $1 Silver Certificate. A brown seal $1 silver certificate stamped with "Hawaii" which were issued during World War II after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It is in fairly nice condition, and definitely a piece of Hawaii history that is something to remember. 67. 1985 British Proof Set. 7-coin proof set of superb quality! It is in its original red Royal Mint case. 68. Three Albums of U.S. Stamps and Gold Stamp Replicas. Satisfy your philatelic side with these first day of issue stamps from 1990-1996 with 22 carat gold proof replicas and information certificates, housed in three premium binders. 69. Collection of Replica Gold Coins. This lot includes 9 replicas of various U.S. gold coins including a replica Panama-Pacific Exposition $50 coin (round). Note: These coins are not pure gold, but shine with the splendor of the Chrysler building! 70. Frank Gasparro letterhead signed by Frank Gasparro. Here we have a short note of wishes to Jon Allan II signed by Frank Gasparro himself. The letterhead has his name, too. The paper is still crisp and safely encapsulated along with a 1964-D cent, featuring his design of the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse. 71. Arethusa: A Beautiful Portrait of a Beautiful Nymph. The myth of Arethusa goes something like this, a nymph named Arethusa was bathing in a river and the nature god, Pan, began chasing her; she prayed to the gods to save her and was thence turned into a fountain.  The portrait is beautifully made and includes a brief description of the origin of the myth from Syracuse.  If you’re into art, and you’re into coins, this is the bid for you. 

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72. Two Lire, Victor Emmanuel III. The last king of Italy would like to join your collection of Italian coins. So saddle up and bid heavy if you're into the Italian coins. 73. Wood carving kit. Already an expert Hobo Nickel carver? Start a new trend by making some Hobo Wooden Nickels. 74. The Ancient Egyptian Scarab book. This pocket sized book, written and printed by Thomas Elder in the early 20th century, tells the fascinating history of the scarab beetle and its history in Ancient Egyptian life and culture. 75. Chile Error Coin. This Chilean 50 Pesos error coin is interesting to say the least! With Chile misspelled on the obverse as CHIIE instead of CHILE, this error cost several people, including the Chilean mint director, his job. Add this scarce error coin to your collection. 76. Curtiss-Wright Corporation-Airplane Division Medal. Are you a medal collector? Are you a military or WWII token collector? Then this is the bid for you!! Not only is this token beautifully toned, and it has amazing detail. No medal collector could possibly pass this item up! 77. 1964 Gold Toned Kennedy Half Dollar. This "Naturally Toned" Kennedy half dollar has been sitting in an album for many years. Beautiful coin for the electric collector. 78. Coin Books. As the saying goes "Buy the book before the coin." Now is your chance to own vintage editions of the 2005 Official Black book Price Guide to United States Paper Money, A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars, and a rare *unsigned* edition of the 2006 Red Book. 79. World Note Mega Lot. Here's the jump start to any world currency collection. Included are over 283 notes in mixed grades ranging from the lowest circulated grades to mint issued uncirculated!

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80. Two Coin Collages. Tired of plain and boring wall decor? These two handmade coin collages by esteemed YN artist, Zach Lauer, are encased in nice frames will liven up your wall, and are sure to make all of your neighbors jealous. 81. Shredded Paper Money. Ever feel short on stuffing for your pillow? Now you can have rich people problems and stuff your pillows full of money!! Shredded nonmonetized money that is... Or if you're simply looking for a nice money themed novelty item, this is without a doubt a great buy. 82. MPC Books. Add two wonderful books to your collection including "World War II Military Currency" by C. Frederick Schwan and Joseph E. Boling & "Military Payment Certificates" also by Fred Schwan. 83. ANA Centennial History Books. This two volume set of ANA Centennial History books catalog the entire history of the ANA through 1990. Volume one goes from 1888-1955, while volume two goes from 1956-1990. Two excellent books written by a renowned numismatic scholar, Mr. Q. David Bowers. 84. "Military Payment Certificates" (Schwan) & "Prisoner of War & Concentration Camp Money" (Campbell.) This dual book lot is the perfect set for any military collector. These two books detail the major types of military certificates and various POW and Concentration Camp money respectively. 85. Lot of Modern Errors. This lot contains a 1968-D Lincoln error clip, a 1964-D Jefferson Nickel error clip, a 1978-D Roosevelt dime error clip, a 1968-D Washington quarter error clip and a 1963 Washington Quarter. 86. Complete Set of Lincoln Cents 1941-1975. Needing to complete your set of Lincoln cents? Get a huge chunk of it done right now, because we have a complete collection book with a cent from every mint. A set this complete is hard to come by, so why wait? Bid now! 87. A Don Berry Creation " The One and Only Potty Hobo Nickel." When you gotta go, you gotta go, so why keep waiting? Make this hilarious 1937 toilet coin yours today.

Page 15 2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

88. 2013 1 Ounce Silver Panda. This Silver Panda is stunningly beautiful and almost flawless. 89. Newly Released Numismatic Literature. Hot off the press! This brand new signed book entitled "Cash in Your Coins, Selling the Rare Coins You Inherited" by former Coin World editor, Beth Diesher, has only been published for one week. 90. Sealed ANS Envelope. Rare sealed envelope sent from the American Numismatic Society (ANS) in New York City to the famous American numismatist Virgil Brand dated 1914. It features the ANS motto "Parva Ne Pereant" ("Let not the small things perish"). Virgil Brand (1862-1926) assembled one of the greatest collections of US, world, and ancient coins. 91. Two Signed Works of Numismatic Literature. "Confederate and Southern States Bonds," by Grover C. Criswell, and "A History of Bermuda and Its Paper Money" by Nelson Page Aspen. 92. Error Coins. These error coins are absolutely marvelous. It includes 3 Post '64 clip errors and a 1942 nickel with a lamination error as well. 93. Renaissance Festival Medal. This 2012 Texas Renaissance Festival bronze medal was made in the Ron Landis drop hammer press. The reverse of the medal was designed by Rick Ewing. This medal will be an interesting comparison to any other medal you've seen before! 94. Two Cents for Your Thoughts. This lot features a 1920 Canadian Cent and the other is a 1908 Indian Cent. 95. "Studies on Money in Early America" book. Produced by the American Numismatic Society in America's bicentennial year, this book includes in-depth descriptions of coins produced in America's early days. This hard cover book is overflowing with knowledge that just can't get into your brain through osmosis. You must read this book!

2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction Page 16

96. Love Token. This love token was engraved on the reverse of an 1857 seated liberty dime. Engraved on the coin is the word MAMA. Even though mothers day just passed, this love token will make a nice gift for ANY mother!! 97. 1937-D Buffalo Nickel. Graded MS65 by NGC, this coin has superior luster with golden hue and pinkish tones on the high points of the reverse. This coin is in an old "Fatty" NGC holder! 98. Mercury Dime and V-Nickel. 1883 V nickel that has no cents but still a very magnificent coin. This 1937 Mercury Dime has been flying all around for over 76 years and would like to land into your collection. 99. Concentration Camp Scrip. This lot contains one example of each scrip issued by the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp, formerly located in the northwestern region of the Czech Republic. Scrip denominations include: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 Kronen. 100. 2008-S Proof Sacagawea Dollar and 1973-D Eisenhower Dollar. Sacagawea has traveled all over and would like to take a nap at your place for a little while. If you would be so kind to help her out, it would be greatly appreciated. Eisenhower has also had it rough these last few years and he'll gladly pay rent to take up some space in your vault. 101. AE Constantine I Follis. Coins in condition as fabulous as this are hard to come by at best. But there's one right here at this auction and it could be yours to keep. 102. Confederate and North American Currency Books. Books on currency are the focus of this auction lot. Topics include a book on Confederate and Southern States Currency, as well as a book on North American Currency, both authored by Grover C. Criswell. Great books to enhance your knowledge on paper currency. 103. 1973 Gasoline Ration Coupons. With blocks A and C, you can load up your tank of gas and go for just a few miles with these gasoline ration coupons. Since gas is quickly on the rise, these coupons can definitely help you out.

Page 17 2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

104. Barber Coin Collection featuring Wooden Box. This is a beautifully toned collection of Barbers, a 1906 V nickel, and an Indian head penny. They all come with a delightful wooden box, perfect for displaying on your nightstand or mantle. 105. Canadian Numismatic Bibliography. This lot contains a classic example of a numismatic bibliography on Canadian coins and Medals, written by Mr. R.W. McLachlan. 106. Festive Currency Wreath. Show your passion for numismatics during the winter months with this festive wreath made out of shredded US Currency. This is better than mistletoe for any numismatist! 107. Yellow Aster Mining and Milling Co. and Military Checks. An unusual but unique batch of items in the auction this year, a group of checks. These checks are particularly interesting considering the peculiar design on the Yellow Aster Mining and Milling Co. and the fact that the others are specifically made for military use. Definitely a find that does not come up often. 108. ANA Collector Currency Lot. This lot of eight ANA bills all have the latest security features and will definitely impress. 109. The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century, by R. Dalton and S. H. Hamer. If you're looking for a token book on British coins, and feel you've run out of luck, fortune has smiled upon you today, because this may be just what you're looking for, because this book is just about every early token collector's dream. 110. MPC Book & E.A. Wright Bank Note Company Book. This lot contains 2 books by Fred Schwan. Book 1 is titled " Comprehensive Catalog of Military Payment Certificates, while book 2 is titled " The Paper Money of the E.A. Wright Bank Note Company. Both books are very interesting and will provide the winning bidder with hours of reading material as well as lifelong knowledge within aforementioned areas.

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111. Lot of Twelve Packets of State Credit Notes from the Czarist Russian Empire and Germany. With dates ranging from 1898 to 1915, this lot has nine packets of Russian state credit notes with five notes per packet. Also, this lot contains three more packets of German notes from 1910 to 1945 with five notes per packet. This would be a great lot to donate to twelve of your favorite YN's. 112. Buffalo Nickel Soap and Soap Dish. Ornate small silver dish with detailed buffalo nickel base including designed hand-soap. The hand soap is designed as a replica of the nickel itself. Don't let this one slip away! 113. 1958-D Quarter. If there's any quarter that needs a good home, it's this one. It's got absolutely stunning toning and is graded MS66 by NGC. There's no way you can go wrong with this coin. 114. High Profits from Rare Coin Investment book. Learn how to make bank with Q. David Bower's book on how to invest in rare coins. Invest a little money in this book, and soon your wallet will be flooded with cash! 115. 1982 Cardboard Lincoln Cent Scale. Are you tired of having to guess whether your 1982 pennies are copper or zinc? Well now you don't have to, because we have the perfect little scale for you. This scale requires little assembly, and is ideal for sorting your pennies. 116. Numismatic Mistakes Towel. Need something to cry on after your defaced your rare coins? This might just be the thing for you. Not only is it mindbogglingly hilarious, it's also rather soft. You can use this for when you cry about how much you paid for this lot. 117. 1924 Peace Dollar. This well-struck Peace dollar will add bazam to the looks of your collection! Graded MS64 by PCGS, this coin has full detail and a lustrous cartwheel, and will make any coin-addict say "Wowza!" 118. ANA Silver Medal Proof. Love the ANA? Well show your love by bidding on this ANA Silver Proof Medal. It has lovely toning, was minted at the Franklin mint and is limited edition!

Page 19 2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

119. Sweepings from the Great Lakes Bank Note Co. - Attention MPC Festers. This is a lot of material swept up from the Great Lake Bank Note Co., the group responsible for producing the MPC Allied Fest bank notes. At the end of each Fest, all bank notes related to that Fest were shredded. Here is a chance to own a small hoard that may contain rare MPCs! 120. New ANA Grading Standards 6th Edition. Edited by Ken Bressett, this grading standards book is the book you may just have been looking for. So make sure you don't miss out on getting this grading standards book, holding its high grade. 121. Nearly Complete Collection of Canadian Five Cents (1922-1967). Jump right into Canada with this beautiful set of five cent pieces. This set is only missing 1925 and the 1926 far 6 variety. They did all the work for you, just pull out your wallet and enjoy. 122. Replica: Souvenir Type Set of California Gold Tokens. Gold Prices too high for you right now? This may be the perfect thing for you. These replicas of California gold tokens may be just the thing you might want to keep on your nightstand. 123. Fractional Currency Collectors Board. Includes: 1. A year "youth membership" to FCCB (under 18). 2. A reprint of Friedburg's Encyclopedia of Fractional Currency. 3. Two fractional currency souvenir sheets 4. Rob Kravit's 2013 book: Collector's Guide to Postage and Fractional Currency. 124. SS Republic Recovered Bottle. This antique bottle includes its own stand and a certificate of authenticity. It was recovered from the wreckage of the SS Republic and is remarkably cool. There is no way you can let this item go without a fight. 125. Tim Prusmack 2003 ANA Summer Seminar Note. A beautiful Tim Prusmack (1962-2004) limited edition note, signed by the artist. This $1000 Fantasy note is numbered 99 of 250, and dated for the 2003 ANA summer seminar. A great piece from the "Bureau, Engraving & Prusmack."

2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction Page 20

126. Cripple Creek Money Memorabilia. Are you from around here in Colorado Springs? Then you may want to check out these two items. One is a stock certificate from the Gold Mining Corp. Operations based in Cripple Creek. The other is a casino chip from the Imperial Casino also based in Cripple Creek. 127. Vintage ANA T-shirt. Try this one on for size (ha ha). This ANA embroidered tshirt, once owned by former President and Executive Director Ken Hallenbeck, is bound to fit any numismatist and (although probably not in this auction) budget! 128. 1910 George Meade Medal. Are you big on military medals? Then you will fall in love with this George Meade Commemorative medal. While this medal was made long after Meade's death, this medal is still extremely cool and very collectable. So make sure you bid now. 129. Ken Bressett Roast Button. Support the YNs! Buy this button today, You will be the coolest guy at the show when they see you sporting this amazing Button! 130. 2009 First Series Lincoln Bicentennial Cents. If you need some extra cents or planchets, or both for your Lincoln cent collection, then don't miss out and make sure you acquire these amazing mint state sets of bicentennial Lincolns. 131. Currency Club of Chester County Souvenir Cards. Souvenir card collectors rejoice! This lot contains ten different souvenir cards from the Currency Club of Chester County, from the period of 1981 to 2011. Many of these cards are produced by Mike Bean, as well as other printing companies. 132. PCGS 1951 Proof Set (half dollar not included). This 1951 proof set gleams like the... well, any other proof set. But! each of these coins has some pleasing golden brown toning. The nickel especially exhibits this, as the obverse has a nice golden tinge. 133. San Francisco ANA medal. This brilliant medal is still in its packaging and depicts the history of San Francisco on one circular face. Presented to exhibitors and judges at the ANA's 2005 convention. This medal is in marvelous condition and would be terrific addition to anyone’s medal collection.

Page 21 2013 Summer Seminar - Session 2 - YN Benefit Auction

134. An Assortment of Sauces and Oils. Here today we have: 3 bottles of olive oil, 1 bottle of balsamic vinegar, 1 bottle of dipping oil, 3 bottles of various dipping oils, and 3 marinades. All of this would make a delicious snack, or improve your next dinner. You never know all this could be great to rainbow tone some Morgans! 135. Miscellaneous Three Pence Lot. Long live(d) the British Empire, upon which the sun never set. This lot includes 20 three pence coins from Great Britain and 14 three pence coins from South African. These coins come from the period of the reigns of Edward VII through Elizabeth II. 136. A Farewell to the Canadian Cent Poster. This poster looks great, it has a brief description of the history of the Canadian cent and the actions to get rid of them. Who knows, the US cent could be next! 137. Lots and Lots of Chili Beans - Courtesy of Frat House YNs Inc. Enjoy 6 pounds 8 ounces of glorious chili with beans! Oh, and "meat" too.


We would like to thank the following donors for making the 2013 Session Two YN Auction possible.
The Young Numismatists appreciate your incredible generosity!
Mary Noreen Lannin Don Berry Zachary Lauer Joseph Boling Larry Lemaster Steve Carr Peter Levin Justin Channels; Wine Country Kitchens Andy Lustig Daniel “Tiny” Cross Chuck Madden Currency Club of Chester County Michael McCabe Jay L. DeBoer Jeff Meister Jack E. Denton John Nebel Douglas Edward Ehrhardt Nilus Ancient Coins David and Eva Elliott Gary A. Parsons Rick Ewing Daniel Kirk Pecoraco Brian E. Fanton; BE’s Coins Tyler Roethe Ian David Fenn Renato Schindler Fractional Currency Collectors Board Fred Schwan; Great Lakes Bank Note Co. David H. Frank Larry Schwimmer Jamie Franki; Jamie Franki Studio Lawrence Sekulich William G. Fulton William Shamhart Jr.; Numismatic Rod Gillis; ANA Americana Carroll E. Golden; Rust Rare Coin David Sklow, David Sklow Fine Ken Hallenbeck; Hallenbeck Coin Gallery Numismatic Books Mike Hayes; Elbesaar Numismatics Pam and Dave Stitely Doug Higginbotham; DAL Coins David B. Sunshine Kenneth E. Hopple Warner Talso Ron D. Hull Walter Troutma Charmy Harker Max Tursi Edwin Joseph Johnson; Low Country Michael Valente Coins Kerry Wetterstrom Ron Landis Jeffrey Wullen; Arrowhead Coin and David W. Lange Jewelry

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