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Psychologists were then employed to study these problems to avoid biases. publish the ad. Nystorm as head of the Department of Commercial Research Program. and series of important studies were also conducted by the Department of Commerce. Ayer and Son accidentally conducted a market survey. Weld from Yale University was employed by Swift and Company as a general economist. At that time. L. This means that companies had recognized the need for more business information as basis of sound business management decisions. the merchant families of Fugger and Rothschild prospered in part because their organizations enabled them to get information before their competitors did.W. H. Research techniques where improved during this period not for business but because of its usefulness in . D. Shortly afterwards. and then hope that readers would act upon the information provided. Paul H. creating a national professional organization. In 1937. In June 1915. copywriters would write what they thought an ad should be. The Curits Publishing Company is generally conceived to have formed the first formal business research department with the appointment of Charles Parlin as manager of the Commercial Research Division of the Advertising Department in 1911. to measure markets for agricultural machineries. Serious attention was given to sampling problems in the early part of the 1930s and basic research methods began to emerge in the late 1930s. In 1879. During the Middle Ages. They conducted a crude but formal market survey. and problems on how to frame questions and the interviewer bias were recognized.Marketing Research in the United States: Historical records reveal that there is no written document on the beginning of marketing research as an organized business activity. N. There were business firms in Chicago that specialized in business research in 1932. Duncan published what was considered the first book on commercial research. In 1929. It was during this period that questionnaires or survey instruments were designed. This is about the same time that advertising was introduced in the United States. manufactured by Nicholas-Spepard Company. the Federal Government of the United States conducted the first census of distribution. the American Business Association is established. The practice of research in the field of business was not widely used until 1930s. C. the United States Rubber Company appointed Dr.S. and the publication of the first two books which are useful in business research. Dr. in 1917. Dr. The idea of marketing research was developed in the late 1920’s by a man named Daniel Starch.

extensive wartime programs of the government (World War II). The A. over two hundred marketing research firms had been established in the United States. By 1948. businessmen began switching from the selling orientation to the modern concept of business. Since then. 2009 . After World War II. With these data.C. its sales volume has increased every year. started its activities in 1934. many marketing research firms were established and the business boomed. Nielsen Company. reputedly the largest marketing research business firm in the world. Sources: “Principles of Marketing” by Samuel Mejia Salvador and Ellinor Fua-Geronimo. the field of marketing research could be considered “a growth industry”. The real growth of marketing research occurred when business firms found out that they could no longer sell all that they produce. And so.

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