2012: CELESTIAL ECLIPSES The Solar & Lunar Eclipses in the Constellations

DATE Nov 25 2011 May 20 2012 Nov 13 2012 TIME 06:21:24 23:53:53 22:12:55 TYPE Partial Annular Total

The purpose of this chart is to ascertain the coming Solar & Lunar Eclipses for 2012. A timeline will be used to plot the Eclipses, Solar & Lunar. The Eclipses will be diagramed against the corresponding constellations they will occur in. A LUNAR ECLIPSES 2011-2012 day-count will be given to measure the time between key dates for 2012. There are many anticipated speculations for the DATE TIME TYPE year 2012; many are from esoteric, political, spiritual & prophetic interpretations. The significance of Dec 21, 2012 is Dec 10 2011 14:32:56 Total (T) subject to on-going dispute & interpretation. FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY NO PREDICTIONS ARE MADE.
Jun 04 2012 Nov 28 2012 11:04:20 14:34:07

Partial (P) Penumbral (Pe)

- There are 4 Solar Eclipses starting from Nov 25 till Dec 21, 2012. The Dec 24, 2011 & the Dec 12, 2012 are not eclipses after all. Updated Dec 13, 2011. - There are exactly 178 days from the Nov 25, 2011 Partial Eclipse to the Nov 13, 2012 Total Solar Eclipse. 29 days are between the Nov to Dec Eclipses. - The Annular Eclipse of May 20, 2012 is exactly 60 days after the Spring Equinox. It will be in conjunction to the Pleiades –related to Mayan-Venus eschatology. - The Lunar Eclipses are 14 & 15 days apart from the corresponding Solar Eclipses, given the dates noted on the timeline. - From the Dec 10, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse to the June 4, 2012 Partial Lunar Eclipse is also exactly 178 Days apart, as it is also to the one on Nov 28, 2012 .




Our Sun/Solar System is edging through the Galaxy. On Dec 21, 2012 the Sun will appear to rise into or near the part of sky we refer to as the Galactic Centre or Nuclear Bulge of our Milky Way Galaxy. It is believed that is the location of the supermassive Black Hole that rotates at the center of the Galaxy.


The appearance of the Sun rising on Dec 21, 2012 is not a particularly unique event. The phenomena can be observed every Winter Solstice. The only interesting aspect of this 2012 year is that the sun will appear to enter the Dark Rift. When this happens, it is considered to have reached & enter a sort of “Re-birth” process.


Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun

Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

The Enemy defeated w/ death blow to heart

The Hero secured Crown from Enemy

Wounded Shepherd King (Auriga) coming for Maidens

The Judgment is coming upon the Enemy, totally

As the Serpent is cast down, he ascend to power

= Total Solar Eclipse = Annular Eclipse = Partial Eclipse = Lunar Eclipse = Equinox (Solstices Green)
http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/solar.html Sun, Moon, Planets not to scale. © Graphics & Composition by:
Luis B. Vega vegapost@hotmail.com

Dec 21, 2012 will witness several conjunctions. You will have the Winter Solstice, our Sun entering the center region of the Galactic Equator (Equator of the Milky Way, see below) & nearly all the planets in conjunction. It will come to pass at exactly 11:11 am GMT. MILKY WAY
- 100K LY across - Nucleus - Central Bulge - Disk - Our Sun 25k LY Sun to Center
LY = Light Year 8 min for light from Sun to reach Earth

EQUINOXES: Spring Mar 20 Sum Jun 21 Fall Sep 22 Winter Dec 21

Aquarius Taurus Leo Scorpio

SOLAR ECLIPSE: A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. LUNAR ECLIPSE: A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes behind the earth so as to block the Sun's rays from striking the moon.

While the Earth travels around the our Sun, our Solar System travels around the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Solar System goes up & down the width in a Sine Wave Pattern. It so happens that on Dec 20, 2012 the Earth/Solar System will reach the center region.

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