Alexander [JOLEAF] Jolliffe

Animator, Director, Writer and Layout Artist., 07853885348

Professional Experience


SOFTWARE: Adobe Flash, Toonboom Animate Pro, Photoshop, Indesign, Manga Studio Pro. Sophia Ballerina (Channel 4) August 2010. Animation for Egg Toons, commissioned by Channel Four for Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights. Animated in Flash. The Approximate History of maths. (BBC) April 2012. Produced by The Brothers Mcleod for BBC Scotland. It was a documentary aimed at GCSE students to help make maths more accessable. See link I worked as the layout artist, colouring and animation fixes. Laying out an hours worth of animation in two months. Animated in Flash. ADHD (London School of Economics) June 2012. Produced by The Brothers Mcleod I worked as a layout artist and designer on this project. I designed most of the 60 or so characters for this documentry and all of the backgrounds. Zeds App (Chunk, Channel 4 and The Brothers McCleod) November 2012 I worked on this game in the development stage. Setting up and rigging the main characters. Designing hazards and animating baddies. I was sadly taken off this project when my job in India was confirmed as I was needed to make the History of Maths web comic. As apart from my bosses I was the only other person who had worked on the entire show. History Of Maths Web Comic (BBC) December 2012 A follow up to the documentry. I averaged a 15 page issue every two days. Akkroo Online Promo (Higgs Design) December 2012. An online advert that contains a mixture of animation and live action video. Unbox Festival (Brittish Council) January 2013. Ther Brittish Council sent me to New Delhi, India to make a short film expaining the politcal system of India. I spent six weeks there animating and fell a bit in love with Delhi. Head of Animation Moderation at Shooting People May 2013 This is a role I volenteer to do. For something that takes up so little of my time, It keeps me in the loop with the film’s and gets me passes to amazing events.


Leading 2D rendering on a very ambitious film for Skyarts with my good friend Drew Roper of Yamination Studios. As well as colour and shadow rendering I have recived training from an ex animator of scooby doo. I have also lent a small amount of my time to assist on the amazing Dice Productions new short for Channel Fours Random acts, titled Don’t Fear Death. It should be on air in the coming weeks. Education University College Falmouth Digital Animation BA Hons 2011

Here is some piece’s of illustration from over the years. Ranging from personal work to commercial. I love colour and using texture to portray the world in which we live and worlds that exist in our minds.

This was the wedding invite I made for my cousins wedding. i know it’s not common place to put work done for family in your portfolio but i think this piece shows a different side to what i can do.

Here is a logo I design for Meres and Mosses nature reserve in Shropshire.

Graphical Illustration

This Is an Illustration I did for the Fishermans Association Of Nigeria. Typographical design was done by Sixth story.

Below Is a vectored Illustration of the Lyca mobile logo. It was for company key rings.

This Picture is called “Yes Boss.” It was made using a mixture of photography and illustration.

I did this picture at AS but I still rather fond of it. It also has a typically AS title “Laundrette”.

These are some stills from my student film. It was never finished and never will be. I earnt a valuable lesson. Don’t photo texture everything when you only have two animators, including yourself.

These are a selection of the character turn arounds for Barista. The way these models work, the body is animated frame by frame whilst the heads are fully rigged in eight positions. The girl Alice and the guy Tim have a full set of smiling and nutural phonomes in two positions (front on and three quarter). The background characters are drawn as stickmen as they are not important to the story. The audience need bare no intrest in them. One thing trying this out taught me is that the simpler the charcater the more an audience will engage with them. The stickmen ended up stealing the stage.

This is the short film I am currently working on tittled First Kiss. It’s a dark comedy about how intense love can blind you to your serroundings or put frankly it’s about a couple having their first kis in a dubstep night club.


These are just a handful of the 50 or so characters I designed and rigged. It was a short documentry explain what ADHD was and how to deal with it.

I had to dig deep down in to an old hard drive to find these gems. To your left is the very first piece of animation I ever made. Yes it’s Link from the legend of Zelda riding along on Epona then above is a still from a small animation I did around the same time of my old electro jazz band thats me in the green on bass.


This is what the majority of my freelance work consists of. Companies often don’t have the budget to pay a whole team of animators to make there promotional videos so I developed this style that I can comfortably animate 45 secounds give or take a day. I also find using simple imagery is the best way to explain complicated subject matter. For example how the Indian Political system works or different ways of running a buiness. With the human character rigs, the legs are rigged with full bends , the hands move freely and the face’s have no mouths partly so they can easily be translated, partly becuase lip sink takes time.

The Approximate History of Maths Comic
It began as an hour long documentry that I worked on which then recieved further funding from the BBC to become a web comic. Here are some examples. The comic was made in Manga Studio Pro.



Apptly I’m writting this section at 4am as I can’t sleep. Yes this game is all about sleep, it measures your sleeping patterns and when you come to play the game the next day your quality of sleep is reflected in the difficulty of the game. It’s honestly a great game! I’m proud to have involvement in it. The main thing I learnt from this experiance is how to structure files so that they are easy to navigate for the developers. Lucky it’s very simular to how you stucture scenes as a layout artist when working with multiple animators. a whole team have to understand what’s happening in the file formating at a glance. This is something I would really love to get my teeth into! Design elements and characters for this game where a complete joy as I had to be whacky! Playing on the theme of bed time monsters, pyjamas and childrens dreams.

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