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Safe and Reliable Network Connectivity Engineered for Hazardous Oil & Gas Locations

Safety Availability Reliability Durability

Class I Div. 2, ATEX Zone 2, IECEx, maritime approval Unrivaled network redundancy solutions Industrial-grade design with wide temperature operation Conformal coating, high MTBF, 5-year warranty

Manageability Topology visualization, auto configuration, SCADA integration, easy troubleshooting

Maximizing Synergy between Industrial Automation and Ethernet Networks for the Oil and Gas Industry
Oil and gas are still indispensible fuels for the global economy, and exploring for new sources of oil and gas remains a lucrative and attractive endeavor. New oil platforms, rigs, and pipelines are constantly being constructed to meet the demand for oil, with a corresponding growth in the number of factories and control centers used to process and manage crude oil. To maximize efficiency and safety, these systems are becoming more integrated, but unfortunately, the traditional SCADA systems used by the oil and gas industry are difficult to integrate because they are highly independent and have limited connectivity to other systems. This limitation will need to be overcome as oil facilities grow more complex, and safety and reliability grow ever more important. Moxas complete range of industrial networking, monitoring, and computing products are engineered for harsh mission-critical environments, and provide the reliability, flexibility, and safety needed to maintain and operate oil and gas facilities.

Achieve Operational Excellence Through:

Improved Flexibility
Ethernet technology greatly expands data transmission boundaries, allowing data to be accessed from anywhere to achieve live monitoring of remote sites and realtime response to emergencies. Ethernet significantly enhances the flexibility and availability of data for SCADA systems as well as their suitability for being integrated with other networking devices, which is why it is a highly cost-effective and efficient technology. Moxa provides a wide array of industrialgrade products, including industrial Ethernet switches, fiber media converters, industrial secure routers, industrial wireless Ethernet products, industrial Ethernet gateways, serial device servers, RTU controllers and remote I/O devices, IP cameras, and industrial computing solutions. A variety of interface solutions such as fiber, copper, SFP, PoE, wireless, and serial, and bandwidth options from 10/100 Mbps to 10 Gbps, are available for your applications.

Added Safety
Safety is a top priority of the oil and gas industry, so on-site and off-site equipment must all be held to the highest standards. Devices must meet many different safety standards to ensure they can resist damage from corrosion and vibration, and to ensure continuous, reliable operation in hazardous environments. Moxas products have passed a variety of certifications specially developed for oil and gas facilities, including UL/cUL C1D2, ATEX Zone 2, IECEx, and DNV/ABS/LR/NK/GL. Apart from environmental approvals, Moxas high performance industrial secure routers enable secure VPN network access and critical device protection from unauthorized remote connections. In addition, Moxas wired and wireless Ethernet products support a number of security standards, including 802.1X, HTTPS, and SSL.

Increased Availability
Unexpected system downtime and failure to respond in real time can cause significant damage to oil and gas facilities, threatening assets and even lives. For this reason, it is highly important to keep systems functional at all times, even during emergency situations. Moxas industrial Ethernet switches and wireless AP/bridge/client products support redundancy features to ensure that communication systems are always available and can respond in real time. With Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain (recovery time < 20 ms), and dual radio and Turbo Roaming for redundancy, Moxa products ensure maximum LAN and wireless LAN network uptime and guarantee millisecond-level recovery. Moxas products also support dual, redundant power inputs, helping ensure system availability.

Comprehensive Coverage of Industrial Networking, Monitoring, and Computing Solutions

Industrial Ethernet Industrial Wireless

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Industrial Media Converters

Industrial Secure Routers

Industrial Network Management Software

Industrial Ethernet Gateways

Industrial Wireless AP/Bridge/Clients

Industrial Cellular IP Gateways


Onshore Pump Stations Pipelines

Enhanced Reliability
A rugged design is essential for equipment used in oil and gas facilities since the environments in such facilities are extremely harsh. For this reason, the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, temperature changes, vibration, and external damage such as chemical corrosion is a must. Many Moxa products have an IP30/54/66/67/68 robust metal housing, wide temperature tolerance, vibration proofing, and optional conformal coating for erosion resistance, making them suitable for tough industrial environments. They also have other heavy-duty industrial-grade features, including relay output warnings, a higher MTBF, high EMC resistance, and EMI noise immunity.

Easier Management
Managing large-scale and geographically distributed oil and gas facilities is extremely difficult. In addition, to achieve the highest level of security in these types of unmanned sites, operators must be able to monitor and control remote sites anytime, and from anywhere. Moxa provides a number of easy-to-use software solutions for real-time remote network management: MXview industrial network management software; MGate manager; Active OPC server and DA-Center remote automation software; SoftNVR-IA IP surveillance software; RCore ready-to-run computing software. In addition, many of Moxas software solutions work seamlessly with industrial systems by supporting OPC server functionality for communicating directly with SCADA systems and HMIs, and Moxas Modbus TCP, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP compatible network devices can be monitored directly by SCADA systems and HMIs for real-time network monitoring.

Oil Refining

Serial Connectivity

Remote Automation

IP Surveillance

Industrial Computing

Serial-to-Ethernet Device Servers

RTU Controllers and Remote I/O Devices

IP Video Surveillance Solutions

Panel Computers

Embedded Computers

Application Solutions Upstream: Offshore Production


Optimizing Network Communication for Offshore Oil Drilling Control Systems

Oil & gas communications networks are mission critical, but often must be deployed at offshore oil fields in an environment with severe hazards and challenges. To successfully monitor a drilling platform remotely, the entire infrastructure needs to be extremely reliable and available. In addition to redundant wired or wireless network systems with failover capability, the network equipment must comply with industrial standards that certify its ability to operate in an environment with varying temperatures, corrosion, and vibration.



Network Requirements
n A scalable, high-performance 10GbE industrial Ethernet backbone to support SCADA, DCS, ESD, F&G control, and safeguarding systems for integrated remote control and monitoring in real time, to increase the safety of each platform. n Continuous data acquisition and IP surveillance monitoring for the process control system through highly reliable and costeffective Ethernet LAN and WLAN connectivity from the oil platform to onshore operation center. n A high level of network redundancy to maximize availability. n Highly reliable network equipment that can withstand harsh marine conditions and provide many years of trouble-free operation. n Flexible, reliable wireless communication such as IEEE 802.11a/b/g technology between vessels, floating rigs, and fixed platform rigs, to deliver greater availability at lower deployment costs.

Highlighted Products The Host Platform

1 EDR-G903

Moxa Solutions
n Moxa offers highly secure, robust, and available network solutions tailored for offshore data collection, including a full suite of industrial L3/L2 Ethernet switches, industrial wireless Ethernet products, industrial secure routers, zone 2 panel PCs, embedded computers, IP video products, RTU controllers and remote I/O devices, and serial-to-Ethernet device servers. n For maximum connection flexibility, Moxas industrial Ethernet switches support 10/100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 10 Gbps speeds with modules available with copper, fiber, and SFP ports. n Moxas Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain redundant technologies enable an integrated, hassle-free network with 20 ms fast recovery for both control and field networks. n Moxa products support an extended operating temperature range, robust housing, fanless operation, long-distance and EMI-immune fiber connections, surge protection, and redundant power inputs to guarantee top performance over a long lifetime. n Many of Moxas products have achieved UL/cUL Class I Division 2, ATEX Zone 2, IECEx, and DNV/GL/ABS/LR/ NK certification for use in marine settings or hazardous environments containing volatile flammable liquids and gases. n Moxas wireless Ethernet solutions have become the infrastructure of choice for offshore oil & gas applications due to their rugged industrial design, advances in security protection, and innovative dual-radio Turbo Roaming technology that optimizes bandwidth and redundancy.
2 ICS-G7828

Industrial Gigabit VPN/Firewall/NAT Secure Router Gigabit combo RJ45/SFP port for 1 WAN, 1 LAN, and 1 user-configurable WAN/DMZ interface Dual WANs for reliable connection redundancy or load sharing Easy-to-use firewall setting functionality 24G+4 10GbE-port Layer 3 Full Gigabit Ethernet Switch Layer 3 routing interconnects multiple LAN segments Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain (recovery time < 20 ms) for Ethernet redundancy Isolated redundant power with universal 110/220 VAC power inputs 7+3G-port Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch 2 Gigabit ports for redundant ring and 1 Gigabit port for uplink Long distance fiber transmission of up to 120 km -40 to 75C operating temperature range IEEE 802.11a/b/g Outdoor Dual-Radio Wireless AP/Bridge/Client Zero packet loss via concurrent dual-radio redundancy Millisecond-level Turbo Roaming Long-distance data transfer up to 10 km Dual DC power inputs and PoE for easy deployment

3 EDS-510A

4 AWK-6222

4 2 13 11 5


5 EXPC-1319

Fanless Rugged Zone 2 Panel Computer with 1000NITbrightness brightness Readable in sunlight with1000NIT Fanless design with a wide -20 to 60C or -40 to 60C (with heater) operating temperature range Self-diagnostic software enhancements improve reliability and predictability Fanless Rugged Zone 2 DIN-Rail Computer Built-in VPN/firewall features Self-diagnostic software enhancements improve reliability and predictability -35 to 70C operating temperature range -40 to 75C operating temperature without heater or cooling fan 1280 x 720 resolution with DNR/BLC/WDR Up to 3 independent video streams (2 x H.264, 1 x MJPEG)

Floating Rigs and Carrier Monitoring

10 EDS-408A

8-port Managed Ethernet Switch Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain (recovery time < 20 ms) for Ethernet redundancy IPv6, Modbus/TCP, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, LLDP, SNMP inform, IGMP, QoS, and VLAN -40 to 75C operating temperature range Advanced PoE management functions (EDS-P506A-4PoE) IEEE 802.11a/b/g Outdoor Single Radio Wireless AP/Bridge/Client Multi-SSID,VLAN, QoS support Millisecond-level Turbo Roaming Long-distance data transfer up to 10 km IP68-rated metal housing, dual DC power, and PoE 1-ch H.264/MJPEG Video Encoder 1-ch MPEG4/MJPEG Video Encoder Up to 30 FPS at full D1 (720x480) resolution Video latency under 200 ms (VPort 461) OnVIF supported for standardization and interoperability (VPort 461) -40 to 75C operating temperature range Free VPort SDK PLUS supported 1/2/4-port Industrial Serial Device Servers Triple surge protection (serial/power/Ethernet) 2 kV isolation for serial signals Redundant power inputs and -40 to 75C operating temperature range Approved for ATEX and IECEx (pending) standards

11 EDS-P506A- 6-port PoE+ Managed Ethernet Switch


6 EXC-2210-T

12 AWK-4121

7 VPort 36-1MP Rugged HD Box-Type H.264 IP Camera

8 ioPAC 5542*

RTU Controller with 8 DIs, 8 DIOs, and 8 AIs Supports C/C++ or IEC 61131-3 programming languages Supports DNP3 (outstation) protocol Robust and compact design for harsh environments *Available in Q4, 2013 and 4 DOs Easy-to-use Click&Go logic for local control SNMPv1/v2c/v3 protocols supported Smart alarm management with email, SNMP Trap, TCP, and UDP

13 VPort 461 14 VPort 351

9 ioLogik E2260 Ethernet Micro RTU Controller with 6 RTDs

15 NPort


Application Solutions Upstream: Onshore Production

17 16 15

Reliable Network Monitoring Solutions for Drilling Rig and Wellhead Automation
Intelligent oil rig and wellhead automation can be achieved with a reliable Ethernet control and monitoring system that supervises operations from the rigs, wellheads, or Gas Oil Separation Plant (GOSP) in a SCADA-based control center. This system combines field site drilling data transmission and acquisition and video monitoring, and requires a stronger backbone with non-stop redundant reliability and real-time performance. Since onshore operations face environmental hazards such as corrosion, temperature extremes, and risk of explosion, network equipment must be able to withstand hazardous environments and comply with ATEX standards.

3 14

4 2

Network Requirements
n A reliable monitoring and control network system based on industrial Ethernet is required to remotely manage and immediately access data from the RTUs at the SCADA host, reducing the number of in-person maintenance trips. n Direct data monitoring of many industrial fieldbus devices. n High bandwidth Gigabit backbone for video, voice, and data transmission, with fast fault recovery in case the network goes down. n Fiber optic cable for secure and long-distance transmission to the field monitoring site to deliver superior EMI/noise immunity and high availability. n A secure network that protects the monitoring system and critical oil rigs and wellheads from malicious attack. n A software solution that manages a large-scale onshore oil drilling system for easy network troubleshooting and maximum system uptime. n ATEX and UL ratings to certify explosion-proofing, dustproofing, weatherproofing, and a wide operating temperature range to ensure safety and reliability in hazardous conditions.

Highlighted Products Drilling Control and Monitoring

1 MGate 5101- 1-port PROFIBUS-to-Modbus TCP Gateway


AutoScan technology for easy configuration Web-based GUI for I/O data visualization Redundant power inputs and relay output warning -40 to 75C operating temperature range PROFIBUS-to-Fiber Converter Auto baudrate detection for easy configuration Fiber cable test function for easy maintenance Redundant ring for reliable network transmission Fanless Rugged Zone 2 Panel Computer See item 5 on page 4 Fanless Rugged Zone 2 DIN-Rail Computer See item 6 on page 4 8-port Managed Ethernet Switch See item 10 on page 4

2 ICF-1280I

Moxa Solutions
n Moxa offers a variety of remote monitoring, maintenance, and data acquisition solutions for maximum customer flexibility, including Modbus, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP gateways for efficient communication interoperability, fiber media converters, IP surveillance solutions, RTU controllers and I/O devices, high-performance panel PCs and embedded computers, and industrial wireless Ethernet products for mobile access of onsite maintenance. n Moxas high-performance Layer 3 switches form reliable Gigabit fiber redundant rings across the GOSP LAN network and support Gigabit uplinks to the SCADA control center, enabling real-time video, voice, and data transmission. n Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain self-healing technology (recovery time < 20 ms) with highly flexible and cost-efficient deployment for the highest level of network availability and hassle-free expansion. n Gigabit secure router to form a trusted industrial network with the highest levels of protection. n Network management software and OPC-enabled solutions allow engineers to stay in control of their Ethernet networks with easy and seamless integration with SCADA/HMI systems. n In addition to Ul/cUL Class I Division 2, and ATEX Zone 2 certifications, rugged features for greater system reliability include -40 to 75C operating range, IP66/IP30 housing, and dual redundant power.

3 EXPC-1319 4 EXC-2210-T 5 EDS-408A

Wellhead Monitoring and Maintenance

6 IKS-G6824

24G-port Layer 3 Full Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch Layer 3 routing interconnects multiple LAN segments Up to 24 optical fiber connections (SFP slots) Turbo Ring, Turbo Chain (recovery time < 20 ms) for Ethernet redundancy

12 14

10 13

9 7 8 6 11

7 EDS-P510A-


8+2G-port PoE+ Managed Ethernet Switch Up to 36 W per PoE+ port 2 Gigabit RJ45/SFP combo ports 3 kV LAN surge protection

12 VPort 351 13 ioPAC 5542

1-channel MPEG4/MJPEG Industrial Video Encoder See item 14 on page 4 RTU Controller with 8 DIs, 8 DIOs, and 8 AIs See item 8 on page 4

SCADA Control Center

8 MGate

MB3170/ MB3270

1/2-port Serial-to-Ethernet Modbus Gateways Priority control for critical commands Serial redirector function provided Use ProCOM to implement control via COM port mapping Approved for ATEX, IECEx, and DNV standards Rugged 1080P Day-n-Night Zoom IP Camera -35 to 75C operating temperature without heater or cooling fan 1920 x 1280 resolution with 3D DNR and BLC 10x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom, up to 160x zoom ratio Up to 3 independent video streams (2 x H.264, 1 x MJPEG) *Available in Q3, 2013 x86-based Embedded Computer Intel Atom Z510PT 1.1 GHz processor, 400 MHz FSB Front-end computing, storage, and communication Dual independent displays (VGA +LVDS) Palm-size form factor with -40 to 85C operating temperature range IEEE 802.11a/b/g Outdoor Single Radio Wireless AP/Bridge/Client See item 12 on page 4

14 EDR-G902/


Industrial VPN/Firewall/NAT Secure Routers High performance Gigabit copper/fiber combo port Up to 500 Mbps throughput Built-in PacketGuard for Modbus TCP packets Industrial Network Management Software Automatic topology, VLAN, and IGMP visualization Event playback for reviewable diagnostics OPC agent for SCADA and third party NMS Third party MIB support 64-channel IP Surveillance Software Live view with H.264, MPEG4, and MJPEG, from VPort products Video recording and playback functions by event Built-in OPC server for easy communication with automation systems OPC Server Software Easy to create and edit the configuration of connected devices Easy to create and edit the MIB template for dedicated tag file of any SNMP device User-definable tag file

9 VPort


15 MXview

16 SoftNVR-IA

10 V2101


OPC Server

11 AWK-4121

Application Solutions Midstream: Pump Station and Pipeline Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring of Oil Pipeline Systems

The role of oil pipelines is to distribute the crude oil from drilling rigs to oil storage tanks and then to refineries. Typically, pipelines span several thousand miles over harsh terrain and require a central SCADA system based on Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) and microwave architecture to measure, monitor, and control the status of field instruments across the entire oil flow. Multiple pumping stations, such as block valve stations and compressor stations, keep the pressure in the pipeline constant. Operators can quickly detect, locate, and prevent or resolve leaks, damages, and breaks by deploying a rugged, extendable fiber-optic Ethernet network. The network must be robust, highly available, and include an integrated remote monitoring and surveillance service for pipeline operation to improve safety and reliability and reduce the total cost of the pipeline.

10 6

Network Requirements
n The SCADA system and network management software at the control center receive and monitor the pipelines operational status. n A reliable wired or wireless communication network supports the pipeline-wide remote data monitoring system with IP cameras, Ethernet gateways, serial device servers, RTU controllers, and remote I/O devices, to seamlessly communicate with the central system. n Network with Gigabit performance and fiber support for realtime long-haul video, voice, and data transmission over vast distances. n Flexible and extensive network with easy deployment and expansion for large-scale and changeable pipeline applications. n Industrial-grade devices meeting exacting standards, with an extended operating temperature range, and featuring a rugged construction to build a rock-solid network in harsh operating conditions.

Highlighted Products Control Center

1 IKS-6728-


24+4G-port Modular Managed Ethernet Switch Up to 4-port GbE and 24-port FE uplink Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain (recovery time < 20 ms) for network redundancy Isolated redundant power inputs Fanless, -40 to 75C operating temperature range IEEE 802.11a/b/g Indoor Dual Radio Wireless AP/Bridge/Client Millisecond-level Turbo Roaming Long-distance data transfer up to 10 km Dual DC power inputs and PoE -40 to 75C operating temperature range Industrial Network Management Software See item 15 on page 6

Moxa Solutions
n Moxa offers reliable connectivity, superior network efficiency and performance, and instant remote monitoring and access with our highly integrated network solutions, including industrial Ethernet switches, industrial wireless LAN and WAN products, industrial Ethernet gateways, fiber media converters, network management software, IP cameras, event-responsebased RTU controllers and remote I/O devices, embedded computers, and advanced serial device servers. n Easily troubleshoot the entire network with Moxas MXview industrial network management software to maximize system uptime. n Industrial Ethernet switches with Gigabit performance and single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic interfaces are available. n Turbo Chain, an ultra-flexible and highly resilient technology with fast fault recovery time under 20 ms and live node expansion capability without system interruptions, can be used to build a cost-efficient redundant network. n Excellent long-term reliability is ensured by IECEx, ATEX, and UL approvals, structural strength, extended operating temperature, as well as corrosion and electromagnetic resistance.

2 AWK-3121

3 MXveiw

Pump Station and Pipeline Monitoring

4 EDS-611

8+3G-port Compact Modular Managed Ethernet Switch Up to 3 Gigabit ports for Gigabit redundant ring and uplink Modular form factor with up to 11 fiber ports Turbo Chain and Turbo Ring (recovery time < 20 ms) seamlessly interoperate with SDH network -40 to 75C operating temperature range

11 9 7

4 13

1 14 2 3 15

5 ioLogik E2242 Ethernet Micro Controller with 4 AIs and 12

DIOs Smart alarm management with email, SNMP trap, TCP, UDP I/O peer-to-peer function and SNMPv1/v2c/ v3 support Front-end intelligence supporting 24 Click&Go rules 4 DIOs Built-in 2-port Ethernet switch for daisychain topology Free support of Moxas Active OPC Server for connecting to SCADA systems User-defined Modbus/TCP addressing UL/cUL Class I Div. 2, ATEX Zone 2 certification (pending)

11 VPort 56-2MP Rugged 1080P Day-and-Night Zoom IP Camera

See item 9 on page 6

12 ICF-1150

6 ioLogik E1242 Ethernet Remote I/O with 4 AIs, 4 DIs, and

Industrial Serial-to-Fiber Media Converter 3-way communication: RS-232, RS-422/485, fiber Industrial approvals: UL 508, Class I Div. 2/ ATEX Zone 2 -40 to 85C operating temperature range Gateway Connect Ethernet/serial devices over an integrated VPN Centralized private IP management software Redundant DC power inputs and DIN-rail mounting

13 OnCell G3110 Industrial Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE IP

7 ioPAC 5542

RTU Controller with 8 DIs, 8 DIOs, and 8 AIs See item 8 on page 4 See item 15 on page 4

Tank Farm Management

14 EDS-408A

8 NPort IA5000A 1/2/4-port Industrial Serial Device Servers 9 MGate

MB3170/ MB3270

1/2-port Serial-to-Ethernet Modbus Gateways Priority control for critical commands Serial redirector function provided Use ProCOM to implement control via COM port mapping Approved for ATEX, IECEx, and DNV standards -40 to 75C operating temperature without heater or cooling fan 1280 x 720 resolution with DNR/BLC/WDR Up to 3 independent video streams (2 x H.264, 1 x MJPEG)

8-port DIN-Rail Managed Ethernet Switch Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain media redundancy (recovery time < 20 ms) IPv6, Modus/TCP, LLDP, SNMP Inform, QoS, port-based VLAN, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, and RMON -40 to 75C operating temperature range RISC-Based Embedded Computer Front-end communications for remote monitoring, data acquisition, data logging, and protocol conversion Supports 2 serial ports, 4 DIs, 4 DOs, 2 AIs, 2 thermocouples, dual LANs, SD, Linux Modbus/TCP library to retrieve AI and thermocouple data

15 IA3341

10 VPort 36-1MP Rugged HD Box-Type H.264 IP Camera

Application Solutions Downstream: Oil Refining and Petrochemical Operations

Ensure 24/7 Sustainable Production with Industrial Ethernet

Oil refineries are large-scale plants that process large quantities of crude oil and feature a complicated production process with a great number of intelligent equipment devices. Because of the high capacity, many of the units operate continuously for long periods of time. The distributed control system (DCS) is the main control system, and is connected to the controller elements by Ethernet networks to manage and monitor the plants output and performance. Since non-stop 24/7 operation is crucial to the entire process, the Ethernet network system must have reliable redundancy to achieve high data availability and optimal productivity. In addition, a reliable and secure auxiliary system is used to detect and track unsafe events such as leaks to maintain safe operations.

Network Requirements
n Build a highly reliable and flexible industrial Ethernet communication network for the entire DCS. n Dual redundant network for SCADA system, controllers, and field devices to simplify the task of providing maximum uptime for the critical oil refinery DCS process. n Fiber redundant ring networks over a vast area in the refinery plant to connect the field gas sensors, leak detectors, and other industrial detectors to the SCADA control room. n IP video surveillance and remote automation solutions integrated with the network to enable remote monitoring and control of daily operations, especially for emergency situations. n Cellular solutions to easily connect field devices at remote sites for mobile management. n Enable secure network access and critical device protection.

Highlighted Products Oil Refinery Process

1 ICS-G7828

Moxa Solutions
n High performance full Gigabit Layer 3 and Layer 2 rackmount switches supporting up to 4 10GbE ports and up to 24 fast Ethernet ports, and Turbo Ring / Turbo Chain redundant technology (recovery time < 20 ms) excel in building reliable redundant fiber optic connections for a heavy-load DCS process. n Moxa offers a vast range of industrial Ethernet switches with DIN rail or rack mounting options and fiber support, including high-port-density rackmount switches that are a natural fit for control centers, Gigabit Ethernet switches for video surveillance applications, and PoE+ solutions for costeffectively connecting high power PoE-based sensors. n Industrial IP cameras, video encoders, and event-based RTU controllers and remote I/O devices provide a valuable integrated service over one Ethernet platform for real-time data acquisition and surveillance monitoring. n Comprehensive device networking solutions, such as cellular IP gateways, fieldbus-to-Ethernet gateways, and Ethernet-tofiber media converters, and more. n Moxas industrial Gigabit performance secure routers create an encrypted VPN tunnel, and have built-in firewall functions that protect critical network devices from unauthorized access or broadcast packets. n All of Moxas solutions feature a wide temperature operating range, high MTBF, fanless operation, high-EMI noise immunity, and industrial design to enable long-term operation.
2 IKS-G6524

24G+4 10GbE-port Layer 3 Full Gigabit Switch Layer 3 routing interconnects multiple LAN segments Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain (recovery time < 20 ms) for Ethernet redundancy Isolated redundant power with universal 110/220 VAC power inputs 24G-port Full Gigabit Managed Switch Up to 24 SFP connections Gigabit Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain (recovery < 50 ms) Isolated redundant power inputs Fanless, -40 to 75C operating temperature range Industrial Five-Band HSPA High Speed Five-band UMTS/HSPA 800/850/ AWS/1900/2100 MHz Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Centralize private IP management software with OnCell Central Manager 1/2-port Serial-to-Ethernet Modbus Gateways Slave mode supports 16 TCP masters and up to 62 serial slaves at the same time Master mode supports 32 TCP slaves at the same time Emergency request tunnels ensure QoS control Redundant dual DC power inputs

3 OnCell

G3150-HSPA IP Gateway with VPN

4 MGate

MB3170/ MB3270

9 6 10 8

13 12 14

11 7

5 EDR-G902

Industrial VPN Secure Router, 1 WAN, Firewall/NAT, 10 VPN Tunnels Firewall/NAT/VPN/Router all-in-one Gigabit copper/fiber combo port Firewall with Quick Automation Profile for Fieldbus protocols

10 ioPAC 5542*

RTU Controller with 8 DIs, 8 DIOs, and 8 AIs Supports C/C++ or IEC 61131-3 programming languages Supports DNP3 (outstation) protocol Robust and compact design *Available in Q4, 2013 Built-in 2-port Ethernet switch for daisychain topology Free support of Moxas Active OPC Server for connecting to SCADA systems User-defined Modbus/TCP addressing UL/cUL Class I Div. 2, ATEX Zone 2 certification (pending)

Auxiliary Control Systems

6 IKS-6728-

11 ioLogik E1240 Ethernet Remote I/O with 8 AIs


24+4G-port Modular Managed Switch Up to 4-port GbE and 24-port FE uplink Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain (recovery time < 20 ms) for Ethernet redundancy Isolated redundant power inputs Fanless, -40 to 75C operating temp. range 7+3G-port Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch 2 Gigabit ports for redundant ring and 1 Gigabit port for uplink Long distance fiber transmission of up to 80 km -40 to 75C operating temperature range 8-port Managed Ethernet Switch Plug-n-play Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain, and RSTP/STP for Ethernet redundancy IPv6, Modbus/TCP, LLDP, DHCP Option 82, SNMP Inform, IGMP, QoS, and VLAN -40 to 75C operating temperature range 6-port PoE+ Managed Ethernet Switch 4 IEEE 802.3at/af compliant PoE ports (up to 30 W per port) 24/48 VDC wide range power input Intelligent power consumption detection, PD failure check function -40 to 75C operating temperature range

7 EDS-510A

12 VPort 36-1MP Rugged Box-Type IP Camera

-40 to 75C operating temperature without heater or cooling fan 1280 x 720 resolution with DNR/BLC/WDR Up to 3 independent video streams (2 x H.264, 1 x MJPEG)
13 VPort 461

8 EDS-408A

1-ch H.264/MJPEG Industrial Video Encoder Video stream up to 30/25 FPS at full D1 (NTSC: 720 x 480; PAL: 720 x 576) resolution Three simultaneous streams, latency under 200 ms, and SD slot Modbus/TCP and VPort SDK plus support -40 to 75C operating temperature range 19-inch Fanless Chassis Media Converter 18 slots for high density applications Supports hot-swap and dual power inputs Fanless chassis design SNMP and web console for easy management *Available in Q4, 2013

9 EDS-P506A-


14 TRC-2190*



Industrial Design

Certified for Hazardous and Offshore Sites

Oil & gas facilities are faced with the constant risk of explosion and leakage that not only jeopardizes business operations, but also puts human lives in danger. For this reason, equipment and systems used in these settings must be held to rigid standards to guarantee the highest level of security and reliability. Moxas industrial products are designed in strict accordance with globally accepted standards for explosion protection in hazardous locations. Approved certifications include UL/cUL Class I Division 2, ATEX Zone 2, IECEx, and DNV/GL/ABS/LR/NK.

Environmental Hazards and Ratings

Class I Division 2 / ATEX Zone 2
Equipment in a hazardous location where ignitable concentrations of gases, vapors, or liquids are located (such as a pipeline) must be specially designed and tested to meet Class I Division 2 / Zone 2 standards to avoid explosions. Moxa products have been tested for safe and reliable operation in hazardous locations in accordance with strict, internationally recognized UL/cUL Class 1 Division 2, and ATEX Zone 2 standards.

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Areas

1 2 3 4

Zone 0 Area: Gas or vapor is present all of the time. Zone 1 or Division 1 Area: Gas, vapor, or mist will be present for long periods of time under normal operating conditions. Zone 2 or Division 2 Area: Gas, vapor, or mist is only present under abnormal conditions. Non-Hazardous Area: A safe area such as a residence or office. 2 1

IECEx Certification
IECEx, the IEC system for certification to international standards related to equipment used in explosive atmospheres, is a new global compliance certification for the oil & gas industry. Moxas industrial serial device servers, media converters, and Ethernet gateways have obtained certifications to meet the required level of safety and quality for use in hazardous areas. All of these products must pass a rigorous battery of tests and quality assessment regimens before they can be awarded a certificate of conformity.

3 2 2

Maritime Certification



Offshore oil rigs and drilling platforms place high demands on their equipment since they are more likely to be exposed to a wide variety of environmental damage, such as salt mist and humidity. For this reason, equipment used in these settings must conform to maritime standards to provide the highest level of onsite security. The maritime standards, which include DNV, GL, ABS, LR, and NK for individual regions, confirm a devices ability to withstand temperature, humidity, vibration, EMC, and other stresses, as well as its suitability for specific, well-defined classes of marine environments. Moxas industrial Ethernet and computing solutions have passed several marine certifications to guarantee the reliable and safe operation of equipment used on ships or at offshore sites.

Moxas Rigorous Testing Ensures High Reliability

To verify their reliability and longevity, all Moxa products must pass a rigorous set of design and production tests, including wide temperature, ESD, surge/EFT, vibration/shock, and burn-in tests.

Design-Phase Tests Maximize Operational Stability

Production-Phase Tests Optimize Hardened Quality

ESD Test

Surge/EFT Test

Wide Temperature Test

Board-level Test

Burn-in Test

Vibration Test

Shock Test

Freefall Test

System Level Test

Hipot Test

Product Selection Guide

Certifications Models Industrial Ethernet Switches EDS-608/611/616/619 EDS-510A/518A EDS-505A/508A/516A EDS-405A/408A EDS-305/308/309/316 EDS-205A/208A EDS-G205/G308 AWK-6222 AWK-4121 AWK-3121 Media Converters IMC-101 IMC-101G ICF-1150 ICF-1180I ICF-1280I Industrial Ethernet Gateways MGate MB3170/MB3270 MGate EIP3170/EIP3270 MGate 5102-PBM-PN MGate 5105-MB-EIP Industrial Serial Device Servers NPort IA5150/5250 NPort IA5150A/5250A Panel Computers EXPC-1319 Embedded Computers EXC-2210-T IP Cameras VPort 36-1MP VPort 56-2MP Video Encoders VPort 351 RTU Controllers ioPAC 5542 Ethernet Remote I/O Products ioLogik E1240 ioLogik E1242 8 AIs 4 AIs, 4 DIs, 4 DIOs Pending (Q2, 2013) Pending (Q2, 2013) -40 to 75C -40 to 75C 2 Ethernet ports, peer-to-peer 2 Ethernet ports, peer-to-peer 8 AIs, 8 DIs, 8 DIOs Pending (Q4, 2013) -40 to 75C Supports C/C++, IEC 61131-3, DNP3 1 channel P P (DNV) -40 to 75C 1-channel, full-motion, MJPEG/MPEG4 P Pending (Q4, 2013) -40 to 75C -35 to 75C 720P IP camera, IVA function 1080P IP camera, zoom function 2 GE ports, 2 RS-232/485 ports, 3 USB ports Pending (Q1, 2014) Pending (Q1, 2014) -35 to 70C x86-based, Gigabit 2 GE ports, 2 RS-232/485 ports Pending (Q3, 2013) Pending (Q3, 2013) -20 to 60C, -40 to 60C (with heater) x86-based, 19-inch LED touch panel, IP65, Gigabit 1, 2 ports 1, 2 ports P P P Pending (Q2, 2013) P (DNV) -40 to 75C -40 to 75C Patented ADDC (Automatic data direction control) 2 kV isolation, surge protection, metal housing 1, 2 ports 1, 2 ports 1 port 1 port P P Pending (Q4, 2013) Pending (Q4, 2013) P P Pending (Q4, 2013) Pending (Q4, 2013) P (DNV) -40 to 75C -40 to 75C -40 to 75C -40 to 75C Modbus RTU/ASCII-to-Modbus TCP DF1-to-EtherNet/IP PROFIBUS-to-PROFINET Modbus-to-EtherNet/IP P P P Pending (Q4, 2013) Pending (Q4, 2013) Pending (Q2, 2013) Pending (Q2, 2013) Pending (Q2, 2013) Pending (Q4, 2013) Pending (Q4, 2013) P (DNV) -40 to 75C -40 to 75C -40 to 85C -40 to 75C -40 to 75C Ethernet-to-fiber Ethernet-to-fiber, Gigabit Serial-to-fiber, 3-way communication (RS-232, fiber, RS-422/485) PROFIBUS-to-fiber PROFIBUS-to-fiber, dual fiber ports 8, 8+3 GE, 16, 16+3 GE ports 7+3 GE, 16+2 GE ports 5, 8, 16 ports 5, 8 ports 5, 8, 9, 16 ports 5, 8 ports 5 GE, 8 GE ports IEEE 802.11a/b/g IEEE 802.11a/b/g IEEE 802.11a/b/g P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P -40 to 75C -40 to 75C -40 to 75C -40 to 75C -40 to 75C -40 to 75C -40 to 75C -40 to 75C -40 to 75C -40 to 75C Modular, managed, up to 3 Gigabit ports Managed, Gigabit performance Managed Managed, entry-level Unmanaged, advanced Unmanaged, best price-to-performance Full Gigabit, unmanaged Zero wireless packet loss IP68 protection Millisecond-level Turbo Roaming Interface Class I Div. 2/ ATEX Zone 2 IECEx DNV/GL Operating Temperature (T Models) Highlights

IEEE 802.11a/b/g Industrial Wireless AP/Bridge/Clients

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Oil & gas environments can be excruciatingly hot or unbearably cold, and require network devices to operate under wide temperature conditions. Moxas products are subjected to rigorous testing beyond industry standards to ensure their suitability for a wide operating temperature range. For instance, while regulatory standards require only a temperature change of 1C/minute during cycling testing, Moxa conducts stricter testing using 3C/minute. In addition, all Moxa products must pass a 20-hour dynamic burn-in test to ensure the best industrialgrade quality and reliability.

Conformal Coating Services

Offshore oil drilling platforms, onshore oil wells, and refineries must cope with moisture, salt, and airborne chemicals that can react with and damage the electronics on printed circuit boards. Conformal coating is a thin, even layer of non-conductive material applied over electronics to protect against moisture, contaminants, and corrosion, and resists extreme temperatures, vibration, salt spray, and chemical vapors, ensuring a longer lifecycle. Moxa provides conformal coating services with strict coating and inspection processes to help customers construct more reliable and rugged network systems. Please contact a Moxa sales representative for information.



Network Management

Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Integrate Industrial Networking and Automation Software Solutions

SCADA and network management software allows automation administrators to supervise and manage oil & gas networks and industrial devices from a control centeranytime, anywhereand ensures quick configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and responsiveness of control systems and networks, without the cost of sending engineers to oil field sites to collect data. To maximize management efficiency, Moxa provides several user-friendly network management solutions and SCADA/HMI integration solutions. From real-time network management, to wellhead CCTV surveillance, to gas station remote monitoring, Moxas software solutions deliver the unique innovative values you need to achieve operation excellence.

Advanced Efficiency Simplifies Network Configuration and Monitoring

1 2 3

Seamlessly Integrate Smart Remote/CCTV Monitoring with SCADA Systems

Active OPC Server and DA-Center Automation Software
Moxas patented Active OPC Server is a software package that operates as an OPC driver for HMI and SCADA systems, giving users the advantage of faster I/O response time with push-based communication from Moxas RTUs and remote I/O devices. An I/O status is updated in Active OPC Server only when the I/O status changes, a pre-configured interval is reached, or when a request is issued by a user. In addition, DA-Center, an I/O device monitoring solution, makes I/O data acquisition and historical analysis easier by converting remote I/O data to a format that can be stored in simple spreadsheets or IT databases.

1 Network Objects: Full Status Parameters

for SCADA Monitoring
To seamlessly integrate network status monitoring with a SCADA system, Moxas industrial Ethernet switches support EtherNet/IP EDS files, AOI objects, and PROFINET GDS files, together with a number of network parameters and switch faceplates and icons to ensure that you get an accurate reading of your networks status.

2 MXview: Automation-Friendly Network

Management Software
Moxa MXview, an industrial network management software, uses smart visualization features to display an oil and gas network topology in real time, allowing you to diagnose the health of your network and keep your system up and running. Features and Benefits Automatic topology/VLAN/IGMP visualization and event playback functionality Monitor Moxas industrial Ethernet network devices and all connected SNMP devices OPC agent for SCADA and third party NMS integration

SoftNVR-IA and VPort SDK PLUS IP Surveillance Software

The ready-to-use Moxa SoftNVR-IA IP surveillance software has a built-in OPC server for notifying SCADA systems of event-triggered video displays, recordings, and video statuses. For easy third-party software development, the user-friendly VPort SDK PLUS (where SDK stands for software development kit) includes CGI commands, an ActiveX Control SDK, and an API SDK, to help integrate VPort video streams with any type of software, including NVRs, VMSs, and SCADA systems. In addition, the coding-free VPort Gadget development tool eliminates the need for code that would otherwise be required to embed IP video into a SCADA system.

3 MGate Manager: Automated Fieldbus

Configuration and Management Platform

Use the automation functions provided by Moxa MGate Manager together with Moxas industrial Ethernet gateways to integrate fieldbus devices with an industrial Ethernet network in just minutes. With MGate Manager, you can monitor I/O data and easily troubleshoot critical events with event logs. Features and Benefits AutoScan lets you detect PROFIBUS devices with just one click QuickLink provides automatic and error-free I/O mapping by passively detecting Modbus requests AutoCalibration ensures one-click detection of response timeout settings for Modbus connections

IP Surveillance Software



Network Security

Keep Safe from Cyber Attacks and Vulnerabilities with High-Performance Industrial Network Security
Industrial control systems are more vulnerable to cyber attacks now than ever before, particularly since PLCs, RTUs, sensors, and SCADA systems are being connected with communication Ethernet backbones to enable central management. Any intrusion in the industrial control system can reduce production quality and even cause significant damage and safety risks. A secure network system with effective Layer 2 security features, such as IEEE 802.1X, SSH, HTTPS, and port security, together with secure routers, can greatly enhance the security and availability of the process control network infrastructure to achieve safe and efficient production, while protecting critical SCADA and DCS systems from unexpected external and internal cyber attacks and vulnerabilities.

Designed for Secure Gigabit Network Access

Moxa offers a series of all-in-one industrial secure routers with firewall/NAT/VPN capability that are designed for sensitive remote control and monitoring networks. They work by securing both remote access and critical devices. Moreover, these products support high-speed Gigabit performance to ensure quick remote secure communication without compromising network securitya strategy ideal for any data-hungry application. The EDR series can create encrypted VPN tunnels that connect a control room with remote sites, and the built-in firewall/NAT functions can protect critical industrial devices from unauthorized access or the influence of broadcast packets.

Overall Features
Gigabit performance with up to 500 Mbps throughput Innovative PacketGuard for Modbus TCP packet inspection Dual WAN or multiport connection available From secure site, to zone, to cell solutions

Layered Cyber Security Solution for Oil & Gas Automation

Regardless of how big your control network is, Moxas complete secure router series offers the most optimized cyber security solution for creating secure field sites, secure function zones, and secure device cells.

Industrial Secure Routers

Dual WAN EDR-G903 Dual WAN redundancy Gigabit bandwidth at up to 500 Mbps 2 WANs (combo); 1 LAN (combo) 500 Mbps (40,000 fps) 100 IPSec tunnels 512/256 policies 1 0 to 60C, -40 to 75C (T model)

FW Bridge EDR-G902 Network security between a WAN and LAN Gigabit bandwidth at up to 300 Mbps 1 WAN (combo); 1 LAN (RJ45) 300 Mbps (25,000 fps) 50 IPSec tunnels 256/128 policies 0 to 60C, -40 to 75C (T model)

Multiport EDR-810 Front-end secure routers with Layer 2 switch functions Multiple ports for accessing device connections 1 WAN; 15 LANs 110 Mbps (10,000 fps) 20 IPSec tunnels 256/128 policies -10 to 60C, -40 to 75C (T model)

Target Requirements Interface Throughput VPN Firewall/NAT DMZ Operating Temperature



Success Stories

Real-Time Monitoring, Control, and Management of Assets for Oil Drilling Platforms
Company: ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation), Ltd. Location: India

The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) contributes 77% of Indias crude oil and 81% of its natural gas supply. The goal of this project was to centralize asset management for 45 of ONGCs remote oil & gas production platforms. The system includes both offshore and onshore locations, and relies on networked radio transmissions to link on-site monitoring and control instruments with the central, enterprise-scale control server. Moxa supplied the network solutions for the upstream production locations, where industrial-grade durability and heightened safety precautions are crucial requirements. Instruments at the manufacturing sites communicate with Ethernet-capable RTUs via the HART protocol. The signals from the RTUs are forwarded to Moxas EDS-408A Ethernet switches, and then passed to NPort IA5150 serial device servers before being transmitted by radio to the central control facility. Certified as Class I Div. 2 / Zone 2 and DNV approved, Moxas switches and device servers are critical components, guaranteeing safe and reliable site-to-station communications for monitoring and control.

This project involved 500 distributed oil & gas wells situated in the Khurais region of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco needed a network that reliably connects remote RTUs at the wellheads to the SCADA system that controls field instruments. Each field site must link a Moxa VPort 351 video encoder to a CCTV camera, and an MGate MB3170I Modbus gateway to a multiphase flow meter that connects the flow meter to a PLC. The SCADA system is located at the Gas-Oil Separation Process (GOSP) plant, so for video, voice, and data communications, each station is connected to the Gigabit fiber backbone by an EDS-510A Gigabit Ethernet switch. Finally, in the SCADA centers communication room, Moxas modular PT-7828 series managed Layer 3 Ethernet switches were installed to handle data transmissions across different LAN networks.

Upstream Upstream Upstream

Network Requirements
Remote monitoring, control, and management of drilling platforms from the control center Certified safe for Zone 2 hazardous offshore oil & gas locations Hardened features for in-the-field durability Strong tolerance of wide temperature variations

Why Moxa?
Moxas products meet the Class I Div. 2 / Zone 2 and DNV standards Industrial design suitable for harsh industrial environments Products can operate in a -40 to 75C temperature range Moxas Ethernet switches support intelligent management functions: RMON, SNMP, and others

Highly Reliable Remote Wellhead Monitoring Networks

Company: Aramco Location: Saudi Arabia

Network Requirements
Network redundancy to guarantee highly available data communication Long-haul transmission Hardened devices capable of operating under severe conditions Layer 3 switches optimize routing control across multiple LAN segments

Why Moxa?
Gigabit Turbo Chain redundancy, with network recovery under 50 ms Gigabit fiber backbone to ensure highly reliable long-haul video, data, and voice communications Satisfies a wide range of international certifications for hazardous conditions Wide temperature tolerance, from -40 to 75C Layer 3 switching makes network administration more efficient

Modern real-time wireless networking is being used to further automate the oil & gas industry, making it more efficient in both energy usage and operational optimization. This project uses Moxas wireless and cellular solutions to build a reliable remote control and telemetry system that connects oil well pump trucks at the wellheads to a local, mobile control center housed in a van, which itself uses wireless technology to connect to the central control center. Two AWK-3121s are installed on each pump truck, with one configured as an 802.11 access point for on-site monitoring by engineers, and the other configured as a dedicated 802.11 client connected to another AWK-3121 access point located in the van. Finally, the mobile control center in the van uses a PLC and an OnCell 3G cellular IP gateway to maintain wireless cellular communications with the remote control center.

One of the leading oil well solutions companies faced a big challenge when their PROFIBUS interface card was phased out. The PROFIBUS interface card is a critical component, connecting the operator station display to reliable and accurate real-time drilling data such as drilling breaks, flow deviations, and pressure loss to help drillers instantly identify problems, and prevent system downtime. As a result, this company needed to find an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for their mission-critical oil & gas application. Moxas MGate 5101-PBM-MN Modbus TCP gateway integrates existing PROFIBUS devices into the Modbus TCP-based operator station, while keeping the existing driver settings for remote control. It features a web-based monitoring tool and relay output warning to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Upstream Upstream

Mobile Networking for Oil Well Pump Trucks

Location: USA

Network Requirements
A wireless solution for widely distributed remote sites Must tolerate temperatures from -40 to 70C, with ATEX and UL approvals for hazardous environments A wireless architecture suitable for mobile locations spanning long distances

Why Moxa?
Proven mastery of industrial-grade 802.11 and cellular solutions Full compliance with ATEX directives on hazardous environments Established reputation as an integrator of TCP/IP and cellular for industrial automation

Real-time Data Monitoring on a Drilling Rig

Location: USA

Network Requirements
Direct data monitoring of PROFIBUS devices by a Modbus TCP master A web-based monitoring tool for easier setup and simplified maintenance Industrial-grade hardware designed to survive the environment on a drilling rig

Why Moxa?
The one-click AutoScan function allows gateways to detect data from PROFIBUS I/O modules directly Web-based monitoring tool enables easy maintenance and configuration Supports a fault value function that allows gateways to automatically return to default settings to prevent unpredictable operational problems when the SCADA connection is lost



Success Stories

A leading pipeline company in Russia deployed a fiber-optic SDH backbone to transmit data streams to a central monitoring and control station across a 1600 kilometer expanse. Along the way, the network integrates a variety of pipeline subsystems that include ventilation, air conditioning, and fire control. Strong redundancy to guarantee continuous high availability was achieved with a Gigabit ring topology, built from more than a thousand Moxa EDS-510A industrial Ethernet switches. Furthermore, each node along the pipeline serves Moxa ioLogik E2210 RTU controllers, which monitor and control local routines while actively responding to unexpected events by notifying the control center with alarms and emergency updates.

Large gas pipelines are highly volatile and span thousands of kilometers, necessitating the installation of secure monitoring and control systems that are strongly protected from cyber attacks. In this project, gas transfer stations along a pipeline use Moxas EDS-508A managed switches to connect gas analyzers and PLCs to a remote SCADA system. To ensure local security and data authenticity, Moxas EDR-G903, a Gigabit industrial router, was used to build highly secure VPN tunnels between the transfer stations and the central SCADA system. As a router with a NAT-capable firewall and VPN client, the EDR-G903 not only shields devices on the internal LAN from unauthorized access, but also maintains strongly secure communications across public networks.

Midstream Midstream

Enhancing Network Efficiency and Security on an Oil Pipeline

Location: Russia

Network Requirements
Long-distance transmission of data across the harsh Russian terrain Gigabit ring network, for high resilience and availability Rugged, reliable, industrial-grade device durability suitable for harsh environments

Why Moxa?
Fiber-optic communications capable of spanning 80 km segments Proven optical fiber ring networking reliably improves scalability and network uptime Extreme -40 to 75C temperature tolerance Ethernet micro controllers actively deliver event-driven reporting for real-time alarm management

Securing Gas Transfer Stations Against Cyber Attacks

Location: USA

Network Requirements
Secure, reliable data transmissions with strong authentication, encryption, and integrity protections Strong firewall protections and access controls for the internal network A rugged, industrial design capable of functioning reliably in harsh environmental conditions

Why Moxa?
Ample Gigabit bandwidth with copper/ fiber combo ports Strong VPN client with redundant WAN ports for increased reliability A router with native NAT-capable firewall and VPN client Simple and intuitive configuration interface Suitable for operations in temperatures from -40 to 75C

This project involved the optimization of a distributed control system (DCS) used for monitoring and control at a naptha cracking plant in southern Taiwan. To guarantee continuous, 100% network availability, two parallel, independent fiber-optic Ethernet networks were used as the DCS backbone, giving full redundancy to control, monitoring, and sensor devices by connecting every DCS station to both networks. Moxas modular EDS-728 managed Ethernet switches served as the backbone nodes, connecting the HMI/SCADA system to remote stations where data servers and controllers monitor and manage local I/O data. To connect the remote stations to the backbone, unmanaged EDS-308 Ethernet switches were used. Finally, the entire equipment array of the DCS workstations were also duplicated, to provide full across-the-board redundancy, making this Ethernet-based automation network among the most reliable in the world.

An Aramco refinery in Yanbu, Arabia, wanted an Intruder Detection Alarm System (IDAS) and IP CCTV security system for both their field and administrative sites. To meet the demands of video, voice, and data transmission over a network, high-bandwidth Gigabit fiber was used in a redundant ring topology for the backbone, while at field sites Moxas VPort 364 industrial video encoders linked analog cameras to the Ethernet ring, and ioLogik E2242 micro RTU controllers were used to automate intrusion sensors. In this way, the SCADA system and video management system (VMS) were reliably integrated with I/O events and distributed data collectors into a reliable, real-time security and alarm system. With Moxas expertise in the design of rugged industrial products, and key enhancements such as active, intelligent alarms, CGI command communications, and automated deployment utilities, Moxas products provided a one-stop-shop solution.

Downstream Downstream

Optimizing a DCS Network at a Naphtha Cracking Plant

Company: FPCC (Formosa Petrochemical Corporation) Location: Taiwan

Network Requirements
Highly redundant industrial Ethernet infrastructure for continuous, fail-safe network availability Gigabit bandwidth for real-time data communications Flexible deployment using either optical fiber or copper cabling

Why Moxa?
Turbo Ring redundancy, with ultrafast 20-millisecond-or-less network recovery Up to four Gigabit Ethernet ports, for speedy, high-bandwidth network performance Moxas modular EDS-728 high-portdensity switches offer media flexibility while leaving room for future upgrades

Delivering IDAS and CCTV to a Refinery Security System

Location: Saudi Arabia

Network Requirements
Operate reliably in outdoor cabinets located in a desert, without air conditioning. Customized CGI command functions Open architectures compatible with virtually any third party VMS, DCS, or SCADA system

Why Moxa?
No heater or fan required: -40 to 75C wide temperature tolerance Video encoders that conform to ONVIF standards, guaranteeing interoperability with any standard VMS RTU controller with innovative Click&Go control logic that pushes active warning messages to the VMS RTU controller supports CGI command to extend control logic for key instruments (IP cameras, for example), allowing easily customized event handling Redundant Gigabit capacity fiber network ensures high bandwidth and non-stop network performance


Your Trusted Partner in Oil & Gas Automation

Moxa is a leading manufacturer of industrial networking, computing, and automation solutions. With over 25 years of industry experience, Moxa has connected more than 30 million devices worldwide and has a distribution and service network that reaches customers in more than 70 countries. Moxa delivers lasting business value by empowering the oil & gas industry with reliable networks and sincere service for automation systems.

Your One-Stop Shop for Oil & Gas Projects

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