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  The  Board  of  Supervisors  finds   and  declares  that  it  is  in  the   public  interest  to  officially   recognize  walking  as  an   important  component  of  our   transportation  system,  and  as  a   key  component  to  creating   livable  and  suitable   communities.       Therefore  the  Board  of   Supervisors  established  the   Pedestrian  Safety  Advisory   Committee.    This  Advisory   Committee,  composed  of   concerned  and  informed   residents,  will  provide  a  source   of  expertise  on  issues   concerning  pedestrian  safety,   convenience,  ambiance,  and   planning.     Committee  Members  


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July  9,  2013     Subject:   PSAC   resolution   honorably   commending   Elizabeth   Stampe   for  her  excellent  advocacy  and  leadership  efforts  at  Walk  SF     WHEREAS,   the   Pedestrian   Safety   Advisory   Committee   (PSAC)   has   been   established   to   provide   expertise   on   issues   concerning   pedestrian   safety,   convenience,   ambiance,   and   planning   as   well   as   advocating   for   pedestrian   safety   by   engaging   the   public,   Board   of   Supervisors  and  other  relevant  agencies;     WHEREAS,  Elizabeth  Stampe  is  stepping  down  as  Executive  Director   of  Walk  SF  in  order  to  go  on  maternity  leave  at  the  end  of  August;     WHEREAS,   Elizabeth   Stampe   is   a   strong   ally,   great   friend   and   supporter  of  the  Pedestrian  Safety  Advisory  Committee;     WHEREAS,  Elizabeth  Stampe  has  helped  transform  the  streets  of  San   Francisco  and  win  a  better  and  safer  city  for  everyone  to  enjoy;     WHEREAS,  Elizabeth  Stampe  helped  make  San  Francisco  the  first  city   in  the  nation  to  officially  launch  a  Walk  to  Work  Day;     WHEREAS,   Elizabeth   Stampe   helped   San   Francisco   create   safer   walking  environments  around  local  schools;     WHEREAS,   Elizabeth   Stampe   has   grown   Walk   SF   into   a   powerful   voice  for  change  making  San  Francisco  a  more  livable,  walkable  city;     THEREFORE   BE   IT   RESOLVED,   the   Pedestrian   Safety   Advisory   Committee   honorably   commends   Elizabeth   Stampe   on   her   sustainable  contributions  to  pedestrian  safety  in  San  Francisco.     EFFECTIVE  this  9th  day  of  July.    
cc:  All  San  Francisco  Supervisors                Chief  Suhr,  San  Francisco  Police  Department              Edward  Reiskin,  Director  of  Transportation,  SFMTA              Tom  Radulovich,  Executive  Director,  Livable  City              Luis  Montoya  and  Darcie  Lim,  SFMTA              Bert  Hill,  Chair  of  the  SF  Bicycle  Advisory  Committee              Kit  Hodge,  SF  Bicycle  Coalition              Natalie  Burdick,  Walk  SF  


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