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This test will help determine your level for classes at ESL and More.

You should print out the test and write your name and email address at the top, so that I can send you your results and make a recommendation for classes. The test is divided into three sections: Grammar, Sentence Structure and Vocabulary. Although the test is not timed, it should take you 30-40 minutes to complete the test. Please circle the best answer for each question. Do not use a dictionary or any other reference while taking the test. There is no penalty for guessing. After completion, please send it to me for correction. My address is: Melanie Kraft 4938 Adams Pointe Troy, MI 48098 You will find out the results by email within a week. If you would like your test returned after correction, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your test. Good luck with the test! Im looking forward to hearing from you. Melanie

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ESL and More English Level Test

Grammar Section Fill in the blank with the correct answer
1. Are the bags ready? Yes, ___________. a. b. c. d. theyre there are their they are

2. I live _____ 4040 Oak Avenue a. b. c. d. on at in next

3. I like to cook. _____ do I. a. b. c. d. And So Also Too

4. David enjoys __________ sports on TV. a. b. c. d. watching watch to watch watched

5. __________ everyone I know plays a musical instrument. a. b. c. d. The most Almost All Most of

6. Yesterdays game caused a lot of _______________. a. b. c. d. excited exciting excite excitement

7. We hope ____________ you again soon. a. b. c. d. see to see seeing that see

8. This apartment is ____________ one weve seen all week. a. b. c. d. cheaper than the cheap the cheapest the cheaper

9. Toms bought a new car, ___________ he? a. b. c. d. doesnt isnt wasnt hasnt

10. The package still hasnt arrived. I wish I ___________ it earlier. a. b. c. d. was sending had sent am sending have sent

11. Can you tell me where __________________? a. b. c. d. is it the bank the bank is it is the bank is the bank

12. My suitcase would have been much lighter if I _______________ all my books. a. b. c. d. dont pack not pack hadnt packed not pack

13. I met Carl many years ago. ______________ him for a long time. a. b. c. d. Im knowing Ive known Id know Ill know

14. This book is interesting. Its really worth _____________. a. you read b. read

c. reading d. being read 15. If fewer people drove cars to work, ________________ less pollution. a. b. c. d. weve had weve have were having well have

16. Would you mind ________________ down the radio? a. b. c. d. turn to turn you turn turning

17. Are you interested _____________ shopping with me? a. b. c. d. to go in going go going

18. The washing machine needs _________________. a. b. c. d. being fixed to be fixed to fix you fix it

19. By this time tomorrow, ______________ in Montreal. a. b. c. d. Im arriving Ive been arriving Id arrive Ill have arrived

20. You look tired. You must ____________ hard today. a. b. c. d. worked have worked working to work

21. I am used _________________ the bus to work. a. b. c. d. to take to taking took taking

22. The tie _______________ costs only $10. a. b. c. d. that I like I like that what I like I like it

23. Everyone took an umbrella ___________ me. a. b. c. d. only except unless instead

24. Before _____________ to bed, I usually brush my teeth. a. b. c. d. going go to go that go

25. I bought an audio course ______________ I could improve my French. a. b. c. d. in order so that that in order to

26. Maria is _______________ intelligent girl in our class. a. b. c. d. most the most more the more

27. Youd better tell Joe __________________ in here. a. b. c. d. not to smoke not smoking no smoke dont smoking

28. Susie feels really tired today. She should ____________ to bed earlier last night. a. b. c. d. go have gone went be going

29. Barrys uncle recommended that he ___________ more money. a. save b. saved

c. saves d. will save 30. The more you practice speaking English, _______________ it gets. a. b. c. d. easy the easiest easier the easier

Sentence Structure Choose the word or phrase that completes the sentence 31. Over a billion people live in countries that are already ____________________ food shortages. a. b. c. d. experienced experiencing experience have experienced

32. The Census Bureau for years used the completion of the fourth grade as ____________ standard of literacy. a. b. c. d. its its their there is

33. Over 2,100 residents and visitors lost __________ lives in the Johnstown Flood. a. b. c. d. their theyre there themselves

34. The first zoological garden in the United States _____________ in Philadelphia in 1874. a. b. c. d. was establishing being established establishing was established

35. Few major advances in science have been the work of only __________ person. a. b. c. d. some any the one

36. Since 1958, the United States has consumed more energy than it _____________. a. producing

b. has produced c. produced d. production 37. ____________ there is a snowstorm or some other bad weather, the mail always comes on time. a. b. c. d. Because If So Unless

38. Mr. Gross cooks _________ as the best cooks in the U.S. a. b. c. d. as good as better better as well

39. Water boils ___________ if there is a cover on the pan. a. b. c. d. faster more fast as fast as most fast

40. The damage was caused by either the earthquake _________ the subsequent explosions. a. b. c. d. and but then or

Vocabulary Choose the word or phrase with the same meaning as the underlined word 41. Studies have shown that diets high in fat increase the risk of heart disease. a. b. c. d. incidence danger damage rate

42. After watching the sunset, I was left with a very tranquil feeling. a. b. c. d. queasy sad peaceful sleepy

43. Children often imitate their parents. a. copy b. criticize

c. admire d. remember 44. In the U.S., a typical work day is eight hours long. a. b. c. d. characteristic complete total hard

45. Because the teenager was ashamed that she failed her driving test, she would not come home. a. b. c. d. disappointed unhappy humiliated disgusted

46. The hospital is looking for people willing to donate their organs. a. b. c. d. sell retrieve give show

47. Most teenagers think their actions are mature. a. b. c. d. grown-up intelligent serious childlike

48. After a break, the class resumed. a. b. c. d. continued returned repeated receded

49. The choir wanted to rehearse the song before the performance. a. b. c. d. delete rewrite introduce practice

50. It is the job of the labor unions to negotiate contracts for their members. a. b. c. d. written agreements vacation time health benefits new jobs