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Issue no 1 : September- December

I.S.T.D London Dance Exams in Mumbai
By Trpti Sanghvi
Students from dance-kids
Our ISTD exam was on 3rd gave their first ever I.S.T.D
September 2006. We were all London dance exam on
very nervous!! But Mirabelle told VIREN BAKHRU Sunday September 3rd 2006
us’ that we will rock the exam!!’ 9 yrs at the Malabar Hill Club.
That is how she built our Ms Jill Bush Fellow and
confidence. When we were out of Examiner from the
Viren was selected for the city finals of Rin Star Imperial society of London
the hall we all wanted to go back Hunt. He has also performed at the Kala Ghoda Art came to Bombay to grade
in!! But when we were all outside the students.
going to go in the examination
festival in Feb 2006. He also featured on the dance
room we wanted to finish it as special edition of DNA
The Ya!
ISTD has Associates or qualified teachers all over the world and
soon as possible! But it was great students are examined in Europe, South Asia and America. This was the
pleasure to meet Ms.Jill Bush. first time, the ISTD exam for Latin Ballroom was held in India.
We all had lot of fun!! .So in the
Though most were to give a lower grade social dance test, Ms Bush
evening we were called again to Navraatri Bootcamp in Breach
was impressed Candy
with their dancing and sense of rhythm and upgraded them
click pictures for ISTD magazine to a higher pre-bronze 1 test.
The Navratri Bootcamp was held from August 29th to September 21st at the dance-kids Breach
Candy center.
Dance-kids Amaya, Aarushi, Mansi, Muskaan, Parthvi, Sara
Anushka A, Maya, Niriksha, Parmangana, Sakshi, Sanjana, Simran and
dance-kids reporter ASMI SHAH tells you all about garba and what its like to learn it.
Trpti gave their exams.. Even though they had prepared for months, the
dance-kids were scared. 12 of 14 dance-kids were awarded Honours and 2
I personally feel that
was a fantabulous idea ofThe
Commended grades. having this
highest kindwere
marks of class.
97 /100We
go to all kinds of classes, elocution, other sports etc but something like a
dandiya and garba class teaches us Indian culture. We sometimes dance on the
film songs but do not Of to
get a chance The Month
learn garbas.
Viren was
Ms Kalyani is our dance selected
teacher. Weforlearn
the city
danceof Rin
with her in a fun way.
Star Hunt. He has also performed at the kala
We have become more graceful in our dancing because of her. I really enjoy
Ghoda Art festival in Feb 2006. He also
learning dandiya and Garbas. keep
Featured on the it up......
dance special edition of DNA Ya!
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