STARION RADIO BGM: HORN…FADE IN…FADE OUT... VOICEOVER: The Pride of the Philippine news. The nation’s leading radio. The (ANCHOR 1) advocacy of Philippine progress. Balanced news and fearless views from the number one radio broadcasting station in the Philippines. The Starion Radio! BGM: NEWS MUSIC…FADE IN…TRANSITION… ANCHOR 2: Good _________! Today is January 22, 2013. Philippine standard time ___ minutes after ___ o’clock. NOW THE HEADLINES! 1. Comelec to identify leading political party 2. DOH prohibits E-cigarettes 3. OFW’s return home from Algeria BGM: NEWS MUSIC… FADE IN… FADE OUT… ANCHOR 2: For the local news, it is still a question on which party will dominate in May, as the Liberal Party and the United Nationalist Alliance continue their battle. Here’s Yvone for more details. BGM: TRANSITION… YVONE: Major political and local parties were asked to file a petition for the certification as the dominant majority or minority party. Ten accredited major national and local parties shall receive printed copies of the election returns and certificates of canvass. Status of the political parties is determined by their performance in previous elections, as well as their ability to retrieve a complete slate of candidates. This is Yvone David, reporting. BGM: TRANSITION…

mommy. This is Ronica Estrada. what are they doing to me? I love you so much… I love… . I know it will ruin my life… Please doctor… Please…. so I can get rid of this fetus inside my womb. please protect me… I thought we could be a happy family someday? How could you mommy? Ouch. In no more than nine months. I feel so excited. BGM: TRANSITION… BGM: NEWS MUSIC… FADE IN… FADE OUT… ANCHOR 2: Will American Idol Season 12 boost up the excitement? We’ll be back after some reminders from our sponsors. Adding that. daddy. Doctor… Please do everything you can. It is the greatest mistake I’ve ever committed. BABY: But…but why? I thought you love me? Oh.cigarettes will help one quit smoking. which was first developed in Beijing is an electronic device that looks like the real thing. there is still no evidence to prove it. Maricar Limpin warns a false statement that e. mommy. BGM: RIVER FLOWS IN YOU (INSTRUMENTAL) INFOMERCIAL: BABY: Oh. BGM: TRANSITION… RONICA: Executive Director of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines. Department of Health warns young Filpinos that electronics cigarettes are not advisable for those who want to quit smoking. Reporting. I will now witness the beauty of the world.2 BGM: NEWS MUSIC… FADE IN… FADE OUT… ANCHOR 1: For another local news. Oh. However. e-cigarette. daddy. Here’s Ronica for the details. Limpin added that e-cigarettes is also addictive since the liquid used to produce vapor contains nicotine. please don’t let them hurt me. DOH consultant Anthony Leachon says that these cigarettes will make them more addicted in smoking. I can’t wait! MOMMY: Oh.

Meanwhile.3 ABORTION IS A MURDER. the OFW’s arrived at the Ninoy International Airport Terminal 1 from Dubai at four o’clock in the afternoon . LOIS: According to the Department of Foreign Affairs. This is Lois Soriano. DFA spokesman. Thirty-nine Overseas Filipino Workers return home along with their traumatic experiences after being evacuated from a gas attack field by Islamic militants in Algeria. Batangas and Alex Aguja. bloggers and celebrities. drama and twists. Expectations continue to rise as the new season of American Idol approaches. BGM: ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC… FADE IN… ANCHOR 1: In the world of showbiz. Two were identified as Rolando Mendoza of Lemery. The Idol premiere gathering held at the Fort Strip was crowded with press members. Also among the survivors were Ruben Andrada and Jojo Balmaceda. Raul Hernandez said that the fifty-two OFW’s employed by oil giant British Petroleum at the Amenas Gas Plant had been reported but not yet clear if there were Filipinos among the dead. This made a noise during the special screening of the show. IT KILLS INNOCENT GOD’S CREATION. I’m sure everyone is excited for the new season of American Idol! This is Angelica giving you the latest and the hottest update in the world of showbiz! . THIS IS A REMINDER FROM YOUR TRUSTED STATION. ANGELICA: With its significant changes and subplots. works as an Electrical Supervisor in the Perofac gas plant in Algeria. BGM: NEWS MUSIC…FADE IN…FADE OUT… ANCHOR 1: Back to Starion Radio! Time Check __:__ in the afternoon. Guests were asked to choose between Team Mariah and Team Nicki. Reporting. THE STARION RADIO. ANCHOR 2: For another local news. everyone is excited for the season but most especially for the rivalry between the two new judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. This rivalry will surely send the impression that the new season has all the tension.

4 BGM: NEWS MUSIC…FADE IN… ANCHOR 2: And those are the balanced news. fearless views. reporting. BGM: TRANSITION… FADE OUT… . ANCHOR 1: From the number one radio broadcasting station in the Philippines. ANCHOR 1 & 2: The Starion Radio! The voice that you can trust! This is Yvessa Antivola and Ammyra Nicole Aromin.

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