Safety Topics Questions

Permit system:
1) Define Work Permit System? 2) Where Permit system is not applicable? ( Five Examples) 3) Validity of CWP ?( Days/ weeks) 4) Validity of HWP? ( Days) 5) Define Confined Space? 6) Authorization for CWP? 7) Authorization for HWP? 8) Authorization for Confined Space? 9) Authorization for Fire Water Network isolation? 10) Authorization for Hot tapping? 11) At what temp Confined space entry is permitted? 12) 24V or 230 V lamps are permitted inside vessel? Why? 13) For Confined Space what is the required Oxygen % required? 14) Define Red roads? 15) Does Photography require permit? Why? 16) For Vessel Entry, what are the precautions to be taken? 17) What are the various duty/ workloads for scaffolding? 18) What is the color of nitrogen Hose?
19) Describe what to check for before taking over a piece of equipment after maintenance. 20) Why is it important to remove oil soaked insulation before commissioning? Rotating & static equipment jobs; (Ref to S 212, 221, 228, 232, 233, 236,) 21) Is it allowed to do hot work within 25 meters from the place of opening a flange? 22) Describe at least 10 activities that must have a detail plan for heat exchanger bundle pulling and cleaning 23) Describe at least 10 different risks and controls for the whole activity sequence from decommissioning, draining, washing, opening, bundle pulling, water jetting, reinstalling and commissioning of a heat exchanger. 24) Which are the risks with grinding, mention at least 5 and how to control these? 25) Mention 3 risks with welding and how to control these. 26) Who can authorize WP for hot tapping, Stoppling and welding on Life equipment? 27) Which precautions are required for radiographic work? 28) Mention at least 2 risks with hydraulic pressure testing and how to control. 29) What is the main risk with on-line sealing? 30) Who can authorize WP for on-line sealing? Who must approve it before the authorization? 31) What is meant with a tool box talk; who will give it and to whom, what is the content and duration? 32) Is it allowed to add a valve in a small bore system without a PCO? 33) What is required for issuing a permit for on-line sealing? Work at height; (HSE S214) 34) Who can authorize the WP for lifting person with mobile cranes? 35) Why is it important to barricade the area around erection and dismantling of Scaffolds? 36) Who can certify a scaffold ready for use?

37) How can you see that a scaffold is ready for use? 38) Why is it important to have good access/escape from a worksite at height? 39) Does a working platform at 1 meter elevation require a hand rail? 40) What is the maximum load that you can put on a normal grating? What is the Maximum load for a light duty scaffold? 41) Which precautions are required for removing a grating or a hand rail? 42) What is the risk of moving around mobile platforms in the plant? 43) What is the color of approved scaffolding material 2004 and 2005? 44) How should the ladder be placed in relation to the working platform on a scaffold and why? 45) What should be the height of free space under a scaffold? Why? 46) What should be the height of mid and top rail? 47) What is the minimum safe inclination of a ladder versus the floor? What is the safest inclination? Hot work: 48) List at least at least 10 reason to fires in connection with hot work. (HSE S209) 61) What is the risk of just looking in through the manhole of a vessel that is purged with nitrogen? 62) What could be the risk with air and nitrogen connections next to each other in the utility stations? 63) Who can authorize entry into confined space under Nitrogen? 64) Can you use any LEL meter to check the presence of HC in 100% Nitrogen Atmosphere? 65) Is there any vessel or equipment where you can exclude the presence of pyrophoric material? 66) How can you avoid the pyrophoric material to ignite/smolder in a confined space While clean out is ongoing? 67) In which sequence should you open the manholes in a column to keep any Pyrophoric fire under control. 60) When are the risks the highest to have a fire caused by hot work? Confined space. What will you do? 59) Mention other substances than gas. 55) What is the minimum distance between area of dry grass and place for hot work? 56) What is the risk with gas hoses in connection with hot work? How would you control the risk? 57) How will you avoid explosions in OWS when hot work is done close to a OWS Tunnel? 58) Hot work is ongoing and you want to remove a blind from a flange in preparation for start up after a long shut down. When is the risk for pyrophoric fire in confined spaces highest? 68) What is the duty of the stand-by person during confined space entry? What should he do in case of a person getting dizzy inside the vessel? 69) Is a 1. how would you test that the line is safe for hot cutting before issuing the permit? 52) How will you find the presence of diesel or VR in a pipe. 53) Could there be HC in a Fire Water valve pit? 54) How would you check the presence of gas or HC in a valve pit? Describe in detail. oil and grass that could ignite due to hot work.5 meter deep excavation a confined space? . 49) How could fires during hot work be avoided? 50) Is vehicle entrance a hot work? 51) A permit is requested for cutting a line.

(Ref S 201) 77) Describe the risks and how to control them for excavation jobs. mention different methods. Why can they not be placed at the edge of the excavation? 82) How close to the edge of an excavation can you set up a crane with outriggers? How close is it safe for a Hydra to move? 83) How will the excavation be barricaded? How will you ensure that the barricading is visual during dark hours? 84) Who can authorize the permit for excavation? Cranes & Vehicles (Ref S 228) 85) Describe 4 major risks and how to control them with deployment of mobile cranes in running plants 86) What is the definition of capacity loading and what is the max limit for cranes with resp. boom length and total weight/load 90) From where do you find the safe workload of the a crane? What does it Depend on? 91) How should the signaler be dressed? 92) What is the SLI showing ? 93) Which limit switches or alarms are available on Hydras? 94) Which limit switch is available on hydraulic cranes 95) Which limit switches are available on Tata crawler cranes? 96) Why is it important that a crane is leveled before deployment? 97) Why is it important that the crane is free from oil leakage? 98) Why is it important that a load is lifted vertical and not dragged? 99) Why is it important to barricade the area under suspended load? 100) Why is important to use guide ropes for controlling the load of not swinging? 101) Why should not crane be used close to electrical overhead line? 102) Why is it dangerous to take rest under a parked vehicle or crane? 103) Who should fill the “Mobile Crane planning & Risk Assessment checklist” 104) Is the “Mobile Crane planning & Risk Assessment checklist” required to be Filled before WP is issued for use of crane? 105) Who will have to authorize a lift if one or more checks in the “Mobile Crane Planning & Risk Assessment checklist” are answered with “No”? . 78) Which functions must give clearance before an excavation before WP can be given for excavation? 79) Which excavations are also requiring a hot work authorization? 80) To which depth must the excavation be done by hand and why? 81) Which is the safe distance from the edge of an excavation where the excavated Masses and other material can be deposit. without SLI? 87) When is a separate Lift plan required? Who can do a lift plan? 88) How can you by visual inspection observe if a sling is safe to use? 89) Define with a sketch lift radius.70) Is there another different precautions for work at height in confined space than work at height in open space? 71) Where the blinds should be placed on a vessel/column / heat-exchanger where man entry is required? 72) Which checks must be done before man entry is allowed? 73) Who can authorize the entry into a confined space under air atmosphere? 74) How can ventilation of the confined space be ensured. 75) What is the risks with SBC like LG standpipes during hot work in confined space? How can you control this risk? 76) Which checks is required before closing a confined space after work is completed? Excavation .

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