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High Performance Service Assurance for 10 Gigabit Ethernet Networks

MetroNODE 10GE
MetroNODE 10GE

MetroNODE 10GE high performance service assurance nodes provide the most accurate, lowest delay, highest capacity service assurance capabilities with wire-speed, high-density monitoring and advanced service creation capabilities seamlessly integrated into a reliable, compact and power-efcient package.

Accedian MetroNODE 10GE Platform

In response to demand for ever increasing accuracy and capacity in service performance monitoring equipment, Accedian has built an ultra low delay 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) service assurance platform based upon our award-winning 1 Gigabit Ethernet (1GbE) NIDs. Accedians MetroNODE 10GE platform consists of a Network Element (NE) OAM aggregation node along with a Customer Edge (CE) demarcation node with NEBS Level 3 certication. Both deliver the features carriers demand, optimized for price/performance at both the core and edge of the network.

Product Highlights
Ultra Low Delay Fast-PAAs Hardware-based Core
1 s resolution one-way delay and FDV measurements Ultra-low delay 2 and 4 Port SFP+ Models Ports also support 1G optical SFPs
Client Site Access 10 / 100 / GbE Cell Site Hub Wireless Backhaul Centralized Monitoring and Management

Metro 10 GbE Client

High-Density Service Assurance

1,000 concurrent OAM sessions Layer 2 and 3 monitoring for 1,000 ows

Core/Transport Network

Hand-Off 10 GbE

Complete service creation functionality

Carrier Ethernet service mapping Bandwidth proles & policing

Partner Carrier 10 GbE

From core to edge, Accedian Networks offers a seamless solution to deploy, manage and maintain high performance service assurance.

Customer Edge (CE) Node is a 10GbE demarcation device suitable for deployment at the network edge. With line rate trafc conditioning and simple to provision VLAN service creation features, the CE is a cost-effective alternative to deploying a 10GbE switch/router at the customer edge of the service connection.

Network Element (NE) Node is a high capacity, low delay OAM aggregation node designed for core network applications, including both core to core and core to edge. Capable of handling hundreds of Ethernet Virtual Connections and 1,000 individual OAM sessions, the NE is ideally suited to aggregate service assurance connections from NIDs located throughout the network.

MetroNODE 10GE - High Performance Service Assurance for 10 Gigabit Ethernet Networks

Service Assurance
Y.1564 Testing and Trafc Generation RFC-2544 Testing and Trafc Generation Layer 1, 2, 3 and 4 Loopback Functionality OAM Functionality Thru-Trafc Per-Flow Trafc Statistics Full Line-Rate Trafc Generation and Analysis

3G & 4G Wireless Backhaul

Purpose-built for demanding, high-density, QoS-sensitive applications, the MetroNODE 10GE shines under trafc loads that can choke other network elements. No matter how intense it gets, this unit delivers performance with precision. With support for 100 concurrent, per-ow OAM sessions at the edge (CE) and 1,000 ows at the Mobile Switching Center (NE) the MetroNODE 10GE platform provides standards-based visibility to every tower, for every class of service. Assuring vital SLAs, the in-service Performance Assurance Agent monitors Ethernet & IP QoS over pointto-point, hub-and-spoke, ring and full-mesh topologies to every cell site, as well as over critical transport links in the Evolved Packet Core (EPC). Carrier Ethernet service mapping, and bi-directional bandwidth policing enable the MetroNODE 10GE NE node to establish, terminate and optimize up to 250 EVCs per port in near-zero delay. Used in conjunction with the EtherNID, MetroNID or MetroNODE 10GE CE service demarcation units located at remote cell sites, the MetroNODE 10GE NE OAM aggregation unit enables providers to monitor and guarantee QoS levels for all the services deployed throughout their backhaul network.

Service Creation and Trafc Conditioning

Service Mapping Bandwidth Policy Trafc Filtering Ethernet Ring Protocol Protection Protection and Ring Support

High Speed Ethernet Business Services

High Performance Service Assurance for 10GbE backbone networks carrying mission-critical nancial, transactional, real-time communications and distributed computing applications.

High Capacity Ring Protection with EVC Add/Drop Service Delivery

Leveraging high performance ring protection based upon ITU-T G.8032v2 with sub 50ms failover switching, the Accedian MetroNODE 10GE can be used to extend highly resilient protected Ethernet services to support Carrier Ethernet applications including Mobile Backhaul and Business Services.



Backhaul Network

Evolved Packet Core


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