F.No. 2110712013-NIA W
Government of India
National Institute of Animal Welfare
Ministry of Environrnent & Forests
Mrs. Archna MudgaJ
n.egistrar - cum - Secretary
Pharmacy Council of India
Combined Councils' Building,
Kotla Road, Post Box No. 7020,
New Delhi· I I 0002
Tel: 011-23239184, 23231348 (0)
42 K.M Stone, Delhi-Agra Highway,
(NH·2), Ballabhgarh, Faridabad
Tel: 0129·2215038
Dated theLI June, 2013
Training programme for B.Pharn13cy Students (B.Pbarma) of various Colleges
under PCI reg.
The graduate of pharmacy courses are responsible to carry out safety and efficacy of
products, which at many a time requires use of Lab Animals (i.e., in-vivo tests). National
Institute of Animal Welfare (NIA W), BalJabhgarh conducts various courses for professionals
from various walks. During this programme, the students are exposed to various aspects of
Animal Welfare, Cruelty of Animals, CPCSEA, A WBI Large and Small animal facilities
through elite speakers of eminence in their field of expertize. A draft programme is being
enclosed for reference please.
You are therefore requested to give a wide circulation among different Pharmacy
colleges/Institution and encourage them to come forward to nominate students for future
programmes to be held from August, 2013 onwards.
This will enable us to further schedule and organize at our end.
During the programme N1A W will be providing free boarding and lodging. A
nominal fee ofRs 100/- is charged as Registration fee.

(Anjani Kumar)
Detail ed Programme
I. - Registration
- Introduction ofNIA W
2. Animal Welfare, Concept, Definition, Transportation of Animals, Mode, Prevention
Ethi cal Concerns, Animal Rights, of Cruelty to Animals (Transportation) Act,
Animal Welfare movement in India Precaution & Specific requirement for
& abroad. transportation of different species.
3. Humane Slaughter of Animals and Shelter Management and Rescue of Animals,
Inspection of Slaughter House, Welfare principles of housing, Location of
registration, role of Vet. shelter, des igning, housing requirement for
different climatic conditions, types of
housing, animal management.
4. Visit to NBRCi NIl! NIB! Gallshal.
Assignments to be w.-itt en after the visits.
5. Disaster Mgt. at Country Level ! Importance of laboratory animaJ science and
NDMA, disaster preparedness plan, veterinary science, Introduction & history of
role of local administrative bodies, animal experimentation, normal physiological
welfare of animals before, during, parameters and welfare requirements, latest
after disaster development in alternative to animal
experimentation & 3Rs.
6. Role & Guideli nes ofCPCSEA, Rules Cruelty to animal slinvestigationIHow to fil e
framed by CPCSEA under Sections of FIR, PCA Act 1960 and its amendments,
PCA Act 1960 & 3Rs Introduction to animal related laws, role of

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