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Philippine Science High School Central Mindanao Campus

Nangka, Balo-i, Lanao del Norte

Parents and Teachers Association

PTA Resolution # __
Whereas, the Philippine Science High School-Central Mindanao Campus, at Nangka in Balo-i, Lanao del Norte is a government Secondary School under the Department of Science & Technology mandated to educate the bright or gifted children in the sciences and mathematics for future leadership in nation building; Whereas, Sec.2 of both R.A. 3661 & R.A. 8461 clearly mandates PhlSci to offer on a free scholarship basis a secondary course with special emphasis on subjects pertaining to the sciences with the end in view of pertaining its students for a science career; Whereas, access to Basic Education is a right that should be given the utmost grant in incentives or scholarship, in compliance to the policy mandated in R.A. 7687 (Science & Technology Scholarship Prog.) to deserving science students and other specially-gifted citizens or cream of the countrys school children; Whereas, it is a public knowledge that the Government Annual Budget for the year 2011 has been allocated and appropriated as early as 2010 for the purpose of funding the students who were admitted this School Year, 2011; Whereas, these children were admitted on April and May 2011 to the School curriculum with equal financial support from the start of the School Year in the amount of PHp 3,000.00 per month; Whereas, these first year students family economic status was categorized arbitrarily by the at PhilSci-CMC School management without the standard democratic process of consultation-dialogue with the parents who is the sector most concern in all respect of their childrens life; Whereas, the Parents Teachers Association is the recognized body accepted universally as the main partners in the formal education of children and the youth; Whereas, the PTA or even its President, Engr. Andrew Pancho, in spite of his supposed membership to the Board of Trustees (RA 4861,Sec.5) as its representative, was NOT involved in whichever step of the process that was used by the School Management in categorizing freshmen students; Whereas, parents were not informed categorically on the criteria and mechanics of categorizing the students family status and was not made clear for them to understand what category they were categorized on in spite of public requests during the PTA General Assembly on the 12th of Sep 2011; Whereas, the School Management has not came up with the Socio-Economic Profile of students as a more concrete basis on formulating the criteria and weight of these in categorizing; Whereas PhlSciCMC is located in a secluded, almost desolate place bereft entirely of any shop around it that sells commonly use school supplies and personal needs in case of emergency making it beyond compare with other PhlSci campuses ; Whereas students have to rely on debt of gratitude but with generous add-on on the price of goods they ask from Iligan City residents to procure on their behalf, thereby jacking-up some more the expenses that parents have to cope-up with;

Whereas majority if not most of the parents are from distant places that attendance to PTA meetings and School activities already entails a very highly significant amount of money to earn and save; Whereas PhilSci-CMC is located in one of the most depressed and socially volatile provinces of the country thus, its students should be given a special consideration in government funding in consonance with the mandate in R.A 8248, Sec. 2 to give priority for scholars from poor municipalities/provinces; Whereas, the food being served by the Canteen contracted by the School is not of the best quality and of highest sanitary standard that we, parents have more to finance the remedies that must supplement and augment our childrens nutrition they need during their growing-up years; Whereas, PhlSci-CMC is surrounded by military detachments on almost all sides which bespeaks of the security hazards to the young students that parents have to fight to ignore; a situation that is even compensated (hazard pay) by Laws of the Land (Yearly GAA); Whereas, the Scholarship Contract the students and their parents signed with the School is for a full financial support and nothing therein mentioned any categorized terms & conditions relative to amount of funding support a student receives; Whereas, any change in the rules and conditions of any Contract-Agreement should be agreed mutually likewise by both parties before, not in the middle of the game; Whereas, imposing that so-called socialized scheme of support to freshmen only is a gross discrimination against the more innocent and ignorant, younger children that have yet to be weaned and learn to mange themselves to cope up with the world away from the full support of family they were used to;

Resolved, as it is hereby resolved, by the parents of first year students at

Philippine Science High SchoolCentral Mindanao Campus that categorizing families for financial support of their students should be done in a democratic principle that follows a transparent and agreeable process among the affected sectors;

Resolved further, that the socialized scheme for student financial support should be
applied to incoming freshmen next School Year 2012 with the adherence to making the scheme loud and clear from the very start of Announcement of the Competitive Examination; in the Instructions to Qualifiers; as well as in the Contract of Students with PhlSci, detailing the criteria and the expected expenditures of a student in each category, thereby transparency and appropriate guidance to accept or not, without a shade of deception is achieved. Signed this th day of September 2011 at Philippine Science High School Central Mindanao Campus in Balo-I, Lanao del Norte.