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The Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is the administration hierarchy of your organisation? Answer: The administration hierarchy is as follows: Dean, Head of Department, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Lecturer, Part-time Lecturer and Student.

2. Who are the people involved with the system? Answer: The project coordinator, the supervisors, the moderators and the students. At IIT, the chairperson is the project coordinator. The chairperson may also be a supervisor and/ or a moderator.

3. Are there any other systems that hold information regarding the staff and students? Answer: Yes, information regarding the students is currently held in the Student Administration System.

4. If a student does not select the supervisor, what is the procedure followed to allocate a supervisor for the student? Is it random allocation? Answer: At the start of the semester of the final year, the project coordinator gives a list of the names of supervisors and their contact details to each student. The students can phone the supervisors of their choice to see if they can be their supervisors. A supervisor will agree to supervise a student if the topic of the students project is relevant to the supervisors area of expertise and if the quota has not reached the maximum limit. Once the supervisor has agreed, he/ she will use a logbook to keep track of the dates and times for the meetings with the student, and the project tasks that the student has to complete before each meeting. The project coordinator is responsible for allocating supervisors to the students who have not selected supervisors, after considering the area of expertise and the supervision quota.

5. Is there any special situation that will cause the quota to change? Answer: Yes, there may be times when the quota changes but the quota will not exceed five. Part-time lecturers and full-time lecturers may have different quotas. Part-time lecturers may supervise a lesser number of students than full-time lecturers. Lecturers may prefer to supervise a few students to be able to give their full attention to each student. 6. Does the student have the choice of selecting more than one supervisor? Answer: No, a student can select only one supervisor. The student may ask for the guidance of others but the project cannot include anything that was not said and approved by the allocated supervisor.

7. How are the moderators allocated? Answer: The moderators are allocated by the project coordinator after considering the moderators area of expertise and the students project topic.

8. Do the moderators have a quota? Answer: Yes, they may.

9. When students are allocated to supervisors and moderators, are the supervisors and moderators informed about it and how are they informed? Answer: The project coordinator tells the moderators about which students have been allocated to them. The students are not informed about which moderators they have been allocated to. The students will know who their supervisors are after they have selected their supervisors. The supervisors keep a record of the students they have agreed to supervise.

10. When are the details of submission of assignments recorded? Answer: The details will be recorded during the time of submission. The students are supposed to submit the assignments on or before the deadline. If the deadline is changed, for example, due to a sports meet, then the students will be notified.

i) If the students submit the assignments as hard copy, who records the submission details? Answer: The students have to submit their assignments to the registrars department. After submission, the secretary of the Head of Department will record the time of submission and obtain the students signature.

ii) Are the students expected to submit the assignments as hard copy, soft copy or both? Answer: They are expected to submit both the hard copy and the soft copy, although the supervisors prefer to read and check the hard copy instead of the soft copy. A drawback of not checking the soft copy is that it is inconvenient to find the word count by referring the hard copy. It is important that the project does not exceed the word limit that has been set.

iii) If the softcopy is submitted, should it be stored in the database? Who stores it? Answers: The students will provide the soft copy in a CD. It will not be stored in a database.

iv) How can the system modify the records of assignments submitted? Answer: ?

v) Can the assignments be submitted via e-mail? Answer: Yes, the students can submit assignments by e-mail.

vi) Will the students be notified through e-mail when the assignments have been submitted? Answers: ?

vii) What information needs to be recorded if assignments are submitted late? Answer: The time and date of submission should be recorded. If an assignment is submitted late, 10% of the project marks will be deducted.

11. Can supervisors upload assignments and set deadlines? Answer: The project coordinator can upload assignments that are common to each student. Supervisors are unable to upload assignments.

12. When students marks are recorded, i) Should the supervisors mark and moderators mark be recorded separately or is the final agreed mark recorded? Answer: The supervisors mark and the moderators mark are recorded separately and the final mark is also recorded after it has been calculated.

ii) Who records the marks? Should the supervisors and moderators send the marks to the project coordinator? Answer: The marks are recorded by the project coordinator (who is the chairperson of IIT). The supervisor and the moderator have to send the marks to the project coordinator once they have marked the projects. iii) Does the system have a function to edit the marks? Who is authorised to edit marks? Answer: Marks can be edited by the project coordinator, the supervisor and the moderator but firstly, the supervisor and the moderator should get the project coordinators permission.

iv) How is the final mark calculated? Is the average or percentage of the supervisors mark and moderators mark obtained? Answer: The average of both the supervisors and the moderators marks are obtained.

v) Will the students be notified about their marks? Are they authorized to access the system to view the marks? Apart from the students, who else is authorized to access the marks? Answer: The students are not informed about the marks given by the supervisor and the moderator but they will be notified of their final marks. Students can access the system to view the final marks once the marks have been calculated. They will not be allowed to view the marks of other students.

The marks can also be accessed by the project coordinator, the supervisor and the moderator. The supervisors will only be able to see the marks of the students who are allocated for them.

13. What data need to be recorded: i) About the students? Answer: The students name and contact details, the project title, the name of the supervisor that the student has been allocated to, and the students marks.

ii) About the assignments submitted? Answer: The time and the date of submission, and the type of assignment submitted are recorded.

14. When a viva is conducted, i) How can we know if a viva is necessary or not? Answer: At IIT, it is compulsory to conduct a viva.

ii) Is it necessary to record any information regarding the viva? Answer: Yes, the date and time of the viva, and also the name of the moderator and the supervisor who will be present at the viva should be recorded.

15. What data are recorded in spreadsheets by the current system? Answer: The Microsoft Excel spreadsheets hold information regarding the marks of the students and what projects they are doing.