Non-Domestic Water Audit Report

A Steak House

in Massachusetts INTRODUCTION The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) has developed a program to audit the water use of some of its largest commercial, industrial and institutional users as part of its mission to preserve the supply of fresh water to the Metropolitan Boston area. The purpose of this program is to identify cost effective water saving measures and encourage conservation among those users. Pequod Associates, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm under contract to MWRA to conduct those audits and assist users in implementing the savings measures recommended. This report, prepared by B&M Technological Services, Inc. (B&M) under subcontract to Pequod, documents a water audit conducted for a Steak House Massachusetts. Our in report, which specifically addresses the Restaurant at Main Street and the New Addition at Cross-Street contains a description of each building, the work conducted there, its historical water use and an inventory of water using equipment. Following those descriptions are the measures we recommend for implementation or further study, with cost and savings estimates. B&M and a representative of MWRA will meet with the Restaurant operations staff shortly after this report has been delivered to discuss the findings and recommendations. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY From August 27, 1988 to August 28, 1989, the Restaurant consumed 13.2 million gallons of water at a cost of $61,591. The resaurant which underwent reconstruction, was re-opened for business on April 1, 1989. Billings as of August 28, 1989 indicate a consumption of . 6 million gallons of water at a cost of $2,665 for the six month period. Assuming consumption remains the same, the projected annual usage is 1.2 million gallons of water at a cost of $5,330. Water consumption at the Restaurant is minimal for a facility of this type (it is new and uses state-of-the-art equipment). Water is used at a few wash sinks, two toilets, baking processes and floor and rack washing.

Non-Domestic Water Audit Report The Steak House 3/90

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Water consumption was reduced in 1988 by the replacement of once-through cooling with a closed loop system for two refrigeration units.1 yrs -----$32.m. to 3:00 p. except for Friday when it opens at 10:00 a. approximately 40. the Restaurant is only open for dinner.m. Gallons 849. to 11:OO p.1 yrs $ 3.240 0.m. According to plant personnel. Monday through Sunday. 52 weeks per year.m.500 5.970 0. Although expenses are a concern. The occupancy schedule is as follows: Cooks Dishwasher Customers Customers (Friday only) Cleaning Crew 7:00 9:00 11:OO 10:00 11:OO a. We recommend that the Restaurant implement all of these measures. or 55% of present consumption. with the highest volume occurring Thursday through Sunday.m.898.m. to 11:OO p.2 million gallons per year.m.9 yrs Planned shutdowns occur on Thanksgiving and Christmas. to 5:00 p.OOO 693.m.668 Savings Payback $ 3.500 cost $ 1. a. to 11:OO p.The following table summarizes the measures we found to be cost effective at the Restaurant. to 7:00 a. is a two story building with a full basement.m.210 0.m. This building comprises approximately 70. For the remaining holidays. which was constructed in 1951 and 1975. They represent a water savings of 7. 3/90 .000 1.m. as well as through the use of high pressure water guns for floor and rack cleaning.ft.m. Facility The Restaurant operates 7 days per week.356. a. Water consumption in the Steak House was kept to a minimum by using closed loop cooling for all refrigeration equipment and lobster tanks.3 yrs $25. management has not limited their consideration of measures to those with payback periods of two years or less. p.000 sq. a.000 meals are served per week.. Non-Domestic Water Audit Report The Steak House Inc. Measure Irrigation Condenser Water Loop Toilet Retrofit TOTAL PROFILES Building The Restaurant.000 418 $ -----$28.2 - .m. The Restaurant is open to customers from 11:OO a.250 $27.000 --------6.

The water meter is located down stream of these connections. coffee makers. The meter is read twice annually and billed shortly thereafter. faucets. toilets and urinals in washrooms. Other . Usage for 08/29/88 through 01/31/89 was obtained by Tax Collector. Sewage effluent is not metered. o o Process: Kitchen . sinks and ice makers. lobster defrosting basins. The sewer charge is based on the water readings. Bar and Restaurant . (See Appendix A for water bills for the period of 02/01/89 to 08/28/89.) phone from the Town : The average combined water and sewer rate is $4.000 gallon grease trap.3 - . Support . pot washing sinks and cooking. pot heater steam make-up (100% return) and refrigeration condenser closed loop cooling make-up. HVAC : Hot water heating make-up. Non-Domestic Water Audit Report T h e Steak House 3/90 . This rate will be used for the purpose of calculations in this report. MWRA supplies water to this facility at a graduated rate as outlined below. The main feed is a 3 inch diameter supply at 70 psi A 2 inch diameter supply at about 60 psi from Street.67 per thousand gallons.Water Water is purchased from the Town and supplied through two meters.. Water is used for the following: o Plumbing: Inlet water sand filter back wash. rack washing. The sewage leaving the building passes through a 1.water fountains.dishwashing. ice makers condenser cooling. from Route 1 is maintained as a backup.lawn irrigation. Incoming water is sent through a sand filter and distributed at 60 psi to the building.refrigeration condenser cooling.

000 147. Information supplied by facility personnel.4 - .000 145.000 153.000 1.500 3.Estimated Usage (gal/yr): Sand Filter Backwash Toilets Faucets Water Served Coffee Served Dishwasher (2 units) Glasswasher Rack Cleaning Pressure Gun Pot Washing Sink 19.000 145.000 693.000 Lawn Irrigation Remaining: Boiler And Refrigeration Makeup. Non-Domestic Water Audit Report The -Steak House Inc. 2. which is based on dividing the total charge of a recent bill by the number of kWh used. 3. comp. Lobster Defrost. 3/90 .500 TOTAL* 13. (See Appendix B. Electricity Electricity is purchased from Massachusetts Electric Company at Rate G-3.) Natural Gas Natural gas is used to generate heat for domestic hot water.120.000 65. The average cost per kWh is $0.744. 1.591. Etc.. hot water heating and steam for kitchen and bakery needs.045. 4.000 (2) ice makers 765. Building and Equipment survey. 4. Manufacturers literature. Field measurements of pipe sizes. temperatures and flow rates.000 552.000 Condenser Cooling: (3) refrig.185.063.000 gal/year * The above calculations are based on: 1.

A moisture sensor can be installed in the ground to detect the sufficiency of water in the soil. Add a moisture limiting switch to override the time clock when watering is not required.970/yr Non-Domestic Water Audit Report The Steak House Inc. Therefore.000 gal = $3. Water pressure at the head outlet is an estimated 50 psig with a resulting flow rate of 3. irrigation is not required when it rains. override the timeclock and. excess pressure does not contribute to useful coverage. Savings Pressure reduction: 7 mo/yr x 30 day/mo x 2 time/day x 1 hr/time x 15 heads x (3. By reducing the pressure to 15 psig.67/1. Recommendation A typical lawn requires approximately 1 inch of water per week from either rain or irrigation.WATER CONSERVATION MEASURES IRRIGATION Discussion The lawn irrigation system is divided into three zones with a total of 15 dispersion heads. 3/90 .factor) x 15 heads x 1. if necessary.46 gpm. but rather causes excessive drift.500 gal/yr x $4. the flow will be reduced to 1.46 1. Therefore. The system is operated by a time clock with each zone delivering water for one hour twice per day.33 (div.700 gal/yr Moisture high limit controller: 7 mo/yr x 30 day/mo x 2 hr/day x 0..81 gpm/head x 60 min/hr = 225.81 gpm. Implementation Reduce water pressure by adding a pressure reducing valve (PRV) on the 2 inch supply line. According to the manufacturer. pressure reduction will improve the irrigation effectiveness.800 gal/yr Total Savings: 849. prevent irrigation from occurring for that cycle.81) gpm/head x 60 min/hr = 623.5 - .

970 = 0.6 - ..3 years Non-Domestic Water Audit Report The Steak House Inc.The estimated cost to purchase and install a 2 inch water regulator is $800 and 3 moisture controllers (one for each zone) is $450. Payback: ($800 + $450) / $3. 3/90 .

Non-Domestic Water Audit Report T h e Steak House Inc.14o = 8. Implementation Provide a closed water cooling system consisting of a fluid cooler. The three refrigeration units are rated at 36 amp. o 200 volts each and the average water temperature rise is l0 F.7 - .1 gpm/unit x 60 min/hr x 0. we are using a higher than normal diversity factor of .250 Btu/hr / (500 x 15 F) = 1.591.66 (div.52 gpm/unit x 60 min/hr x 0.52 gpm Usage = 3 units x 4. The two ice makers are rated at 13 amp.250 Btu/hr flow = 8.factor) x 24 hr/day x 365 day/yr = 765.14 = 22.66.600 Btu/hr / (500 x l0oF) = 4. Annual water consumption is as follows: Refrigeration: Q = 36 amp x 200 volt x 3.1 gpm Usage = 2 units x 1..66 (div. 3/90 .CONDENSER CLOSED LOOP COOLING Discussion City water is used for non-contact condenser cooling of three refrigeration compressors and two ice makers and is discharged to the sewer.factor) x 24 hr/day x 365 day/yr = 4.600 Btu/hr flow = 22. located on the roof. in-line circulating pump and distribution piping. 200 volts each and the o average water temperature rise is 15 F.OOO gal/yr Ice makers: Q = 13 amp x 200 volt x 3. The existing water cooling will remain in place and isolated with shut-off valves for stand-by operation.000 gal/yr Recommendation We recommend providing a closed loop cooling system for heat rejection. Because the refrigerators are constantly opened and closed when the restaurant is serving customers.

000 gal = $25.356.000 Non-Domestic Water Audit Report The Steak House Inc. 3/90 - 8 - .000 / $25.000 -----$27.1 years $ 6.591.OOO + 765.OOO gal/yr 5.000/yr = 1.OOO gal/yr x $4.000 3.500 9.356.000 = 5.000 4.OOO/yr cost: Design & Engineering Roofing Electrical Power And Controls Equipment (Cooling Tower and Pumping) Piping and Accessories TOTAL Payback: $27.67/1..500 4.Savings Savings: 4.

At a labor cost of $15/hour.240/yr = 0. Recommendation We recommend that Sloan Flushometer conservation kits be installed in all 19 wall-mounted toilets to reduce consumption by 1 gallon per flush.67/1. We estimate that one-third of these people flush the toilet per visit. Savings Savings: The facility has estimated that they serve 40.FLUSHOMETER RETROFIT KIT Discussion There are 19 wall-mounted toilets located throughout the building that are presently fitted with Sloan flushometer valves.. Savings are calculated as follows: 1 gal/flush x 40.1 years Non-Domestic Water Audit Report The Steak House Inc. Sloan Flushometer retrofit kits can be installed to save 1 gallon per flush.24O/Yr cost: $22/unit x 19 units = $418 Payback: $418 / $3.000 gal = $3.000 gal/yr 693.9 - . Implementation The kits can be purchased at a cost of $18 each. Estimated installation time by in-house plumbers is 15 minutes per valve retrofit. the total cost for this measure is about $22 per retrofit installation. 3/90 .000 gal/yr x $4.000 guests per week.000 guest/wk x l/3 (div) x 52 wk/yr = 693.