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LIVE ~ Joy Turns the Key in Freedom's Lock
Freedom Laughter – MOOJI PAPAJI Video Journal
There's nothing better you can do for yourself – or for life – than feeling good. Whatever lifts you up, go for that! Any little thing that gives you joy, go for it. Be in that feeling, those feelings of grateful Joy. It can come from anywhere, anything – you never know. Be alert, be aware, for any excuse for Joy. Set yourself up to be in Joy. Please yourself. What makes you happy? Indulge that! Joy empties you out of anything but itself. Joy is an ocean of Love. Joy inspires heart-felt Gratitude from your deepest places. Did you know the science is in on this? If you'll go to HeartMath.org you can discover the research that's been done on the benefits of simply feeling moments of pleasure, of Joy. It actually raises IQ (Intelligence Quotient) while you're feeling that, and for a time after, as well. Joy harmonizes your energy field. It cleans things out and brings your frequency into coherence, which is actually more important than how high or low it may be. A coherent frequency is a Joy for all Life to feel. You're that connected, you know – well, whether you know it or not, you are. Like attracts like – I suppose you've heard that. Did you know that coherent frequencies amp up the power of that attraction? Well, they do. You don't magnetize Joy just for yourself – oh, no, the whole world partakes of your creation, just like the Mandelbrot set of fractals. How can it be otherwise, when all are entangled, all

are one? When people don't understand or feel this oneness, it's largely due to them occupying mind instead of Heart. Mind doesn't get this – it's a Heart thing, an enlightenment thing, nothing mental. During such moments of Joy you may notice that thought is actually turned off. It is silent. That's not the cause of the Joy – it just plays its part. Let's all agree to let the old programming go – you know, the training that says it's selfish to care for or to love the self. That's hog wash – it's all lies. Who knows why we were taught that, but you know what? It just doesn't matter. It's not worth a single thought. Instead, let's just agree to come out of that, and open into honest Love for the self. We you Love and Respect you, then you pay attention, more attention, to those precious moments that make you feel good. You don't keep on driving on through to whatever mind thinks needs doing – you stop and pause – and reflect. You nurture the good feelings. It only makes sense. Well, it makes Heart sense after you come out of being in mind all the time. There's plenty of time for mind without it hogging every minute – which it will do if we let it. Time to take up the reins and run your own show. YOU know what's better for you than your mind does. Mind has no heart, but you do. Let Heart speak. Let Heart lead – at least once in a while – especially in those moments of felt Joy. Even if it went no farther than this, that would be fantastic – but it does. There are no more magnetic, no more powerful moments than those moments of quiet pleasure or those moments of real Joy. Joy attracts more of Joy to itself. It attracts that to harmonize with your coherent frequency. So it's Joy upon Joy upon Joy. That's what you create when you let go and give in to those quiet, beautiful moments and let them stretch themselves out. The longer you maintain and don't disturb the feeling, the more powerful an attractant it becomes. This is truly being in the vortex, as Abraham-Hicks calls it. This is being the open door for all those goodies you've magnetized already to manifest, right there where you are.

I don't suggest we ever do a this to get a that, however. What does that mean? It means you don't use things or people to get something else. It means you don't sit there and try to gin up some Joy just so you can precipitate the latest thing that mind wants to manifest. That would be using Joy. Somehow that violates Joy. If you're in Heart you can sense that. I find everything in life is leading me into being danced. As a person I'm less and less here, while as Source I Am more and more manifest. Source leads your life while you're being danced. It's how the journals come, you know – they don't originate from mind. Heck, mind doesn't even know, as they're being written, where they're going. Source is driving – or better said, dancing – dancing you. Not so long ago I really didn't get that. I thought you had to be either the dancer or the one being danced – in other words, the leader or the follower in the dance. It never entered my imagination that you could actually turn out to be the dance, itself. It's, in a way, like you disappear. Source steps in in your stead and takes you for a spin, so to speak. You become the verb instead of the noun. You make the Great Shift. We can make this Great Shift at any moment, any time in the life. Surely, you're already aware of how life is dancing you – of how the old man is somehow falling away, is somehow even dying. All those things that used to light your fires now don't stir even an ember to life. There is a new not-caring that's coming on all of us. We're shifting gears. I know you can feel it. You may not have noticed it much in the press of everyday life, but if you'll take some quiet time and reflect, I'm quite sure you can see it there, where you are. If you have any ideas about not making the Shift, about being left behind or any of that – just drop them. Dump them in the incinerator, actually – those old beliefs. They are just old programming. Maybe you werent' consciously aware of them, before. Maybe by loving yourself, by giving yourself more of those quiet moments to reflect you'll be more aware of them – more ready to take out the trash and burn it. If you don't know quite how to do that, you can do it by simply taking on new beliefs.

New beliefs will always flush out the old ones that are hiding away in the subconscious, content not to be seen or acknowledged. The rising frequencies everywhere are also flushing things out – the old stuff that needs to go, anyway. Now, this doesn't often feel pleasant. It will make you uncomfortable, but that's a good sign. Bet you didn't realize that your feelings of discomfort are actually a blessing, did you? Well, they are. They are messages – direct communications – to you from your Source. They are pointing out precisely what is getting in your way, in the way of your frequencies rising – but it takes some quiet time to decipher them. That won't happen in the prescnec of a hamster-wheeling mind. Take time for yourself! It won't always be time only for those Joy moments. Sometimes it will be for some pain. Well, welcome that, too! Learn to let your feelings come out and show themselves – come out and play. They need to do that, or they will only cause trouble on down the road. Like rebellious children, they are determined to get your attention, one way or another – and they will. So why not let it be at your urging? Why not just let go of resistance to what you're feeling, and lay out the welcome mat, instead? Come on – what could it hurt? What's a few moments or so of discomfort? You have so very much to gain – such as your Self. Quit holding yourself on such a tight rein. Quit caring so much what others may think or say about you. You can't please them all the time, anyway – and every time you try to you give away another piece of yourself. It's rather sad, actually, the way we've been programmed to be other-pleasers. Now, if we'd been programmed to be self-pleasers – and take that any way you like – that would be so very much better. It would make much more sense. Until we truly, deeply Love and Respect the self, we don't have that Love or Respect to share with others. We're the empty ones, full of dead men's bones, as the scripture says. The fires must be first lit within the self. Only then can we warm others by its glow, its radiance. So be selfish, my friends – it's the very greatest gift you can give

both self and others. Sure, it flies in the face of all you've been taught. So what? Do you really care about that old programming? Aren't you ready for a switch, or even for The Great Shift? Every time we enter Heart we contribute to that Great Shift. As we enter there, we are making a personal shift by our intent. We are powerful creators. That is a piece that is always left out of the old programming. We weren't meant to know that – not by the programmers, anyway. But that's quite okay. We're so powerful that we're busting right through their old programming, and coming back into our true identity, in spite of, partly even because of all of that. We are divine. One day we'll realize the full depth and breadth and majesty of that. We don't, yet – but we will. Don't let it hold you back if these just seem like words, for now. Just keep centering within, as deep as you can go, and for as long as you can manage. As you stay with it, you'll notice those times growing. It's only natural – IF that's what you want. That's what the arrogant Illuminati forgot, in all of their master planning – that we are divine. We can't be held down – not forever, as they would desire. And our time is Now. We have waded through all of the dark times and made it into this Now, this season, this cycle of shifting – of the Great Light that we all are being born into full manifestation. Our time is Now. But we must claim it, each one for his or her own. Again, awakening is no spectator sport. It's best to leave aside all of the spectator stuff. While we're at it, all the follow-theleader stuff, as well. We don't need it, anymore. We are Now coming fully into our own. Christ is being born, right there where you are, my friend. Let it happen. Just get out of its way. Dump the fear. Dump, too, the low self-worth. You are NOT worthless, though no doubt there's some of that in your old programming. Well, let it come forward. Go ahead and feel it – so that you can fully face it, welcome it, and then it will go. Things don't change by manipulation, by brute force of the will. Rather, they change by honest integrity – by being willing to fearlessly face whatever comes up. Each moment delivers the perfect gift into your hands. Most of us

don't see it, so we're very careless with our moments, not even paying them any attention. We're taught “don't care for yourself – that's selfish!” Well, stuff and nonsense to that! Stand up and reclaim your sovereignty over you life. It's time for YOU to lead it, instead of leaving that old programming in charge and running the show. We each do this as we become more present to the moment. By following only Self & NowHere in Heart, this is accomplished fully. If you will give yourself to it, it will deliver your Self back to you – it will bring you into your own Presence – the presence of your divinity. That's what it's for – Self & NowHere in Heart covers all of the bases. If you had nothing else – no other teaching – it would still get you there. Self & NowHere in Heart. Nothing else. Be the empty cup, my friends. Empty out all of the old programming as it comes up. Plant those new, self-chosen beliefs in your Interior Belief Garden. Watch them take root and grow. As they do, be ready to give a joyful welcome to all discomfort as it arises. This is just showing you which weeds need to be pulled up and ditched, that's all. Don't be afraid of your discomfort. Don't be afraid of any of your feelings. Start making time for trysts with you – just you and you. Just like you want friends, spouse, or children to listen to you when you have something to share – it's time to treat yourself to the same level of open attention. It's time to listen to your deep inner self – to get to know that one. That's the real you. This other one is someone you've only played at being. Yeah, that's something we forgot about – that we were here just playing. We let it get way too serious, and that interfered with our fun. Well, we're the ideal ones to fix that, and it's time. It's our time, Now, only we've got to claim it. We've got to engage with it, not just sit around waiting for enlightenment or rescue of some sort to arrive. If we go at it that way, it never will come. That's not how things work - “Sit back on your butt, do nothing, and eventually things will all work out.” I don't think so – do you? Or rather, how has that worked for us, so far? Yeah, not so hot. That's just evidence that it's part of that old

programming – that stuff whose day is done, but not until we deal with it. That's the last little bit, my friends – just the engagement. That is to put the key into the lock and turn it. Do you see? Do you sense this? Can you feel it? I bet you can. Namaste ~♥~


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