Patent Agent Training Program

Patent Agent Training Program helps you prepare for the Patent Agent Examination conducted by Patent Office, Government of India. This program provides the facility to students/ IP Professionals to prepare through classroom / distance learning mediums. Eligibility Criteria 1. He is a citizen of India 2. He has completed the age of 21 years 3. He has obtained a [degree in science, engineering or technology from any university established under law for the time being the force] in the territory of India or possesses such other equivalent qualifications as the Central Government may specify in this behalf, and, in addition. All science and technology graduates (B. Sc, M.Sc, B.Tech, etc.) are eligible to give the exam.

Pattern of Examination and Questions asked in Patent Agent Examination

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Paper I is objective type paper of 100 marks Paper II has case studies based questions and patent drafting questions. This exam is of 100 marks. Viva-voce examination will be based only on domain knowledge.

It will cover study of all sections and rules of the act. Surrender and Restoration of patents All 27 forms with practical experience Preparation for Paper 2 This includes preparation for case studies. crash course and express mode for 12 week.mechanical. electronics.          Non patentable subject matter Patent filing and prosecution at Indian Patent Office Opposition and Examination of patents Amendments of patent Patent cooperation treaty Compulsory licensing Infringement Revocation. Patents will be drafted from various industries . chemistry. Understanding of law is made easy using illustrations and worksheets so that science students can interpret it correctly.This is a professional qualification and a lifelong qualification. Preparation for Viva Voce . biotechnology. general science etc. Participants will be taught through worksheets to practice and write answers to case studies type questions. Examination Date This exam is conducted in the month of January every year. The passing score is a minimum of 50% in each and overall 60% aggregate. Program will focus on claim construction techniques. Classroom Method This program is available in classroom mode as regular classroom. Detailed training of patent drafting will be provided. Special tips will be provided to learn and understand the section. Notification appears in the month of November. Course content is as followsPreparation for Paper 1 This includes detailed study of Patent Act 1970. This includes specification drafting and claim drafting. 4 week and 6 days respectively. Topic wise case studies will be discussed in the classroom with our experts.

Delhi Centre. Two contact classes will be provided to participants at our Delhi Centre.    . Distance Learning Method In this program we send the participants the printed study material. All news and announcements about the course will be posted on the News and Announcement forum of Cloud Campus. Project Report Submission etc will be through Cloud Campus Any and all the supplementary study material. reference links etc will be posted on Cloud Campus. All technical discussions with the course mentors will take place on Cloud Campus. What else can you do on IIPTA Cloud Campus?    All assignments will be posted in the Cloud Campus and can be submitted online. We conduct expert sessions to practice viva voce questions from various technical backgrounds.Viva Voce is very important in patent agent exam where participants are asked questions from their technical background. Guest Chat with the Guest Mentors coming to IIPTA Centre will be pre announced and happen on Cloud You can access the IIPTA Cloud Campus by visiting the url: http://cloudcampus. Online teacher interaction is provided through cloud campus. IIPTA Cloud Campus is an online platform where students can interact which the same teacher who are teaching in the Patent Agent Examination preparation classroom program at IIPTA. Students can ask as many questions as they what on the cloud campus and they are be answered by the faculty on the priority basis. IIPTA Cloud Campus IIPTA give every student access to it Cloud Campus facility.

20.000 Study Material: . 25.Classroom (Weekday and Weekend Batch) 12 Week Rs.21.Duration and Fees Patent Agent Examination Training Duration Fee* PA Examination Training .10.Crash Course 4 Week Rs.Distance Learning 12 Week Rs.Express 6 Days Rs.000 PA Examination Training .000 PA Examination Training .500 PA Examination Training .

First time a book on what to expect in the viva of Patent Agent Exam and how to prepare for it. So IIPTA came up with a way to break the case and easily answering the questions asked rather than wasting time of facts which are purposefully put into the question to confuse the test taker. Most students find it tough and quite time taking for solve these case study based questions. complete specification writing for different industries and types of intellectual property. We felt that the latest amendments were not updated in the Bare Act available in the market and as the amendments are new. illustrations and activities and expected question at the end of each chapter.Revised with all the latest amendments. it is likely that there will be questions on them in the exam.A complete book on paper 1 of Patent Agent Examination with comprehensive examples.The most important and most difficult part of the exam needed a special dedicated book. 4) Patent Drafting . your paper 1 and paper 2 answers will not even be checked and scored.IIPTA launches a set of 7 books . This book covers it all . . 7) Quick Notes-This is a book consisting of all the chapters and topics for Patent Agent Exam in the from of slides (4 Slides per page) and is very helpful just before the exam to revise the entire syllabus in a few minutes time.A book of expected case study based questions and how to solve and write answers for such questions.Patent Act 1970 . claim writing.a must have for Patent Agent Examination Preparation.Patent drafting. 5) Previous Years Papers and Solutions 6) Viva Voice . The books contain the following titles: 1) Bare Act . 3) Case Studies . If you do not qualify in the viva. 2) Paper 1 . Panel who will be taking your viva are seasoned patent examiner. controllers and professionals.

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