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For Immediate Release | 7/2/2013 | San Francisco, CA

111 Minna Gallery Proudly Presents

Life Forms | Tobias Tovera In Collaboration with Abbey Glass featuring Special Guest Tim Carr performing from his new album, Through the Color (named best Bay Area Musician by 7x7, 2012) Opening Reception Friday Aug. 2nd 2013 5pm-Midnight (Through Aug. 31st) After major aesthetic renovations undertaken during the month of July, 111 Minna Gallery will

Life Forms

re-open its doors with an intriguing art exhibition featuring the process paintings of Tobias Tovera, the exquisite fashion of Abigail Glass and a live musical performance by Tim Carr. Life Forms, is an exhibition examining the realm of process and color through painting, fashion, and music. This dynamic multi-media exhibit will feature the paintings of Tobias Tovera in collaboration with fashion designer Abbey Glass (shown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) who will debut her new couture dress collection using Toveras inspiring paintings as textile designs. Opening the exhibit, special guest Tim Carr (Named best Bay Area musician by 7x7 Magazine) will be performing from his new album Through the Color. All three artists have joined forces to create an exhibition that bridges the gap between art, design, and music; where processes of experiencing color, movement, and sound can be delineated.

Phosphor Pigment on Mahogany Wood Panel by Tobias Tovera | 48 x 48 | 2013

Tobias Tovera's work currently explores paint as a sculptural object in which the process of the medium diffuses into the surface. He creates compositions of entropic development that conjure layered textures of color and space. Though he begins with a color that embodies an elemental archetype, these Life Forms unfold in a natural rhythm of their own; each layer becoming a kind of topography upon which time can be re-experienced. This process serves to create work that is constantly evolving, allowing him to explore the equilibrium between what is intended and what is achieved, a process that results neither from control over these forces nor surrenders to them, but rather from immersion in them. By incorporating and encouraging random and harmonic energy systems in his practice, I seek to restrain intent thus allowing a more spiritual aspect to enter my work.

Flume Pigment on Mahogany Wood Panel by Tobias Tovera | 48 x 48 | 2013

Tobias Tovera +Abbey Glass

collaborative collection

Life Forms dress designs in progress by Abbey Glass Last Fall I reached out to acclaimed San Francisco painter, Tobias Tovera, after falling in love with his work on multiple blogs. I had just shown in the Supima Design Competition in NY fashion week, and one of my bright yellow dresses reminded me so much of his gradients. I wanted to translate the colors and movement in his paintings to clothing, so I proposed the idea of a collaboration. Tobias and I are now working on couture dress collection using his inspiring paintings as textile designs. After six months of hard work and concept building, we were approached by a curator to show together at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. What a dream! I plan to have 7 dresses displayed on models opening night and in the gallery for the duration of the show. Abbey Glass

Abbey Glass While storytelling, and science drive her conceptual work, Abbey uses a wide range of materials as a means of communication. A mix of recycled parts and new luxury fabrics, each piece is unique. The Atlanta, Georgia native is an adventurous traveler, creating work that brings together a traditional American romanticism and an exotic contemporary edge. Before graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Abbey had the opportunity to work under Marc Jacobs and Francisco Costa at Calvin Klein Collection. Abbey Glass showed in the Supima Design Competition runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in September 2012.

Musician, Tim Carr

Tim Carrs musicisfuturistic dark popwith influences ofPortisheadand Thom Yorke combined with the stage presence and melodic structure of Muse. His music is a portrait of the world through his eyes, but he is not going for anything in particular - not melodrama, certainly not vanity, and not fame. Hes simply sharing his experiences and observations. Having been drawn to the stage early in life, a theatrical influence transmits through Tims music (one that is glaringly evident in his live shows).Carr says Performingmy original material brings out two sides of me. One that is playful;sometimes I feel like a clown upthere, creating a Saturday Night Live skit. Andone that is darker, moreserious anddubious. One that reviewers call edgy, but always fun. For Tim, musicalclarity has beenforged from past musical collaborations. In his early 20s he moved to Los Angeles and began working in mainstream music with the likes of Chris Field and ELO. However, he quickly grew frustrated with the overproduced mentality and overbearing industry aspect of the LA music scene. Emphatically he sought refuge in San Francisco where he began writing and composing music with the simple idea that music should be about art first and industry last. His new city had a lot to offer. As opposed to fighting for creative expression, he now found the quirks of his music being loudly applauded. In a few short years he made his mark with the release of The Tim Carr Project (2009), whichhe wrote, performed and produced. The albumspawed the super catchy Shake Your Caboose single, which was released withaccompanying Mission style art housemusicvideo.Inspired by the success of this record, a new creative freedom, and his quirky surroundings, Tim was eager to put out another album. With the release of The Shadows(2012), Carrteamed up with indie engineer and drummer Chris Crawford (French Miami, clintongore) who recorded and performed drumson The Tim Carr Project. However, this time he also enlisted the talents of veteran guitarist and mixing engineer Phil Manly (Trans Am, The Fucking Champs). The Shadows sound is a perfect blend of flavors... its dancy, dark, silly, fun, angry... its Tim. His hits Give Me The Light and Fame Whore had audiences dancing through the year. Through The Color, Carrs third album, will be released September 10, 2013. Co-written andcoproduced by Marc Kate (Never Knows, Husband), this album takes the listener further into Carrs twisted, colorfulsoul.While keeping the hooks that make Carr a formidable pop musician,Kates influence and mastery of sound, technique and minimalism,are evident. His first single will be Peter Pan, for which he is working on a 4-dimensional music video, incorporating 3-D technology and scratch and sniff postcards.

111 Minna Gallery | History and Information

Eiming Jung founded 111 Minna Gallery and opened its doors in 1993 at 111 Minna Street in the SOMA district of San Francisco. This location would later become the heart of the up and coming art district, which has now been solidified with the construction of the SF MOMA, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and countless progressive galleries emerging in the surrounding area. With a business model focused on service and hospitality, patrons began to relish the visual aesthetics sourced from Bay Area artists, in conjunction with the laid back atmosphere that has long been associated with 111 Minna and its founder.For many artists, 111 Minna quickly became thee San Francisco gallery to exhibit their work and would grow to become an establishment, which would gain notoriety and an overall reputation for launching artists careers, both nationally and internationally, while acting as host for a vast variety of art, specifically focused on underground, low brow, edgy and often times controversial. For the past twenty years, 111 Minna has maintained its reputation for constant progression and positive energy and in so doing has become a cornerstone of San Francisco culture. As its twentieth year anniversary approaches, 111 Minna Gallery will build further momentum in holding true to its roots, while displaying cutting edge art from talented emerging artists, as well as those firmly established. The gallery also maintains its history of service to a number of charities and non-profit organizations, as well as the many people who consider it and its staff to be home and

111 Minna Gallery | 111 Minna Street (2nd & Minna) | San Francisco, CA 94105 (415) 974-1719 |

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