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The Seven Pillars Consultancy Services

No. 9, J.A. Clarin Street, Tagbilaran City 6300 Bohol

OUR VISION IN A CAPSULE: "A People Who Is Wise as a Serpent and LoveGentle as a Dove" OUR VISION IN DETAILS:
A nation of mostly home-based enterprises like Germany which utilize all resources it has in a loving and wise manner to produce a consistent and sustained rise of productivity, profitability, prosperity and happiness in a per family basis, attaining self-sufficiency and abundance so that the need to suffer to work abroad under cruel circumstances shall be totally eliminated -a nation that is gentle and is cared for by its divine Shepherd -a nation that, as a deer, pants for the living waters of eternal life and true prosperity and is led to it and is fully satisfied a nation that, as a sheep, is led to safe and fat pasture by its Shepherd and to the clear and fresh waters and is satisfied -a nation that loves the heavenly Father above all with all its heart, mind and might and its neighbors as itself a nation of people who seeks for the Good of All Who strives for the Common Good rather than Selfish Interest -Who puts Love for Others above Love for Self or in balance to Self -Whose People seek and achieve Prosperity not at the cost of others but by lifting them up A Nation that is both Wise as a Serpent and Loving as a Dove -Who has the Mind of a Serpent but has a Heart of a Dove -A nation that shuns the treacherousness of the heart of a Serpent or Hawk, And a nation that shuns the naivety and ignorance of the Dove that makes our Maria Claras gullible and our people easy to fool --

The Wise Mind of a Serpent but not its Treacherous Heart -The Innocent Heart of a Dove but not Its Gullibility -We aim for innocence with wisdom, not innocence out of ignorance. To be no longer the parabolic Turtle trapped in a drying mud, which the Hawk picked, giving It the feeling of gratitude, brought It up to the air, giving It the first time happy experience of seeing the Whole panorama of the Earth, only to be released in mid-air to fall into the rocks, Its shell broken into uncountable splinters, Exposing Its flesh for a fresh and savory meal, as if cut by a knife into many pieces only instantly. The gratitude and awakening of the Turtle suddenly turned into a nightmare when the treachery of the Hawk became manifest -when Its real purpose was fulfilled! We, the Filipino People, now refuse to remain the Turtles of the Earth.

To nurture all enterprises to be able to collectively liberate the families and the whole country from cruel employment and beggary abroad, and thus, see every family thrive in home-based country-based abundant enterprises, without need of negative OFWism and beggary. To have no hobby except Talent, To create skills from nothing but Talent, To have no work except Talent, To have no other employment except Talent, To create business enterprise from nothing but Talent, To spread no Industry than Talent Talent is the Ability God has given to each one. To have no focus except Talent. To have no priority than Talent. In short, Nobody shall be a square in a round hole Nobody shall be a fish out of the sea. Everybody shall be in his or her Talent. Talent is the Special Ability God gives to each person. It is what his or her heart loves.

It is where his or her interest is. It is where he or she excels or has the potential to excel. Talent alone is what can enable a person to give his or her fellowmen not just Excellence, but Excellence in great Abundance. Thus, such Abundance of Talent-sharing will also bring material abundance to the Sharer. For example, a Talent in painting or music or idea is an infinite wellspring from which the Talented Person can share to his or her fellowmen without limit, without end. And this is this abundance which the fellowmen will be willing and happy to repay with whatever material or non-material resources they have, in exchange and out of deep gratitude. Thus the selfless Sharer of his or her talent will also prosper materially due ti the payments or fees or gifts that his or her happy fellowmen showered unto him or her in return. This is the age of Talent turned into skills, into enterprise into industry.


To identify the talent/s God gave to each child or person; To develop or unleash it as early as possible; To manage each talent to turn from hobby into a skill into a self-employment into an enterprise into an industry. To lead each person or child to a business that is based on his talent/s. To still sustain talent-less enterprises long enough to sustain families as long as it is necessary but at the same time to use it to help shift all businesses to be talentbased.