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QUIZ IN LITERATURE 1 Name:_________________________ Course: _______________Date:___________ Score:___________ I. Multiple Choice. Choose the letter of the correct answer.

Write only the letter of your answer on the space before the number. _______1. The following are reasons for reading literature except for_____. a. Pleasure b. relaxation c. discovery d. acquiring knowledge _______2. It is characterized by beauty of expression and form and by the universality of intellectual and emotional appeal. a. Literature b. story c. poem d. prose _______3. It deals with the analysis of the theme. a. Analytic b. thematic c. historical d. universal _______4. It is a quality of literature which appeals to our sense of beauty. a. Style b. artistry c. universality d. intellectual value _______5. It is a discourse which uses sentences usually forming paragraph to express ideas, feeling and actions. a. Poetry b. literature c. prose d. novel _______6. It is a quality of literature associated with the emotional power of literature. a. Suggestiveness b. style c. artistry d. permanence _______7. It is a rhythmic imaginative language expressing the invention, thought, imagination, passion and insight of the human soul. a. Prose b. poetry c. literature d. fiction _______8. It is an epic from Ancient England. a. El Cid b. The Song of Roland c. Beowulf d. Iliad _______9. It is a drama that has a tragic ending just like the death of the main character. a. Monologue b. comedy c. masque d. tragedy _______10. It is a short simple narrative poem composed to be sung. a. Song b. ballad c. ode d. sonnet II. Match the epic to the country or place it came from. Write only the letter on the space before the number. COLUMN A COLUMN B _______11. Greece A. Mahabarata and Ramayana _______12. Germany B. Hudhud and Alim _______13. Ifugao C. Niebelungenlied _______14. India D. Ibalon _______15. Spain E. Iliad and Odyssey _______16. France F. Beowulf _______17. Mindanao G. El Cid _______18. Panay H. Hinilawod _______19. Bicol I. The Darangans of Mindanao _______20. England J. The Song of Roland

III. Choose the letter of the answer; write A- meaning of literature, B- viewpoints in literature, C-aims of literature or D-literary standards. Write only the letter on the space before the number. _______21. We can get the meaning of a piece of literature by having lived it because literature is a product of and about life. _______22. Literature is the total of preserved writings belonging to a given language or people. _______23. Life illumines literature just as literature illumines life. _______24. It is the peculiar way in which a writer writes, sees life forms his ideas and expresses them. _______25. Great literature is timeless and timely. _______26. Literature elevates the spirit by bringing out moral values which make us better persons. _______27. Literature is an eternally burning flame, exuding light that renders significance to civilization. _______28. Literature refers to the practice and profession of writing. It comes from human interest in telling a story. _______29. Literary forms exist because writer have fashioned them to serve their needs. _______30. We study literature so that we can better appreciate our literary heritage. IV. Choose the letter that does not belong to the group then write the generalization of the remaining three that you did not choose. Write the letter on the space before the number; write the generalization on the space below. (2 pts. Each) _______1. A. artistry B. style C. universality D. historical _____________________________________________________________

_______2. A. simple lyric B. sonnet c. ballad D. song _____________________________________________________________ _______3. A. ballad B. metrical romance C. epic D. ode _____________________________________________________________ _______4. A. tragedy B. comedy C. sonnet d. Masque _____________________________________________________________ _______5. A. lyric B. epic C. narrative d. dramatic _____________________________________________________________