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Dr. Nicholas H. E. Mezitis President Dr. George Liakeas 1st Vice-President Dr. Stella Lymberis 2nd Vice-President Dr.

Dr. John Stathopoulos Secretary Dr. Elias Sanidas Asst. Secretary Dr. Demetrios Karides Treasurer Dr. Gerasimos Petratos Asst. Treasurer Dr. George Tsioulias (ex officio) Dr. George Dangas (ex officio)

The Hellenic Medical Society of New York Executive Board

Dear Colleagues

Summer has begun, as we reflect on two busy months of activities for our Society.

Fiscal affairs are being addressed in structured fashion by a dedicated team of professionals led by our Treasurer, Dr. Demetrios Karides and Assistant Treasurer Dr. Gerassimos Petratos, both past scholarship recipients of our Society. Our fiscal year has yielded a surplus, in large part due to your contributions and support, thus permitting us to expand our educational offerings to institutions and the community. Complementing our grants and scholarships program, we now have been able to include support for the Science Lab at St. Demetrios High School in Astoria, generating good will in the community and a stimulating environment for future scientists. Dr. John Stathopoulos is furthering this educational initiative in Astoria, through the formation of a mentorship program for students and a health sciences speakers bureau for the school.

Our information technology team, led by Dr. Elias Sanidas and Dr. Stella Lymberis with the support of MGTV-USA , has introduced our new website with a powerful DOCFINDER feature facilitating referrals to our members and promoting networking in the Society. Our presence is now firmly established in the virtual environment through YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook , as well as easy access through search engines.

Please renew your membership and update your professional information in order to maintain your status in the Physician Referral Hotline Registry and on our website.

Our Dr. George Papanicolaou Scholarship and Award Program was a great success this year, honoring our esteemed colleague Dr. John Zervoudakis for his contributions to Obstetrics and Gynecology over a long and successful career at New York Hospital and Weill-Cornell Medical College. Kostas Aprilakis, an honors student at Weill Cornell Medical College , was the scholarship recipient for the second time, exemplifying the promise for continuing excellence in the august history of the Society. The 4th Annual Papanicolaou Tutorial on Updated Diagnostic Cytopathology at Weill-Cornell Medical College (Dr. Rana S. Hoda) , the 2013 World Hellenic Biomedical Association Summer School program in this year in Monemvassia, Greece (Dr. Konstantinos Drosatos), and the Boston University International Health Program Greece Elective with the University of Heraklion (Dr. Vassilis Zannis) have all received support from all Society. In addition, postgraduate training positions and electives have been secured for colleagues from Greece at various New York teaching hospitals.

Membership Dr. Panagiota Andreopoulou Dr. Dean Pappas Events Dr. Stella Lymberis (E) Ms. Roula Lambrakis Dr. Nicholas Mezitis (E)

Finance Dr. George Liakeas (E) Dr. Demetrios Karides (E) Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulos Dr. George Yatrakis Dr. Andreas Cosmatos Dr. Andreas Koutras

The Hellenic Medical Society of New York Specialty Areas

First Vice President, Dr. George Liakeas, and Grants and Scholarship Committee Chairman, Dr. Alexander Sotiropoulos, have been active in communicating our activities and mission in education to the deans of medical schools in New York, further establishing recognition of our Society as a prestigious entity with a stellar record of achievement during its 76 year history. Most importantly, our spring activities introduced the Hellenic Medical Society of New York fraternization agreement with the Athens Medical Association (AMA), permitting our Society to assume an active role in delivering health care support to the Greek population suffering in austerity. Our members are now welcome to participate as professionals in health clinics and outreach programs, sponsored by the AMA and the Church (IOCC) in various parts of Greece. Donations of equipment and supplies can be directed to our representation in Athens for supervised deployment to areas in need. Additional support for Greece is being generated through our publicizing and endorsing the activities and events sponsored by the Hellenic Relief Foundation , which donates food and household supplies to our compatriots.

Information Technology Dr. Elias Sanidas (E) Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulos Dr. Gerasimos Petratos (E) Education & Community Outreach Dr. John Stathopoulos (E) Dr. Andreas Cosmatos Dr. James Melis Real Estate Dr. George Yatrakis Dr. Demetrios Karidis Dr. Spyros Mezitis Dr. George Liakeas (E)

Much more remains to be done, as we prepare for the Fall activities and our Annual Scholarship Symposium and Gala on December 6 and 7. Your membership and participation are crucial to our collective undertaking as a society of professionals. I look forward to working with you. Enjoy the summer. Nicholas H.E. Mezitis, M.D. President

Scholarships Grants / Awards Dr. Alexander Sotiropoulos Media / News Bulletin Dr. Stella Lymberis (E) Dr. Nicholas Mezitis (E)

. ( ) Speech is the reflection of works. (639 - 559 ..)

Legal Dr. George Tsioulias (E) Mr. Steven Ateshoglou Mr. George Zapantis Bylaws Dr. Marinos Petratos Dr. George Dangas (E)

Advisors to the President Dr. Marinos Petratos Dr. Antoine Harovas Dr. Artemis Simopoulos
(E)=Executive Board member

Professional Representation Dr. George Tsioulias (E) Dr. Frixos Goussis Dr. Demetrios Markouizos Dr. George Dangas (E) Dr. Despina Komninou Dr. Spyros Mezitis Dr. Alexander Sotiropoulos

This year's Papanicolaou Award recipient was Dr. John Zervoudakis , Associate Attending Obstetrician and Gynecologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, and an Associate Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology at Weill Medical College. A two-time Lalor Foundation Fellow and grant recipient from the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Zervoudakis has achieved recognition for his own work including research leading to the development of new techniques in treating uterine fibroids with the use of ultrasound.


Membership Appeal

Membership in the Society is a title of distinction for physicians and other health care professionals and confers many benefits

Join the Hellenic Medical Society of New York

Featured speakers at the symposium were 2012 Papanicolaou Award recipient , Dr. Thomas Caputo, and Dr. Katherine Amberson Hajjar, Brine Family Professor and Chairman of the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, and the President of the Panevoikos Society, Mr John Ragos. The moderator for this year's event was President of the Federation of Hellenic Medical Societies of North America, Dr. Spyros Mezitis. The Papanicolaou Scholarship 2013 was awarded to Konstantinos Aprilakis, Weill Cornell Medical College Class 2013. This year's event was attended by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America , the Honorable Consul General of Greece Mr. George Eliopoulos , the President of the Athens Medical Association, Dr. George Patoulis. as well as representatives and members of other organizations.

TOP 10 BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP 1. CME credits 2. Inclusion in Referral Directory 3. 2 gratis tickets to social events (excluding Gala) 4. Premier Banking with HSBC 5. Long-Term Care Insurance 6. Travel discounts to Greece 7. Subscription discounts 8. Feature articles in NEO magazine 9. Cosmos FM interview opportunities 10.Monthly e-News Bulletin

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This initiative of these two major medical organizations representing professionals in Greece and in the United States represents a major step forward in partnering the Omogenia with our Greek compatriots in confronting crisis. HMS NY President Dr. Nicholas Mezitis and AMA President Dr. George Patoulis signed the agreements , which will enable the Hellenic Medical Society of New York to assume a more active role in providing medical aid to Greece in the form of professional services in underserved areas and in supplies Our Athenian colleagues find support and guidance in pursuing postgraduate medical training in the United States. The Hellenic Medical Society was also represented in Kastellorizo , Greece at a follow-up outreach event in this southernmost part of Greece. Our members are invited to plan their vacations in Greece with time scheduled for service in the Mission Clinics sponsored by the Athens Medical Association and the Church of Greece with IOCC support.

Happy 4th of July!

The Executive Board of The Hellenic Medical Society wishes you

Healing through Appreciation of Life Images and Harmonies selected by Dr. Aphrodite Togias CLICKHERETOVIEW

Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulos, Director of Hands-On-Physical Therapy and member of the HMS NY Finance Committee was honored with the Bnai Zion Foundation in New York with its Distinguished Humanitarian Award 2013. The event, hosted at Bnai Zion headquarters in New York, featured HMS NY President Dr. Nicholas Mezitis as a speaker and was attended by representatives of the Hellenic Medical Society Executive Board amon other organizations . Proceeds from the benefit were shared between the Bnai Zion Hospital Rehabilitation Unit in Tel Aviv , Israel and the Hellenic Relief Foundation, New York.



The Hellenic Medical Society participated in the festive events celebrating the graduation of the Senior Class of St. Demetrios High School in Astoria, Queens. Inspired presentations and impressive musical performances by the students made for a memorable evening with the Consuls General of Greece and Cyprus, clergy and faculty in attendance. HMS NY President Dr. Nicholas Mezitis with 2nd Vice-President Dr. Stella Lymberis and Secretary Dr. John Stathopoulos announced the sponsoring of the Science Lab at St. Demetrios High School through our Society . A check for USD 10,000 was given to school principal Mr. Anastasios Koularmanis, following up on our previous donation of USD 10,000 at the March 25 celebration at the school. Our mentorship program and our scientific presentation program for the school were also announced and are planned to begin in the new academic year.


Physical Therapy for Astoria, Bay Ridge, Upper East Side, Bayside and Midtown Manhattan

Novo Nordisk hosted our members at the Piccola Venezia restaurant in Astoria for a presentation on diabetes management by Dr. Zachary Bloomgarden, Professor at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York. the event was well attended and prompted an informative discussion on therapies for metabolic disease.


The new website was the culmination of an effort initiated by Dr. Nicholas Mezitis upon assuming responsibilities as President with the new Executive Board in 2011. The site, developed with MGTVUSA, features a powerful DOCFINDER feature to allow members and patients to easily access physician-members in good standing by name, address, hospital and specialty for contacts and referrals. The site also has archives of scholarship and grant recipients, applications and information for all Society offerings. Photo galleries feature a wealth of material on past events as well as videos of all activities. A alendar updates those interested in upcoming Society and community events. Active

The new HMS NY website was formally presented to our members at the Piccola Venezia restaurant in Astoria, upon conclusion of the diabetes presentation sponsored by Novo Nordisk.


Greek Language Health Program on COSMOS FM 91.5 Public Radio Produced by the Mezitis Education and Research Institute

feeds link our website to the FDA, CDC and other important professional sites , while other feeds provie access to news about Greece through radio, TV and print media, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal , and the International Herald Tribune. Our own bi-monthly News Builletins are featured on the site as well. Members are invited to friend us on Facebook, or to submit material for the News Bulletin or the archives.

Featured guests included: Dr. George Patoulis President of the Athens Medical Association Dr. Artemis Simopoulos Dr. Andrew Glyptis Psychologist Dimitra Hrisikos WHBA President Dr. Constantinos Drosatos, and Doctors of the World Greek Chapter President Dr. Nikitas Kanakis Please consider sharing your expertise in future programs. Contact

Hosted by Dr. Nicholas Mezitis and Dr. Despina Komninou


The first General Assembly meeting of the year was held at the Lenox Hill Hospital which has graciously offered us use of their facilities on many occasions, in recognition of the important professional contributions made by our many members on staff at the hospital.

Important discussions centered on our finances as we welcomed our new financial advisor , Mr. Levine of AXA Equitable Corporation. We were pleased to hear from our accountant Mr. John Aprilakis that our balance for the fiscal year concluded was positive. We were again reminded of the importance of spreading the message of our Society's service to our community and Greece and of its many offerings to members in order to increase membership.

Our Society has been very active in supporting educational activities sponsored by other organizations, such as the WHBA

The daughters of Dr Apostolos Tambakis, Past President and benefactor of the Hellenic Medical Society of New York , donated $25,000 to our Society in honor of their father. The donation was directed for the purchase of computer hardware and support services for the pupils in the school of Asprochoma, Messinias where Dr. Tambakis attended class in his youth. Dr. Tambakis has also directed funds from a major foundation honoring him, to our Society in support of our initiative of mentorship of the Science program at St. Demetrios High School in Astoria, Queens. Such contributions and the initiatives of the Hellenic Medical Society of New York set an example for the Omogenia in addressing issues confronting our youth in the United States and in Greece.


Postgraduate Summer School Program in Greece and the Boston University Medical School Elective at the University of Heraklion, Crete. We have supported medical students and physicians -in-training from Greece to secure positions as observers or house staff at teaching hospitals in New York. Donors and other organizations appreciate our professionalism and reputation as a Society and have entrusted us with funds furthering our mission of education for Hellenic-American youth in the Sciences and assistance to Greece, suffering in austerity. Our team spirit is setting an example for other organizations to emulate.

2013 Kehoe Award April 28th, 2013

On April 28th, 2013, at the American Occupational Health Conference in Orlando, Florida, the 98th annual meeting of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM), Dr. Stefanos N. Kales was presented with the Colleges 2013 Kehoe Award for Excellence in Education and Research in Occupational and Environmental Medicine for his leadership in and contributions to the field of OEM by ACOEMs President, Dr. Karl Auerbach, on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Stefanos N. Kales, MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School & Harvard School of Public Health; Director, Occupational Medicine Residency, HSPH and the Division Chief of OEM at Cambridge Health Alliance, a HMS teaching affiliate. Dr. Kales was recognized for his significant contributions to OEM, including his dedication as a teacher and researcher to improving worker health as a pre-eminent authority in cardiopulmonary fitness and firefighting. His research statistically confirmed an excess of cardiovascular events among firefighters during strenuous duties; has provided quantification of risk factors; and has clarified the interaction between occupational stressors and medical risks. Dr. Kales was also cited for his major contributions in OEM toxicology, occupational sleep medicine and his prolific record of peer-reviewed publishing. Additionally, as Director of Harvards OEM residency, he has developed new approaches to train residents in health and productivity and disability prevention. Moreover, Dr. Kales was recognized as motivating Harvards OEM residents to pursue a wide range of research projects, resulting in Harvards OEM residency having

more trainees recognized with resident research awards at AOHC than any other institution.

Medicine and the Law

Coming to a Practice Near You: Meaningful Use Pre-Payment Audits

If you thought receiving incentive payments for meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR) was a sure thing, think again. This year the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is beginning to perform pre-payment audits of five to ten percent of all eligible professionals attesting to meaningful use of a certified EHR, beginning with attestations submitted during and after January 2013. Some audited records will be selected randomly, while others will be selected on the basis of suspicious or anomalous data, although CMS has declined to define what is meant by suspicious or anomalous data. Click to view full article

By Catherine G. Patsos, Esq.

The Kehoe Award for Excellence in Education or Research in OEM is presented to an individual for significant contributions made to academic excellence or research in the disciplines of occupational medicine, environmental medicine, and/or environmental health. This lifetime achievement award is named in honor of Robert A. Kehoe, MD, a past president and pioneer in the field of OEM. Dr. Kales follows a number of other Harvard faculty/alumni as previous Kehoe recipients, including Drs. Harriet L. Hardy, Lloyd B. Tepper, Royce Moser, Jr, John M. Peters, David C. Christiani, and Glenn S. Pransky.

This program for select postgraduate students was conducted for the second time, after its initial success in Oetylo, Mani last year. This year the activities were in Monemvassia and were again supported by our Society. Reviews and photographs can be found on the WHBA website.